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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Herr --- Alvin Culver M -- June 6,1886 H-2 83
Herr,Annabelle Emmett W. Zolo Maria Miller F W Mar.17,1918 H-11 12
Herrald --- Milton ------- F -- Feb.18,1886 H-2 77
Herris --- Herman H. Sance F W May 28,1901 H-4 10
Herrold --- Barrack Phoeaba McKibbin F -- Dec.18,1887 H-2 122
Hershbarger --- Robt. Ida Longoor F W Oct.22,1906 H-6 25
Hershberger,Albert Levi Dora Eash M W Aug.28,1882 H-2 13
Hershberger,Amelia Emanuel Polly Lehman F W Dec.9,1908 H-7 29
Hershberger,Annie Eli J. Delia Miller F W May 17,1916 H-10 70
Hershberger,Howard L. Ulrich Ethel Platz M W Feb.12,1915 H-10 34
Hershberger,John William Mary Miller M W Oct.4,1912 H-9 44
Hershberger,Mary Eli J. Delia Miller F W Dec.31,1914 H-10 30
Hershberger,Merritt K. Tobias B. Ella McClaren M W Oct.26,1904 H-5 36
Hershberger,Minn Bob Ida Longyor F W Aug.28,1920 H-11 71
Hershberger,Thomas V. Robb Ida Longoor M W July 10,1916 H-10 75
Hershberger,Vernon Josiah Rosa Swartzentruber M W Jan.13,1921 H-11 79
Hershberger,Willis Jacob Amanda Schrock M W Apr.5,1911 H-9 98A
Hershberger --- Noah Susan Eash M W July 28,1882 H-2 10
Hershberger --- Noah Susan Eash F W July 28,1882 H-2 10
Hershberger --- Aaron Kendall M W May 1,1891 H-3 46
Hershberger --- Tobias Ella McClaren F W Sept.5,1891 H-3 53
Hershberger --- Abraham Katie Gingerick M W Oct.2,1892 H-3 85
Hershberger --- Amanuel Amanda Hostettler F W July 16,1893 H-3 106
Hershberger --- Amanuel Amanda Hostettler F W July 16,1893 H-3 106
Hershberger --- Jonathan Catherine Coat F -- Aug.23,1900 H-4 3
Hershberger --- T.B. Ella McLean M W Oct.24,1902 H-5 12
Hershberger --- Jonathan Bontrager M W Dec.14,1902 H-5 14
Hershberger --- Jacob Miller F W Apr.9,1903 H-5 18
Hershberger --- Ed. N. Fern Zook -- -- Apr.29,1907 H-6 31
Hershberger --- ------ Anna Hershberger F W Mar.17,1911 H-9 96A
Hershburger,Clarence Moses B. Lizzie Ann Miller M W Aug.14,1920 H-11 71
Hershburger,Mary William Melinda Misher F W Apr.1,1920 H-11 62
Hershburger,Mary Emanuel Polly Lehman F W July 9,1920 H-11 69
Hershburger,Thomas V. Robb Ida Longoor M W Jan.15,1919 H-11 32
Hershby --- Aaron Sarah Wertch F W Feb.-,1885 H-2 56
Hershey,J.D. Herman Jennie Havens M W Oct.19,1910 H-7 83
Hess,Sebra Alva Emrick Flossie McCash F W Aug.30,1918 H-11 23
Hess --- Edgar Deal M W Jan.2,1895 H-3 134
Hetrick--- Gail Oeta? Russell F W Sept.22,1919 H-11 48
Hewit --- Henry Mary Cooper M W June 22,1890 H-3 19
Hewitt,Clarence Willliam Mary Jane Norris M W Apr.11,1882 H-2 6
Hewitt --- Willliam ------ M W Apr.11,1882 H-2 6
Hewitt --- Wm M.J. M -- Nov.11,1884 H-2 40
Heybarger --- Sylvester ---- F -- Jan.8,1885 H-2 54
Hiber,Buelah John Emma Berger F W Apr.11,1896 H-3 161
Hieber --- John Sheiber Pauline R. Rebstoze F W Sept.2,1907 H-6 36
Higgins,Ruth Chas.F. Emma Rider F W May 28,1888 H-2 134
High,Albert Clyde Emery Gladys Case M W Jan.15,1917 H-10 89
Highland --- William E. Julia R.Wigton F W Apr.14,1897 H-3 177
Highland --- W.E. Julia Wigton F W Apr.14,1897 H-1 31
Highland --- Wm.E. Julia Wigton M W Dec.23,1898 H-1 34
Highland --- Wm.E. Julia Wigton M W Dec.23,1898 H-3 205
Hildebrand,Nedra L. W.O. ------ F W Nov.26,1908 H-7 27
Hildebrand --- Wm. Rebecca Knight M W Feb.18,1899 H-3 210
Hildebrant,Donald J. Ralph V.H. Hazel A. Aldrich  M W July 14,1917 H-8 21
Hilderbrant --- Wm. Rebecca Knight F W Jan.20,1892 H-3 63
Hilderbrant,Donald J. Ralph V.H. Hazel A. Aldrich  M W July 14,1917 H-10 101
