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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Keasey,Hellen I. Arthur J. Cora Alice Lytle F W Feb.6,1914 H-10 3
Keasey,Morris F. James A. Cora Alice Lytle M W Mar.18,1916 H-10 66
Keasey --- C.H. Lida O. Rourke M W Sept.11,1896 H-3 166
Keasey --- Arthur Cora A. Lytle F W Apr.1,1904 H-5 30
Keasey --- Arthur Cora Lytle F W May 22,1906 H-6 19
Keasey --- Arthur J. Cora A. Lytle M W Dec.20,1920 H-11 77
Keasey --- Arthur Keasey Anna Style F W July 7,1895 H-3 147
Keck,Emma Bill Emma ----- F -- Oct.13,1883 H-2 31
Keck,Henry J. Henry J. Maud Mary Field M W Sept.22,1908 H-7 23
Keck,June Eloise William B. Flossy Liebereng F W Feb.28,1920 H-11 58
Keck,Lloyd A. (t) Clyde E. Maud May Fields M W June 29,1911 H-9 4
Keck,Lucile A. (t) Clyde E. Maud May Fields F W June 29,1911 H-9 4
Keck,Wm. Henry Jennie Healy M -- June 12,1883 H-2 27
Keck --- Frank Anna Porter F -- May 17,1884 H-2 42
Keck --- Henry ------ Healy M -- June 2,1886 H-2 85
Keck --- W.M.? Henry Sarah Jane Healy F W Mar.4,1890 H-3 11
Keck --- Edward Mary Reed F W Dec.10,1893 H-3 112
Keckler,Gertha B. Wm. Lilia M. White F W Apr.6,1888 H-2 131
Keckler --- David ----------- F W May 20,1896 H-3 160
Keckler --- David Keckler F W July --,1896 H-3 164
Keefer,Albert Allie Zola Pollock M W July 12,1914 H-10 15
Keefer,Charles R. Alpharus M. Zola May Pollock M W Jan.14,1919 H-11 32
Keefer,David Earl Allie Gola Pollock M W Oct.4,1907 H-6 36
Keefer,Esther M. Allie Zola Pollock F W Jan.22,1912 H-9 22
Keefer,Jane E. Allie Zola Pollock F W Aug.11,1916 H-10 78
Keefer,Marion Allie Zola Pollock F W Dec.10,1909 H-7 59
Keefer,Norma L. Allie M. Zola May Pollock F W July 6,1921 H-11 88
Keefer,Violet Frank Martha Bare F W May 18,1908 H-7 13
Keefus,John Edw'd Edw'd J. Florence E. McKee Apr.17,1909 H-7 40
Keeler,Harriet E. Richard F. Grace E. Conazzi F W July 22,1908 H-7 18
Kefus,Laura Edna Levi Anna Fenzel F W Sept.22,1909 H-7 52
Kegg,Pauline John Laura Raby F W Jan.7,1898 H-1 33
Kegg,Pauline John Laura Raby F W Jan.7,1898 H-3 191
Keigboun ---- Al. Della Beans F W Oct.3,1892 H-3 85
Keim,Donnebel A. Ira Mellon Nora Ramer F W Sept.16,1918 H-11 24
Keim,Harold J. Frank J. Blanche C. Libey M W Sept.30,1912 H-9 43
Keim,Lily D. Andrew Katie Troyer F W Feb.12,1910 H-7 64
Keim --- John Heat Chupp F -- June 27,1887 H-2 110
Keim --- John N. Hattie Chupp M W July 10,1888 H-2 137
Keim --- Jno. W. Hattie Chupp M W Jan.8,1891 H-3 35
Keim --- John W. Hattie Chubb M W Feb.12,1893 H-3 96
Keim --- John Rebecca Zook M W Jan.14,1895 H-3 142
Keim --- John W. Hattie Chupp M W Mar.15,1895 H-3 137
