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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Cain,Alice May Albert Benj. Charity Shaw F W Dec.3,1917 H-11 5
Cain,Howard C.  Arthur L.  Mary E. Smelt  M W Oct.7,1909 H-7  54
Cain,Kenneth E.  Emuiel L.  Elizabeth C. Smith M W Nov.28,1913  H-9  78
Cain,Lillian Pansy Arthur Luther Mary E. Smeltey F W Aug.30,1912  H-9  40 
Cain,Mable I. Arthur L. Mary E. Smeltzly F W Nov.22,1920 H-11 76
Cain,Mary F.  Albert Benjamin Charity Shaw F W Dec.13,1913 H-9 79
Cain,Maud E. Albert B.  Charity F W June 24,1911 H-9 4
Cain,Vera Delela Arthur L. Mary E. Smeltzly F W June 10,1918 H-11 18
Cain,Cecil Arthur L. Mary E. Smeltzly F W April 23,1908  H-7  10
Caine ?????? Enuel Lizzie C. Smith  M W Jan.30,1912 H-9 22
Caine,Paul  Emuel Lizzie C. Smith  M W Jan.30,1912 H-9 22
Calahan,Alice A. David Milton  Sadie May Hoff F W Jan.7,1913 H-9 52
Calahan,Bertha Chas.  ------ F -- Feb.23,1886  H-2 77
Calahan,Charles A. David Milton  Sadie Mae Huff M W Oct.31,1910  H-7  84
Calahan,Leona V.  Vern T. Nora Elsie Lindsey F W --- --,1918 H-11 20
Calahan,Mary Delcina  D.Milton  Sadie Mae Hoff  F W May 1,1908 H-7  1_2
Calahan ---  Arad  Isadoxe Lockard  F W July 11,1882 H-1 2
Calahan ---  Edwin  Barbara  M -- Mar.5,1884  H-2  40
Calahan ---  Edmuel  ---- F -- Feb.20,1886 H-2 77
Calahan ---  Chas.  Anna Keline F -- Mar.18,1886  H-2 79
Calahan ---  E. I.  Barbara Kline  F W Sept.11,1889 H-3 3
Calahan ---  Ed  Barbara Kline  F W Mar.23,1892 H-3 69
Calahan ---  Milton  Sadie Huff  F W Apr.6,1906  H-6 18
Caldwell,Delbert  James Cowell  Wilma Dunathan F W Apr.14,1911 H-9 98A
Caldwell,Delbert  James Cowell  Wilma Dunathan M W Apr.14,1911 H-9 98A
Caldwell,M. Irene  James  Wilma Dunathan  F W Oct.4,1912  H-9  44
Caldwell,R. Elaine Ed Eva Rodman  F W Nov.23,1914  H-10 27
Caldwell --- John M.  Nancy Ann Poynter  M W May 14,1888 H-2 133
Caldwell --- John  Campbell  M W Sept.9,1894  H-3 127
Caldwell --- James  Wilma P. Dunathan F W July 31,1914 H-10 16
Callahan ----  David Milton Huff  F W July 2,1896 H-3 164
Camdell,Paul Lester  Lester Lee  Cora T. Reece M W April 6,1922  H-11 105
Cammel ---  Jonathan  Lizzie Cooper M W Dec.13,1890 H-3  30
Camp,Leota  Milo  Eva William F W Dec.26,1915 H-10 58
Camp,Stine  Victor Ulyssus  Bertha Ann Stine M W Jan.4,1915 H-10  31
Campbell,B. Catherine  Carl  Gertrude Matters  F W Aug.8,1920 H-11 70
Campbell,Dorothy M.  Frederick J. Lucele Herman  F W Oct.17,1916 H-10  84
Campbell,Edith P.  John Thomas Orpha M. Stevenson F W Dec.1,1917  H-11 5
Campbell,E. Cathyron  Con  Gertie Mattern F W May 19,1916 H-10 71 
Campbell,F. Cleta John Thomas Orpha Ma Stevenson F W Feb.11,1916 H-10 62
Campbell,John F.  Fred Lucile Herman  M W Aug.7,1918  H-11 22
Campbell,Ruth -  John  Cooper F W Mar.13,1903 H-5  17
Campbell,William G. Fred  Lucele Herman M W Sept.30,1919  H-11 50
