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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Bassett,Arthur H. Geo. L. Sylvia M. Eashleman  M W Nov.15,1919 H-11 51
Bassett,Dale G.  George L. Sylvia M. Eashleman  M W July 5,1916  H-10 75
Bassett,Donald Geo. Lucas Sylvia M. Eashleman  M W Mar.5,1908 H-7 6
Bassett,Ellen R. Lloid C. Hallie L. Faust  F W Dec.2,1916  H-10 87
Bassett,Garnett E. Geo. Lucius Sylvia M. Eshelman F W July 8,1914 H-10 10
Bassett,Harvey A. Geo. Lucas  Sylvia M. Eshelman M W Dec.4,1910 H-7 87
Bassett,Russell L. Geo. L. Sylvia M. Eshelman M W Nov.22,1912  H* 9 48
Bassett --- Mathew Catherine Hammil  M W Apr.23,1882 H-2 11
Bassett --- Frank Ockerman  F W July 30,1896 H-3 164
Bassett --- Frank K. Ockerman  M W Mar.15,1898  H-3 194
Bassett --- Eshelman  Eshelman  F W May 16,1899 H-3 216
Bassett --- Orlando  Groose  F W May 23,1900 H-3 235
Bassett --- George Eshelman M W Mar.15,1901 H-4 6
Bassett --- Cyrus -------- F W Sept.1,1902 H-5 11
Bassett --- George Malinda   Eshelman M W Jan.12,1904 H-5  27
Bassett --- Frank  Ackerman F W Jan.16,1904 H-5 27
Bassett --- George Sylvia  Eshelman M W Oct.10,1905 H-6 11
Bassett --- S.G. Mattie    Hoffner M W June 26,1906 H-6 20
Bassett --- F.J. Ockteman F W Jan.30,1907 H-6 28
Bassett --- Harold Ruby Reed  M W Oct.30,1921 H-11 92
-------  -------- Mabel Bassett  F W June 12,1899 H-3 217
Bassler --- Jacob Cenia Randall  M W July 7,1895 H-3 147
Bassler --- Jacob H. Cenia Randall F W Aug.13,1896  H-3 165
Bastian,Cleo E.A. Lizzie Prouty  F W Dec.25,1894 H-3 132
Bates --- George  Mary Griner  F W Sept.10,1889 H-3 2
Bates --- George  Sadie Bowman M W July 7,1891  H-3 49
Bates --- George  Sarah   Bowman F W Sept.10,1893  H-3 112
Bates --- George  ----- Bowman M W Mar.15,1897 H-3 175
Bates --- George  Bollman  F W Jan.11,1907 H-6 28
Bates --- George  Sarah   Bowman M W Nov.30,1908 H-7 28
Bathaner,Orphia O. San. Cora Whipple F W May 4,1921 H-11 87
Battenfield ---- Samuel G.  Belle Duff  F W Dec.23,1894 H-3 131
Battenfield ---- S.G. Belle Duff  M W Nov.28,1901 H-4 17
Battenfield ---- S.L. -------------  M W Dec.28,1903  H-5 25
Baumgartner --- Chas. E.  Anise Funk  F W Mar.26,1891 H-3 41
Baumgartner --- Charles Annico  Funk M W May 2,1893 H-3 98
Bawk,Ella H. ?. Herman  Kate Elliott  F W Aug.28,1888  H-2 140
Baylon ---- Chester  Emma Uptgeoft M W Aug.17,1904 H-5 34
Bayshore --- Jackson  Flora Phillips  M W Nov.25,1888 H-2 147
Beach ---- Frank Susan A. Cherry  M W May 31,1883 H-2 24
Beach ---- Henry L. Emma Ballou  F W Oct.24,1888  H-2 146
Beach ---- Jay Nellie Myers M W June 5,1892  H-3 77
Beach ---- Ward Bertha L. Draggoo F W Dec.22,1898 H-3 205
Beach ---- Ward Bertha E. Draggoo M W Apr.28,1905  H-6 5
Beachey,Catherine John J.  Aurilla Marington F W Oct.20,1903 H-5 24
Beachey,George Valentine F.  Lydia Hershberger  M W Jan.11,1909 H-7 32
Beachey,Paul F. John J.  Arrilla Morningstar  M W Oct.3,1915 H-10 53
Beachey,,Raymond Valentine F. Lydia Hershberger M W Aug.16,1918  H-11 23
Beachey,Samuel C. John J. Aurelia Morningstar  M W May 18,1910 H-7 71
Beachey,Susan M. Mmelus A.  Fanny E. Yoder F W Sept.3,1914 H-10 20
Beachey ---- Joel  Katie Erb  F W Apr.5,1896  H-3 158
Beachey ---- John Rilla Morningstar M W Mar.2,1900 H-3 232
Beachey ---- Aaron Hochstettler M W Jan.29,1906 H-6 14
Beachey ---- Valentine F.  Lydia Beachey M W Dec.25,1906  H-6 27
Beachy,Ida  Daniel C. Susan Miller  F W May 4,1922 H-11 103
Beachy --- Sherman  Polly Eash  F W  June 10,1888  H-2 134
Beachy --- John J. Rilla Moringstar  F W Nov.2,1898 H-3 206
Beachy --- Valentine Lydia Hershbeger F W Dec.22,1914 H-10 29
Beachy --- Menno E. McBeth  M W Jan.14,1920 H-11 55
Beachy --- Merelius Katie Yoder M W Apr.8,1921 H-11 83
Beam ---  Davis J. Maggie Hostettler  F W Feb.4,1896 H-3 155
Bean,James C. Obed  Emma M. Boyd M W July 4,1888 H-2 138
Bean,Mary J.H. Della Smart  F W Mar.2,1892 H-3 70
