Johnson County

Military History

"History of Johnson County, Indiana, 1888"

By D. D. Banta


What constitutes the leading features of the current history of all governments is their military experiences.  It is through the instrumentality of war that civilization has been established in many portions of the world.  Indeed, it is claimed by not a few reputable historians, that war is the necessary forerunner of civilization, the cannon an emblem of progress, indicating that barbarism has been supplanted, and a higher order of things established.  If this be true the military conflicts must form the most interesting chapter of a nation's history.  Prior to that fearful contest which began in 1861 and for four years drenched the land in fraternal blood, there was but little military excitement in what is now Johnson County.  A few of the earliest settlers had taken part in the War of 1812, and yet fewer had participated in some of the campaigns against the Indians, led by Gen. Wayne or the renowned hero of Tippecanoe.  In the midst of the pioneer duties the early citizens had but little time for martial business.  The old laws kept up the militia system, and two days in each year all able-bodied men, of lawful age, were required to attend the general drill int heir county.  These "training" days were at first observed most religiously, but a long period contributed to impair both their efficiency and that of the militia.  The training days became mere times for frolic, and were attended bya motley crowd bent more on deviltry than drilling.                                                                                                                                                

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