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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Copland,Arthur  Spencer Mary  M -- Feb.26,1884  H-2 39
Corbett ---  William ------ M W Aug.30,1894  H-3 126
Corkwell,Glenn P. Edwin Ollie Opal Troyer  M W July 27,1916  H-10 77
Cornelius,Georgia  Geo. H.  Nora Almeda Pratt F W Feb.23,1911 H-9 95A
Cornelius ---  Henry  Flora Higgia  M -- Sept.26,1885 H-2 68
Cornell,Robert W.  Albert  Artie Fast  M W Sept.18,1912  H-9 42
Cornell ---  John  ------  M W Feb.15,1882  H-2 2
Cornell ---  Clark  Della Kountz M -- Apr.10,1887 H-2 107
Cornell ---  Clark  Della Koontz  M W Dec.9,1888  H-2 147
Corning ---  David J. Ellen J. Boyd M W Feb.13,1889 H-2 153
Corning ---  David C.  Ellen Boyd  F W Dec.18,1891  H-3 62
Corning ---  David  Boyd  M W Oct.18,1893  H-3 107
Cosgrave,Chester B.  Joseph L. Hazel Ella Balch  M W Aug.18,1909  H-7 50
Cosgrave,Richard J.  Joseph T.  Hazel Ella Balch  M W June 11,1914 H-10 13
Cosgrave ---  Palvic Mary J. Fate  F W Aug.9,1890 H-1 13
Cosgrave ---  Palreck J.  Mary J. Fate  F W Aug.9,1890 H-3 26
Cosver,Robert W. D.L. Mabel Squires M W June 8,1903 H-5 20
Cosynne ---  Patrick  -----  M -- Oct.7,1885 H-2 70
Cosynne ---  Patrick  -----  M -- Oct.7,1885 H-2 70
Cottrill,Mable I.  Chas L. Eva E. Jones  F W Nov.18,1920 H-11 76
Cougdon,Vernon L. H.C.  Rudie Sousberry  M W Apr.7,1895  H-3 139
Cougdon --- Harry Prudie Lonnsbury  F W Sept.11,1902  H-5 10
Couter,Majorie R. Llewellyn G. Ruth H. Short  F W July 8,1919 H-11 43
Couter,William T.  Llewellyn G. Ruth H. Short  M W Nov.3,1915 H-8 16
Covert,Elza Woodrow  Ezra M. Bessie Dunathan M W Feb.22,1915 H-10 35
Covert,Francis W.  Walter Grace Warren  M W Dec.22,1909 H-7 59
Covert,Martha Lucile  Ezra  Carrie M. Merriman F W Jan.15,1912 H-9 21
Covington ---  Thos E.  Anna E. Rayhouser F W June 30,1906  H-6 20
Cowan --- Chas  Kate  M -- Aug.29,1885  H-2 68
Cowley ---  Ledger  Sarah Weir  F -- Apr.18,1885  H-2 59
Cox,Clela Belle Ora  Ana Phaftmore F W Feb.14,1912 H-9 24
Cox ---  Ora  Gannon  F W May 24,1901 H-4 10
Cox ---  Edw'd  Emma Otto (?)  M W Sept.23,1902 H-5 11
Cox ---  Ora Maud Garmon  M W Apr.22,1903  H-5 18
Cox ---  Edw'd  Mary Sewell  F W Mar.27,1905 H-6 3
Cox ---  Edward  Emma Otto F W Mar.31,1906  H-6 17
Cracchiola,Grace  James  Josephine Ventininghia F W April 23,1911  H-9 99A
Cracchiola,James V. James Vincenzo  Ventemighg Guiseppa M W Feb.3,1914 H-10 3
Cracckilo,James  Joseph Cracekilo Rosa Licavoli  M W Mar.3,1913 H-9 66
Craig ---  Ed  Anna W. Brown F W Aug.24,1889 H-3 3
Craig ---  Edward Anna Brown F W Dec.18,1894  H-3 131
Cramer,Ira  Henry J.  E.A. Chapman  M W July 15,1891 H-3 50
Cramer,Ruth E.  Nelson  Emma Piegsley F W June 20,1913 H-9 66
Cramer ---  Wm.  S.A. Myers  F W Oct.3,1886  H-2 93
Cramer ---  Henry S.  Eva Chapman F W Nov.28,1886  H-2 97
Crampton,Wallace E.  Geo. Earl  Eva May Keefus M W May 7,1911  H-9 1
