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Knox County Obituaries

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ABEL Sondra Obituary
ADAMS Joseph Clinton Obituary
ADAMS Louis Gene Obituary
ADAMS Sharon Rose Obituary
ALTHOFF Arnold ‘A.J.' Obituary
ALTON Jeanette C Obituary
AMMERMAN Clyde J Obituary
ANDERSON Kaleb Dwaine Mcclure Obituary
ARNEY Genevieve M Obituary
BAKER Kenneth S Obituary
BAKER Noble C Obituary
BALLART Eloise M Obituary
BALLART George Jr Obituary
BARMES Barry Gene Obituary
BARMES Laura Mae Obituary
BARMES Nathan Andrew Obituary
BARNES Paul Obituary
BAUER Patricia C Obituary
BAUER Robert H. ‘Bob’ Obituary
BEAMAN Paul W Jr. Obituary
BEAMON Harry Lee Obituary
BEARD Mary E Obituary
BELCHER Elcie Dee Obituary
BENTON Henry R Obituary
BERGER Lydia A Obituary
BLACK-FISHER Margaret L Obituary
BLAIR Helen E Obituary
BLINE Jerry Lee Obituary
BLOCHER Kevin W Obituary
BOBERG Merom D Obituary
BOGER Marilyn K Obituary
BOHANON Lyle Jr. Billy ‘Rabbit' Obituary
BOLDING Phyllis S Obituary
BOND Bret E Obituary
BONHOMME Leon J Obituary
BOTTLES Perry W Obituary
BOWEN Elaine C Obituary
BOWMAN Delphia Obituary
BOWMAN Khiva T Obituary
BROCKSMITH Edna Mae Obituary
BROCKSMITH Steen Obituary
BROKUS Anthony M Obituary
BROWN Grady E Obituary
BROWN Ralph Obituary
BROWN Violet Obituary
BUBENZER Gus C Obituary
BUCHHORN Lucille E Obituary
BUCKTHAL Helen Obituary
BURRISS Floyd D Obituary
BYRD Floyd E. ‘Spatsy’ Obituary
CARANDANG Donata A Obituary
CARDINAL Geraldine F Obituary
CARDINAL Shelby Jean Obituary
CARIE Francis Anthony Obituary
CARIE Timothy ‘Tim' Obituary
CATES Bernard M Obituary
CATES Charles Obituary
CATES Sam, Jr. Obituary
CATES Winifred June Obituary
CHAMBERS Betty Ann (Morgan) Obituary
CHATTIN Tim Obituary
CLARK Aaron Bryn Obituary
CLARK Constine Conn Harold Obituary
CLIVER John W Obituary
COFER Evelyn Marie Obituary
COLEGROVE Bonna J Obituary
COLLINS Kathryn J Obituary
COLLINS Mary Louise (Hunter) Obituary
CONN Lucille T Obituary
COONROD Mark Alan Obituary
COOPER Mary A Obituary
CORNWELL Helen Obituary
COX Lorena Obituary
CRANE Dexter U Obituary
CROUCH Sondra ‘Sonie’ Obituary
DARE Alena Marie Obituary
DAUGHERTY Mary Macea (Russell) Obituary
DEBOER Eugene Calvin Obituary
DEELEY Robert J. “Bobby” Obituary
DEMOSS Catherine (Brothers) Wright Obituary
DEMOSS Rex R Obituary
DEVINE Mary Ruth Obituary
DIEKMEYER Virginia Obituary
DILLON Howard E Obituary
DILLON Joseph W Obituary
DREIMAN Clara Marie Obituary
DUPIRE Frank ‘Junior’, Jr. Obituary
DUSTIN Lillian Obituary
EARLEY Ruth Lucille Obituary
EATON Robert E Obituary
EDGIN Marshall Obituary
EDWARDS Cecil Floyd Obituary
EDWARDS James Franklin Obituary
EDWARDS Velma Lee Obituary
ELKINS Shannon Lee Obituary
EMMONS George J Obituary
EMMONS Merle L (Rev.) Obituary
ERVIN Mary Jane Obituary
EVANS James W Obituary
EVANS Jessie E Obituary
EVANS Robert D Obituary
