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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Blachman --- Delbert  Harter F W Feb.25,1900  H-3 230
Black --- Clarence  Case F -- Oct.16,1887 H-2 118
Blackburn --- Dean Iva Plank  M W Feb.5,1907 H-6 29
Blackman,Iola Royal  Stella Fish F W May 31,1908 H* 7 14
Blackman,Ruth  Royal  Estella Fish  F W Aug.7,1910  H-7 77
Blackman, ---- Dallas  Harter M W Dec.28,1894 H-3 133
Blackman, ---- Royal Stella Fish M W Feb.5,1904 H-5 28
Blackman, ---- Della Harter F W Dec.31,1906 H-6 27
Blacknicker,Witlie George  ------ M -- Jan.21,1884  H-2 36
Blackune,Harold T. Dean Blackum  Iva M W Feb.20,1913 H-9 54
Blair,Wm. Geo. Fannie Balolu M -- Nov.28,1887 H-2 121
Blair --- Geo. Belah  F -- July 16,1886 H-2 86
Blair --- Henry M. Walters F W Oct.31,1892 H-3 85
Blair --- George Fanny Belote M W Aug.14,1893 H-3 102
Blair --- William Brand M W Sept.25,1902 H-5 11
Blair --- John Kellam F W Aug.23,1905 H-6 9
Blake,Agnes M. Lester D. Fern Row  F W Nov.26,1918 H-11 29
Blake,Everett L. Arthur  Ada Denny M W Apr.19,1914 H-10 9
Blake,Paul H. Arthur  Ada Henrey M W June 22,1918 H-11 18
Blake --- Thomas Blake F W Mar.15,1895 H-3 142
Blake --- Thomas Clauson  M W Oct.30,1901  H-4 16
Blake --- Chas. Annie Danny F W Apr.22,1903 H-5 18
Blake --- Thomas Caskey F W Mar.23,1904 H-5 29
Blake --- Arthur Belle Denny  F W Aug.18,1907 H-6 35
Blanchard,Alfred Arthur G Edna May Phillips  M W Apr.18,1912 H-9 30
Blanchard,Dorothy R. Ora  Florence Conrad  F W Mar.25,1910 H-7 66
Blanchard,Frank C. Arthur G. Edna May Phillips  M W Apr.18,1912  H-9 30
Blanchard,Lewis J. Arthur G. Edna May Phillips  M W Apr.30,1913 H-9 61
Blanchard,Philip E. Arthur G. Edna May Phillips  M W July 7,1916 H-8 18
Blanchard,Philip E. Arthur A. Elna M  Phillips M W July 7,1916 H-10 75
Blanchard,Robert W. Arthur G. Edna May Phillips  M W Feb.7,1915 H-10 34
Blanchard,Wm.H. Ora Ida Weaver M W July 5,1921  H-11 88
Blanchard --- Arthur  Fox F W Feb.4,1900  H-3 231
Blanchard --- Ora  Ida Weaver F W Feb.19,1919 H-11 35
Blanchard --- Walter W.  Hettie E. Staples M W Feb.6,1920 H-11 57
Blasins,Herald S. John Ann Replogle  M W May 12,1909 H-7 42
Blasius,Merela B. Russel J. Blassius  Ethel E. Fennel F W Sept.29,1918 H-11 25
Blassin,Gerald John Ann Replogle  M W Dec.17,1912 H-9 50
Blassin,Geraldene  John Ann Replogle  F W Dec.17,1912  H-9 50
Blassius,Alberta J. Russell Ethel Fennel F W June 6,1920 H-11 67
Blodgett --- Freeman  Maud B. Preston M W Jan.13,1895  H-3 134
Bloomfield ---- ---- ------ M -- Oct.6,1883  H-5 32
Bloss --- Albert  Belle Higgins  F W July 30,1904 H-5 33