Crampton --- Charles  Rosa Weiss F W May 14,1892 H-3 74
Crampton --- Charles S.  Rosa Weiss M W July 10,1894  H-3 123
Crampton --- G.Earl Cora Kefus  F W Nov.13,1903  H-5 25
Crampton --- G.E. Cora Kepus M W May 31,1906 H-6 19
Crandall,Lester Frank  Bertha Loeb M W June 13,1908 H-7 15
Crandall --- Edwin  Ella Song  M W Jan.23,1882 H-2 1
Crandall --- Chas  Leib  F W June 28,1899 H-3 218
Crandell ---  Frank H.  Bertha A. Lieb  F W Nov.22,1894 H-3 130
Cratzer ---  J.W.  Lucinda Berger  F W Aug.21,1891 H-3 52
-----,---  -----  Craven  F W May 25,1899  H-3 216
Crawford,Ulalah J.  Isaac Glenn  Harriet M. Reynolds  F W Mar.26,1910 H-7 66
Crebs,Julius  Julius  Victoria Deys  F W Oct.18,1908  H-7 25
Cresler ---  Geo  ----------  M -- Oct.12,1887  H-2 117
Cresler ---  L.R.  Flora B. Deelin F W Sept.29,1889 H-1 8
Cressler --- Leonard R. Flora Devlin  F W May 24,1882 H-1 1
Cressler --- Lenard ---------  F W July 20,1885 H-2 66
Cressler --- L.R.  Flora B. Deelin F W Sept.29,1889 H-3 5
Cressler --- Leonard  Flora B.Devlin  F W Mar.22,1892 H-1 18
Cressler --- Leonard  Devlin  M W Apr.10,1895 H-1 27
Cressler --- Leonard  Flora B.Devlin  F W Jan.12,1898 H-3 190
Crester,Tahalee  Leonard B. Flora B.Devlin  F May 16,1887  H-2 108
Cripe --- John Elizabeth M -- June 1,1883 H-2 27
Cripe --- Amos ------- M -- Jan.27,1886 H-2 74
Cripe --- Jacob  Barbra Newsbain F -- Apr.30,1886 H-2 82
Cripe --- John -------  M -- Aug.27,1886 H-2 90
Cripe --- Amos Mary Nusbaum M W Mar.1,1889 H-2 151
Cripe --- John Elizabeth Seleer M W Apr.8,1890 H-3 17
Cripe --- Amos --------- F W Sept.19,1892 H-3 83
Crise --- Chister ------  F -- Apr.18,1885 H-2 60
Crisler ---  Leonard  Flora B. Devlin M W Apr.10,1895 H-3 139
Crisman,Howard  Logan Myrtle Rink M W June 22,1919 H-11 42
Crisman ---  Logan Myrie Rink M W Mar.14,1904 H-5 29
Cristner --- Abe  Mattie Miller M -- Nov.26,1887 H-2 120
Crizer,Dancy Clark Dancy Clark Emma Mains M W June 16,1920 H-11 68
Cromwell ---  C.C. Lucinda  F W Dec.12,1892 H-3 90
Crooks,Lillian G.  Charles M. Vivian A. Pierson F W Aug.27,1919 H-11 46
Cross ---  Geo Fannie Eash M W Feb.28,1901 H-4 8
Cross ---  George Eash  M W Aug.7,1905 H-6 9
Cross ---  George Eash  M W Aug.7,1905 H-6 9
Crotser ---  John W. Lucinda Berger F W Jan.15,1889 H-3 6
Crow,Ethel C.  James P. Eunice Miller F W Apr.17,1913 H-9 60
Crow,Ralph P. Perry J.  Emma J. Miller  M W May 3,1917  H-10 98
Crowel ---  Charles  Carrie Eshelman  F W Mar.2,1903  H-5 17
Crowell,Claire Leroy Charley M. Carrie C. Eshelman  M W Mar.31,1910 H-7 64
Crowell,John D.  Francis N.  Alice Luella Englert  M W Jan.13,1911 H-9 92A
Crowell,June E. Frank  Alta Enghart  F W June 4,1921  H-11 86
Crowell,Roberta  Frank  Alta Englert  F W Oct.15,1915 H-10 54
Crowford,Mildred L.  Chas.E. Lillie Florence Baker F W Feb.11,1915  H-10 34
Crowl,Mabie Milton  Laura Niman  F -- Aug.11,1884  H-2 46
