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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Hasford,June M. Everett Rilla Trech F W June 2,1918 H-11 17
Hashberger --- Bradley Leatherford F W Jan.10,1902 H-5 2
Hashins --- Garfield Caroline Gaffney M W Feb.24,1920 H-11 58
Haskins --- Eugene ---------- F W Sept.-,1896 H-3 166
Haskins,Ella Eugene Emma Fair F -- July 18,1886 H-2 86
Haskins,Gerald Herman Bessie Carol McKinley  M W Aug.13,1915 H-8 16
Haskins,Gerald Herman Bessie Carol McKinley  M W Aug.13,1915 H-10 49
Haskins,Gladys A. Willis Bertha McKinzie  F W May 2,1913 H-9 62
Haskins,Herbert L. Louis Minnie Kebler M W Apr.2,1920 H-11 62
Haskins,Leona Wilma Willis Bertha McKinzie  F W Aug.24,1908 H-7 21
Haskins,Lynn E. Harry Bessie M. Huss M W Aug.18,1921 H-11 89
Haskins,Mary A. Garfield Caroline Gaffney  F W May 27,1916 H-10 71
Haskins,Virginia Herman Bessie McKinley F W Oct.27,1919 H-8 26
Haskins,Virginia Herman Bessie McKinley F W Oct.27,1919 H-11 50
Haskins --- Geo. Hosser F W May 11,1891 H-3 46
Haskins --- George Hoard M W May 10,1894 H-3 120
Haskins --- Eugene Linch M W Aug.3,1894 H-3 125
Haskins --- Eugene Linch M W Aug.3,1894 H-3 126
Haskins --- Eugene Link M W June 2,1898 H-3 197
Haslet,Dorothy M. Grover Cleveland Zoe A. Brown F W Dec.6,1914 H-10 28
Haslet,Dorothy M. Grover Cleveland Zoe A. Brown F W Dec.6,1914 H-10 28
Haslet,Floyd Edgar Geo. B. Zoe E.Brown M W Apr.2,1909 H-7 39
Haslet,James H. Garr Cleveland Zoe E.Brown M W Jan.21,1917 H-10 90
Haslet,Junnie I. Grover C. Zoe H.Brown F W Feb.29,1912 H-9 25
Haslet --- Grover Zoe A.Brown F W July 18,1904 H-5 33
Hass --- Saua Clossy Fenny F W Mar.10,1890 H-3 11
Hassinger,Lenore E. Earl Veda Fuller F W Apr.8,1918 H-11 13
Hassinger,Lewis J. Irving Bessie Ashton M W June 22,1916 H-10 73
Hassinger --- Geo. Mary Baker F W Apr.7,1901 H-4 9
Hast,Chas. H. Henry A. Nellie Curtis M W Sept.30,1889 H-3 11
Haster --- Samuel Marg. E. Kenton M W Oct.23,1882 H-2 15
Hatfield --- Chas. Ora Sipe M W Sept.23,1891 H-3 53
Haveland,Merman R. Roy H. Elsie Palwood M W June 3,1917 H-10 98
Haveland,Ruth J. F. Ray Elsie Alwood F W July 1,1912 H-9 36
Haverstock --- Charles Lantz M W May 17,1899 H-3 215
Hawey,Venroe E. Henry Marie S. Calahan F W Aug.5,1921 H-11 92
Hawk,Wilbur C. Eliz Lulu Sisson M W Mar.12,1914 H-10 5
Hawk --- Eli Lulu Sisson -- W Feb.14,1911 H-9 94A
Hawkins,Myrtle U. William Elma Goudy F W Apr.29,1918 H-11 14
Hawley --- Joseph -------- M -- June 28,1885 H-2 64
Hawley --- Alenzo -------- F -- Apr.14,1886 H-2 62
Hawlin --- Chas May Ross F W Oct.1,1891 H-3 56
Haybarger --- Albert ------ M -- May 31,1885 H-2 60
Haybarger --- Sylvester Shultzly M W Mar.19,1889 H-2 157
Hay Bauer --- Wes Haybau Mrelene Dueoltzey  M W Oct.22,1892 H-3 85
Hayden,Iris O. Lucien Goldie Buer M W Nov.12,1914 H-10 26
Hayes,Carl Wm. Wd. Florence Arnold M W Aug.20,1921 H-11 89
