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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Harris,Babe Edward ------- M W July 17,1913 H-9 68
Harris,Charles Al Smith M W Nov.26,1905 H-6 12
Harris,Donald D. Don Mildred Ellen Pearson M W June 26,1922 H-11 105
Harris,Elmer C. Guy Minnie Swain M W Feb.7,1899 H-3 209
Harris,Elnore M. Chas. Franklin Margarete Cushwa F W Feb.18,1909 H-7 35
Harris,Fred Frank Iva Crounder M W May 13,1922 H-11 104
Harris,Frederick H. Sidney Herbert Jessie Violacattell M W June30,1920 H-11 68
Harris,Ina Frank ---------- F W Oct.8,1901 H-4 16
Harris,J.W. Hudson Ella Dantee M W Sept.7,1891 H-3 55
Harris,Mary E. Guy Minnie Swain F W July 2,1909 H-7 48
Harris,Maud Chas. Ellen Fellows F -- Aug.22,1884 H-2 46
Harris,Oscar ------- --------- M -- ------------ H-5 22
Harris,Owen R. Edward Mae Smith M W July 27,1919 H-11 44
Harris,Retha M. Wm.Henry Lula Blanche Eyler  F W Mar.10,1911 H-9 96A
Harris --- Guy --------- M -- Oct.8,1883 H-2 35
Harris --- Bnj. I. Jennie Philips M -- Feb.5,1885 H-2 55
Harris --- David Jennie Buy M W Oct.16,1889 H-3 7
Harris --- Perry May Conkright F W Mar.28,1890 H-3 12
Harris --- Perry May Conkright F W Mar.28,1890 H-1 10
Harris --- William Lula B. Eyler M W Sept.27,1891 H-3 54
Harris --- Frank ---------- M W Sept.26,1892 H-3 82
Harris --- John Jane Nelson M W Nov.2,1892 H-3 87
Harris --- Guy Minnie Twain F W Dec.28,1892 H-3 88
Harris --- Hudson Lou Santee F W Mar.16,1893 H-3 93
Harris --- Frank Dunafin F W Oct.30,1893 H-3 108
Harris --- Frank Dunnifan F W June 14,1896 H-3 162
Harris --- Frank Dunnifan F W June 14,1896 H-3 164
Harris --- Guy Swain F W May 7,1897 H-3 179
Harris --- Sid Lint F W Aug.15,1898 H-3 200
Harris --- ------- Harris M -- Aug.1,1900 H-4 3
Harris --- Guy -------- M W June 14,1902 H-5 8
Harris --- Edward Gannon F W Jan.3,1903 H-5 15
Harris --- Albert Smith F W Dec.31,1903 H-5 20
Harris --- Frank Dunafin F W June 20,1904 H-5 32
Harris --- Amos Maud Riley M W Aug.4,1914 H-5 34
Harris --- William Lulu Eyler M W Dec.24,1904 H-5 38
Harris --- M.F. Sarah Strader F W Aug.5,1905 H-6 9
Harris --- Guy Minnie Swain F W May 24,1906 H-6 19
Harris --- Frank Maggie Gushwa M W Nov.7,1906 H-6 26
Harris --- Frank Maggie Gushwa M W Apr.4,1912 H-9 28
Harrison --- Rev. -------- F -- June 27,1885 H-2 62
Harrison --- T.W. Catherine Fair F W Dec.24,1894 H-3 132
Harsh,George T. Forest Bertice LaCrosse M W Sept.20,1913 H-9 73
Harshbarger,Daniel (t) David Susie S. Milles M W Jan.13,1912 H-9 21
Harshbarger,Fannie (t) David Susie S. Milles M W Jan.13,1912 H-9 21
Harshbarger,David Emanuel Polly Lehman M W Nov.22,1915 H-10 56