Blossom,Gardner E. Claud H. Harriett E. Elliott  M W Jan.21,1917 H-8 20
Blossom,Harriett G. Claud H. Harriett E. Elliott  F W June 6,1915 H-10 44
Blough,Dorthea D. Ralph  Nellie M. Goodin F W Feb.15,1922 H-11 99
Blough,Laverne Andrew Ida Miller  M W June 21,1911 H-9 4
Blough,Leo C.  Ralph C. Nellie   Gooden  M W Sept.2,1920 H-8 28
Blough,Leo C.  Ralph C. Nellie   Gooden  M W Sept.2,1920 H-11 72
Blough,Ralph D. Ralph C. Nellie M. Gooden  M W Aug.21,1918 H-11 23
Blough --- W.M.  Lide Rowe M W Dec.17,1882 H-1 2
Blough --- Wm. Rowe F -- Jan.15,1885  H-2 54
Blough --- John ---- M -- Aug.16,1887 H-2 116
Blough --- Will Lide A. Rowe  F W Aug.14,1888 H-1 5
Blough --- William Lide A. Rowe  F W Aug.14,1888 H-2 136
Blough --- David Jane Zook M W Sept.7,1888 H-2 144
Blough --- Amos J. Emma Miller M W Mar.23,1889  H-2 156
Blough --- Jacob Elizabeth Yoder F W May 13,1890  H-3 20
Blough --- William Lida  Rowe  F W Oct.9,1891  H-3 57
Blough --- Jacob Elizabeth Yoder F W Mar.9,1892  H-3 70
Blough --- William Eliza Rowe M W May 27,1895  H-3 139
Blowers,Edna I. Jacob  Amelia Miller F W Feb.19,1917 H-10 92
Blowers,Etta Mae  Arson A.  Ada Emerick F W Mar.6,1913  H-9 56
Blowers,Leo Dewey O.A. Ada Emerick M W Aug.1,1920 H-11 79
Blowers,Wilma L. Orson A. Ada Emerick F W Sept.27,1915 H-10 52
Blue,Margaret M. Hollis Grace Miller F W Aug.26,1918 H-11 23
Bnehler --- Joseph H.  Wilma Tumah  M W Feb.19,1915 H-10 35
Boales --- J.W.  Mary Fonser F -- May 8,1886  H-2 83
Boaley ---  W.F. ------ M W Oct.24,1890  H-3 33
Boals,Evaline May  William M. Louise A. Collens  F W Mar.8,1916  H-10 65
Boals --- Wesley  Mary A. Forker  M W Mar.21,1888  H-2 128
Boase,Paul W. Herbert  ------ M W July 13,1915 H-10 46
Bobeck,Carl D. Freeman Pearl Chrisman M W June 6,1912 H-9 34
Bobeck,Evelyn E. Freeman Pearl Chrisman F W Oct.17,1913 H-9 75
Bobeck --- Angust Parisa Chidester F W Mar.24,1891 H-3 41
Bock --- John Hannah Jane Neely M W Sept.20,1882  H-2 15
Bodell --- George K.  Amy E. Byrkey M W Jan.17,1900 H-3 229
Bodle --- ------ Mary Catherine Bodle F W Apr.2,1882 H-2 5
Bodley,Berdella A. Ray Zena Ellen Walsh F W Dec.6,1917  H-11 5
Boehmer,Geo. L. Fredirich  Martha Ritzer M W July 4,1902 H-5 9
Boehmer --- Fred Martha Ritzer M W Mar.10,1905  H-6 3
Boesinger --- Simion Mary A. Baumgartner  M W Mar.25,1882  H-1 1
Bogue --- A.H. Stine F W Jan.11,1893 H-3 91
Boid --- James Ida Vanormen  F W Sept.15,1890 H-3 27
Boland --- George W. Etta Sperow F W Aug.18,1882 H-2 11
Boland --- Geo. Spears M W Aug.15,1888  H-2 139
Boland --- George Mary E. Spears  M W Sept.7,1891 H-3 84
Boleck --- August  Clara Chedester F W Jan.19,1890 H-3 16
