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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Emerick,Clifford E. Geo.W. Dorothy Gettz M W Apr.12,1915 H-10 39
Emerick,Gareld M. Harmon Inez Caskill M W Nov.30,1916 H-10 87
Emerick --- John Myra Smith M W Aug.7,1883 H-2 28
Emerick --- John F. Dandol M W June 16,1888 H-2 134
Emerick --- Cecil Tucker M W Jan.19,1906 H-6 14
Emert,Frank Benjamin Elizabeth Jenkins M W June 19,1889 H-2 159
Emert,Frank Benj. Elizabeth Jenkins M W June 19,1889 H-1 7
Eminger,Doris L. Murrel Mary Case F W Apr.26,1911 H-9 100A
Eminger --- Charles Mabel Barns F W Feb.13,1899 H-3 210
Eminger --- Merrel Mary E. Case M W June 5,1900 H-4 1
Eminger --- Chas. Maple F W June 16,1905 H-6 7
Emment,Paul George Veda Roy M W Aug.18,1913 H-9 70
Emmert,Arthur John Grace Plank M W Nov.11,1911 H-9 17
Emmert,Evelyn M. John Grace Plank F W Oct.25,1913 H-9 76
Emmert,Howard W. John Grace Plank M W Aug.13,1910 H-7 77
Emmert --- Geo. I. Vida Roy M W Aug.19,1917 H-10 104
Emmert,Mildred C. Edward Clara Yoder F W Oct.22,1908 H-7 26
Emmert,Oscar R. John Plank M W Apr.18,1909 H-7 40
Emmert,Ralph E. Edward Yoder M W Sept.4,1910 H-7 79
Emmert --- Jacob Katie Glick M W Dec.26,1894 H-3 132
Emmert --- Jacob W. Katy Glick F W Nov.4,1899 H-3 227
Emmert --- Jacob Katie Slick M W Mar.1,1902 H-5 4
Emmert --- Jacob Mary Miller M W May 26,1909 H-7 43
Emmest,Velma C.(t) John Grace Plank F W Sept.30,1916 H-10 83
Emmest,Vera E.(t) John Grace Plank F W Sept.30,1916 H-10 83
Emmett --- John Nancy Claybaugh M W Mar.12,1882 H-2 4
Emmett --- Lewis Sarah Gump F W Apr.10,1882 H-2 6
Emmett --- Wm. Nancy Haybaugh F W Oct.7,1886 H-2 93
Emmett --- Chas. M.Prough M W June 19,1903 H-5 20
Emminger --- F.P. Wonders F W Sept.21,1886 H-2 92
Emminger --- Wm. H. Anna Young M W Sept.18,1883 H-2 30
Emmit,Gladys Ed. Jennie Yoder F W Feb.23,1922 H-11 99
Emorest --- Jacob Miller M W Jan.23,1907 H-6 28
Emrick,Mary A. George Dora Getz F W Feb.19,1920 H-11 58
Emrick,Verne H. Harmon Inez Gaskill M W Apr.12,1912 H-9 29
Emrick,Violet I. George Dora Getz M W Feb.21,1918 H-11 11
Emrick,Virginia L. Alva Flossie McCash -- W Sept.7,1920 H-11 72
Emrick -- Harmon Ines Gaskill F W Oct.31,1919 H-11 50
Enbody --- Peter ------- F W Aug.14,1885 H-2 67
Enbody --- Peter Mary Harrington M W July 12,1887 H-2 110
Enbody --- Peter Mary Harrington M W May 9,1893 H-3 97
Enbody --- Peter Mary Harrington M W May 9,1893 H-1 23
Enbody --- Carl Davidson M W Sept.26,1907 H-6 36
Engert --- John E. Eckhart M W Aug.22,1892 H-3 80
Engdert --- John E. Eckhart M W July -,1892 H-3 78
Engle,Blanche E. Freeman Lettie Fair F W Sept.8,1908 H-7 22
Engle,Edward I. Fremont Charlotte E. Fair M W Dec.1,1910 H-7 87
