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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Hord,Ruth Nathan Hazel Elinor Maine F W May 19,1913 H-9 63
Horn,Narmona C.   Conrad Eugene Mary Florence F F W May 12,1921 H-11 85
Horn --- Harle Mary Wohler F W July 30,1890 H-3 28
Horn --- Alex H. C. M W June 27,1897 H-3 182
Horner,Alta Adella Joseph Lorinda Hall F W Mar.25,1882 H-2 8
Horner,Bettie J. Frank Frankie Harris F W May 24,1920 H-11 66
Horner,Casciues Alphous Ella Price M W Apr.14,1890 H-3 17
Horner,Dorothy M. Perry Bernice Anderson  F W Nov.15,1915 H-10 55
Horner,Ernest Irvin Mina Fields M W Mar.26,1894 H-3 118
Horner,Isiah Isiah Ida M. Wentz M W Feb.15,1888 H-2 124
Horner,Lorinda M. Milton E. Sarah Fields F W May 8,1893 H-3 102
Horner,Perry W. Milton E. Sadie C. Pheils M W Feb.7,1888 H-2 124
Horner,Stella Noah ---- F -- Feb.22,1885 H-2 55
Horner --- Milton E. Sarah C. Fields M W June 16,1892 H-3 76
Horner --- Ervin Minnie F. Harp F W July 25,1892 H-3 78
Horner --- John C. Lena B. Robins F W Sept.7,1892 H-3 82
Horner --- Alphens Ella Price F W Sept.14,1892 H-3 82
Horner --- A. Price M W Jan.19,1896 H-3 153
Horner --- ----- Coler M W Mar.3,1898 H-3 193
Horner --- Irvin Meina Phills F W Mar.28,1898 H-3 193
Horner --- Irvin Phiels M W Nov.10,1901 H-4 17
Horning,Harriet R. Glen Grace L. Woodward F W Nov.20,1914 H-10 27
Horning,James W. Glen W. Grace L. Woodward M W Apr.19,1912 H-9 30
Horning,Marjory R. Glenn W. Grace L. Woodward  F W June 1, 1918 H-11 17
Horning --- Fred Clara Anderson M W July 1,1893 H-3 101
Horning --- Fred Clara Anderson M W July 13,1903 H-5 21
Horsewood,David H. Chas. Adams M W Nov.19,1904 H-5 37
Horsewood,Pauline E. George Mary Greenwalt F W Sept.9,1910 H-7 79
Horsewood --- Frank Bessie Hughes M W Dec.16,1907 H-6 40
Horver --- Joseph Lorinda Hall M W Mar.29,1892 H-3 70
Hosford,Evert G. Evert Rilly Tritch M W Apr.21,1916 H-10 68
Hossinger,Charlotte James Erwin Bessie Ashton  F W Apr.15,1912 H-9 29
Hossinger,Sanford Geo. Mary A. Baker M W Nov.7,1906 H-6 26
Hossinger --- ---- Mamie Holsinger F W June 18,1882 H-2 8
Hossinger --- Jas L. Alice J. DeBow M -- July 10,1886 H-2 85
Hossinger --- James L. Alice DeBow F W May 16,1889 H-2 158
Hossinger --- Allen Jennie Needham M W June 17,1896 H-3 162
Hossinger --- Geo. ----- F W Nov.10,1903 H-5 25
Hostetler,Katie Manas Mary Christner F W Feb.25,1922 H-11 99
Hostetler,Ada Manas Mary Christner F W Feb.25,1922 H-11 99
Hostetler,Alvin David Mary Ann Yoder M W Feb.28,1921 H-11 81
Hostetler,Amos M. Menetins Elizabeth Schlaback M W Mar.19,1913 H-9 58
Hostetler,Anna M.D. Slabach F W May 28,1910 H-7 70
Hostetler,Anna Samuel G. Matta Harshbarger F W July 11,1917 H-10 101
Hostetler,Arlene V. Wm.Herbert Lucy Miller  F W Dec.21,1915 H-10 58
Hostetler,Arthur L. Cleve Lela Yoder M W June 29,1919 H-11 42
Hostetler,Barbara Albert Anna Miller F W June 13,1922 H-11 105
Hostetler,Beatrice E. Eldon M. Opal Davis F W Dec.8,1914 H-10 28
Hostetler,Bessie B. Orla O. Dessie Nelson F W Jan.17,1920 H-11 56
Hostetler,Catherine John F. Clara Miller F W June 16,1913 H-9 66