Hilderbrant --- Wm. Royer F W Nov.15,1892 H-2 16
Hilderbrant --- Homer Rebecca Knight M W Jan.26,1895 H-3 134
Hilderbrant --- Ernest Jennie Weston F W Mar.6,1897 H-3 176
Hile,Marcella E. Alonzo T. Nellie R. Renner F W Apr.17,1922 H-11 102
Hill,Birtha L. Edward Blanch Krughbaum F W Aug.3,1919 H-11 45
Hill,Dean J. Cloyd Devere Irma Patten M W Feb.10,1919 H-8 25
Hill,Dean J. Cloyd Patten Ima Patten M W Feb.10,1919 H-11 34
Hill,Edna E. Edward Blanch Kreigbaum F W July 6,1915 H-10 46
Hill,Edward L. Edd Blanch Kreighbaum M W July 17,1916 H-10 75
Hill,Effie E. Edward Blanch Kreigbaum F W Mar.6,1912 H-9 26
Hill,Gerald E. Ledger Vera Hassinger M W July 12,1921 H-11 89
Hill,Hugh K. Devere Imagine Patten M W Sept.16,1916 H-10 81
Hill,James H. Melvin Mary V. Laughlin M W Mar.7,1909 H-7 36
Hill,John L. Ed. Blanch Kreighbaum M W Oct.9,1920 H-11 76
Hill,Robert L. Edward Blanch Kreighbaum M W Apr.19,1914 H-10 9
Hill,Virginia May Milo Lilla Pratt F W Oct.11,1920 H-11 76
Hill,Walter L. Edward Blanch Kreighbann M W MAy 1,1913 H-9 62
Hill --- James ----- ---- F W Dec.2,1885 H-2 73
Hill --- ------ -------- M -- July 8,1887 H-2 108
Hill --- Edwin W. Amelia Jones F W Jan.29,1888 H-2 124
Hill --- Albret Harvester M W Oct.22,1889 H-3 9
Hill --- Grange Mary Stetson M W May 17,1890 H-3 21
Hill --- James Wisner F W Oct.29,1890 H-3 33
Hill --- John R. Clara B. Hilterbrant M W June 30,1892 H-3 76
Hill --- James Electa Wisner F W July 4,1893 H-3 101
Hill --- Charles Kline M W Feb.26,1897 H-3 174
Hill --- Orville Blair M W Apr.10,1898 H-3 195
Hill --- Orville Blair M W Oct.8,1900 H-4 5
Hill --- Kelvin A. Mary Laughlin  M W Mar.20,1904 H-5 29
Hills --- Orville Blair F W Jan.2,1887 H-2 98
Hills --- Orvil Blair M W June 3,1889 H-2 159
Hills --- Orvil Blair M W June 3,1889 H-2 159
Hills --- (t) Lorrin Hawby F W Dec.12,1889 H-3 11
Hills --- (t) Lorrin Hawby M W Dec.12,1889 H-3 11
Hilterbrand,Carlton A. Ralph Virgil Hazel Allison Aldrich M W Oct.20,1912 H-9 45
Hilterbrant --- M.C. Mary L. Royer M W June 9,1890 H-3 20
Hilterbrant --- W.C. Mary Roger F W Oct.24,1892 H-3 84
Hilterbrant --- M.C. Mary Royer F W June 9,1895 H-3 141
Himes,Ferman D. James O. Vera V. Hanes M W May 24,1912 H-9 32
Himes,Maxine M. Ora Vera Hanes F W Dec.25,1913 H-9 80
Himes,Paul R. James Ora Vera Hanes M W Apr.8,1917 H-10 95
Himes --- O.L. Mary Guthre F -- July 17,1886 H-2 85
Himes --- Williams Mary Reed F W July 2,1888 H-2 137
Himes --- Herbert Celeste Young M W Sept.10,1903 H-5 22
Himes --- Herbert Celestine Young M W May 26,1907 H-6 32
Hinderer,Everett R. Elias Lulu Ethel Smum M W Nov.18,1914 H-10 26
Hines,Ellen Bell Ora Vera Hanes F W July 30,1915 H-10 47
Hines,Oliver John W. Eva A. Newman M W Jan.25,1909 H-7 33
Hinkley --- Turner Susa A. Swalley F -- Apr.14,1883 H-1 3
Hirschy,Cletis E. Manas Stella Getes M W July 26,1918 H-11 21
Hirshberger --- Moses Hershberger Lizzie Ann Miller F W Aug.28,1921 H-11 91
Hirst,Sarah J. Percy Alvin Maggie Josephine McCullock  F W Mar.26,1922 H-11 101
Hirt --- Charles Hinnel F -- Mar.10,1884 H-2 39
Hite,Carrie Eliz A.W. Fanny Rowe F W Oct.17,1908 H-7 25
Hite,Harold M. Hunter Dail Lavance Hunter M W Dec.2,1917 H-11 5
Hite,Harriet M.(t) Dail Lavance Hunter F W Dec.2,1917 H-11 5
Hite --- Albert W. Fannie Rowe F W June 14,1902 H-5 7
Hite --- Albert W. Fannie Rowe F W June 14,1902 H-5 7
Hits --- Albert W. Rilla Rowe M W Nov.2,1900 H-4 2
Hively,Daisy B. John Mary Russell F W Aug.8,1882 H-1 2

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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