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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Householder --- David ------- M W Sept.26,1888 H-2 143
Housener,Tillinokahain Henry Sarah Kibler F W May 4,1893 H-3 97
Housener --- Henry Sarah Cibler M W May 17,1895 H-3 140
Hoverstock --- Chas. Alice Lantz M W Dec.9,1902 H-5 14
Hoverstock --- Chas. Alice Lantz M W Dec.20,1906 H-6 27
Hovorter --- Manuel Reamer F W Dec.29,1896 H-3 173
Howard,Hattie Wm.J. Hellen F -- Sept.11,1884 H-2 47
Howard,John Y. Walter Nancy Young M W Apr.20,1914 H-10 9
Howard,Margaret Harvey Myrtle Caton F W Oct.22,1915 H-10 54
Howard,Myrtle S. Walter Nancy Young F W Jan.29,1913 H-9 53
Howard,Paul L. Robert P. Nancy A. Young M W Apr.14,1915 H-10 39
Howard,Ralph Walter Nancy Young M W Apr.15,1911 H-9 98A
Howard --- Wm. Ella Algair M W May 16,1892 H-3 74
Howard --- Walter Nancy Young M W Jan.5,1900 H-3 229
Howard --- James Sarah McBeth M W May 27,1900 H-4 1
Howard --- Oscar P. Ella M. Lamunyou -- W Nov.9,1900 H-4 1
Howard --- Walter P. Nancy G. Young F W May 19,1901 H-4 10
Howard --- Walter P. Nancy A. Young F W Dec.18,1902 H-5 14
Howard --- Walter P. Nancy A. Young M W Feb.23,1904 H-5 28
Howard --- Walter Nancy Young F W Aug.25,1909 H-7 49
Howard --- E.E. Mae Sheets M W June 4,1919 H-11 41
Howe,Albret Henry Mandy Read M W July 1,1889 H-3 2
Howe,Carl O. George A. Bessie Holcomb M W Jan.18,1913 H-9 52
Howe,Ferman John Pearl Siminores M W Feb.6,1908 H-7 4
Howe,Florence A. Roy Byrdena Wehrly F W July 21,1917 H-10 102
Howe,Lawrence R. Leroy Byrdina Wehrly M W Nov.21,1918 H-11 29
Howe,Rob't. W. Albert Neva Wehrly M W Feb.6,1920 H-11 57
Howe,Waunetta B. Albert Neva Wehrley F W Sept.17,1917 H-10 105
Howe --- ------ Amanda Reed F -- Oct.10,1882 H-2 18
Howe --- Henry Amanda M -- Jan.25,1884 H-2 37
Howe --- Henry -------- M -- Feb.4,1886 H-2 76
Howe --- H.J. Manda Howe M W Feb.17,1888 H-2 125
Howe --- John H. Violet Simons M W July 15,1906 H-5 21
Howell,Chas. E. Edward Garnett Mason M W Aug.28,1912 H-9 40
Howley --- William Mary Stutzman F W Aug.27,1904 H-5 34
Howser,Erma L. Geo.R. Nora Zanes F W Aug.11,1908 H-7 20
Howser --- ----- Nora Jones F W Oct.26,1906 H-6 25
Hoydt,Iva E. D.J. Ruth Culp F W Apr.21,1911 H-9 99A
Hoyt --- Andrew Maybe F W Nov.25,1900 H-4 6
Hoyt --- D.T. Ruth M. Culp M W May 1,1904 H-5 31
Hoyt --- D.T. ---- Culp F W Nov.12,1906 H-6 26
Hubbard,Dorothy F. Joseph T. Minnie K. Gilbert F W Mar.16,1916 H-10 66
Huckelberry --- David Minnie Bailey M W May 15,1900 H-3 236
Huckleberry --- David Bailey M W Apr.8,1899 H-3 215
Huckleberry --- D.E. Minnie Bailey M W Dec.14,1902 H-5 14
Huckleberry --- D.E. Minnie Bailey M W Mar.20,1906 H-6 17
