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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Fogt --- Rob't Ollie Slanker F W July 24,1906 H-6 21
Foley,Ethel G. Steven Mary Gardner F -- Feb.6,1884 H-2 57
Foley --- Daniel Laura Stewell M -- Dec.31,1887 H-2 123
Foltz --- R.W. Hattie S. Berger M W Feb.14,1918 H-11 10
Foot,Daniel E. Fred Foote Elenor March M W May 2,1911 H-9 1
Foot,Leu F. Frederick E. Elenor March M W Aug.25,1912 H-9 40
Foot,Mabel L. Frederick Elemore S. March F W Feb.26,1914 H-10 4
Foot,Mildred E. Frederick Elenor March F W Sept.27,1915 H-10 52
Foote,Chas.E. Frederick E. Elener S. March M W Nov.2,1921 H-11 94
Foote,Daniel F. Charles Ella Willson M W July 30,1911 H-9 7
Foote,Mary E. Charles Ellen Willson F W Nov.6,1909 H-7 57
Forbes,Claudina P. Glen Ethel Guthrie F W June 5,1915 H-10 44
Forbes,Mabel L. Wm.J. Laura Gaskell F W Sept.--,1908 H-7 23
Forbes,Richard W. William. Laura Gaskill M W Mar.5,1914 H-10 5
Forbes,Walter E. Wm.J. Laura Gaskill M W July 19,1911 H-9 7
Forbes --- John Elnera Wert M W Jan.30,1887 H-2 99
Forbes --- John Nora West M W Oct.30,1892 H-3 85
Forbes --- Elmer Blanche Keistter F W June 19,1898 H-3 197
Forbes --- Jay Harter M W Nov.6,1902 H-5 13
Forbes --- Elmer Blanche Kerstetton F W Nov.18,1902 H-5 13
Forbes --- Elmer Blanche Kerstetton F W Nov.18,1902 H-5 13
Forbes --- Elmer Blanche Kister F W Oct.17,1905 H-6 11
Forbes --- J.M. Nettie Gates M W Nov.20,1908 H-7 26
Forbs,Glendora Glen Myrtle E. McGuthrie F W Mar.13,1919 H-11 37
Forbs ---- William Gaskill F W Aug.18,1906 H-6 23
Ford,Arnold L. Almond B. Dena B. Arnold M W Jan.8,1919 H-8 24
Ford,Arnold L. Almond B. Dina B. Arnold M W Jan.8,1919 H-11 32
Ford,Rudyaul G. Roy B. Ella Geiser M W Nov.14,1901 H-4 17
Ford --- Millard Mattie Yost M W Feb.?,1884 H-2 154
Ford --- Harvey L. Dora E. Schrock F W Apr.15,1887 H-2 104
Ford --- --------- Josie Ford F W May 22,1887 H-2 105
Ford --- Willard Martha Yost M W July 27,1890 H-3 26
Ford --- G.?. Blanch Pullman F W Aug.25,1890 H-1 12
Ford --- G.W. Blanch Pullman F W Aug.25,1890 H-3 24
Ford --- Emory F. Loretta Kitchen F W May 14,1891 H-3  45
Ford --- Harvey L. Dora Schrock F W Apr.13,1894 H-3 119
Ford --- Henry L. Dora E. Schrock M W Oct.22,1896 H-3 169
Ford --- Emery Loretta Kitchen F W Apr.13,1897 H-3 177
Ford --- Roy Geiser F W Apr.20,1905 H-6 5
Fordick,Rob't J. Joseph J. Inez Johnson M W Nov.28,1910 H-7 86
Forker,Arthur Arthur Ella Archer M W Dec.18,1910 H-7 88
Forker,Bertha M. Cyrus A. Clara Brown F W May 7,1908 H-7 12
Forker --- Henry M. Amanda Dunkle F W Oct.14,1893 H-3 108
Forker --- Arthur Brown F W Jan.22,1896 H-3 153
Forker --- Irving Rupert M W July 20,1896 H-3 164
