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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Carter ---  Charles Ella Samsen  F - Feb.18,1883 H-1 2
Caruso,Angeline  Antonie Storace Giralama F W Oct.28,1909 H-7  56
Caruso,Fanny  Antonia ----  F W Sept.12,1908 H-7  24
Caruso,Fred S.  Tony Geroma Storece M W Oct.22,1915 H-10 54
Caruso,Mary  Antonio  Geiolama  Storace F W Mar.31,1917 H-10 94
Cary,Clifford J.  John F. Ulilla M. Sigler M W July 12,1911 H-9  6
Cary,Dorothy M. John B.  Milla May Sigler  F W Nov.27,1909 H-7  58
Cary,Kathleen E.  John D Millie  Sigler  F W Sep.27,1920  H-11  74
Cary,Mabel  John D Ulilla May Sigler  F W Jan.26,1908  H-7  2
Cary,Wayland  John Dyer  Ullea M. Sigler  M W June 10,1918 H-11 18
Cary,---  Franklin Rachel Myers  M W Oct.29,1886  H-2  95
Cary,---  William  Nettie Harrington M W Jan.24,1888 H-2 127
Cary,---  John Lillie Seagley  M W Apr.5,1902 H-5 4
Cary,---  John Lillie Sigler  F W June 5,1903 H-5 20
Case,Bernice G. Dana Perry  Gertrude A. Jenkins F W Jan.28,1922  H-11 97
Case,H.L.F. Jno.F.  -------  F -- Jan.13,1886 H-2  75
Case ---  Pet  Emerick M -- Nov.10,1884  H-2  51
Case ---  John F.  Augie Carter F W Mar.20,1887  H-2  99
Case ---  Albert  Boley M W Feb.3,1889 H-2  152
Case ---  Itincas  Hattie Yergan M W Feb.17,1889 H-2  152
Case ---  M.  Emerick  F W May 27,1889 H-2  158
Case ---  Orrie F.  Emerick  F W Apr.12,1891  H-3 42
Case ---  Albert  Bolley M W Sept.23,1892  H-3 82
Case ---  Billings  Myers M W Oct.10,1899 H-3 225
Case ---  Zopher  Addie Arckon M W June 9,1901 H-4  11
Case ---  Orin  Emerick  F W June 11,1903 H-5  20
Casebeer,Agnes H.M.  Emma F. Ellison F -- Oct.5,1883 H-2 36
Casebeer,Lola  Luther Myrtle Gannon F W Aug.6,1892 H-3  80
Casebeer,Wilena  H.M.  Emma F. Ellison F -- Mar.1,1886 H-2  78
Castator,Thais  Loyal Benton O??e Rose Sturgis M W Nov.16,1911 H-9  17
Castelein,Charles  Julus Lizzie Raunnant  M W June 11,1917 H-10 99
Castelein,Rena  Jules  Lizzie Remount  F W Apr. 12,1915 H-10 39
Castelein,Maurice  Julus  Eliza Ramant  M W June 16,1916 H-10 72
Catelle,Thelma J. Leroy  Mabel C. Gunthop F W June 1,1913 H-9 65
Caton,Claudina  Claud Susan Franen Steele F W Jul 24,1910 H-8 6
Caton,Volga  Claud Herbert  Celia F. Steele  F W July 14,1915 H-8 15
Catton,Betty Alita  Van Vemba Evans F W Dec.22,1914  H-10 29
Catton,Geraldine J.  Van Vemba Evans F W Oct.24,1913 H-9 76
Cevers --- Peter  Nettie Powers  M W Nov.18,1892 H-3 87
Chaffee,Charles L. Jacob Enzel Melchor  M W Oct.27,1913 H-9  76
Chaffee,Edith I.  Leroy D. Minnie A. Bobeck F W Feb.14,1918 H-11 10
Chaffee ---  Jacob Augie Walker F W Sept.16,1899 H-3 223
Chambers ---  John Grace Ellwood M W July 16,1908 H-7  17
Chance --  Webster Eva Mowrey M W May 14,1890 H-3  18
Chance --  Webster Eva Mowrey M W July14,1897 H-3 182