Hayes,Harold J. William Delbert Florence D. Arnold M W Sept.15,1919 H-11 47
Haylind --- John Ida B. Stiver F -- June 3,1886 H-2 88
Hays --- Robert Mary Truby M W Mar.21,1891 H-3 40
Hayward,Earl F. Earl Lulu Forst M W Sept.12,1919 H-11 47
Hayward,Edith Clay Mabel Coney F W Mar.10,1909 H-7 37
Hayward --- John Benj. Clara May Butler  -- -- Oct.21,1886 H-2 94
Hayward --- Wm. Jr. Minerva Bell M W Oct.24,1901 H-4 15
Hayward --- Arthur Waite F W June 1,1903 H-5 20
Hayward --- Clayton Coney M W Dec.13,1905 H-6 13
Haywood --- William Bell F W Apr.18,1899 H-3 214
Haywood --- William Bell M W July 5,1905 H-6 8
Hazlet --- Grover S. Zoe A. Brown M W Oct.11,1906 H-6 25
Healey,Berdina C. Clayton Clara E. Young F W Oct.7,1901 H-4 15
Healey,Chas. Roy Almond R. Edna Dunafin M W July 5,1909 H-7 47
Healy,Edw'd Edw'd Wm. Jessie Belle Robbins M W Sept.19,1908 H-7 23
Healey,Elden E. Ellsworth J. Attley Myers M W Mar.14,1920 H-11 60
Healy,Harold W. Edwin Wm. Jesse Robbins  M W Feb.11,1920 H-8 27
Healey,Leroy A. Adrian Ada May Miller -- -- Mar.21,1916 H-10 66
Healey,Milo D. Almond Elna Dunafin M W Jan.20,1908 H-7 2
Healey,Ruby E. Lester Flossie Gooden F W Mar.6,1920 H-11 60
Healey,Wm. E. Wm. C. Carroline Hosinger M -- Sept.12,1887 H-2 112
Healey --- O.C. Cordelia Hassinger F W Aug.30,1891 H-3 52
Healey --- Clayton E. Clara E. Young M W Aug.4,1893 H-3 105
Healey --- Wm C. Cordelia Hossinger M W Sept.7,1893 H-3 103
Healey --- Adrian Smith M W Oct.10,1900 H-4 5
Healey --- Adrian Ada Miller M W Oct.9,1901 H-4 15
Healey --- Adrian Chas. Ada May Miller M W July 12,1909 H-7 47
Healey --- Almond Leroy Edna Dunafin M W Apr.17,1911 H-9 99A
Healey --- Almond K. Edna Dunathan M W Sept.14,1915 H-10 51
Healy,M.J. Wm. ------------- F -- May 21,1885 H-2 62
Healy --- William Cordelia Holsinger F W Mar. --,1882 H-2 4
Healy --- Geo. Martha M -- Oct.14,1883 H-2 32
Healy,Harold Wm. Edward Wm. Jessie Robbins M W Feb.11,1920 H-11 58
Heart,Ethel M. Free Ida Banks F W Mar.30,1921 H-11 82
Heater,Betty J. Ernest Florence Lehman F W Mar.16,1921 H-11 82
Heater,Max W. Ernest Florence Lehman M W Oct.5,1917 H-11 1
Hedglin,Henrietta M. Henry Arthur Lucele Stayner F W Aug.13,1918 H-11 22
Hedglin,Loys C. Chester Geneva Ellen Reddy M W Sept.23,1907 H-6 36
Hedglin,Obery K. William Bessie Woodford M W Oct.12,1912 H-9 44
Hedglin,William F. R.B. Almyra C. Shultz M W Dec.7,1882 H-2 19
Hedrick,Leonard A. Chas.Eugene Jennie Ernsberger  M W July 1,1909 H-7 47
Hedrick,??????? Charles Ernsberger  M W May 17,1900 H-3 235
Hefner --- Robert Mary A. Cunningham F W Nov.16,1882 H-2 16
Heighn,Haines Highn Rhodes F -- June 17,1887 H-2 108
Heighm --- Jacob Eliza Rhodes M W May 5,1907 H-6 32
Heign,Lillian L. Charles W. Maud Sherman F W Apr.16,1896 H-3 163
Heishberger,David Noah May Shelstone M W May 23,1922 H-11 102
Heiss,Maxine Ellery W. Etna C. Fox F W Oct.8,1904 H-5 36