Forker --- -------- Winkleblack F W Dec.14,1896 H-3 172
Forker --- Cyrus Clara Brown M W July 8,1903 H-5 21
Forker --- Ernest Dunkle F W Aug.26,1905 H-6 8
Forker --- Arthur Brown M W Jan.15,1906 H-6 14
Forker --- Ernest Sarah Dunkle F W Aug.13,1907 H-6 35
Forker --- Ernest Susie Dunkle F W Nov.10,1909 H-7 57
Forrester,Roscoe F. Roscoe A. Ida Myers M W Apr.4,1912 H-9 28
Forrister,Clyde Roscoe Ida Myers M W Feb.8,1911 H-9 94A
Forst,Cecil Jacob May Greeman M W Mar.1,1909 H-7 36
Forst --- J. Andrew Mary Frey F W June 6,1883 H-2 25
Forst --- Andrew Frey M -- Oct.19,1884 H-2 48
Forst --- Andrew Frey F -- Sept.29,1886 H-2 92
Forst --- Jacob Greenman M W Dec.10,1890 H-3 9
Forst --- Jacob Greeman M W Oct.15,1903 H-5 24
Foss,Laura F. Willis Anna Vanderkool F W Aug.19,1918 H-11 23
Foster --- Leroy Maud Heminger M -- July 4,1900 H-4 3
Foster,Dorothy John H. Lottie Meninger F W Dec.29,1909 H-7 60
Foster,Vivian M. Ralph Helen Stance F W Feb.1,1920 H-8 27
Foster --- Jonas Eckhart F -- Dec.29,1884 H-2 53
Foster --- Jonas Eckhart F W Oct.9,1886 H-2 93
Foster --- E.C. Lillian Miler F W Nov.8,1888 H-2 149
Foster --- E.C. Lillian Miler F W Nov.18,1888 H-3 6
Foster --- ------- ----------- F W May 12,1896 H-3 161
Foster --- Leroy Maud Hemminger M W Sept.19,1897 H-3 184
Foster --- Nelson A. Dickens M W Aug.26,1899 H-3 221
Foster --- Jesse Douovan F W Mar.22,1906 H-6 17
Fetch,Oliver Lewis Kline F -- Sept.4,1887 H-2 112
Fought,Dorthia E. Clyde Anna Schendman F W Oct.24,1912 H-9 45
Fought,Elman D. Ora Elva Yoder M W Oct.19,1918 H-11 26
Fought,Gerald C. Iris Florence Yoder M W Aug.13,1915 H-10 49
Fought,Lulu Bell Clyde Emma A. Sherman F W Nov.25,1916 H-10 86
Fought,Mary K. Erwin Ella Mossman F W Apr.16,1915 H-10 39
Fought --- Albert Susan Sheoren M W Aug.30,1882 H-2 18
Fought --- Fletcher Anna Coldren M -- July 31,1887 H-2 116
Fought --- Elsia Emma Nelson M -- July 31,1887 H-2 116
Fought --- Oliver Annie Yost F W Apr.11,1890 H-3 20
Fought --- Oscar ------- F W July 23,1891 H-3 50
Fought --- Oscar ------- F W July 23,1891 H-3 50
Fought --- Amos Rosa Kaim M W Apr.12,1892 H-3 72
Fought --- Oliver M. Fannie Yost -- -- Dec.4,1894 H-3 132
Fought --- Amos Rosa Keim F W Feb.28,1896 H-3 156
Fought --- Amos Rosa Keim F W Feb.28,1896 H-3 156
Fought --- Flitch Ama Colbun F W Aug.30,1905 H-6 9
Fought --- Amos Rosa Kime F W Aug.4,1907 H-6 35
Fought --- Amos Rosa Kime F W Aug.11,1907 H-6 35
Fought --- Irven Ella Mossurman F W Jan.30,1918 H-11 9
Fought --- Irvin Ella Morheman F -- Aug.9,1919 H-11 47
Fowister,Clyde Roscoe Ida Myers F W Feb.8,1911 H-9 94A
Fowler --- Rufus E. Jennie Fargard F W June --,1892 H-3 77
Fowler --- Rufus Jennie Airgood M W Oct.10,1898 H-3 206