EWING Hazel L Obituary
FAIRHURST Jacquelyn Suzanne Obituary
FANCHER Robert Fulton Obituary
FARRIS Jean Marie Obituary
FAUGHT S. Elizabeth Obituary
FINKE Ardath C Obituary
FISHERClarence William "Fuzz"Obituary
FISHER Robert Elden Obituary
FOX David W Obituary
FRANKUM Brenis Obituary
FRANKUM Cecil Obituary
FRANKUM Flora Obituary
FRANKUM Hurbert Obituary
FRANKUM Pearl Obituary
FRANKUM Roger Obituary
FRANKUM Rufus Obituary
FRANKUM Wilma Henrietta Obituary
FREY Ann Lee Obituary
FRISZ Irene M Obituary
FUNK Patricia A Obituary
GAMBER Katherine R Obituary
GARDNER Violet Summers (w/o Gilbert) Obituary
GARRETT Red Obituary
GEHEB George A Obituary
GILBERT Anthony ‘Tony’ Obituary
GILMORE Cora Ann Obituary
GLASS Mary Lucille Obituary
GLASS Robert David Obituary
GORDON Elizabeth (Nelson) Obituary
GOTT Sherry L Obituary
GRANGER Rhoda Gazella (Howard) Obituary
GRAY Robert Morton Obituary
GRIFFIN Albert Eugene Obituary
GRIFFITH Marie (Sanneman) Obituary
HAAG Anna Marie Obituary
HAGGARD Burl Deon Obituary
HALL Marion Jeanette Obituary
HALTER Mary Edythe Obituary
HALVERSON Edyth M. (Schuckman) Larson Obituary
HAMILTON John E Obituary
HARBIN George W Obituary
HARBIN Joshua Russell Obituary
HARPER Mary Louise Obituary
HARRELL Rod Obituary
HARRIS Jessica M Obituary
HARRISON Minnie Mae Obituary
HAWKINS Arlow T Obituary
HAWKINS Stanley F Obituary
HAYES Aaron Scott Obituary
HAZELMAN Paul Obituary
HEDGE Meredith Obituary
HEDRICK Charles Obituary
HEDRICK Clora Dixon (Mrs. Charles) Obituary
HEDRICK Dwight D Obituary
HEDRICK Elvit B Obituary
HEDRICKJessi EliObituary
HEDRICK John W Obituary
HEDRICK Lorene Obituary
HEDRICK Letha Obituary
HEDRICK Levi Obituary
HEDRICK Louisa Obituary
HEDRICK Millard J Obituary
HEDRICK Paul E Obituary
HEDRICK Ralph W Obituary
HEDRICK Ruth Alice Obituary
HEDRICK Thomas Harold Obituary
HEDRICK Thomas Harold Obituary
HEDRICK W. Bert Obituary
HEDRICK Willard H Obituary
HEDRICK William F Obituary
HEDRICK William Hugh Obituary
HEDRICK William P Obituary
HEDSTROM Don C Obituary
HEINES Dorothy J Obituary
HEINZ Raymond A Obituary
HENDRICK Jessi Eli Obituary
HENDRIX Eli B, Jr. (Dr.) Obituary
HINTERSCHER Leroy George Obituary
HOBBS John Stanley Obituary
HOLLOWAY John D Obituary
HOLMAN Lewis A Obituary
HOLT David M Obituary
HOUCHINS Patty Ann Obituary
HOUSE Burket Obituary
HUFF Herman E Obituary
HUFFMAN Janice Marie (Kempf) Obituary
HUNCKLER Robert Louis Obituary
HUNTER Louise G Obituary
HUTCHISON Charles E Obituary
HUTCHISON Richard Allen Obituary
ICE Pauline Obituary
ITSKIN Dale E Obituary
JACKSON Robert R Obituary
JEFFRIS Harold J Obituary
JOHNS Rozella Staser Obituary
JOHNSON Richard Obituary
JONES William J. B. Obituary
JORDAN Frank C Obituary
JORDAN Lottie Obituary
JORDAN Marjory E Obituary
JULIAN Gary D Obituary
KAISER John Robert ‘Bob' Obituary
KENT Sandra S Obituary
KINKADE Thomas Evan Obituary
