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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration  1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name 
Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
D.  ----  Frank  Elizabeth Doyle M W May 7,1894  H-3 120
Dague ---  Dan'l  -------- F W Aug.9,1892  H-3 81
Daily,Rose Jno. Fena Rober F W Feb.16,1885 H-2 56
Daily ---  Emory  Muter  M W June 3,1903 H-5 20
Daley ---- Emory  Mutor M W Sept.6,1901 H-4 14
Dalts,Donald Leroy  Belle Lovett  M W Nov.28,1907 H-6 39
Dallas,Julia A.  George Gladys Gordon F W Oct.14,1919 H-11 49
Dallas --- Richard Bessie Roy F W Sept.7,1886 H-2 91
Dallas --- N. Eva ----  M W Mar.31,1902  H-5 4
Dallas --- Nervell  Eva  Umpam F W Dec.21,1903 H-5 26
Dalton ---  Alvin Anna I. Stiven F W Nov.7,1886 H-2 95
Dalyr,Jona  Jona Valenti  M W July 17,1907 H-6 34
Daniar ---  Samuel  Adela Troxell  F W Apr.11,1894 H-3 118
Damer,Josephine A Clarence Chloe B. Cook F W May 27,1912 H-9 32
Damer,Roger D. Clarence A. Chloe B. Cook M W May 31,1918 H-11 16
Damer ---  Clarence J.  Chloe Cook  M W Oct.8,1897  H-3 189
Damer ---  Clarence A. Chloe B. Cook M W July 6,1901 H-4 12
Damer ---(t) Clarence Chloe Cook  M W July 1,1906  H-6 20
Damer ---(t) Clarence Chloe Cook  M W July 1,1906  H-6 20
Damer ---  Clarence Chloa Cook F W July 19,1907  H-6 34
Damy --- Fremont  ------------ F W July 11,1885 H-2 66
Damy --- Fremont  Hulda Vance F W Feb.9,1887 H-2 109
Dancer,John ------- ------- -- -- Feb.16,1904 H-5 28
Daniels,Francis V. Marlin  Ola M. Hart F W Aug.4,1919  H-11 45
Danielson,Luella L. Martin  Ola Hart F W July 28,1917 H-10 102
Danny ---  Frank Rebecca Givens  M W June 4,1891 H-3 47
Dantee --- Chas.  Polly Hershberger M W Nov.10,1892 H-3 86
Darrow,Clarence ?.E.  Glancy  Bertha A. Colwell  M W Feb.3,1908  H-7 4
Darrow,Franklin J.  Eugen Lillie Holsinger  M W Mar.25,1908  H-7 7
Darrow,William E. Eugene E. Lillie Holsinger  M W Dec.8,1915 H-10 57
Darrow --- Eugene Lillie Holsinger  M W July 16,1901 H-4 12
Darrow --- Eugene Lillie Holsinger  M W July 6,1903 H-5 21
Darrow ---  J. Caldwell  M W Sept.29,1905 H-6 10
Dauchortz ---  Daniel Sarah Gerber -- W Mar.24,1882 H-2 5
David,Birtha  Frank Ida J. Cunninham  F W July 21,1890  H-3 22
David,Margaret Frank Ida J. Cunninham  F W Nov.18,1891 H-3 59
Davids --- Frank Catherine Waldon F W Oct.15,1894 H-3 129
Davids --- ----- Tressa Davids M W Feb.3,1897  H-1 31
Davidson,Clayton G Claude M. Eva M. Goodman M W Feb.6,1915 H-8 15
Davidson,Gertrude I. Claude Eva M. Goodman F W Nov.30,1918 H-11 29
Davidson,Mary K. Richard Edith Roy  F W Sept.12,1910 H-7 80
Davidson,Rosemary John E Florence Hamer F W Sept.26,1918 H-11 25
Davidson --- Wm.  ----------  M W Nov.19,1883 H-2 35
Davidson --- William  Mary Hall F W Sept.20,1887  H-2 116
Davidson --- Wm. A.  Sarah J. Edwards  M W Jan.14,1891 H-3  36
Davidson --- Wm. H. Sarah J. Edwards  M W Jan.14,1891 H-1 14
Davidson --- Albert  Edwards  M W Aug.13,1894 H-3 125
Davidson --- Albert  Edwards  ? W Aug.13,1894 H-1 25
Davidson --- Albert  Sarah Edwards M W Sept.18,1899  H-1 37
Davidson --- Albert  Sarah Edwards M W Sept.18,1899  H-3 222
Davidson --- Joseph  Campbell  M W Jan.13,1906  H-6 14
Davis,Cleo A. Ed. Sarah H. Miller F W Mar.8,1921 H-11 81
Davis,Doras V. Niles Ida Foss F W July 14,1915  H-10 46
Davis,Esther A. Niles Ida Foss F W Mar.13,1914 H-10 5
Davis,Helen A.  William Gertrude L. Osgood F W Feb.6,1909 H-8 3
Davis,Herbert R. Hulett  Carrie Roger M W Apr.29,1916  H-10 68
Davis,Lloyd W.  Bert  Grace P. Richardson  M W Feb.6,1911  H-9 94A
Davis,Mary L.M. Edward  Sarah N. Miller  F W Aug.31,1919 H-11 46
Davis,Retha N. Niles Goldie Minley  F W July 30,1911 H-9 7
Davis,Richard M.  William T. Gertrude L. Osgood  M W May 2,1907  H-6 32
Davis,Roy Thomas Lucy Wade M W Apr.12,1890 H-3 16