Fowler --- William Clara Atwater F W Oct.4,1901 H-4 16
Fox,Wayne Martin Jennie Wertinger M W June 6,1918 H-11 17
Frailey --- Charles M. Flora Wade F W Apr.15,1895 H-3 137
Frain,Atley R. Wm.L. Ada Hawblitzel M W Aug.16,1911 H-9 9
Frain,Ivan B. Samuel Anna May White M W Apr.24,1904 H-5 30
Frain,Melvin E. Samuel ------Hart M W Mar.11,1909 H-7 37
Frain,Robert Vern Valmen Lithe Frain M W Dec.23,1913 H-9 80
Frain,Russell H. Will Ada Hawbletzel M W Nov.5,1913 H-9 77
Frain,Wm. Sam'l Jesse Minnie E. Farrier M W Dec.30,1913 H-9 80
Frain --- William Nancy Howard M W Mar.--.1897 H-3 176
Frame --- Sam'l Miller M W Apr.28,1904 H-5 30
Francis --- Sylvester ------ M -- Dec.2,1885 H-2 74
Francis --- Ed. ------ F W Mar.2,1895 H-1 27
Francis --- Samil Bare F W Nov.3,1901 H-4 17
Frane,Alford N. Charles Alice Sparrow M W Nov.28,1919 H-11 52
Frane,Peire L. Will Ada Haroblelzor M W Nov.26,1916 H-10 86
Frane --- Sam'l Miller M W Apr.28,1904 H-5 30
Frank --- Alvin Lizzie Miller F W Mar.20,1902 H-5 4
Franklin,James W. Arther Emma Snyder M W Apr.21,1918 H-11 14
Franklin --- Philip R. Effie Addie Cook M W July 18,1913 H-9 68
Franklin --- Philip R. Effie Addie Cook M W May 11,1915 H-10 41
Frankling --- James Mary Reed M W Sept.3,1890 H-3 28
Franklyn,Mary C. Arther Emma Franklyn F W Jan.3,1920 H-11 55
Franks,Alice M. Lorin Mabel Peck F W Aug.15,1913 H-9 70
Franks,Lorin Lorin Mabel Peck M W Sept.5,1909 H-7 51
Franks,Ruth E. Lorin Mabel Peck F W May 10,1911 H-9 1
Franks --- Lorin Mabel Peck M W Apr.1,1904 H-5 30
Franks --- Lorin Mabel Peck F W Aug.28,1905 H-6 9
Franks --- Lorin Mabel Peck M W Jan.4,1907 H-6 28
Franzer,June E. Earl H. Luella Anna Mason F W June 21,1920 H-11 68
Fraser --- Chas Maud Esty M W Dec.30,1908 H-7 30
Frazier --- Stephen Jennie Quinn F C Mar.19,1900 H-3 234
Frebey --- Charles Bryant M W Sept.16,1904 H-5 35
Free,Donald J. Frank E. Anna Menzey M W May 23,1909 H-8 4
Free,Dorothy Ellen Harry C. Lulu May Chupp F W Oct.18,1910 H-8 6
Free,Florence Harry C. Lulu May Chupp F W Mar.4,1908 H-8 1
Free,Frank Joan H. Anna Minzie F W July 28,1915 H-8 15
Free,Iere I. --------- --------- -- -- Jan.18,1906 H-6 15
Free,Joan H. Frank E. Anna Munzey F W July 28,1915 H-10 47
Free,John T. Karl C. Florence C. Weaver M W Apr.11,1915 H-8 15
Free,Keith W. Carl C. Florence C. Weaver M W Oct.24,1912 H-8 11
Free,Marion C. Harry C. Lulu May Chupp F W Feb.21,1916 H-8 17
Free,Mary C. Frank Anna Minzey F W Oct.2,1912 H-8 10
Free,Mary C. Frank Anna Minzey F W Oct.2,1912 H-9 43
Free --- Theodore Glorn M -- Jan.1,1885 H-2 54
Free --- Theodore ------- M -- Feb.28,1886 H-2 76
Free --- Theodore Sarah Glor F W Mar.28,1893 H-3 94