Engle --- William Elizabeth Farver F W Sept.3,1882 H-2 12
Engle --- Fremont Lottie Fair M W Sept.11,1906 H-6 24
Englert --- Jno. Euglert F -- Jan.11,1884 H-2 37
Englert --- Jno. ----- M -- Dec.6,1885 H-2 74
Enos,George -- O Spidle F W Apr.15,1895 H-3 138
Enos,Lafayette George Nettie Snellberger M W Dec.21,1907 H-6 40
Ernsberger --- Chas.F. Clara E. Williamson M W Dec.28,1902 H-5 14
Epley --- Wm. Emma F W Dec.29,1892 H-3 90
Ernsberger,Charles W. ---- Cora E. Williamson M W Aug.8,1895 H-3 146
Ernsberger,Ellery R. Ellery F. Grace B. Vanbuskirk M W Mar.29,1913 H-9 58
Ernsberger,Ernest F. Frederick C. Marie Ort M W Jan.12,1911 H-9 91A
Ernsberger,Geo.W. Fred G.M. Ort M W July 20,1918 H-11 20
Ernsberger,Newton O. Fred G.A.M. Ort M W Mar.28,1922 H-11 100
Ernsberger,Ralph P. Rollin Pearl Ernsberger M W Dec.6,1914 H-10 28
Ernsberger --- Chas.A. Annie Sower F W Sept.19,1891 H-3 53
Ernsberger --- Charles Sowers F W Dec.4,1893 H-3 110
Ernsberger --- Earl Martha Smith F W Dec.4,1896 H-3 172
Ernsberger --- Charley Williamson M W Oct.10,1898 H-3 202
Ernsberger --- Earl Smith M W Jan.31,1899 H-3 209
Ernsberger --- Freeman E. Celia E. Bradfield M W Aug.15,1907 H-6 35
Ernsburger,Evelyn M. Cecil Katie A. Witwer F W Aug.14,1918 H-11 23
Ernsburger,Irene Allen Mahala Halferty F W Mar.1,1916 H-10 65
Ernsburger,Cail Emma Seckafoose M W Feb.25,1916 H-10 63
Erson --- Samuel Lura M. Booth M W July 5,1891 H-3 50
Ertz,Edna Andy Bernice Lawrence F W June 11,1915 H-10 44
Eshelman,Annalu V. Adrian C. Mabel Holsinger F W Dec.31,1918 H-11 31
Eshelman,C.V. J.T. Mary Baker M -- Sept.6,1887 H-2 111
Eshelman,Cleow R. Henry Dilla Seagley M W Dec.29,1895 H-3 153
Eshelman,Clifford Adrian Mabel M W July 15,1907 H-6 34
Eshelman,Earnest A. Harold W. Myrtle O. Shipe M W June 19,1917 H-10 100
Eshelman,Marcile R. Adrian Mabel Holsinger F W Feb.19,1911 H-9 95A
Eshelman,Nancy M. Harold W. Myrtle O. Shipe F W Mar.20,1915 H-10 37
Eshelman,Paul R. Harold W. Myrtle O. Shipe M W May 28,1913 H-9 64
Eshelman,Wilbur De. Adrian C. Mabel Holsinger M W June 9,1909 H-7 45
Eshelman --- Abram L. Plank F W Sept.11,1882 H-2 13
Eshelman --- Henry Seagley -- W Oct.29,1886 H-2 95
Eshelman --- Abe Plank F W Oct.14,1887 H-2 117
Eshelman --- Abe Plank M W Jan.5,1893 H-3 91
Eshelman --- Leroy Osa A. Hartsel F W Nov.22,1893 H-3 109
Eshelman --- Franklin Esther A. Teeter M W Mar.5,1894 H-3 115
Eshelman --- Leroy S. Octie Troxel F W July 14,1895 H-3 144
Eshelman --- Harold W. Myrtle O. Shipe M W Sept.6,1911 H-9 11
Eshelman --- Vern J. Henriette Henkle F W Oct.1,1914 H-10 23
Eshelman --- Vern Henrietta Henke M W Dec.31,1920 H-11 77
Eshelman --- Harold Myrtle Shipe M W Apr.11,1921 H-11 84
Eshelman,Hilda F. George F. Emma S. Hall F W July 23,1896 H-3 165