Davis,Ruth F. Niles Ida Foss  F W Nov.27,1916 H-10 86
Davis,Sarah R. Hewlitt  Carrie Rogers  F W June 23,1912  H-9 35
Davis ---  Frederick W.  Annie Dexter M W Feb.23,1882 H-2 2
Davis ---  Daniel  ------------  M W May 8,1882  H-2 9
Davis ---  Thomas A. Lucy Wash F W Apr.8,1887 H-2 104
Davis ---  Franks  Sarah M. Bixler  F W Jan.28,1890 H-3 12
Davis ---  Eugene Alice Summey F W Mar.7,1893 H-3 93
Davis ---  Sam'l G.  Minnie Poynter M W Feb.-,1894 H-3 114
Davis ---  Frank  Sarah  Bixler  F W Apr.7,1896 H-3 157
Davis ---  --------  Williamson M W May 10,1896  H-3 160
Davis --- --------  Williamson M W July -,1896 H-3 164
Davis --- Warren H. Klingaman  F W Nov.18,1896 H-3 171
Davis --- Samuel G.  Minda Poynter F W Oct.8,1897 H-3 188
Davis --- Warren H. Klingaman  F W Dec.31,1897  H-3 189
Davis --- Eugene  Summy M W Jan.26,1899 H-3 209
Davis --- W.H. Josie Klingaman M W Sept.11,1899 H-3 223
Davis --- Roscoe  Gerte Loage M W Apr.21,1901 H-4 8
Davis --- Warren H. Klingaman  F W June 17,1901 H-4 11
Davis --- Samil G.  Mirian Poynter F W Oct.7,1901 H-4 16
Davis --- Stewart R.  Nwells M W Oct.9,1903 H-5 24
Davis --- Stewart R.  Nwells M W Oct.9,1903 H-5 24
Davis --- Orla H.  Beulah Yoder M W Aug.14,1905 H-6 9
Davison ---  William  Mary Refuse  M W Dec.28,1890 H-3 8
Davit --- William  Erma Parrish F -- Apr.13,1887 H-2 105
Dawson --- ------ Neff F W Feb.21,1888 H-2 126
Day --- Johnathan  Cornell F -- July 20,1883 H-2 28
Day --- Sidney -------- M W July 17,1885 H-2 65
Day --- -----  Day  F W Oct.6,1888 H-2 144
Day --- John  Fish F W Mar.31,1904 H-5 29
Deahl --- Jacob Rosia Gilbert  M W Jan.2,1891  H-3 35
Deal,Albert L Fred G. Carlie P. Grubb M W Oct.27,1914 H-10 24
Deal,Anna L.  Guy  Beulah Cording F W Nov.27,1919 H-11 52
Deal,Bernice Willis  Etta Merritt F W Spet.7,1887 H-3 1
Deal,Chas. E.  Charles E. Bell M. Newman M W Oct.29,1914  H-10 25
Deal,Glenn H.  Headly  Sarah Wade M W Oct.3,1883 H-2 31
Deal,Glenn H.  John H. Sarah Longhrey M W Oct.25,1908 H-7 26
Deal,Joe M.  Guy Beulal  Carding  M W June 14,1918 H-11 18
Deal,John C.  Guy Beulah A. Carding  M W June 21,1916 H-10 73
Deal,June E.  Irey Joyce E. Leiberens F W Aug.23,1916 H-10 79
Deal,Marian P.  Fred Carlie P. Grubb F W Sept.22,1916 H-10 82
Deal,Robert L. Guy  Beulah  Cording M W Aug.12,1921 H-11 93
Deal --- Charles  Ann Clark  F W Feb.11,1882  H-2 1
Deal --- Wm.  Clara Case M -- July 4,1884 H-2 44
Deal --- Benjamier  M. Jennie M -- July 16,1884 H-2  44
Deal --- Louis Ella Gage  M W Feb.20,1888 H-2  128
Deal --- Wm.  ------  M W Nov.29,1888 H-2  146
Deal --- Frank  Elizabeth Doyle M W Dec.11,1888 H-2  148
Deal --- Louis E.  Ella R. Gage M W Feb.10,1889 H-2 153
Deal --- Louis E.  Ella R. Gage F W Aug.18,1890 H-3  24
Deal --- Dayton E. Wanda Kingsley  F W Sept.4,1891 H-3  54
Deal --- Willis E.  Etta Merritt  M W Apr.18,1892 H-3  71
Deal --- Dayton Maud Kingsley M W Feb.14,1894 H-3  118
Deal --- Charles  Cook F W Aug.17,1895 H-3  1?5
Deal --- Louis E. Olla R. Gage  F W Oct.10,1895 H-3 154
Deal --- Frank Lizzie Doyle F W May 14,1901 H-4 10
Deal --- Elias Anna Green M W June 27,1901 H-4 10
Deal --- -----  Deal  M W Oct.1,1904 H-5 36
Deal --- Dayton Maud Kingsley M W Feb.9,1906 H-6 16
Deal --- Glenn  Belle Hoff  M W Sept.26,1906 H-6 24
Deal --- John H. Logrey  M W Apr.6,1907  H-6 31
Deater --- Howard M.  Martha D. Nichols F W Dec.30,1887  H-2 122
Deater --- Ami  Catherine Spearo M W May 9,1890 H-3 20
Deater ---(t) Howard Martha Nichols M W Oct.24,1891 H-3 57
Deater ---(t) Howard Martha Nichols M W Oct.24,1891 H-3 57
Deater --- Sanford A.  Sarah A. Misner  F W Apr.7,1895 H-3 139
Deater --- Sanford A.  Sarah M. Misner  M W Apr.6,1896 H-3 159
Deater --- Monroe  Caroline J. Ditz  M W Mar.2,1895  H-3 136

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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