Free --- Theodore Sarah Glor F W Mar.28,1899 H-1 22
Free --- Frank Metz M W Nov.11,1900 H-4 6
Freeby,Catherine E. Charles Mabel Bryant F W Sept.29,1912 H-9 43
Freeby,Florence C. William Wilma Sams F W Feb.10,1915 H-10 34
Freeby,Leo W. William Wilma Sams M W May 7,1908 H-7 12
Freeby --- C.W. Bryant F W June 13,1902 H-5 8
Freed,Carl O. Carl Emma Ernet M W July 10,1910 H-7 76
Freeman --- William Eva Coats F W Jan.21,1895 H-3 134
Freleigh --- Arther P. Etta L. Snyder F W Aug.20,1889 H-3 5
French --- W.R. Annie K. Miller M -- Oct.12,1887 H-2 117
Fresby,Mary E. Mortie Jarda Grace Scott F W Sept.17,1916 H-10 81
Frey,Andrew E. William Beachey M W May 7,1912 H-9 31
Frey,Barbara Han Elizabeth Miller F W Aug.30,1921 H-11 90
Frey,Bertha C. Ali A. Mattie Myer F W Sept.23,1917 H-10 106
Frey,Christian H. Eli A. Mattie Myers M W Mar.2,1908 H-7 6
Frey,Claud Elie A. Mattie Myers M W June 7,1913 H-9 68
Frey,Dora P. Eli A. Mattie M. Myers F W Aug.26,1915 H-10 50
Frey,Edward Harvey Mary Frey M W Apr.6,1921 H-11 84
Frey,Elsie Rose L. George A. Tena Henly F W Apr.29,1916 H-10 69
Frey,Emanui H. Harvey S. Mary Ann Frey M W Aug.8,1911 H-9 8
Frey,George George Lena Hankey M W Jan.6,1908 H-7 1
Frey,Harry Alvin Polly Werick M W Mar.23,1916 H-10 67
Frey,Hazel E. Will Edna Beachey F W Mar.23,1910 H-7 66
Frey,Irvin W. William L. Edna Brachey  M W Oct.24,1915 H-10 54
Frey,Joas Henry S. Lydia Ann Troyer M W Dec.21,1919 H-11 54
Frey,John H. Eli A. Mattie Myers M W May 10,1911 H-9 1
Frey,Joseph E. Daniel D. Elizabeth J. Miller M W July 12,1916 H-10 77
Frey,Junior D. Eli A. Mattie Miers M W Oct.14,1920 H-11 75
Frey,Lee Vern Alvin P. Polly Wirick M W Jan.1,1921 H-11 78
Frey,Leroy Eli A. --------- M W Apr.4,1909 H-7 39
Frey,Mabel Alfred Miller F W Mar.19,1917 H-10 93
Frey,Mary Hain H. Elizabeth Miller F W Jan.31,1920 H-11 56
Frey,Paul H. William P. Jocie Y. Mecum M W Nov.16,1911 H-9 18
Frey,Saide Abner Susan Bloomb F -- Oct.6,1884 H-2 50
Frey,Sam'l Ely A. Mattie Myers M W Mar.2,1907 H-6 30
Frey,Willard H. Joe Laura Christner M W Dec.12,1918 H-11 30
Frey --- Peter Mary Hershberger F W Dec.5,1888 H-2 147
Frey --- Peter Mary Hershberger F W June 29,1892 H-3 77
Frey --- -------- Thoultz M W Sept.2,1896 H-3 166
Frey --- Dan'l D. Mary E. Miller M W June 24,1903  H-5 20
Frey --- Ira Elizabeth Troyer F W July 20,1906 H-6 21
Frey --- Wm.L. Edna Beachey Sept.19,1906 H-6 24
Frey --- Dan'l Mary Miller M W Mar.12,1910 H-7 64
Frey --- Simon Fanny Yoder M W July 7,1911 H-9 6
---------- --------- Mattie Frey M W July 20,1912 H-9 37
Frey --- Al Polly Weirick M W June 3,1913 H-9 65
Friend,Mary Jane Joseph Sarah Ellen Ruhl F W June 28,1915 H-10 45