Chandler,James F. John Ava Huff M W Oct.1,1915 H-10 53
Chandler,Samuel D. John  Eva Huff M W Dec.24,1916 H-10 88
Chandler ---  Jas. B. Francis S. Koonts M W Jan.10,1892 H-3  65
Chaplin,Maynard  Chas.A. Orla M. Dickson  M W Oct.20,1915 H-10 54
Chapman,Kathryn W. John A. Clara M.Hawkshone F W Oct.8,1909  H-8 4
Chapman ---  Oliver Leona DeBolt M W May 11,1888 H-2  136
Charles,Harold J.  Irvy  Laveda May Healey M W Sept.2,1916 H-10 81
Charles,Helen R.  I. Roy Lareda Healey  F W June 5,1918 H-11 17
Charles ---  Jasper  Amy Roshey M W April 18,1887 H-2  104
Charles ---   John Mary Reed  F W Jan.18,1891  H-3  35
Charles ---   John Mary Reed  F W Jan.18,1891  H-3  35
Charles ---  David  Myers  F W June 30,1892 H-3 76
Charles ---  David  Charles M W Aug.-,1895  H-2 145
Charles ---  David  Rettee  Myers  F W May 9,1900 H-3  235
Charls --- Geo ------- M W Sept.23,1892 H-3  83
Chesbro,Mary E. Chas. V.  Minerva J. Foole  F W Oct.18,1888  H-2 146
Chesbro---  Frank M.  Ella Davidson  M W Aug.4,1890 H-3  22
Chesbro---  Chas. Volney  Minura J. Foster  M W July 14,1891  H-3  49
Cheurelrow,Girtie  Charles  Mary J. Root F -- May 31,1883 H-2 25
Cheystler --- Chas.  Machin  M W June 27,1902  H-5  7
Chichester ---  Sam'l  Fanny Miller  F W Sept.22,1909 H-7  52
Chiddester,Dixie Buyerl  Madge Cabbum F W Apr.15,1921 H-11 84
Chiddester,Lamar C.  Clark  Susa Breit  M W Apr.7,1921  H-11  84
Chiddester ---  Marion  Rosa Rodabaugh  M W Oct.1,1906  H-6 25
Chiddester ---  James  Anna Moseman M W Dec.6,1890 H-3  34
Chideiter,Lottie E. Marion Rose Rockanbaugh  F W May 20,1917 H-10 97
Chidester ---  Thomas Chidester M W Aug.17,1895 H-3 149
Chidester ---  James  Davidson  F W Apr.9,1901  H-4 9
Chidester ---  Nolan  Hilda Fern  F W May 30,1905 H-6 6
Choffer,Russel R.  Jacob  Engel Walker M W Feb.26,1909 H-7 35
Choler,Dora Philip Ella Fisher  F W Sep.17,1895  H-3 146
Choler ---  Philip Ella Fisher  F W Dec.5,1897  H-3 189
Choler ---  George Maud Long  F W Aug.25,1899 H-3  220
Choler ---  George W. Maud May L.  M W June 13,1901 H-4  11
Choler ---  George W. Maud M  Long  F W Apr.1,1904 H-5  30
Chorter --- William Arvilla May R. M W Nov.20,1915  H-10  56
Chris ---  Chester Chrise Gonter  M W Apr.5,1888 H-2  133
Chrisbull ---  Levi Goldie Oneal  F W Mar.28,1921 H-11 82
Chrise --- Chesber B. Chais Gonsor  F W Sept.1,1889 H-3  3
Chrisler ---  William  Rosa Olney M W Sept.27,1893  H-3  104
Chrisman,Garth  Logan  Myrtle Rink M W Dec.12,1911 H-9 19
Chrisman,Geo. F.  Logan Myrtle Elezabeth Rink  M W Feb.6,1914 H-10 3
Chrisman ---  Stephen  Eva Kenton M W Jan.1,1891 H-3  34
------  ------  Elizabeth Chrisner F W Feb.28,1915  H-10  35
Christen,Donald J. Dan  Mary Husbray  M W July 8,1921 H-11  88
Chrestine ---  Peter Lizzie Beechy M W Jan.15,1898 H-3 191
Christleib,Ernest A.  Ephraim Anna Bolinger  M W July 2,1911 H-9 5