Hudson,Chas. Wm. B. Lanora Davis  M W Jan.28,1896 H-3 154
Hudson,David R. Wm. B. LaMora Y.Davis M W Mar.18,1899 H-3 207
Hudson,Helen Wm. B. LaMora G. Davis F W Feb.7,1892 H-3 67
Hudson,James H. William B. Lamora DavisB. M W Aug.27,1897 H-3 183
Hudson,James H. Wm. B. Lamora Davis M W Aug.27,1897 H-1 32
Hudson,Louisa Wm. B. Lamora Davis F W Aug.24,1894 H-3 126
Hudson --- Pleng ----- F -- May 29,1884 H-2 41
Hudson --- Pleney Walker M -- July 13,1887 H-2 115
Hudson --- Wm. B. Lamora Davis F W Feb.29,1892 H-1 17
Hudson --- William B. Lamora Davis F W Aug.24,1894 H-1 26
Hudson --- Wm. B. Lamora Davis F W Jan.28,1896 H-1 29
Huff,Alice E. Arther G. Fern Walter F W Oct.8,1916 H-10 84
Huff,Charles D. Charles Margaret Coney M W Sept.10,1915 H-10 51
Huff,Hattie R. Clarence C. Viola E. Martin F W Nov.14,1910 H-7 85
Huff,Jennie M. Chas Maggie Coney F W Nov.14,1908 H-7 27
Huff,John R. Charles E. Margaret Coney M W Sept.13,1906 H-6 24
Huff,Mary Charles Maggie Coney F W Feb.16,1917 H-10 91
Huff,Mildred D. Charles Maggie Coney F W Aug.26,1911 H-9 9
Huff --- G.W. Lampman M -- June 15,1883 H-2 26
Huff --- G.W. Anna Lampman M W Sept.22,1890 H-3 28
Huff --- Edw'd Ada Piffer F W Mar.20,1905 H-6 3
Huff --- Carmi Viola Martin F W June 15,1906 H-6 20
Huff --- Perry Edith Cyphers M W July 20,1907 H-6 34
Huffman --- ------- Young F W --- ----,1899 H-3 210
Hugh --- Jacob Elira Rhodes M W Aug.17,1890 H-3 23
Hughes,George B. Carl Grace Beach M W Dec.4,1908 H-7 29
Hughes,George B. Carl Grace Beach F W Dec.4,1908 H-8 2
Hughes,James P. Ed Pearl Gephart M W Nov.12,1920 H-11 77
Hughes,Robert W. William Alice Wicker M W Aug.28,1883 H-2 36
Hughes,Wm. Wm. Alice Wicker F W Mar.23,1886 H-2 79
Hughes --- Washington Kime F W Aug.28,1882 H-2 16
Hughes --- Elose Matta Lair M W July 8,1889 H-3 2
Hughs,Hilda Sheredan E. Ella M. Wallace F W July 14,1888 H-2 141
Hulbart --- Frank Esther Thorn M W Mar.19,1900 H-3 234
Hulbert --- John Keightly M W Nov.14,1896 H-3 171
Hulbuit ---- Frank Esther Thorn M W Feb.10,1902 H-5 3
Hull,Gertie E. Clyde Eva Rink F W Feb.4,1909 H-7 34
Hull,Hester J. Schyler Marjory Luce F W Oct.2,1917 H-11 1
Hull,John D. Schuyler Marjorie Luce M W Sept.16,1914 H-10 20
Hull,Vern Clyde Eva Rink M W May 29,1910 H-7 71
Hull,Walter Clyde Eva Rink M W July 30,1915 H-10 47
Hull --- Edward Mary Deeter M -- June 28,1882 H-1 1
Hull --- Edward Mary Deter M -- Oct.31,1887 H-2 119
Hulton,Charlotte Alvin Rebecca Pixley F W Nov.23,1907 H-6 39
Hunn,David S. Marv Fred Effie Summey M W June 12,1914 H-10 13
Hunn,Rachael E. Maro Fred Effie C. Summey F W Aug.13,1916 H-10 78
Hunt --- Chas Leo Simmons M -- Apr.14,1887 H-2 102
Hunt --- Chas S. Leo Simous M W Aug.2,1890 H-1 12