Hostetler,Cias. S. Perley Rango Mosherman M W Nov.22,1910 H-7 86
Hostetler,Chris Chris Amanda Bontrager M W Dec.30,1912 H-9 51
Hostetler,Christian C.J. Katie E. Hanson M W May 31,1912 H-9 33
Hostetler,Clarence Almon P. Ida Troyer M W Jan.10,1908 H-7 1
Hostetler,Claud M. Monroe J. Katie Miller M W Apr.1,1913 H-9 59
Hostetler,Darrnel Samuel G. Mattie Harshburger M W Dec.29,1918 H-11 31
Hostetler,Edna Willis Elizabeth Yoder F W Aug.15,1916 H-10 79
Hostetler,Elmer Elmer P. Cora Mehl Hostetler  M W Mar.10,1914 H-10 5
Hostetler,Elsie E. John F. Clara Miller F W Aug.6,1910 H-7 78
Hostetler,Emma Levi Malinda F W Feb.22,1913 H-9 55
Hostetler,Florence Fred May Stolebarger F W Aug.20,1912 H-9 40
Hostetler,Harley D. David Leah Lembright M W Aug.15,1909 H-7 49
Hostetler,Harvey D. David Leah Lembright M W Aug.15,1909 H-7 49
Hostetler,Henriette William Lizzie Yoder F W May 23,1908 H-7 13
Hostetler,Henry Sam Mattie Harsbarger M W Oct.9,1915 H-10 53
Hostetler,Jennie E. Wm. Emma Lantz F W Jan.24,1904 H-5 27
Hostetler,John B. Abe L. Winnie Beaty M W Apr.10,1916 H-10 68
Hostetler,John D. Allen J. Rosa Nelson M W Mar.13,1915 H-10 37
Hostetler,John Samuel Mattie Harshberger  M W Apr.1914 H-10 8
Hostetler,Jos. John J. Katie Bauman M W Oct.5,1907 H-6 37
Hostetler,Katie C. C.D. Katherine F W Aug.9,1911 H-9 9
Hostetler,Kenneth O. Earl Bertha Smith M W Aug.10,1915 H-10 49
Hostetler,Leland O. Early P. Bertha Smith M W Mar.24,1920 H-11 61
Hostetler,Leonard Cleve Lelah Yoder M W Dec.6,1915 H-10 57
Hostetler,Levi Charles Katie Bontragger M W July 4,1919 H-11 43
Hostetler,Lizzie R. Harry J. Mary Weaver F W Sept.23,1908 H-7 23
Hostertler,Lloyd N. Noah J. Lizzie Eash M W Apr.1,1912 H-9 28
Hostetler,Lolita Abraham L. Winnie Beaty F W Oct.9,1909 H-7 54
Hostetler,Mabel F. Sam'l Emma Cripe F W Apr.9,1908 H-7 11
Hostetler,Margaret E. Monroe Kate Miller F W July 13,1908 H-7 17
Hostetler,Martha M. Christ D. Katie Bontrager F W Mar.13,1908 H-7 6
Hostetler,Marjorie R. Fred M. May Iena Stallen Berger F W Dec.19,1914 H-10 29
Hostetler,Mary E. Eldon Opal Davis F W May 20,1909 H-7 43
Hostetler,Mary Sam'l Anna Cripe F W Dec.2,1910 H-7 87
Hostetler,Mary Christian Katie Bontrager F W Sept.14,1915 H-10 51
Hostetler,Menelias C. Christ D. Katherine Bontrager M W Apr.27,1910  H-7 68
Hostetler,Orpha Chas.E. Nora Miller M W Dec.25,1907 H-6 40
Hostetler,Oscar Amos Ida Yoder M W May 13,1909 H-7 44
Hostetler,Paul Sam'l Mattie Hershberger M W Apr.12,1913 H-9 59
Hostetler,Payson Amos Ida Yoder M W Feb.4,1914 H-10 3
Hostetler,Perry Chas.E. Nora Miller M W Apr.1,1910 H-7 67
Hostetler,Ralph Samuel S. Annie Cripe M W Apr.21,1913 H-7 60
Hostetler,Robert G. Willis M. Elizabeth Yoder M W Oct.15,1920 H-11 75
Hostetler,Robert L. Elmer --------- M W Apr.15,1921 H-11 83
Hostetler,Ruth Oscar Fannie Yoder F W July 17,1911 H-9 7
Hostetler,Sopha M. Amos Ida Yoder F W July 20,1918 H-11 20
Hostetler,Susan Tobe Mattie Troyer F W July 19,1921 H-11 89
Hostetler,Tyrus L. Allen J. Rosa P. Nelson M W Oct.16,1911 H-9 14
Hostetler,Veda B. John F. Silva Farver F W Oct.19,1917 H-11 1