Christler,Harold L.  Guy Theo Chrystler Viola Ida Church M W May 22,1918 H-11 16
Christler ---  George Mantha Jane Sayler  M W Oct.30,1882 H-2 16
Christler ---  Geo.  ------ M -- June 14,1885  H-2 63
Christler ---  Wm. Hannah V. Latta  M W May 6,1891 H-3 45
Christler ---  Charles Crestler  ---  M W June 24,1900 H-4 1
Christler ---  Wm. A. Clara M.Myers  F W July 8,1901 H-4  12
Christman,Harley L. Logan Eva Plank M W Sept.9,1909 H-7 51
Christner,Alfheus  Elmer J.  Martha Miller  M W Feb.2,1916 H-10  62
Christner,Alta B. Abram A. Yoder F W Aug.19,1915 H-10 49
Christner,Barbara  Daniel  Millie Schrock F W Aug.18,1913 H-9 70
Christner,Carrie Noah  Martha Yoder F W Oct.22,1907 H-6 37
Christner,Clara Noah  Martha Yoder F W Oct.22,1907 H-6 37
Christner,Danna R. John  Lucretia Renner M W July 11,1909  H-7  47
Christner,Edna M. Noah J. Martha Yoder F W Mar.24,1913 H-9 58
Christner,Edwin Nathan Sarah Schrock M W July 19,1919 H-11 44
Christner,Elnima John Lizzie M. Miller F W June 13,1919 H-11 41
Christner,Emma  Samuel Lizzie Miller  F W Aug.12,1916  H-10 78
Christner,Fanny  Larn J. Fannie Miller F W Dec.8,1918  H-11  30
Christner,Freeland Peter  Lizzie Beachey  M W May 18,1910 H-7 70
Christner,George  Ed Harriet Renner  M W Apr.20,1914  H-10 9
Christner,Glenn Eddranis  Harriet Renner  M W Sept.23,1909 H-7 52
Christner,Harley D.  David D. Lydia Ann Yoder M W July 9,1914 H-10 15
Christner,Irma  Elmer J.  Magdalone Miller  M W May 10,1917  H-10  97
Christner,John D.  David  Katie Ann Yoder M W Jan.9,1922  H-11 97
Christner,Leland  Elmer  Mattie Miller  M W Oct.19,1913  H-9 75
Christner,Leroy Ed  Harriet Renner  M W Mar.26,1911  H-9 97A
Christner,Lizzie  Levi D. Goldie Niel  F W July 17,1918 H-11 20
Christner,Luella M.  John D.  Luartza Renner  F W May 31,1917  H-10 98
Christner,Martha Harve Lydia Yoder F W Oct.9,1918 H-11 25
Christner,Mary  Samuel  Lizzie Miller  F W May 16,1912 H-9  32
Christner,Menno H.  Hen  Mary Ann Hershburger M W Mar.22,1920  H-11 60
Christner,Meno Levi  Goldie Oneal  F W Feb.15,1917 H-10  91
Christner,Mildred  Peter Lizzie Beachey F W Feb.8,1914 H-10  3
Christner,Munroe  Daniel  Melie Schrock M W Oct.21,1911 H-9  15
Christner,Oliver N.  Noah J. MattieYoder  M W Feb.8,1912  H-9 23
Christner,Rosa May  Samuel Mary Schroch F W Mar.8,1916  H-10 65
Christner,Solomon  David Lydia  Yoden M W Dec.12,1910 H-7 87
Christner,Susie Levi  Goldie Neal F W Aug.4,1919 H-11 45
Christner,Tobias D. David D.  Lydia Ann Yoder  M W Apr.20,1917 H-10 96
Christner,Uriah  David D.  Lydia A.Yoder M W Sept.16,1915 H-10  52
Christner,Verle  Edd Christner  Harriet Renner M W June 29,1916  H-10  73
Christner,Wilbur Eli J.  Polly Yoder  M W Dec.2,1919  H-11  53
Christner,Wilma  David C.  Lydia A. Yoder F W May 25,1913 H-9 64
Christner ---  Peter  Lizzie Beachey  M W Jan.21,1900  H-3  230
