McCASLIN, Lola Montez (Waggener) Allen

Date of Death: 15 November 1943, Westerville, Ohio

Source: Unknown newspapers
Repository: Obituary Files, Johnson County Museum of History, Genealogy Room

Mother Succumbs As Daughter Nears On Gripsholm After Seven-Year Absence

While her daughter whom she had not seen for nearly seven years was en route from Japan on the exchange liner, Gripsholm. Mrs. Lola Allen McCaslin, former Franklin resident, died Sunday at the home of another daughter in Westerville, O.

Miss Thomasine Allen, who last saw her mother in 1937 while on a furlough from a long service as a missionary in Japan, is scheduled to arrive in the States in December on the ship which is bringing 1,500 Americans to their homeland in exchange for a like number of Japanese now en route to Nippon. She has been a prisoner of war since the outbreak of hostilities.

The mother, who had expressed a hope that she might live to see her daughter again, succumbed as the result of a stroke suffered several weeks ago.

Burial will be made in Muncie, but a telegram received here did not say when the funeral and interment would be held.

Mrs. McCaslin was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lycurgus Waggener, who owned the farm where the present Hillview Country club is located. She took a prominent part in the activities of the First Baptist church and in the club and civic program of the community until she sold her properly interests here and went to Westerville about six years ago to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Willard Bartlett, the former Miss Marguerite Allen.

Mrs. McCaslin will be buried by her first husband, the father of three children born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen, one having died in infancy. Mrs. McCaslin's second husband* also preceded her in death.


Funeral services were held at Westerville, O., Tuesday afternoon, and burial was held in Beech Grove cemetery in Muncie today for Mrs. Lola Waggener Allen McCaslin, who died Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Willard Bartlett in Westerville.

In a letter received Tuesday by Mrs. M.E. Crowell from Mrs. Bartlett, it was learned that Mrs. McCaslin died soon after the dinner hour on the day that Willard Bartlett, Jr., grandson of the deceased, was observing his 17th birthday anniversary.

Mrs. McCaslin was buried today at the side of her husband, Thomas J. Allen, a druggist, who died in 1890, and their first daughter, Mary Charlotte Allen who died in 1887 at the age of three years.

Mrs. McCaslin was the daughter of Lycurgas and Mary Hendricks Waggener and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hendricks, whose home was the farm where Hillview Country club now is located. After the death of her grandparents, her parents continued to live here until their old age.

It was on this farm that their eight children were born, their two sons dying young and five of their six daughters living to maturity. The youngest daughter met her death by drowning when 16 years old.

Mrs. McCaslin is the last of that large family. She was a devoted mother to Mrs. Bartlett, the former Miss Marguerite Allen, and Miss Thomasine Allen, and was a devoted grandmother to Willard, Jr., and Albert Allen Bartlett.

She was left a widow when quite young and had the responsibility of raising and educating two small daughters to whom she gave every advantage in church, school and college in Franklin, where she came to live after her husband’s death. Both daughters are graduates of Franklin College.

A devoted Christian, Mrs. McCaslin was a member of the First Baptist church for many years and her consecration bore fruit when both daughters entered special Christian work and became Baptist missionaries. Mrs. Bartlett went to Burma with her husband and Miss Allen went to Japan, where she made an outstanding record during a period of many years.

Mrs. McCaslin was endowed physically, mentally and spiritually and gave the church first place in her busy life. She was always active in its various departments.

She had been greatly missed in the community since she went to Ohio six years ago.

*Note: Mrs. McCaslin's second husband was Hervey George (Gex) McCaslin Jr.

Submitted by Lois Johnson