Friend,Sylvester A. Albert M. Etta E. Frey M W Sept.7,1911 H-9 11
Friend --- Wm. Catherine Decredt M -- Sept.15,1891 H-3 53
Friend --- William Catharine Dewater M W Apr.8,1893 H-3 96
Friend --- Joseph Dora Ruhi F W Jan.15,1903 H-5 15
Friend --- Joseph Dora Ruhl F W Nov.23,1904 H-5 37
Frisbey,Mary E. Mortie Zarda Grace Scott F W Sept.17,1916 H-8 19
Frisbey,Rodger R. Erie S. Olive May Crowl M W Aug.17,1913 H-9 70
Fritchie --- Bert Maud E. Ross M W May 3,1898 H-3 196
Fritz,Gottleib Gottleib Opal Grady M W Dec.22,1915 H-10 58
Frock,Carlos P. Perry Margie Hoffman M W Apr.5,1915 H-10 38
Frock,Elizabeth Perry C. Armanda M. Huffman F W Aug.20,1913 H-9 70
Fronhaefer --- John Dorothy D. Kitchen M W Feb.26,1895 H-3 135
Frump --- Fred Lena Zuke M W Nov.8,1892 H-3 86
Fruraps --- Jno. Prafka F * Mar.11,1885 H-2 58
Frurip,Franz P. Franz W. Myra G. Platt M W Feb.23,1910 H-8 5
Frurip,Leland H. Franz W. Myra G. Platt M W Jan.3,1913 H-8 11
Fruteg,Verma E. Roburt Dora Marie Choler F W Apr.13,1917 H-10 95
Frutig,Philip F. Robert E. Dora M. Choler M W Mar.7,1918 H-11 13
Frutig,Robert J. Robert E. Marie Choler M W May 21,1919 H-11 40
Fruty,Amos J. Robert E. Frutey Dora Choler M W May 22,1921  H-11 85
Fry,Anna E. Dan D.M. Elizabeth J. Miller F W Apr.2,1918 H-11 15
Fry,Elizabeth Harry Mary Christner F W Nov. 27,1912 H-9 48
Fry,Lewis Harvey Mary Christner M W July 18,1919 H-11 43
Fry,Maurice M. Simeon Fanny Miller F W Jan.8,1918 H-11 7
Fry,Paul R. Berton C. Ruby Mina Hall M W June 22,1918 H-11 18
Fry,Roy Ammon Fanny Fne M W Nov.6,1911 H-9 16
Fry,Samuel Harvy Mary Christner M W July 27,1917 H-10 102
Fry,Samuel John Mary Yoder M W Jan.13,1920 H-11 55
Fry,Tobias Dan D.M. Lizzie Miller M W Jan.29,1915 H-10 33
Fry,Willie O. Simon Fanny Miller M W Dec.11,1920 H-11 79
Fry --- --------- Mary Harsbarges  M -- June 26,1884 H-2 43
Fry --- Joseph D. Hostetler Barbara Fry Hostetler  M W Mar.1,1888 H-2 125
Fry --- John May Smith M W Oct.18,1898 H-3 203
Fry --- Samuel --- Mishler F W Aug.2,1899 H-3 220
Fry --- Daril Mary Miller F W Mar.30,1902 H-5 4
Fry --- Al L. -----Miller F W Feb.15,1903 H-5 16
Fry --- Alvin Lizzie Miller F W Aug.23,1905 H-6 9
Fry --- Noah Lizzie Glick M W Apr.14,1919 H-11 39
Frye,Elias Harry Mary Christner M W Oct.27,1914 H-10 24
Frye --- Abraham Susan Schlischeter F W Jan.1,1890 H-3 10
Frye --- Peter Mary Hershberger M W Aug.18,1890 H-3 28
Frye --- Dan'l D. Mary Miller F W Jan.22,1891 H-3 35
Frye --- Joseph D. Barbara Hostetler M W Nov.13,1891 H-3 60
Frye --- A. Susan Sleicher M W Apr.4,1892 H-3 73
Frye --- Dan'l D. Mary Miller F W July 8,1892 H-3 79
Frye --- Samuel D. Lovina Harshberger M W July 26,1896 H-3 164
