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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939

Bon-Bontrager, William A.

These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Bonabarger,Anna Jonas M. Jennie Young  F W Jan.25,1918 H-11 8
Bonabarger,Fredrick A. Jonas M.  Jennie Young M W Feb.2,1915 H-10 34
Bonabarger,Mary E. Jonas M.  Eliza Jane Young  F W Aug.3,1909 H-7 49
Bonabarger,---- Jonas Jennie Young F W Dec.16,1899 H-3 228
Bonebarger,--- Jonas M.  Jennie Young  F W Dec.23,1905  H-6 13
Bonetriger --- Joseph Bontriger ----- M -- Oct.29,1887 H-2 119
Bontegger,Sarah John Bontrager Katie Yoder  F W Aug.17,1912 H-9 39
Bontrager,Abraham D. Dan'l R.  Gertie Eash  M W July 19,1915 H-10 47
Bontrager,Abraham ------ Susie Christner  M W Jan.22,1919 H-11 33
Bontrager,Ada  David K Lydia Miller  F W Sept.5,1918 H-11 24
Bontrager,Alice Early Delcie Mishler  F W Jan.17,1915  H-10 32
Bontrager,Alice Christopher Mary Miller  F W Apr.20,1916 H-10 68
Bontrager,Alma R. Rollin Nellie Bontrager F W Oct.25,1912  H-9 46
Bontrager,Amanda  David R. Lydia Chidester F W Nov.25,1909  H-7 58
Bontrager,Amandia Levi Rebecca Schnack F W Jan.18,1922 H-11 96
Bontrager,Amelia Enos Katie Miller  F W Jan.6,1915 H-10 31
Bontrager,Amos A. Ambery S.  Annie Bontrager M W Feb.10,1909 H-7 35
Bontrager,Amos A. Abraham Susie Christner  M W Sept.28,1913 H-9 74
Bontrager,Amos K. John K. Fannie Yoder  M W Nov.20,1914  H-10 27
Bontrager,Amos Amos Fanny Miller  M W July 4,1910 H-7 75
Bontrager,Amos Hare Lydia Christner  M W July 4,1916 H-10 75
Bontrager,Amy M. Manasses  Elizabeth Miller F W July 5,1915  H-10 46
Bontrager,Amos M. Manasses  Elizabeth Miller M W July 5,1915  H-10 46
Bontrager,Anna M. Manasses  Elizabeth Miller F W Aug.13,1911 H-9 9
Bontrager ------ Edward Lydia  Miller  M W Aug.24,1916 H-10 79
Bontrager,Barbara B. Benny Elizabeth B. Miller F W Feb.5,1917  H-10 91
Bontrager,Barbara Day M. Margaret Miller F W Oct.14,1920 H-11 76
Bontrager,Bertha John Barbara Miller F W Apr.29,1913 H-9 61
Bontrager,Burel Miles Sarah Schrock  M W Apr.28,1920 H-11 63
Bontrager,Carry Han Maggie Miller F W Sept.10,1918  H-11 24
Bontrager,Catherin Andrew S. Annie Miller F W Oct.26,1907  H-6 37
Bontrager,Clara Henry Savilla Kauffman F W Apr.1,1916  H-10 68
Bontrager,Cornelius John K. Fannie Yoder  M W May 15,1912  H-9 31
Bontrager,Daniel J. Joseph Amanda Schlabach M W Mar.21,1918  H-11 12
Bontrager,Daniel Daniel M. Margaret Miller  M W Oct.30,1912  H-9 48
Bontrager,David Andrew S. Anna Miller M W Oct.26,1915  H-10 54
Bontrager,Dora  Joseph R. Mattie Schlabach  F W Oct.31,1912  H-9 46
Bontrager,Early C. Early C. Delsie B. Mishler M W July 31,1919 H-11 44
Bontrager,Edna May  Levy Anna Christner F W Jan.24,1918 H-11 8
Bontrager,Elizabeth Hall R. Lydia Christner  F W Nov.30,1918  H-11 29
Bontrager,Elmer Menno J. Susan Miller M W Nov.8,1918 H-11 28
Bontrager,Emos N. Noah M. Katie Glick  M W Oct.10,1917  H-11 1
Bontrager,Ervan L. Rollin Nellie Bontrager M W May 11,1910 H-7 69
Bontrager,Francis Sam'l Clara Miller  F W Dec.20,1910 H-7 88
Bontrager,Gerald A. Neri Flora Bontrager M W Dec.2,1915 H-10 57
Bontrager,Harley A.  Abraham R. Susie Christner M W May 9,1915  H-10 41
Bontrager,Hudson L. Neri Flora Bontrager M W July 25,1919  H-11 44
Bontrager,Ida J. John Barbara Miller  F W Oct.28,1919  H-11 50
Bontrager,Iris Edward Fannie Miller M W Aug.17,1913 H-9 70
Bontrager,Irwin R. Reuben S. Lizzie A. Lehman M W Dec.16,1912  H-9 50
Bontrager,Irwin Enos Katie Miller  M W July 3,1912 H-9 30
Bontrager,Jacob  Dan M. Margaret Miller M W Mar.24,1916  H-10 67