Hunt --- Chas S. Leo Simons M W Aug.2,1890 H-3 25
Hunt --- Harvey Nora Fox F W Oct.4,1891 H-3 56
Hunt --- Henry Nora Fox F W Dec.8,1891 H-3 61
Hunter,Donald J. Abner Nellie Dunafin M W Nov.2,1915 H-10 55
Hunter,Dorotha N. Abner W. Cora Dunithan  F W Dec.17,1908 H-7 31
Hunter,Elinor J. Clayton L. Nina V. Frick F W Dec.15,1916 H-10 87
Hunter,Imogene Lloyd Nina -- W Apr.10,1922 H-11 103
Hunter,Jennie U. William Maud Colwell F W Jan.4,1915 H-10 31
Hunter,Lavanoha Lloyd Nina Frick F W Feb.24,1920 H-11 58
Hunter,Ruth E. William A. Maud G. Cowell F W Sept.4,1912 H-9 41
Hunter,Thomas M. Abner W. Alice Dunithan M W May 30,1918 H-11 16
Hunter --- Frank Streeter M -- May 29,1887 H-2 106
Hunter --- Charles Maggie Luce M W Feb.24,1890 H-3 15
Hunter --- Wm. May M W Sept.--,1891 H-3 55
Hunter --- Frank Alice R.R. Westler F W Oct.27,1891 H-3 57
Hunter --- Frank Etta Westler M W July 6,1895 H-3 144
Hurshburger,Daniel A. Will Malinda Mishler M W Apr.16,1916 H-10 69
Hurshburger,Levi (t) David J. Susie S. Miller M W June 23,1918 H-11 19
Hurshburger,Liddie A. (t) David J. Susie S. Miller  F W June 23,1918 H-11 19
Hurst,James A. Chas. E. Gertie E. Nelson M W Mar.26,1909 H-7 38
Hurst --- Charles Gertie Nelson F W Dec.1,1902 H-5 14
Huser --- Peter Lydia Symby M W Feb.26,1890 H-3 15
Huss,Alice Norman G. Sarah E. Preston F W Mar.29,1882 H-2 5
Huss,Florence L. Ward Minnie Keller F W May 26,1908 H-8 1
Huss,Florence L. Ward Minnie Keller F W May 26,1908 H-7 13
Huss,Iva J. Nelson Sarah J. Stead F W Aug.8,1882 H-2 13
Huss,Ivan Rob't Orville Oma Ann Wort M W Dec.27,1912 H-9 51
Huss,Lewis W. Ward Minnie Keller M W Jan.11,1916 H-10 59
Huss,Morris L. Harry L. Mary Cressler M W Mar.25,1908 H-8 1
Huss,Morris L. Harry L. Mary Cressler M W Mar.25,1908 H-7 7
Huss,Oral Nelson -------- F -- Sept.--.1885 H-2 68
Huss,Roger T. Ward W. Minnie Keller M W Jan.29,1911 H-9 92A
Huss,Vera B. Glen Geo. Stella Horner F W Nov.11,1909 H-7 57
Huss,Willie W. Edwin C. Mineria Galtier M W Apr.20,1882 H-2 7
Huss --- Jacob Emma Feninz F W Apr.14,1889 H-2 156
Huss --- Nelson Sarah Stead F W Sept.23,1890 H-3 24
Huss --- Edgar Carrie E. Deal M W Feb.12,1902 H-5 3
Huss --- Nelson Stead F W June 27,1902 H-5 8
Huss --- ------ Horner M W Feb.15,1905 H-6 2
Huss --- Glen Stella Horner M W Apr.26,1907 H-6 31
Hutcheson --- Epran Martha F -- Mar.16,1884 H-2 40
Hutchins,Eleanor Louis Basil D. Gertrude Dilman F W Feb.27,1922 98
Hutton,Elinor Alvin Rebecca Pirkey F W July 27,1913 H-9 68
Hutton,Marion L. Alvin Nebecca Pixley F W Jan.28,1910 H-7 62
Hutton --- Alvin Rebecca Pixley F W Jan.25,1904 H-5 27
Hutton --- Alva Rebecca Pixley F W Apr.19,1905 H-6 4