Campbell ---  Johnathan  Mary Cooper  F -- June 13,1883  H-2  26
Campbell ---  John Elizabeth Cooper M W Oct. -,1904  H-5 36
Campbell ---  Albert V.  Vada Hoslet  M W Mar.12,1905 H-6  4
Campbell ---  Albert E. H??lot  F W June 24,1907 H-6  33
Campbell ---  John  Cooper  -- -- --- --- H-4  14
Campen,Callie J. J.Earle  Sylvia Seybert  F W June 1,1921  H-11 85
Campso,Samuel  Tomy  Goroma Stoce  M W Nov.3,1913  H-8  12
Campso, Tomy Tomy  Goroma Stoce  M W Nov.3,1913  H-8  12
Cand- -  Lewis  Kittie Ryder F W May 4,1890 H-3 20
Canfield ---  Wm.  Mina Heward  F -- Nov.11,1883 H-2  33
Canfield ---  Wm.  --------  F -- Jan.3,1886  H-2  76
Canfield ---  William B.  Minnie Howard F W Aug.13,1889 H-3  5
Cannon,Kenneth R.  Kirtus  Liberia Myers M W Feb.21,1909 H-7  35
Cannon--- William Mary Fink M W July 17,1882  H-2 10
Cannon--- George  -----  M W Nov.29,1894  H-3  132
Cannon--- Curtis  Myers F W June 18,1903  H-5  20
Cannon--- Curtis  Myers M W May 6,1905 H-6 5
Cannon--- Curtis  Myers F W Apr.27,1907 H-6 31
Canon,George Dane George Alice Shade  M W Jan.21,1912 H-9  22
Caplin ---  Wm. P.  Eliza Holley  F W Nov.28,1893 H-3 109
Capman,Charles M.  Charles H.  Nora Kaub M W June 18,1916 H-10  73
Capman --- Alfred Nellie Bumpus M W Feb.2,1889  H-2  151
Capman --- Fred ---------  F W Jan.21,1892 H-3  65
Capman --- Henry  Nora Kaub  M W Jan.28,1905 H-6 1
Capman --- Henry  Kalp M W Sept.11,1907 H-6 36
Capp ---  John  Anna M. Rinhart M W May 27,1890 H-1 11
Cardley --- W.E.  Georgiana Snyder F W May 12,1893 H-3  98
Carey,Laurel  John W.  Millie Sigler  F W Feb.3,1901 H-4  4
Caris,Hester L.  Vern V. Edyth M. Gillgtte  F W Oct.19,1909 H-7  55
Carlin,Charles R. Charles L.  Carrie M. Horn M W Jan.24,1914 H-10 2
Cartsher,Samuel  Wm. Jane Haywood M W Feb.28,1885 H-2  56
Carlson ---  William Clara Ramsby M W Apr.6,1903  H-5  18
Carmer --- William --------  M W Sept.-,1896 H-3 166
Carnahan ---  Hiram  Orvilla Tidrick M W Oct.4,1882 H-2 14
Carnahan ---  Hiram  Orvilla Tidrick M W Oct.4,1882 H-2 14
Carney,Alice L.  Delbert J.  Hazel Millslowth F W July 29,1915  H-10 47
Carney,Alice M.  Rollen  Elma Ada Coldwell  F W Mar.14,1916 H-8 17
Carney,Charles A.  Delbert  Hazel  Lowth M W Feb.9,1920 H-11  57
Carney,Ernest L.  William  Mary Holcomb M W Aug.30,1915  H-10  50
Carney,Frank R. Rollen R. Alma Ada Coldwell  M W Feb.16,1919 H-8 25
Carney,Hazel I. William S.  Mary R. Holcomb F W June 30,1913 H-9  66 
Carney,Howard S.  Delbert  Hazel M. Lowth  M W Dec.22,1921 H-11 96
Carney,John R.  Rollin  Ada Colwell  M W D?? 21,1921  H-11 94
Carney,Mabel I.  Wm. S.  Mary R. Hobson F W June 27,1911 H-8  7
Carney,Robert I. Delbert  Hazel Mills Loath M W Apr.5,1918 H-11 13 
Carney,Ruth L.  William  Mary  Holcomb F W July 23,1920  H-11 69
Carney,Victor M.  Rollin E.  Ada Elnna  M W Dec.5,1913 H-9  79