Harshbarger,Fannie Emanuel Polly Lehman F W Aug.9,1913 H-9 69
Harshbarger,Fannie Daniel Anna Mehle F W Aug.19,1913 H-9 70
Harshbarger,Katie Emanuel Pollie Laymer F W NJov.25,1910 H-7 86
Harshbarger,Menno David Susie Miller M W Aug.30,1915 H-10 50
Harshbarger,William E. Wm. Malinda Mishler M W May 31,1914 H-10 12
Harshbarger --- Jonithan Catharine F W Dec.9,1882 H-2 17
Harshbarger --- ------ Sarah M -- May 24,1883 H-2 24
Harshbarges --- ---- Mary Harsbarges M -- June 26,1884 H-2 43
Harshbarger,Edna Wm. Malinda Michler F W Aug.15,1911 H-9 9
Harshberger,Jonathan Emanuel Polly Lahman M W Feb.21,1919 H-11 35
Harshbarger --- Wlm. Catherine Court F W Nov.17,1886 H-2 96
Harshberger --- Jonathan ------- F W Jan.6,1896 H-3 191
Harshberger --- Edwin Hostettler F W Feb.23,1898 H-3 193
Harshberger --- T.B. ---- M W Dec.23,1899 H-3 228
Harshburger --- Emanuel Polly Garyman M W Feb.26,1918 H-11 11
Hart,Aaron Henry David Lydia Bowman M W Dec.9,1911 H-9 19
Hart,Ada G. Sherman Carrie M. Gushwa F W Apr.19,1913 H-9 60
Hart,Almond F. Free Ida May Banks M W Apr.29,1919 H-11 40
Hart,Amy Wellington Ida M. Williamson F W Mar.12,1922 H-11 101
Hart,Arthur H. Bert Mary Han Davis M W Mar.18,1914 H-10 6
Hart,Betty J. Lewis Jane Dunafin F W Jan.5,1922 H-11 98
Hart,Beula M. Allen Minnie M. Walter F W Aug.21,1919 H-11 45
Hart,Chas. H. Henry Nellie Curtis M W Sept.--,1889 H-1 8
Hart,Cyrus Jas.B. Ella B. Baker M W July 4,1891 H-3 49
Hart,Dale A. Henry D. Lydia Brown M W June 15,1917 H-10 99
Hart,Doris M. Lewis Jane Dunafin F W Sept.6,1914 H-10 20
Hart,Dorothy F. Israel Janie M. Capman F W Feb.19,1912 H-9 24
Hart,Dorothy Fern Israrh Janie Matelda Capman  F W Feb.19,1912 H-8 9
Hart,Earl Lann Phoebe Cowell M W May 4,1912 H-9 31
Hart,Emma I. Alfred Hattie Wolf F W Dec.18,1907 H-6 40
Hart,Emma M. Albert Mary Davis F W Mar.14,1913 H-9 57
Hart,Ernest Allen ------ M W June 19,1921 H-11 86
Hart,Floyd Andrew Minnie Allen M W Mar.8,1888 H-2 126
Hart,Gladania Andrew Minnie Allen F W Jan.3,1891 H-3 36
Hart,Harold A. Felt Grace Hodge M W Feb.15,1919 H-11 35
Harp,Henry Henry L. Grace E. Isaac M W JAn.18,1920 H-11 55
Harp,Herold Oscar Irene Stettler M W Sept.27,1914 H-10 22
Hart,Ilene Reed Roy Addie Reed F W Aug.6,1917 H-10 103
Hart,Ina Pauline Israll Jany Malilda Capman   F W Feb.24,1916 H-10 64
Hart,Ivan Stwart Lee Edward Rena McBride M W Oct.31,1912 H-9 45
Hart,James C. Alonzo Phoebie Coenell M W Feb.9,1891 H-3 38
Hart,Joshna Lewis Jane Dunithan M W May 13,1910 H-7 69
Hart,Joshua Lewis Jane Dunathan M W May 13,1910 H-8 5
Hart,Kenneth Feli Grace Hodge M W May 7,1916 H-10 70
Hart,Lawrence R. James Burton Dora A. Large M W Nov.24,1907 H-6 39
Hart,Lela (t) Bert Dora A. Large F W July 24,1914 H-8 14