Boles --- ------ ------ -- -- Mar. --,1893 H-3 95
Boley --- Albert Mary E. Hill M W Feb.10,1898 H-3 192
Boley --- William Lilly Misener  M W Oct.15,1900  H-4 5
Boley --- William Meyduor (?)  M W Oct.14,1902  H-5 12
Bolinger,Carrie B. John  Nora Cripe  F W Oct.7,1908  H-7 25
Bolinger,Esther L. John  Nora Cripe  F W Dec.15,1916 H-10 87
Bolinger,Mildred R. John  Nora Cripe  F W Apr.6,1915 H-10 38
Bolinger,Omer L. John  Nora Cripe  M W Jan.25,1920  H-11 56
Bolinger,Paul R. John  Nora Cripe  M W Sept.26,1912  H-9 42
Bolinger,Visla E.  D. Benj. Nettie Eaton  F W Apr.16,1911 H-9 98A
Bolinger--- O.B. Mattie Eaton  M W Dec.18,1889 H-3 9
Bolinger--- Leonard  Lena Yoder F W Feb.23,1904 H-5 28
Bolinger--- John Nora Cripe F W July 18,1911 H-9 7
Bolleman --- John Jean Switzer M W Jan.13,1892 H-3 63
Bolley,Catherine E. Oreie Lee  Bessie J. Vanzite F W Apr.10,1918  H-11 13
Bolley,John Jacob  Harold Electa Emily Min-- M W July 27,1921  H-11 87
Bolley,Mary Jane Floyd Bertha Clank  F W Dec.30,1919 H-11 54
Bolley,Roah  Jacob  Estella McCally F W Sept.24,1909  H-7 52
Bolley,---- Jacob  McCally F W Nov.7,1903 H-5 25
Bolliard --- Milliard  Phoebe Yoder F W Oct.22,1893 H-3 107
Bollinger,Anna G. John Nora Cripe F W Oct.14,1907 H-6 37
Bollinger,Helen E. Avary F. Lolo Manley F W Dec.24,1917 H-11 6
Bollinger,Mary E. Dan Moyer F W Dec.1,1899 H-3 228
Bollinger ---  Ozias B.  Nettie V. Eaton F W Jan.19,1892 H-3 64
Bollinger ---  S. Nettie   Eaton M W June 14,1894 H-3 121
Bollinger ---  Daniel Elizabeth Moyer M W Jan.21,1896  H-3 154
Bollinger ---  Daniel Elizabeth Moyer F W Jan.21,1896  H-3 154
Bollinger ---  ------ ----- ----- F W Apr.26,1896 H-3 159
Bollinger ---  Dan ------ M W Feb.9,1898 H-3 192
Bollinger ---  John ------- F W Sept.23,1898  H-3 201
Bollinger ---  John Nora Cripe  M W May 5,1900 H-3 236
Bollinger ---  John Cripe M W Oct.5,1901  H-4 16
Bollinger ---  Cyrus Eaton F W July 3,1903 H-5 21
Bollinger ---  John  Cripe F W Aug.27,1903  H-5 22
Bollinger ---  Dan'l Moyer F W Mar.23,1904 H-5 29
Bollinger ---  John  Nora Cripe  M W Nov.27,1905 H-6 12
Bollman,Dorothy J. Frank G. Audra Margaret Sears  F W Feb.10,1919 H-11 34
Bollman--- John W. Jean Switzer M W Sept.5,1893 H-1 23
Bollman--- John W. Jean Switzer F W Apr.3,1898  H-3 195
Bolly,John J. Jacob  Estella McCally M W July 10,1912 H-9 36
Bolly--- Jacob  Estella McCally M W Dec.17,1891 H-3 30
Bolly--- William Lillie Misner F W Oct.12,1904 H-5 36
Bolster --- Edward  ----- F -- July 25,1895 H-1 28
Bolyeat,Dean A.  Albert Dora Mickem  M W Jan.23,1910 H-7 62

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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