Luyster, Mary (Carnahan)

Date of Death: 13 May 1896

Source: Unknown Newspaper, Obituary Files, Johnson Museum of History, Genealogy Room

       Fallen Asleep
  The long and painful illness of 
Mrs. Mary Luyster, wife of Mar-
shal H.H.Luyster terminated in 
her death this morning at her 
home on west King street at 10:30 
  Mrs. Luyster had been a great 
sufferer during her sickness which 
was the result of cancer but in 
all her pain had been patient 
and forbearing. She was a noble 
Christian woman, and many of those 
she has been instrumental in leading 
to a better life will mourn today the 
departure of a dear friend. In church
work she was a prime mover, her joy 
and greatest delight probably being 
in the interest and promotion of the
welfare of the Mission Chapel. Her 
glad smile was always to be looked 
for there by the children and her 
encouraging words and hopeful spirit 
drew them close about her. Affection-
ately considerate of those around her 
life has been a benefaction to many, 
and there is general sorrow in this 
hour of bereavement for those who 
mourn the death of a wife, mother and 
   Mrs. Luyster was a sister of 
Gen. J. R. Carnahan and was the 
daughter of Rev. James A. Carna
-han. She was born in Tippecanoe 
county, Ind., and was married to 
H. H. Luyster in 1855, To this 
union six children were born, 
three of whom are living: J. B. 
Luyster of this city, Mrs. Ella 
Eastburn of Rocklane, and Frank 
Luyster, now in California.
   No definite funeral announce-
ment has been made, but the ser-
vices will probably  be held at the 
residence on Friday afternoon at 
1 o'clock,  Rev.  L. P. Marshall offi-
ciating, burial at Hopewell  

Submitted by Lois Johnson

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