Hostetler,Velda S. John Sylvia Farver F W Sept.22,1909 H-7 52
Hostetler,Wilford J. Perley Roenzi Moseman M W July 28,1914 H-10 16
Hostetler,William C. Almond Ida Troyer M W Dec.18,1920 H-11 79
Hostetler --- Jacob Jennie M -- Jan.29,1884 H-2 37
Hostetler --- Steven Martha M -- Mar.4,1884 H-2 39
Hostetler --- Andrew ------- F -- Jan.27,1886 H-2 74
Hostetler --- Uriah Selva Prough M W Aug.27,1886 H-2 90
Hostetler --- Adolphus Electa A. Jones F -- Dec.1,1887 H-2 121
Hostetler --- Henry J. Ida May Boderick F W Mar.18,1888 H-2 128
Hostetler --- A.J. Nanna A. Schrock M W Nov.1,1888 H-2 145
Hostetler --- Jonathan Mary Hostetler M W Apr.24,1889 H-2 155
Hostetler --- Henry J. Ester Baumgardner  M W Jan.3,1891 H-3 36
Hostetler --- Moses Mary F W Jan.12,1891 H-3 36
Hostetler --- David Lambright M W Oct.--,1891 H-3 58
Hostetler --- Christian -------- F W Oct.13,1891 H-3 57
Hostetler --- Gideon --------- M W Mar.--,1892 H-3 68
Hostetler --- Moses H. Anna M W May 5,1892 H-3 74
Hostetler --- Daniel R. Ida Miller M W June 7,1893 H-3 99
Hostetler --- Christian Katie Bontrager M W Sept.27,1893 H-3 112
Hostetler --- Menno Susan Miller M W Nov.15,1894 H-3 130
Hostetler --- Christian D. Katie Bontrager F W Aug.7,1896 H-3 167
Hostetler --- Moses P. Mehl M W Oct.15,1897 H-3 186
Hostetler --- Jos.D. Mary Miller M W Oct.31,1897 H-3 187
Hostetler --- Harry J. Mary Weaver M W Sept.28,1898 H-3 201
Hostetler --- Henry Rhoderick M W Nov.7,1898 H-3 204
Hostetler --- Dan S. Minnie Ringler M W Dec.24,1898 H-3 207
Hostetler --- Meneliss D. Schlabaugh M W May 5,1900 H-3 236
Hostetler --- Rudy Annie Carmes M W May 22,1900 H-4 1
Hostetler --- Emanuel Susan Yoder F W June 6,1900 H-4 1
Hostetler --- (t) Adam Emma Cripe M W June 23,1900 H-3 237
Hostetler --- (t) Adam Emma Cripe M W June 23,1900 H-3 237
Hostetler --- Ira J. Elizabeth Bontrager F W Aug.27,1900 H-4 3
Hostetler --- Sam Cripe M W Sept.27,1900 H-4 4
Hostetler --- Sam P. Lizzie Yoder F W Oct.2,1900 H-4 5
Hostetler --- David Leah Lambright M W Oct.7,1900 H-4 5
Hostetler --- Edward M. Miller M W Aug.10,1901 H-4 13
Hostetler --- C.C. Edna Miller M W Sept.30,1901 H-4 15
Hostetler --- Menno Fannie Barkman F W Jan.25,1902 H-5 2
Hostetler --- Dan S. Minie Ringler F W Apr.5,1902 H-5 5
Hostetler --- Harry Clara Miller F W Apr.18,1902 H-5 5
Hostetler --- David D. Leah Lambright F W May 6,1902 H-5 6
Hostetler --- Monroe Katie Miller F W Sept.21,1902 H-5 11
Hostetler --- Elmer Carrie Melil F W Sept.30,1902 H-5 11
Hostetler --- Moses S. Carrie Mehl M W Oct.12,1902 H-5 12
Hostetler --- (t) Thea Barbara E. M W June 17,1903 H-5 20
Hostetler --- (t) Thea Barbara E. F W June 17,1903 H-5 20
Hostetler --- Oscar Yoder M W Aug.22,1903 H-5 22
Hostetler --- Morris Blough M W Jan.10,1904 H-5 27
Hostetler --- J.F. Clara Miller M W Mar.11,1904 H-5 29
Hostetler --- Meno Fannie Barkeman M W Mar.23,1904 H-5 29
Hostetler --- David D. Leah Lambright M W May 23,1904 H-5 31
Hostetler --- Al Nelson M W May 25,1904 H-5 31
Hostetler --- Chas. Miller M W June 4,1904 H-5 32
Hostetler --- Wm. Lizzie Yoder F W June 21,1904 H-5 32
Hostetler --- Almon P. Ida Troyer M W Nov.15,1904 H-5 37