Hyman,Margaret L. Ray Orpha Carmean F W Dec.4,1908 H-8 2
Hyman,Margaret L. Ray Orpha Carmean F W Dec.4,1908 H-7 29
Hyre,Elizabeth J. Holly Marme Harshberger F W July 23,1910 H-7 76
Hyre,Juna M. Hallie Magne Harshbarger F W July 13,1912 H-9 36
Hyre --- Holly ----- M W Apr.28,1904 H-5 30
Iananam,John C. John Mary M. Simon M W Jan.2,1919 H-11 32
Ichemerhom --- Jas. A. Mary E. Burton F W Oct.8,1886 H-2 93
Idings,Byron William Addie Sawyer M W Apr.2,1910 H-7 67
Idings --- William Sowyer F W Sept.8,1906 H-6 24
Ihrie,Isabelle Harry Jennie Pearl Hays F W Sept.15,1912 H-9 41
Ihrie,James R. Harry A. Jennie Hayes M W July 6,1910 H-8 6
Ihrie,Lucele Harvie Jennie Pearl Hays F W June 2,1916 H-10 72
Ihrie,Lucile Harry Jennie Pearl Hays F W June 2,1916 H-8 18
Iler --- Jacob ------ F-- Sept.30,1885 H-2 68
Iliff --- Willard Carrie Newman F W Sept.21,1902 H-5 11
Imhoff,Irene David Naomie Slonecker F W June 28,1913 H-9 66
Imhoff --- John A. Hattie Fair F W Oct.2,1901 H-4 15
Iminel --- Jas. Albert Fern Schuraren M W Feb.1,1902 H-5 3
Immel,George M. Moses Evaspade M W Nov.29,1893 H-3 111
Immel,Harrold C.G. Florence Barnard M W July 27,1910 H-7 76
Ingals --- Freeman Fair M W June 24,1904 H-5 32
Ingersoll --- Albert Halsey F W June 10,1898 H-3 197
Inks,Amos Russell Walter Ethel Merriman M W Nov.16,1907 H-6 38
Inks --- George Laura Smith F W July 26,1899 H-3 220
Inks --- George Smith F W Mar.29,1901 H-4 8
Inks --- George Smith F W Oct.3,1903 H-5 24
Inks --- George Louisa Smith F W July 3,1907 H-6 34
Irelan,Donald J. Silas Alfert Emma Pearl Jackson M W Apr.4,1916 H-10 68
Irlan,Perciral W. Silas Albert Emma Frances Jackson M W Oct.31,1911 H-9 13
Irvin,Betha Ellen Pery Dismie Ella Potter F W July 4,1918 H-11 19
Irvins --- Hirim S.A. F -- Sept.28,1883 H-2 30
Irwin,Arthur Deaton Pery Mary Williams M W May 26,1917 H-10 97
Irwin,Goldie V. Perry Didiana Potter F W Sept.13,1912 H-9 41
Irwin,Marcella P. Edward Rosa Stonebarger F W Jan.20,1912 H-9 22
Irwin,Norma D. Perry Didamie E. Smith F W Nov.22,1915 H-10 56
Irwin --- Chester M. Edna M. Kraner M W Nov.1,1915 H-10 55
Isby --- William Julia Hathaway M W Sept.1,1889 H-3 5
Isely --- Fred Nellie Silts F W May 15,1903 H-5 19
Isely --- Wm. Julia Hathaway M W Sept.10,1892 H-1 19
Isely --- Fred Nellie Kilpatrick M W Apr.25,1902 H-5 5
Isely --- Frederick Mille Gilts F W Mar.22,1905 H-6 3
Isely --- Frederick Nelle Gilts F W Sept.8,1907 H-6 36
Ivans,Lydia King Eliza Copenlager F W Oct.5,1910 H-7 82
Ivins --- Hiriam ----- M -- Aug.5,1885 H-2 67
Izenhower,Sam'l H. Martin ----- M W Dec.23,1907 H-6 40

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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