Bontrager,Jerry Enos Katie Miller M W June 23,1916 H-10 73
Bontrager,John Edward Fanny Miller M W Nov.17,1907 H-6 38
Bontrager,Joni Joni Gingerich  F W Mar.10,1901 H-4 8
Bontrager,Joni John Barbara Miller  M W Apr.25,1910 H-7 68
Bontrager,Joseph A. Andrew S. Annie Miller M W Jan.19,1918  H-11 8
Bontrager,Joseph R. Reuben S. Lizzie Ann  Lehman M W Feb.10,1916 H-10 63
Bontrager,Katie M. Mennassa  Elizabeth Miller  F W Aug.16,1920 H-11 72
Bontrager,Levi A. Andrew Polly Miller  M W May 29,1913 H-9 64
Bontrager,Levi A. David K Lydia Miller  M W May 4,1920 H-11 65
Bontrager,Lizzie Dan'l Gertrude Miller  F W Apr.7,1908  H-7 11
Bontrager,Lydia Ann  Dan'l M. Gertrude Miller  F W Apr.7,1908  H-7 11
Bontrager,Lorene M. Neri Nora Bontrager F W Aug.3,1917 H-10 103
Bontrager,Lucinda  Daniel M.  Margaret Miller  F W June 15,1914 H-10 13
Bontrager,Lydia A. ------ Fannie Miller  F W June 21,1910  H-7 73
Bontrager,Lydia B. Benjamin  Elizabeth Miller F W June 1,1921 H-11 88
Bontrager,Lydia Manasses Elizabeth Miller  F W Apr.20,1913 H-9 60
Bontrager,Lydia William L. Mattie Yoder F W Aug.11,1918  H-11 22
Bontrager,Mallie E. Emanuel  Elizabeth Miller  F W Oct.1,1911 H-9 14
Bontrager,Mandie John S., Katie Yoder F W Feb.12,1907 H-6 29
Bontrager,Martha Manasses  Pibbie Miller F W Jan.12,1918 H-11 8
Bontrager,Mary A. David R. Gertie Eash  F W May 25,1912 H-9 32
Bontrager,Mary Ann  Ruben Lizzie Ann Bontrager  F W Apr.12,1919 H-11 39
Bontrager,Mary Christopher Katie Miller  F W Apr.5,1912  H-9 28
Bontrager,Mary  Tobias Mary Yoder F W Jan.27,1915 H-10 33
Bontrager,Mary William L. Mattie Yoder  F W Sept.17,1919  H-11 47
Bontrager,Mary David Lydia Clesh F W June 18,1920  H-11 68
Bontrager,Mattie John K. Fannie Yoder  F W Oct.16,1910 H-7 83
Bontrager,Mattie Meno  Susie Miller F W Nov.25,1913 H-9 78
Bontrager,Menno M. Miles Sarah Schrock  M W Mar.28,1918  H-11 13
Bontrager,Millie Abraham Susie Christner F W Sept.12,1911  H-9 12
Bontrager,Noah M. Manasses  Elizabeth Miller  M W Jan.22,1917 H-10 90
Bontrager,Nora Abraham  Susanna Slabach  F W Aug.20,1908 H-7 21
Bontrager,Obed John L. Katie Yoder M W Oct.5,1908  H-7 25
Bontrager,Paul W. Samuel Clara J. Miller  M W Aug.17,1908  H-7 21
Bontrager,Perry A. Andrew Polly Miller M W Jan.13,1915 H-10 32
Bontrager,Perry L. Samuel Clara  Miller M W Apr.8,1916  H-10 69
Bontrager,Polly Andrew S. Anna Miller F W Dec.24,1909  H-7 60
Bontrager,Raymond H. Henry Savilla Kauffman M W Apr.12,1913  H-9 59
Bontrager,Rosie Noah M. Katie Glick  F W Nov.20,1911 H-9 17
Bontrager,Rosie  John I.  Barbara  Miller F W Oct.14,1916 H-10 84
Bontrager,Rufhus W. Wm. L. Mattie Yoder M W Aug.19,1916  H-10 79
Bontrager,Saloma  Benjamin Elizabeth Miller F W Dec.14,1912  H-9 50
Bontrager,Samuel H. Henry Savilla Kauffman M W Sept.12,1914 H-10 20
Bontrager,Samuel R. Ruben S. Lizzie Ann Bontrager  M W Apr.2,1914 H-10 8
Bontrager,Sarah I. Sam'l Clara Miller  F W Nov.28,1913 H-9 78
Bontrager,Sarah William L. Mattie Yoder  F W Mar.13,1914 H-10 6
Bontrager,Susan Joni M. Amanda Gingrich  F W Nov.19,1909 H-7 58
Bontrager,Susan Andrew  S. Anna Miller F W Apr.15,1920  H-11 63
Bontrager,Susie Andrew L.  Polly  Miller  F W Sept.16,1920 H-11 73
Bontrager,Sylva Manasses Borntrager  Lizzie Miller F W July22,1908 H-7 18
Bontrager,Thelma V. Rollin Nellie Bontrager  F W Oct.31,1908 H-7 26
Bontrager,Valentine Tobias Mary Ann Yoder -- W Jan.5,1918  H-11 7
Bontrager,Vernon David K. Lydia Miller  M W Nov.21,1921 H-11 94
Bontrager,Wm. A. Andrew S. Annie Miller  M W Dec.27,1911  H-9 20

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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