KLEPFER Max D Obituary
KLOTZ John, Jr. Obituary
KOENIG Jimmie ‘Jim’ Steffy Obituary
KOENIG Vivian Obituary
KOTTER Lynnette SNAPP Obituary
KOTTER Richard J Obituary
LANKFORD David E Obituary
LANKFORD Don R Obituary
LANKFORD Mayfair ‘Sally' Obituary
LAUE Raymond A, Jr Obituary
LAWHEAD Bobby R Obituary
LAWLIS Dorothy W SANDERS Obituary
LAY Darrell Obituary
LEE Delores E Obituary
LEE Nellie Obituary
LEGG Morris R Obituary
LEIMBACH Walter W Obituary
LELA C. FLEETWOOD Lela C. Fleetwood Obituary
LIKE Lydia Margaret (Hitt) Obituary
LINDSAY Collin Obituary
LINDSAY Lucille HEDRICK Obituary
LINDY Adrian M. ‘Buzz' Obituary
LINNEWEBER Robert W Obituary
LONG Fred, Jr. Obituary
MACK Charles E Obituary
MACKEY Lillian F Obituary
MADDEN Walter L Obituary
MADISON Danny R Obituary
MALLORY Donald G. ‘Red’ Obituary
MARCHINO Catherine E Obituary
MARLOW Ernie Ray Obituary
MASON Jack “Jackie” Alan Obituary
MATICK Henry J, Sr Obituary
MAYALL Vivian F Obituary
MCCARTER Timmie Gene Obituary
MCCLAFLIN Arthur A Obituary
MCCLURE Paul Eugene Obituary
MCCORD Mary Obituary
MCCRARY Martha Ruth Obituary
MCCRARY Shirley A Obituary
MCDONALD Matilda L. (Wehmeier) Obituary
MCELROY Oscar C Obituary
MCGHEE William Macdaniel O'neil Obituary
MCGIFFEN Jack L Obituary
MCGREGOR Leonard M Obituary
MCKINNON Russell W Obituary
MCMAHAN Virgil (Dr.) Obituary
MEEKS Nellie Obituary
MERRIMON Shirley A Obituary
MESSEL Kathryn Virginia (Jordan) Obituary
MESSEL Kenneth R Obituary
MESSEL Lemorse ‘Bill' Obituary
MICHALOS John Lawrence Obituary
MIKISKA Angela R Obituary
MILENKOVICH Paulina Obituary
MILLER Anna Z Obituary
MILLER David E Obituary
MILLER Nathan Obituary
MINDERMAN Doyle M Obituary
MONTGOMERY Mabel V Obituary
MORELAND Arthur Raymond Obituary
MORELAND Frieda H Obituary
MORGAN Betty J Obituary
MORGAN Joseph F Obituary
MORGAN Raymond Obituary
MORRIS Richard Obituary
MORRIS Robert Eugene, Sr Obituary
MUNDY Michael James Obituary
NEELEY Glenna Obituary
NOLAND Pauline Obituary
NOWASKIE Davin Michael Obituary
O’DELL Ralph E. ‘Butch’ Obituary
OCHS Jimmy Obituary
OEXMANN Sharon ‘Sherry' Marie Obituary
ONKEN Sharon A Obituary
OSBORNE William Riley ‘Sonny', Jr. Obituary
OSHA Andrew W. (Mike) Obituary
OSTENDORF Catherine “Betty” Obituary
PADGETT Bernard W. ‘Mike’, Jr. Obituary
PADGETT Michael R Obituary
PALMER Beatrice M Obituary
PARKES James Lee Obituary
PARR George Coleman Obituary
PEACH Wilma R Obituary
PEARSON William ‘Rusty' Obituary
PERRY Rosemary Cardinal Obituary
PICKETT Martha J Obituary
PITTS Lucille M WOODALL Obituary
POHL May R Obituary
POWERS Charles Robert “Bob” Obituary
PUMMEL Kenny, Sr. Obituary
QUALLS James Obituary
RECKER Donald R Obituary
REDFERN Morris N Obituary
REEDY Elnora Obituary
RICHARDVILLE Ronald B Obituary
RICHTER Laura Obituary
RIVERAGeorge LObituary
ROACH Doris Maxine Obituary
ROBERTSON Arthur James (Bub) Obituary
ROBINSON Norma J Obituary