Christner ---  John E.  Emma Christner  F W Mar.2,1901  H-4 8
Christner ---  John D.  Renner  M W Mar.3,1901  H-4 8
Christner ---  John J. ----  F W Aug.15,1901  H-4 13
Christner ---  Samil J.  Fannie Miller  F W  Jan.16,1902  H-5  2
Christner ---  Peter Beachey M W Dec.5,1902  H-5  14
Christner ---  Cornelius  Yoder  F W Oct.2,1903  H-5  24
Christner ---  John D.  Renner  F W Mar.16,1905  H-6 3
Christner ---  Abraham  Mary Yoder  F W May 31,1906 H-6 6
Christner ---  Peter Beachey F W Aug.5,1905 H-6 9
Christner ---  Sam'l J.  Fannie Miller M W Sept.3,1905 H-6  10
Christner ---  Elmer  Miller  M W Nov.26,1906 H-6  26
Christner ---  John D. Renner  M W May 7,1907  H-6  32
Christner ---  Elmer  Matty Miller  F W Nov.27,1908  H-7 28
Christner ---  Nathan  Sarah Schrock  M W Nov.6,1910 H-7 85
Christner ---  Samuel  Lizzie Miller  M W Oct.18,1911 H-9  15
Christner ---  David  Lydia Yoder  F W Feb.19,1912 H-9  24
Christner --- ----  Christner  F W Sept.10,1912  H-9 41
Christner --- Sam'l  Fannie Yoder -- W July 15,1914  H-10  15
Christner --- Nathan  Sarah Schrock F W Aug.16,1914  H-10  18
Christner --- Abraham A. Mary Yoder  M W Oct.30,1910 H-10  84
Christner --- David D. Lydia Ann Yoder  M W May 22,1920  H-11 65
Christner --- Sam S. Mary Schrock  M W Aug.20,1920  H-11 71
Chrysler ---  Wm.  Hannah Latta  M -- Nov.2,1883  H-2  33
Chrystler,Dorothy  Cecil E.  Grace Swinehart F W Jan.19,1914 H-10 2
Chrystler,Eber W.  Chas. E.  Ethel L. Bichner M W Jan.14,1911  H-9 93A
Chrystler,Raymond E.  Alva Elmer Mary Maude Snow  M W Apr.17,1912 H-9 29
Chrystler --- Wm.I. Anna V. Latta  F W Dec.16,1886 H-2  97
Chrystler --- Sam'l  May Vanorston F W Dec.18,1905 H-6  13
Chubb ---  Fred  Lydia Lehman  F W Sept.14,1894 H-3 127
Chupp,Levi  Ira J. Katie Stutzman  M W Mar.10,1922 H-11 101
Chupp ---  Joseph Katrtna VanWinkle  M W July -,1892  H-3 79
Chupp ---  Fred  Lydia Lehman  F W Sept.29,1896  H-3 166
Chupp ---  Jos. D. Miller M W Mar.17,1899  H-3 213
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Anna Miller  M W Sept.3,1901  H-4 14
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Annie Miller  F W Oct.31,1902  H-5 12
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Miller  F W Oct.26,1904  H-5 36
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Miller  F W Feb.3,1906  H-6 16
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Miller  F W Feb.3,1906  H-6 16
Chupp ---  Joseph  D.  Miller  M W Apr.1,1906  H-6 31
Church ---  Delt D. Jennie J. Roy F W Mar.3,1890  H-3 13
Church ---  Delt D. Jennie  Ray M W Nov.23,1891 H-3 60
Church ---  Fred C. Norah Thompson  M W May 13,1895 H-3 140
Church ---  Dell  Jesse Roy F W Jan.1,1897 H-3 174

 These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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