Hellinger --- Jacob Spangler M W Feb.3,1904 H-5 28
Hellume --- V. ------ M -- Oct.6,1883 H-2 31
Helmer,Geo.R. George Ona Johnson M W Nov.15,1919 H-11 52
Helmer,Jessie Charles Katy McCluger F W Mar.9,1910 H-7 65
Helmer --- I.S. Mary E. James F W July 26,1882 H-2 10
Helmer --- I.S. Mary E. James F -- Dec.3,1883 H-2 34
Helmer --- J.S. James F -- June 28,1886 H-2 84
Helmer --- I.S. James M W Feb.25,1889 H-2 152
Helmer --- Ira I. James F W Nov.17,1892 H-3 87
Helmer --- John Ellen Ayre M W Dec.11,1893 H-3 112
Helmer --- John Ellen Ayre M W Dec.11,1893 H-3 112
Helmer --- J.S. Jones M W May 20,1894 H-3 122
Helmuth Menno S. Savilla Nisley F W Apr.18,1904 H-5 30
Helper --- Albert Mary E. Schlinder M -- Apr.30,1883 H-2 23
Helper --- Albert D. Mary M -- Sept.16,1884 H-2 47
Helper --- Albert ----- M -- Jan.30,1886 H-2 75
Heminger--- A.J. Julia Rhodes F -- Dec.22,1883 H-2 34
Heminger--- Lawrence Rosa Schermerhorn  F -- May 17,1894 H-3 122
Hemminger --- Lawrence Schermerhorn  F W Sept.20,1896 H-3 166
Henchstel --- Jacob S. Matilda Miller M W Aug.16,1888 H-2 138
Henderson,Geo.B. Walter Ira Bowsher M W June 11,1913 H-9 65
Henderson,Harley H. Walter Ivah Blanche Bowser M W Nov.22,1917 H-11 3
Henderson,Margaret E. Walter Eva Bowsher F W May 20,1911 H-9 2
Henderson,Marylee L. Walter Iva Bowsher F W May 6,1912 H-9 31
Henderson --- George Illinois Casselman M W Jan.17,1889 H-2 153
Henderson --- George Castleman F W Feb.22,1899 H-3 210
Henderson --- George Elmira Casselman F W Sept.17,1890 H-3 34
Henderson --- Walter Ivy Bowsher F W July 12,1915 H-10 46
Hendricks,Stanley E. George Bessie Kurtz M W Nov.26,1916 H-10 86
Henke,Charles F. Fred Dorotha Baker M W Dec.22,1917 H-11 6
Henny,Dayton E. Edd Alma Woodford M W June 11,1919 H-11 41
Henrick --- Vesta ---- F W Spet.9,1900 H-4 4
Henshberger --- ---- Susan Henshberger M W July 25,1892 H-3 79
Herald --- Milton --- F --- Feb.18,1886 H-2 77
Herbert --- Henry Martyn Georgia Emmerson M -- Aug.26,1887 H-2 113
Herbert --- Martin Elmira G.A. Emerson  F W Dec.4,1889 H-1 8
Herbert --- W.M. Elmira G.A. Emerson  F W Dec.4,1889 H-3 8
Hern,Amanda May Charles B. Laura Holcomb  F W Jan.7,1909 H-7 32
Hern,Amanda May Charles B. Laura Holcomb  F W Jan.7,1909 H-8 3
Hern,Helen J. Harlie J. Florence E. Long F W May 30,1913 H-9 64
Hern,John Harle Charles Laura Holcome M W June 14,1918 H-8 23
Hern,Martha H. Harlie J. Florence E. Long F W May 29,1909 H-7 44
Hern,Willis W. Charles B. Laura M.Holcomb  M W May 1,1914 H-8 13
Hern,Willis W. Charles B. Laura M.Holcomb  M W May 1,1914 H-10 11
Hern --- Wm. ------- M -- Apr.8,1883 H-2 23
Hern --- Harlo Mohler F -- May 15,1883 H-2 24
Hern --- Harley Long M W July 25,1901 H-4 12
Hern --- Harlie Florence Long M W Nov.13,1906 H-6 26
Hern --- Harlie Florence Long M W Nov.13,1906 H-6 26

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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