Carney ---  Shedrie  Anna M. Weaver M -- Jan.1,1887  H-2 102
Carney ---  John  Susan Rowen  M W Oct.4,1891  H-3  56
Carney ---  Shedrick Anna W. Weaver M W Apr.23,1892  H-3  71
Carney ---  John  Rowan F W Aug.14,1902 H-6  10
Carney ---  Gilbert  Anna Miller  F W Mar.15,1905  H-6  3
Carney ---  Wm. S. Mary N. Holcom F W Oct.3,1917 H-11 1
Carnie,Bernice E.  Arthur  Effie Carie Giggy F W Oct.1,1916  H-10  83
Carnso,Frances  Antonia  Gerelaine Storkse F -- Mar.2,1911 H-9 96A
Carnso,Giroloma J.  Antoni  Giroloma Storace M W Mar.19,1912 H-9 27
Carnso,Samuel Tony Goroma Stoce M W Nov.3,1913  H-8 12
Carnso,Toney  Tony Goroma Stoce M W Nov.3,1913  H-8 12
Carnso,Tony Tony Goroma Stoce M W Nov.3,1913  H-9 76
Carpenter,Dorothy M. Adrian Lizzie Burns F W May 2,1921 H-11 86
Carpenter,Evelin J.  Adrian Lizzie May Burns F W Nov.13,1917  H-11 3
Carpenter,Robert  Archibald Hester Bowman  M W Aug.30,1915 H-10 50
Carpenter,Ruby L.  Archibald Hester Bowman  F W Feb.21,1918 H-11 11
Carpenter,Treva E. Adrian Elizabeth Burns F W Apr.27,1920 H-11 63
Carpenter -- Warren Addie Rice  F W Mar.29,1892 H-3 69
Carpenter -- Warren Etta Rice  F W Mar.10,1894  H-3 116
Carpenter -- A. Esther Bowman F W May 20,1897 H-3 180
Carpenter -- William  ------ F W  Jan.24,1899 H-3 208
Carpenter -- Archbald  Bowman  F W July 27,1899 H-3 219
Carpenter -- Archbald  Hester Bowman M W Oct.21,1900  H-4 5
Carpenter -- Archbald  Hester Bowman M W Mar.13,1902  H-5 4
Carpenter -- Archbald  Hester Bowman M W June 20,1904  H-5 32
Carpenter -- Clarence  ---------- F W Jan.26,1906 H-6 14
Carpenter -- Archbald  Hester Bowman  F W Apr.30,1911 H-9 100A
Carper ---  Albert  Anna Miller F W Apr.28,1900 H-4 1
Carper ---  Sam'l B.  Della Yoder F W Dec.19,1906 H-6  27
Carr,Adolphus R. Adolphus  Emma Humphey  M W Feb.2,1918 H-11 9
Carr,James P.  Thomas Morton Clara Opal M W Apr.14,1914  H-10 8
Carr,Raymond D.  Adolphus Ezrna Humphrey M W Oct.29,1916 H-10 84
Carr ---  -------  -------  -- -- Oct.21,1887 H-2 118
Carr ---  Frank  Bertha Parker M -- Nov.23,1887  H-2 120
Carr ---  Thomas M.  Clara O. Dunker  M W May 21,1913 H-9  63
Carrier,Chas W. Lewis Marshall  Eveline A. Lambright  M W Dec.17,1907 H-6  40
Carrier,Hazel J.  Art  Effie C. Giggy  F W Jan.27,1922 H-11  97
Carrier,Lucile L. Artie Chester Effie C. Giggy  F W Mar.9,1913 H-9  56
Carrier,Pauline  Lewis Augusta Lambright F W Jul 27,1909 H-7  47
Carrier,William H.   James  Sarah J. Sapp  M W Mar.17,1882 H-2 4
Carrier ---  James  Sarah Sapp M -- Nov.18,1883  H-2 32
Carrier --- James  F Sarah J. Suff  F -- Sept.29,1887 H-2 123
Carrier --- Lewis M. Carhier Evaline U. Lambright  F W Sept.7,1911 H-9 11
Carrther,C.  Jas. -----  M -- Mar.15,1886 H-2  78
Carris,Thelma M.  Verne  Edith Gillette F W Oct.31,1903 H-5 24

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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