Frye --- Samuel Lovina Hessberger M W June 28,1902 H-5 7
Frye --- Henry Lydia Ann Troyer F W Nov.2,1921 H-11 94
Fryhorn,Harold W. Charles E. Acelia May Miller M W July 20,1917 H-10 101
Fryhover,Wyena C.E. Celia Miller M W Jan.20,1915 H-10 32
Fueistenan --- Herman Ova Kirse F W Jan.19,1903 H-5 15
Fulk,Jesse A. Jesse A. Maud Kramer M W May 25,1917 H-10 97
Fulk,Raymond E. Earl Clara Nichols M W Dec.27,1918 H-11 31
Fuller,Catherine D. Verdin Laura Bell Wentworth  F W May30,1915 H-10 43
Fuller,Claudina E. Claude E. Ruth Adell Whitcomb  F W Sept.2,1912 H-9 41
Fuller,Dean Hoyt I. Mabel Hildebrand M W Sept.23,1918 H-11 25
Fuller,Demoyne Russell Kitty Forst M W Feb.13,1918 H-11 10
Fuller,Forst D. Russell Kitty Forst M W Apr.25,1916 H-10 68
Fuller,Helen May Jonas May Bell Seinaur F W Sept.23,1920 H-11 74
Fuller,Marie Edna James O. Ulilah Edna Eton F W June 17,1917 H-10 99
Fuller,Oma Ruth Russell Kitty Forst F W Sept.7,1920 H-11 72
Fuller --- Frank Jackson F W July 9,1882 H-2 9
Fuller --- Frank --- Jackson M W Apr.4,1888 H-2 9
Fuller --- Jacob Viola Rinell M W Dec.11,1895 H-3 151
Fuller --- ------ ----------- F W May 24,1898 H-3 196
Fuller --- Jacob Rhinoeh F W Apr.14,1901 H-4 9
Fuller --- Jacob Rhinoel F W Apr.14,1901 H-4 8
Fulty,Byron C. Rubin Hattie Berger M W Nov.14,1919 H-11 51
Funk,Byron Stanley Roscoe Pearl Kitchen M W Jan.26,1919 H-11 33
Funk,Clarence Geo. L. Sarah Nelson M W May 4,1902 H-5 6
Funk,Forest J. James Nellie Swart M W Feb.15,1891 H-3 38
Funk,Genevieve Roscoe Pearl Kitchen F W Feb.23,1913 H-9 55
Funk,Margaret E. Cloyd Cordia Alice Wilson  F W Dec.1,1917 H-11 5
Funk,Morris W. George Sarah Nelson M W Sept.26,1912 H-9 42
Funk,Vivian W. Ross Pearl Kitchen F W June 8,1917 H-10 99
Funk,Waldo M* Claud J. Cordia Alice Wilson M W Nov.28,1916 H-10 86
Funk,Walton I. Roscoe Pearl Kitchen M W Dec.23,1920 H-11 77
Funk,William C. Roscoe Pearl Kitchen M W Mar.28,1915 H-10 37
Funk --- Wm.H. -------- F -- Nov.6,1885 H-2 71
Funk --- Wm.H. --- Parham M W Jan.29,1887 H-2 104
Funk --- Wm.H. Mary Parham M W Sept.8,1888 H-2 142
Funk --- Hugh -------- Peiman M W May 25,1889 H-2 157
Funk --- George Josephine Nelson F W Apr.10,1892 H-3 72
Funk --- H. Louise ------ M W June 5,1892 H-3 77
Funk --- Wm. May Parham M W Mar.16,1897 H-3 176
Funk --- Wm.H. Ida May Parham M W Apr.10,1902 H-5 5
Funk --- James --------- M W Mar.16,1905 H-6 3
Furnish --- Ralph ---Kessler F W Mar.28,1907 H-6 30
Fyke,Gertrude M. Ora Bertha Coy F W Mar.5,1909 H-8 3
Fyke,Gertrude M. Ora Bertha Coy F W Mar.5,1909 H-7 36
Fyre,D. Sam'l Lorina Hershberger M W July 23,1891 H-3 50

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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