Crowl --- Isaac Miller  M -- Nov.19,1883 H-2 34
Crowl --- Hiram  Laura Betts F W Dec.25,1886 H-2 98
Crowl --- Theo J. Alice Rose F W Jan.28,1892 H-1 17
Crowl --- Charles  Eshelman M W July 29,1893 H-3 105
Crowl --- Charles  Eshelman F W Dec.16,1900  H-4 7
Crowley --- Ledgar D. Sarah Wer  F W July 25,1888 H-2 138
Croy,Leo Bernard David  Laura Barber  M W Apr.28,1894 H-3 119
Croy ---  David  Laura A. Barber F W June 15,1896  H-3 163
Crumnal,Forst Abraham Eliza Nelson  M -- May 19,1883 H-2 25
Cruse --- Chas. ------ F W May -,1892 H-3 75
Cruse --- Charles  Ollee Morrell F W Nov.16,1893 H-3 109
Crystler --- Eugene Sara J. Latta M -- Nov.8,1883 H-2 33
Crystler --- Levi  ------- M -- June 30,1886 H-2 84
Crystler --- Wm. I. Anna Y. Latta F W Dec.16,1886 H-2 97
Crystler --- Eugene Sarah Jane Lethe F -- Aug.25,1887 H-2 113
Crystler --- Sam'l Vanderson M W Oct.21,1903 H-5 24
Culver --- G.B. Mary Gone F W Feb.26,1894 H-3 115
Culver --- W.S. Mattie Bassett F W June 1,1900 H-3 237
Cummings,Doris V. Clarence Essa Maybee F W Jan.25,1910 H-7 62
Cummings,???? Robt. Chas. Jonnee Lorr Law F W Oct.19,1892 H-3 84
Cunningham --- Smith Ida Pixley M W Mar.17,1897 H-3 176
Cunningham --- Jay  Irene Taylor M W Oct.25,1918 H-11 27
Curis ---  Edw'd H. Ida H. Damer  M W Aug.27,1906 H-6 22
Currier ---  Wm. Ellen Keltner F W Feb.11,1900 H-3 230
Curtis,Dorothy May Edward H. Ida A. Dancer  F W Mar.22,1917 H-10 93
Curtis,George S. Geo.S. Stella Summey M W July 20,1916 H-10 47
Curtis,Helen Harry J.  Nellie Squire F W Sept.21,1900 H-4 4
Curtis,Isabelle E. Edward Ida Damer  F W Dec.9,1912  H-9 49
Curtis,Katherine L. Leonard Ely Edith Marie Adams  F W Dec.17,1913 H-9 80
Curtis,Mary C.  Edward H. Ida Damer F W July 11,1903 H-5 21
Curtis,Mary Emma  Leonard Ely Edith Marie Adams  F W Oct.27,1915 H-10 54
Curtis,Melvin E.  Earl Sylvia Tressa Horner M W Oct.30,1915 H-10 54
Curtis,Norma E.  Earl Sylvia Horner F W Feb.1,1912 H-9 23
Curtis,Ruth C.  Edward H. Ida A. Damer F W May 12,1908  H-7 12
Curtis,William D.  Edward H. Ida A. Damer M W Sept.17,1908  H-7 52
Curtis ---  Henry  Curtis M W Jan.25,1888 H-2 130
Curtis ---  H.J.  Nellie Squires F W Apr.5,1895 H-3 139
Curtis ---  Harry Jas. Nellie Squires M W Mar.20,1896 H-3 156
Curtis ---  Homer Ida Aeby M W Oct.22,1898 H-3 203
Curtis --- George S. Stella Summey M W Apr.12,1907 H-6 31
Curtis --- Samuel P. Laura Farver F W May 4,1915 H-10 41
Cushman ---  Charles C. Carrie Veall M W Aug.27,1895 H-3 145
Cushman ---  Chas.C. Vedal  F W Sept.5,1897 H-3 185
Custer,Wm. Wm. A. Arwenda McKinley M W Sept.20,1891 H-3 53
Cutler,Emeline Joseph  Emma Day  F W Sept.6,1882  H-2 13
Cutler,Emeline Joseph  Emma Day  F W Sept.21,1882 H-2 13
Cuyler --- Mathew Anna Stuwart F W Sept.29,1887  H-2 114
Cuylex --- Chas.E.  Lucy Barrows F W Apr.8,1901  H-4 8

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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