Hostetler --- Amos Ida Yoder M W Dec.13,1904 H-5 38
Hostetler --- John J. Carrie Miller M W Feb.23,1905 H-6 2
Hostetler --- Elmer Mehl F W Apr.6,1905 H-6 5
Hostetler --- (t) Harry J. Mary Weaver F W Apr.21,1905 H-6 5
Hostetler --- (t) Harry J. Mary Weaver  M W Apr.21,1905 H-6 5
Hostetler --- Noah J. Lizzie Eash M W May 7,1905 H-6 6
Hostetler --- Adam Cripe M W May 26,1905 H-6 6
Hostetler --- David D. Srah Lambright F W June 23,1905 H-6 7
Hostetler --- Aaron Hostetler M W Aug.2,1905 H-6 9
Hostetler --- Stephen Amanda Miller M W Sept.28,1905 H-6 10
Hostetler --- Ira Bontrager F W Oct.14,1905 H-6 11
Hostetler --- Christ D. Katie Bontrager M W Nov.29,1905 H-6 12
Hostetler --- Oscar Fannie Yoder M W Feb.18,1906 H-6 16
Hostetler --- John F. Sylvia Farver F W Feb.28,1906 H-6 16
Hostetler --- Chas. Miller M W Mar.7,1906 H-6 17
Hostetler --- Willis M. Lizzie Yoder F W Apr.28,1906 H-6 18
Hostetler --- Maneline Slabach M W Aug.5,1906 H-6 22
Hostetler --- Almon P. Ida Troyer F W Aug.13,1906 H-6 23
Hostetler --- Meno J. Fannie Bockman M W Oct.10,1906 H-6 25
Hostetler --- Stephen J. Miller F W Dec.1,1906 H-6 27
Hostetler --- E.W. Edna Yoder F W Dec.15,1906 H-6 27
Hostetler --- Christ Slaback M W Dec.25,1906 H-6 27
Hostetler --- John J. Clara Yoder F W Apr.20,1907 H-6 31
Hostetler --- David D. Leah Lambright M W May 7,1907 H-6 32
Hostetler --- Wm.O. Emma Lowe F W July 25,1907 H-6 34
Hostetler --- John J. Clara A. Yoder M W June 1,1908 H-7 15
Hostetler --- A.L. Winnie Beaty F W Nov.12,1908 H-7 27
Hostetler --- John J. Clara Yoder F W May 16,1910 H-7 69
Hostetler --- Jacob S. Caroline Rheinheimer  M W Nov.8,1910 H-7 85
Hostetler --- Jno.J. Katie Bowman F W Mar.12,1911 H-9 96A
Hostetler --- Amos S. Ida Miller F W Oct.28,1912 H-9 46
Hostetler --- David D. Leah Lambright F W June 19,1913 H-9 66
Hostetler --- Albert Anna Miller M W Feb.1,1917 H-10 91
Hostetler --- Dave M. Lydia A. Miller M W Apr.24,1918 H-11 14
Hostetler --- Jacob E. Hochstetler Mary Christner M W Jan.22,1919 H-11 33
Hostetler --- John Sylvia Farver F W July 24,1919 H-11 43
Hostetler --- Harry J. Mary Weaver F W Dec.--,1902 H-5 14
Hostettler,Nedra M. Almon Ida Troyer  F W Aug.6,1913 H-9 69
Hostettler --- Jacob S. Matilda Miller M W Aug.20,1890 H-3 24
Hostettler --- Emanuel M. Susan Yoder F W May 19,1892 H-3 74
Hostettler --- Harry J. Mary Weaver M W July 14,1892 H-3 79
Hostettler --- Adam Emma Cripe M W Dec.22,1892 H-3 88
Hostettler --- Ira J. Elizabeth Bontrager M W Dec.31,1892 H-3 89
Hostettler --- (t) Adam Emma Cripe F W Nov.21,1893 H-3 109
Hostettler --- (t) Adam Emma Cripe M W Nov.21,1893 H-3 109
Hostettler --- Harry J. Mary Weaver M W Nov.26,1893 H-3 111
Hostettler --- David Leah Lambright F W Feb.16,1894 H-3 115
Hostettler --- Moses P. Carrie Mehl M -- Mar.18,1894 H-3 115
Hostettler --- Sam'l S. Anna Cripe F W June 2,1894 H-3 121
Hostettler --- Amos Ida Yoder F W Dec.11,1902 H-5 14
Hostettler --- Amos Hannah M W Apr.--,1891 H-3 44

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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