ROBLING Natalie F. (Siewert) Obituary
ROSEJuanita MObituary
RUBLE Charles Edward Obituary
RUND Albert Obituary
RUND Grace D Obituary
RUPPEL Delores A Obituary
RUPPEL Vera Nadine (Catt) Obituary
SALVATORE William Obituary
SAMMONS Diana K. (Gillie) Obituary
SANDERS Margaret L Obituary
SAYRE Norma Obituary
SCHAEFER Burton Paul Obituary
SCHLEICHER Margaret ‘Margie’ Obituary
SCHMIDT Opal Obituary
SCHUCKMAN Carl M Obituary
SCOTT James Obituary
SCOTT Jane Obituary
SCOTT Thelma Obituary
SHEILDS Jesse David Obituary
SHEPHERD Hazel Kathleen Obituary
SHERMAN Dustin Wayne Obituary
SHORT Thelma Mae Obituary
SHOTS Charles R, Sr. Obituary
SIEVERS Raymond D Obituary
SINNETT Charles R. ‘Bud’ Obituary
SISCEL Shirley Ann Obituary
SLATER Albert Wayne Obituary
SMITH Bryan Obituary
SMITH Jackie E Obituary
SNOW William E Obituary
SOLLMAN John Michael Obituary
SOLOMON Lucy L Obituary
SOUTER Joseph F Obituary
SPANGER Walter C Obituary
SPARENBERG Charles Edward Obituary
SPARROW Brenda M Obituary
STANCZAK John Obituary
STANGLE Roselyn Charlotte Obituary
STEELMAN Lydia “Della” Obituary
STEIMEL Margie Obituary
STEPHENS F. Henry Obituary
STEVENS Beatrice ‘Bea’ Obituary
STEWART Melinda ‘Mindy’ Susan Obituary
STITES Beulah R Obituary
STRANGE Brooke Ellen Obituary
STREET Judy Ann Obituary
STULTZ James W Obituary
STUMP Harold Joe Obituary
SUTTON Stanley Lee Obituary
TAPLEY Vern Obituary
TAYLOR Walter M. ‘Bullet’ Obituary
THERIAC Owen Clinton ‘Bud’ Obituary
THOMAS Donald Eugene, Jr Obituary
THOMPSON Bruce J Obituary
THOMPSON Charles R Obituary
THOMPSON Muriel L Obituary
THURGOOD June Obituary
TIPTON Carolyn L Obituary
TODD Phyllis K Obituary
TOLLIVERDonald EObituary
TRIMMER Mildred Obituary
TURNER Dorothy H Obituary
TUSSEY James Obituary
TWITTY Danny Lloyd Obituary
UNSWORTH Cherlyn Sue Obituary
VANTLINHarvey RichardObituary
VANTLINJacob M, JrObituary
VOGELDonald HObituary
WAGGONER John L. 'Jiggs' Obituary
WALLACE Nora Obituary
WALLACE Paul P Obituary
WALTERS Adlai N Obituary
WALTERS Olive N Obituary
WAMPLER Albert L Obituary
WAMPLER Darline Obituary
WAMPLER Dolores L. ‘Pat’ Yockey Obituary
WELTON Joyce R Obituary
WELTON Michael ‘Mole’ Obituary
WEST Mary Lou (Fairhurst) Obituary
WESTFALL Eddie W Obituary
WESTFALL Judith E Obituary
WHITSON May E Obituary
WILLIAMS Dora G Hedrick Obituary
WILSON Anthony ‘Tony' ‘Red Man' Obituary
WILSON Bonnie M Obituary
WILSON Irene M Obituary
WILSON Loretta A Obituary
WILSON Robert Bruce Obituary
WILSON Winnie Eliza Norton Obituary
WINEMILLERDexter EObituary
WINEMILLER Kleeman Obituary
WOLFE Wilbur Lawrence ‘Wib’ Obituary
WOODALL Virginia ‘Imie' Obituary
WOODFORK Basil R Obituary
WOODFORK Garland S Obituary
WOODFORK Glenn V Obituary
WRIGHT Dorothy G Obituary
WYANT Elden Obituary
WYGAL Norma Lou Long Obituary
YAWNDaniel ScottObituary
YOCHUMDarrell FObituary

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