Bean --- Obed Emma M. Boyd  M W Nov.9,1886 H-2 95
Bean --- Obed Matie Boice M W Mar.24,1894 H-3 116
Bean --- Obed Boyd  M W Nov.1,1903 H-5 25
Bear,Marcedis R. Charles C. Bertha Young  F W Jan.14,1912  H-9 21
Bear --- Peter ------ F W Aug.9,1892 H-3 80
Bear --- Peter Bear F W Feb.24,1894 H-3 116
Bear --- David  Lula Young  F W Jan.31,1897 H-3 173
Bear --- George Huser  M W Nov.11,1905 H-6 12
Beard,Willie Edward Jennie M W July 27,1884 H-2 44
Beard ---- Samuel Susan F W May 12,1884  H-2 42
Beard ---- Milton Anna M W June 28,1889  H-3 1
Beardsley,Bruce H. L.J. Sarah Jane Ritz M W Nov.22,1896 H-3 204
Beardsley --- Lawrence J. Sarah Ritz  F W Sept.9,1891 H-3 53
Bearid,William Samuel Clara Reed  M W Oct.27,1888 H-2 146
Beatty,Bessie M.  W.S. Mattie Norris  F W  June 13,1893 H-3 99
Beatty,Ruth I. Wm. Verne Myrta Morrison F W Nov.3,1919  H-11 52
Beaty,Alice E. William V.  Myrta B. Morrison  F W July 3,1917  H-10 101
Beaty,Bruce F. Warren S. Marthis Norris M W Apr.6,1883 H-2 23
Beaty,Donald R. William V. Myrtle B. Morrison  M W Nov.14,1908  H-8 2
Beaty,Donald R. Wm. V. Myrtle B. Morrison  M W Nov.14,1908  H-7 27
Beaty,Goldie E. Warren  Mattie Baty  F W Oct.10,1884  H-2 49
Beaty,Pearl Eliza Warren Baity  Mattie A. Norris F -- Feb.23,1887 H-2 102
Beaty,Raphael Verne Mertie Morrison M W Apr.16,1911 H-8 7
Beaty,Samuel J. W.S.  Martha A. Verns  M W Dec.21,1888 H-2 149
Beaty,William V. Warran S.  Martha A. Norris  M W Feb.1,1882  H-2 1
Bedford,James   Jacob B. Elsie L. Preston  M W Nov.16,1907 H-6 38
Bedford,Paul P.  Jacob B. Elsie L. Preston  M W June 12,1910  H-7 72
Bedford,Walter Jacob B. Elsie L. Preston  M W Nov.16,1907  H-6 38
Bedford --- Jacob B. Elindale  Preston F W Dec.20,1904 H-5 38
Bedford --- Jacob B. Elsie Preston M W Mar.25,1907  H-6 30
Beche --- John M. Schrock F W May 24,1886  H-2 83
Beckman,Chas. F. Wm. Cora Shultz Feb.9,1910 H-7 63
Beckman,Edward F. William Cora E.Misner  M W Sept.16,1914 H-10 21
Beckman,Harold W.  William Cora E.Misner  M W Aug.8,1908  H-7 20
Beckman,Mildred R. William Cora Shultz  F W Oct.19,1912 H-9 45
Beckman,Rachel E. William Cora Shultz  F W Apr.1,1911  H-9 98A
Beckman,---- Will Cora Misner  F W Dec.12,1906 H-6 27
Beebe,Mary E. Richard A. Rose A. Ward F W Oct.29,1910 H-7 84
Beecher,Francis Valentine Flyda Hershburger M W July 3,1916 H-10 75
Beecher,Julia K. James A. Bolva Farver F W July 2,1916 H-10 75
Beecher --- Chas.  Julia Vial F W Apr.25,1883  H-2 24
Beecher --- A.C.  Alice Speed  F W Dec.27,1890 H-3 32
Beecher --- Arthur C. Alice I. Speed  M W Mar.6,1894  H-3 115
Beecher --- James  Belle  Farver M W Dec.26,1904 H-5 38
Beechey ---- Aaron Katy Hostetler F W Sept.30,1891 H-3 54
Beechey ---- Jno. J. Aurilla Morningstar M W Oct.23,1905 H-6 11
Beechy,Amanda H. Henry A. Emma Bontrager  F W Sept.3,1920 H-11 72
Beechy,Anna  Menno  Elizabeth Yoder F W Nov.15,1918 H-11 28
Beechy,Barbara John ------ F W Oct.15,1921  H-11 93
Beechy,Daniel M. Maneleus A.  Fanny J. Yoder M W Aug.10,1917 H-10 104
Beechy,Elmer L. Valentine  Lydia Hershberger M W Sept.21,1910 H-7 80
Beechy,Katie M. Maneleus A.  Fanny J. Yoder  F W Feb.19,1916 H-10 63
Beechy,Katy A. Dan C.  Susan Miller  F W Apr.7,1920  H-11 62
Beechy,Mary A. Maneleus A.  Fanny J. Yoder F W May 18,1919 H-11 40
Beechy,Mary A. John A. Anna D. Frey  F W Apr.18,1920  H-11 63
Beechy,Saniel Henry Emma Bontrager M W Feb.19,1922  H-11 99
Beechy --- Valentine F.  Lydia Hershberger  F W Sept.11,1887 H-6 10
Beem --- David Maggie Hostettler F W Mar.14,1893 H-3 93
Beerbower,Earl D. William Maggie Dunker  M W Feb.10,1882  H-2 1
Beerbower, Ethel J. William Maggie Dunker  F W May 19,1888 H-2 134
Beinning,Herold G. Harry G.  Sarah Fisher M W May 15,1909 H-7 43
Beisel,Donald H.  Andrew M. Alice E. Smith M W Oct.10,1897 H-3 185

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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