Hart,Lela (t) Bert Dora A. Large F W July 24,1914 H-10 16
Hart,Leland (t) Bert Dora A. Large M W July 24,1914 H-8 14
Hart,Leland (t) Bert Dora A. Large M W July 24,1914 H-10 16
Hart,Lloyd F. Alberton Dora Large M W Mar.22,1910 H-7 66
Hart,Lloyd M. Fred E. Ella Lloyd M W Dec.31,1910 H-7 89
Hart,Lu E. Jno. Emma C. Mecum M -- Apr.3,1885 H-2 59
Hart,Mahlon K. Allen Minnie Walter M W Aug.12,1914 H-10 17
Hart,Margaret B. Fay W. Alice K. Wright F W Feb.14,1921 H-11 80
Hart,Margaret L. William Emery Elizabeth Gonser F W Aug.20,1920 H-11 71
Hart,Margaret M.Henry D. Lydia Bowman F W Jan.8,1914 H-10 1
Hart,Martha William Bertha Knowbs. F W Jan.20,1905 H-6 1
Hart,Mary Feet Grace Hodge F W Sept.4,1913 H-9 72
Hart,Nellie Corlis Elma Bowman F W May 24,1911 H-9 2
Hart,Neva E. Gerald Vaughn Eva Hart F W Feb.24,1922 H-11 98
Hart,Olen C. Corliss Bowman M W Apr.3,1909 H-7 39
Hart,Ralph Alonzo Phoebie Colwell M W Oct.8,1909 H-7 54
Hart,Ruth Cordelia Iseaol Jennie M. Capman F W June 4,1913 H-9 65
Hart,Ruth C. Israul Jennie M. Capman F W June 4,1913 H-8 12
Hart,Thelma May Thomas S. Carrie Gushwa F W May 1,1909 H-7 42
Hart,Wm.E. Henry D. Lydia Bauman M W Aug.9,1909 H-7 49
Hart --- George W. Juliette Stineberger M W Aug.11,1882 H-2 10
Hart --- Dora Alvaretta Donathar F -- Mar.1,1883 H-2 20
Hart --- Jno.L. ---- M -- Sept.11,1885 H-2 66
Hart --- Thos. C. Mary A. Hornby M -- July 6,1886 H-2 85
Hart --- Dan'l S. Charlotta Gilbert F -- July 27,1886 H-2 85
Hart --- Geo. W. Juleeth Stmebarger M -- May 25,1887 H-2 108
Hart --- James Ida Bell Bean M W Mar.2,1888 H-2 135
Hart --- James B. Etta Baker M W Aug.10,1888 H-2 140
Hart --- Samuel Cora J. Weeks M W Feb.1,1891 H-3 38
Hart --- Daniel Catherine Guilt M W May 20,1891 H-3 46
Hart --- James Bell Bean F W Aug.23,1891 H-3 52
Hart --- Al Dora Dunifin F W June 16,1891 H-3 47
Hart --- John Laella Baker F W June 30,1892 H-3 76
Hart --- John Luella Baker F W June 30,1892 H-1 18
Hart --- Jacob Susan F W Dec.7,1892 H-3 89
Hart --- Andrew Minnie Allen F W Jan.19,1893 H-3 94
Hart --- David Stella Higgins F W Feb.24,1893 H-3 92
Hart --- Dora Ellen Dunnafin M W May 2,1893 H-3 98
Hart --- (t) Alfred Ada Eudora Wolf F W Jan.2,1894 H-3 113
Hart --- (t) Alfred Ada Eudora Wolf M W Jan.2,1894 H-3 113
Hart --- Andrew ------ M W May 14,1894 H-3 122
Hart --- L. ------- -- W Sept.-,1894 H-3 126
Hart --- Jasper Ruth Headleg F W Jan.12,1895 H-3 134
Hart --- F.M. Emma C. Plank M W Feb.14,1895 H-3 135
Hart --- Andrew Minnie Allen M W Apr.5,1896 H-3 159
Hart --- Sherman Carrie May Gushwa  M W Feb.25,1897 H-3 175
Hart --- Andrew ------- M W Apr.9,1897 H-3 178
