WATSON, Eliza (Bowman)

Date of birth:  18 Jul 1866 Brown County, Indiana
Date of death: 30 Sep 1917 Yukon, Oklahoma

Source: The Daily Oklahoman, October 1st, 1917

Light Car Overturned by Machine of Former State Judge

      Mrs. H. E. Watson was killed, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Wheatley were seriously hurt and Charlie Bowman was
slightly injured when the automobile in which they were
riding was struck by a heavy touring car driven by F. E.
Riddle of Chickasha, former state supreme court judge,
six miles west of Yukon, late yesterday afternoon.
      Both cars were coming east on the Oklahoma City —
El Reno road.  The Chickasha car started to pass the
light car near a culvert.  Both cars were making
fifteen miles an hour when the large car struck the
smaller one, turning it over.  Mrs. Watson died an
hour after the accident.
      Mrs. Wheatley was injured about the head and
chest and Mr. Wheatley sustained a broken jaw.
They were brought here on the Interurban, the Hahn
company ambulance meeting them at Tenth Street
 and Olie Avenue and rushing them to St. Anthony’s
      All the occupants of the wrecked car live on farms
near Yukon, in Canadian County.  F. E. Riddle, driver
of the touring car, is a prominent lawyer of Chickasha.
His wife and daughter were in the car with him but were

Source: Franklin Evening Star, October 4th, 1917



Funeral services for Mrs. H. E. Watson, whose death occurred in an automobile accident near Yukon, Okla., last Sunday and whose body was brought to Edinburg, Tuesday night, will not be held until Sat­urday morning. A brother, William Bowman, of Alberta, Canada, is ex­pected for the funeral and conse­quently the services were deferred. The Rev. W. E. Moore will conduct the services, which will be held at the Edinburg M. E. church, with burial at Rest Haven cemetery. Be­sides the husband, three brothers survive, William, Frank, and Chas. Bowman.

Source: The Yukon Sun, October 5th, 1917

      Mrs. A. E. Watson, aged 51 years, was killed, Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Wheatley were seriously injured, and
Charles Bowman, a brother of the dead woman was
slightly injured, when the car in which they were riding
was struck by a heavy car driven by F. E. Riddle of
Chickasha, former judge of the Supreme Court.
      The accident occurred south of Banner at a small
culvert, the injured were placed aboard the interurban
car and hurried to St. Anthony’s hospital at Oklahoma
City, Mrs. Watson was removed to her home one mile
south of town, where she died shortly after the accident.
      We have been told, that at the time of the accident,
both cars were going east with the heavier car in the rear.
As the light car approached the culvert the driver turned
out into the road and away from the culvert; here the
heavy Riddle car struck it and turned it completely
over, causing it to face in the opposite direction.
      It has also been stated that when the driver of the
 Wheatley car looked and saw the other car so near
them, he became excited, lost control of the car
and allowed it to swing directly in front of the Riddle
car.  It is also stated that the Riddle car was going at
a high rate of speed, however this may not be true.
      Mrs. Watson was thrown several feet by the impact
of the cars, and was severely bruised about the head
and was injured internally.
      The funeral of Mrs. Watson was held at eleven o’clock
Monday morning from the family residence about one
mile south of town, and the body was taken to Edinburg, Ind.
for interment.  Charles Bowman, a brother who had been
visiting from Indiana at the Watson home, accompanied the
      A late report states that the recovery of Mrs. Wheatley
is very doubtful.  It was necessary to amputate one of Mr.
Wheatly’s fingers to save his hand; he was badly bruised
and injured otherwise.

Source: The Yukon Sun, October 5th, 1917

      Hannah Eliza Bowman was born in Brown Co.,
Ind., July the 18, 1816 [1866].  She was the only daughter
born to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Bowman.  She is survived by
three brothers., W. H. Bowman, of Carmangay, Alberta,
Canada, J. F. Bowman of Edinburg Ind. and C. I. Bowman
of Hillsburg Ind., who was with her when the accident
happened.  She is also survived by five nephews and five
      She was united in marriage to Henry E. Watson
May 23, 1892, no children having come to bless their home.
      She united with the Christian Church of Kansas, Ind.
at the age of 18 years and has remained a faithful member
and worker ever since; her friends were legion.
      The body will be laid to rest in her old home at Edinburg,

Submitted by Mark E. Wirey