Edinburg Presbyterian Church.*—The Presbyterian Church in Edinburg was organized by Rev. Henry Little, D. D., September 4, 1864, in connection with the N. S. Branch of the Presbyterian Church. The original members were twelve in number, viz.: A. S. Rominger, Amanda Rominger, Clarissa Remley, Rachel Stuart, Martha Toner, Catherine Cox, Sarah Deming, Sarah Adams, Mary (Shipp) Givens, Emily A. Rominger and Adelaide Rominger. A. S. Rominger, was elected ruling elder. The first minister was Rev. William I. Clark, who preached his first sermon in March, 1865. He served the church nearly two years. Rev. G. D. Parker began his labors with the church as stated supply, April 21, 1867, and closed the same, April 1869. His successor was Rev. J. B. Logan, who labored for the church from May 1, 1869, until November 13, 1870; was then called as the S. S. for three-fourths of his time, on January 2, 1871, and continued until November, 1872. I. A. Williams was called as S. S., November 17, 1872, and served until March, 1875. Rev. Henry L. Nave, of the senior class of Lane Seminary, was called to be pastor of the church, March 15, 1876. His labors were earnest and successful, and closed in August, 1879. September 4, 1879, Rev. Alexander Parker, of Columbus, was engaged as stated supply for one year, to preach four sermons every month. This engagement continued for two and a half years. Rev. Mr. Scofield served the church as stated supply for one year, from April 2, 1882. The church was subsequently supplied more or less regularly by seminary students for several years. Among these were: W. L. McEwen, of Princeton, Burt E. Howard and Thomas Turnbull, of Lane. Since January, 1887, the church has been supplied by Rev. Thomas N. Todd. The church began with twelve members, and has had a checkered career, but has done faithful service and been greatly blessed at times. The highest number enrolled was in Rev. H. L. Nave's pastorate, when there was reported a total of 131, and an actual membership of 108. The building in which the church worships is a tasteful frame structure on Main Cross Street, valued at $3,000. Ruling Elders: A. S. Rominger, Stewart Wilson, G. W. Downs, C. C. Forrer, H. Ewing, George Williams, S. B. Jenkins, Joel Kinsey, Ephraim Adams, Samuel Binley, W. B. Wilson, W. C. Williams and S. H. Kyle, clerk of session.

*By Rev. Thomas N. Todd.

Transcribed by Cheryl Zufall Parker

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, pages 842–843.