Hart --- Lawrence Ringler M W Sept.16,1897 H-3 185
Hart --- Israel Jennie C. M W May 24,1898 H-3 197
Hart --- Sherman Carrie Gushwa   M W Oct.3,1898 H-3 202
Hart --- Alfred Wolfe F W Mar.7,1899 H-3 211
Hart --- Dora Dunnafin F W July 27,1899 H-3 219
Hart --- Lawrence Ringler M W Sept.10,1899 H-3 224
Hart --- Bert Dora Large F W Feb.10,1900 H-3 231
Hart --- Alfred Dora Wolf M W May 26,1900 H-3 236
Hart --- Samuel Cora Weeks M W June 14,1900 H-3 237
Hart --- Sherman Carrie M. Gushwa F -- Aug.26,1900 H-4 3
Hart --- Albert Jessie Pamphell M W July 25,1901 H-4 12
Hart --- Isaac M. Mary Ellinger M W Aug.21,1902 H-5 10
Hart --- Israel Jennie Capman F W Mar.3,1903 H-5 17
Hart --- Albert Jessie M. Campbell M W Nov.8,1904 H-5 37
Hart --- Henry Sylvia Bowman M W Jan.10,1906 H-6 1
Hart --- Albert Large F W June 20,1905 H-6 7
Hart --- Corliss Eliza Brun M W Sept.20,1905 H-6 10
Hart --- Thos. Sherm Carrie M. Gushwa F W Dec.16,1905 H-6 13
Hart --- Allen Watters M W Apr.22,1906 H-6 18
Hart --- Wm Mary Etinger F W Oct.24,1909 H-7 55
Hart --- Lewis Janey Dunathan M W Aug.7,1911 H-9 8
Hart --- Lewis Janey Dunanthan M W Aug.7,1911 H-8 8
Harte --- John Sarah Willson M W Oct.10,1887 H-2 117
Harter --- Leucis Snider M W Jan.22,1889 H-2 152
Harter --- Samuel J. Kenton M W MAr.29,1891 H-3 41
Harter --- Kelly Irwin M W July 30,1906 H-6 21
Hartline,Ernest George Sally D?ysher F W Jan.2,1916 H-10 59
Hartman,Beulah I. Wm. Henry Lillie Malone  F W Jan.10,1915 H-10 31
Hartman,Clela B. William Henry Lilly Malone  F W Dec.2,1912 H-9 49
Hartman,Harold E. Wm. Henry Lillie Malone  M W July 15,1919 H-11 43
Hartman,Rachel A. Wm. Henry Lillie Malone  F W Mar.3,1922 H-11 104
Hartman,Racheal A. Wm. Henry Lilly Malone  F W Mar.3,1922 H-11 101
Hartsough --- Leroy Edna B. Saggers M W Mar.8,1922 H-11 105
Hartzberger --- Joseph ------ M W Dec.6,1890 H-3 33
Hartzler,Harold Lee Ida Yoder M W Aug.11,1908 H-7 20
Hartzler,Lewis A. Lee Ida Yoder M W Mar.6,1913 H-9 56
Hartzler,Lois Charles Salina F W Dec.1,1910 H-7 87
Hartzler,Muriel Harry Martha Jones M W Jan.29,1911 H-9 93A
Hartzler,Nolan J. Daria Dorothy Zimmerman M W Jan.30,1921 H-11 81
Hartzler,Willoy E. Raymond Nora Burkholder M W Mar.24,1920 H-11 60
Hartzler --- ----- ---------- M W Mar.19,1882 H-2 4
Hartzler --- David Greenawalt F W May 11,1882 H-2 8
Hartzler --- Ephrain Nancy M W May 20,1890 H-3 17
Hartzler --- Enos Allie Lantz M W Mar.19,1895 H-3 142
Hartzler --- Rufus Byler M W Nov.12,1897 H-3 188
Hartzler --- Adam Blanch Gregory F W Mar.12,1900 H-3 232
Hartzler --- Harry Martha Jones F W Apr.11,1904 H-5 30

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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