Eshelman,Nellie Levi Nancy New F W Oct.10,1882 H-2 14
Eshelman --- Frank Letta -- -- Apr.-,1883 H-2 24
Eshelman --- J.F. Esther W. Teeter F W July 5,1889 H-3 5
Eshelman --- ----- Esther Teeters F W Oct.8,1891 H-3 56
Etinger- C.W. Forest M -- Nov.2,1884 H-2 51
Ettinger--- Bert Odell Baker M W Aug.8,1901 H-4 13
Ettinger--- A.J. Odell Baker M W Sept.11,1903 H-5 23
Ettinger--- Albert Odell Baker F W June 12,1905 H-6 7
Ettinger,Luella M. Elbin Pearl E. Vangolder F W Mar.9,1910 H-8 5
Ettinger,Luella M. Elbin Pearl E. Vaugilder F W Mar.9,1910 H-7 65
Evans,Evelyn E. Hartman Jennie Wagner F W June 29,1915 H-10 45
Evans,Lola W. Hartman Jennie E.Wagner F W May 30,1909 H-7 44
Evans,Ruth E. Bliss Sarah E. Huff F W May 16,1922 H-11 103
Evans,Stanton K. Bliss Q. Sarah E. Huff M W June 7,1919 H-11 42
Evans --- Enos Etta Elsworth F W Dec.22,1882 H-2 18
Evans --- T.J. Emma M W Feb.14,1884 H-2 38
Evans --- Thos J. Emma B. F W July 7,1885 H-2 65
Evans --- Thomas J. Emma A. Bozer F W Jan.11,1887 H-2 102
Evans --- --------- Etta Elsworth M -- Aug.25,1887 H-2 111
Evans --- Theadore W. Ida M.J. Baugh M W Feb.18,1889 H-2 150
Evans --- J.W. Mary Stotes M W Feb.18,1890 H-3 13
Evans --- J.W. Mary Slotess M W Feb.18,1890 H-1 10
Evans --- T.J. Emma Roger F W Feb.22,1891 H-3 37
Evans --- Hascal J. E. Elsworth F W July 10,1891 H-3 50
Evans --- Theodore Ida M. Johnsonbary F W Nov.22,1891 H-1 16
Evans --- Theodore Ida M. Johnsonbaugh F W Nov.22,1891 H-2 59
Evans --- Theodore Johnsonbaugh M W Jan.24,1894 H-3 113
Evans --- Theodore ---------- M W Jan.24,1894 H-1 24
Evans --- Theodore Ida M. Johnsonbaugh M W Apr.22,1896  H-3 159
Evans --- Theodore Ida M. Johnsonbaugh M W Apr.22,1896 H-1 29
Evans --- Theodore Ida Johnsonbaugh M W Aug.6,1897 H-1 32
Evans --- Theodore Ida Johnsonbaugh M W Aug.6,1897 H-3 183
Evans --- Theodore Johnsonbaugh F W Sept.30,1899 H-3 224
Evans --- Hartman Wagoner M W Mar.30,1901 H-4 8
Evans --- W.J. Dora Wagoner M W May 5,1901 H-4 10
Evans --- Hartman Jennie Wagoner F W Apr.20,1903 H-5 18
Evans ---(t) Hartman Jennie Wagner M W Feb.10,1905 H-6 2
Evans ---(t) Hartman Jennie Wagner M W Feb.10,1905 H-6 2
Evans --- Hartman Jennie Wagner M W Nov.23,1906 H-6 26
Evens --- Theodore Ida M. Johnsonbaugh M W Feb.18,1889 H-1 6
Ewell --- Joan Spotts F W Oct.20,1892 H-3 84
Ewing,Henry John Jennie Young M W Nov.2,1888 H-2 146
Ewing,Minnie Eaton Ellen Howard F -- Apr.18,1884 H-2 41
Ewing --- Henry Emma Hall F -- Aug.8,1884 H-2 46
Ewing --- James ------- M -- June 28,1885 H-2 63
Ewing --- Henry Florence Hall M W May 8,1889 H-2 158
Ewing --- Elton Ella Howard M W Nov.10,1891 H-3 60

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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