Keim --- Amasa Mary Shrock M W* July 28,1895 H-3 147
Keim --- Alfred Mary Horning F W Jan.5,1899 H-3 209
Keim --- Levi D. Miller F W Apr.1,1899 H-3 214
Keim --- Frank J. Libey F W Jan.19,1903 H-5 15
Keim --- John Mary Wagoner F W Dec.25,1905 H-6 13
Keler --- John Mary B. Ream M -- Apr.12,1887 H-2 105
Kellam,Clyde William Ina Kasebeer M W Jan.24,1908 H-7 2
Keller,Arthur S. Ernest Dunifin M W Nov.28,1919 H-11 52
Keller,Arthur S. Ernest Dunifin M W Nov.28,1919 H-8 26
Keller,Bertha Ernest Alice Dunafin F W Dec.22,1907 H-6 40
Keller,Ellen L. Ernest Alice Dunafin F W Apr.17,1914 H-10 9
Keller,Pearl A. Ernest Alice Dunafin F W Aug.5,1911 H-9 8
Keller --- John Sarah Tillotron F -- Jan.28,1887 H-2 100
Keller --- John Sarah Tillotron F -- Oct.28,1887 H-2 100
Keller --- Cyrus Mary Bigman F W Nov.8,1898 H-3 204
Keller --- G.A. Simonds M W Sept.13,1900 H-4 4
Keller --- Ernest Dunafin M W Apr.1,1904 H-5 30
Keller --- Ernest Alice Dunafin F W Sept.20,1905 H-6 10
Keller --- J.C. Morean Rimmer F W May 28,1916 H-10 71
Kellett,Mary Rob't Myona Rogers F W Nov.7,1912 H-9 47
Kellett --- R.B. --------- M W Feb.12,1892 H-3 66
Kelley --- Morton Emma Miller F W May 3,1903 H-5 19
Kelley,Daniel M. Robert J. Grace McMuller M W June 8,1920 ---- 67
Kelly,J. Philip Ewing M -- Mar.6,1885 H-2 58
Kelly,John Albert Wm. Amanda Gocheneur  M W Mar.18,1915 H-10 36
Kelly,Marion K. Edw'd Emma R. Miller M W Nov.2,1908 H-7 27
Kelly,Paul W. Ralph A. Mauguirite Doll M W Dec.11,1920 H-11 77
Kelly --- Daniel --------- F W Sept.9,1889 H-3 3
Kelly --- Daniel Melina ---- M W July 13,1891 H-3 50
Kelly --- Edward M. Emma Miller F W Aug.12,1895 H-3 148
Kelly --- Dan M. Eliza M. Milliman M W May 12,1898 H-3 196
Kelly --- Ed M. Emma Miller M W Feb.8,1899 H-3 210
Kelly --- Ed M. Eunice Miller M W Feb.8,1899 H-3 210
Kelly --- Daniel M. Eliza Witseman M W Aug.15,1902 H-5 10
Kelsey --- Wm. Mary Berger M W May 4,1890 H-3 18
Kemp --- Tobias Mary Christler M W May 14,1891 H-3 45
Kemp --- John Polly Yoder F W May 19,1896 H-3 160
Kemp --- John ----Yoder M W Nov.19,1898 H-3 207
Kempel,Robert D. Leroy H.Kemper Clemence E Green M W Jan.3,1913  H-9 52
Kenagay --- Rudolph --Love F W Feb.13,1900 H-3 231
Kenagy --- Menno --- Plank M W Jan.12,1888 H-2 130
Kenagy --- Menno Mary Ella Plank M W Mar.31,1894 H-3 117
Kenagy --- ------- --- Plank M W July 18,1897 H-3 182
Kenagy ---(t) Rudolph Hannah Lower F W Mar.15,1902 H-5 4
Kenagy ---(t) Rudolph Hannah Lower M W Mar.15,1902 H-5 4
Kench --- James Anna Atkinson F W Sept.20,1890 H-3 27
Kendall --- Rev. -------- M W Dec.6,1906 H-6 27
Kendel,Arline L. Rela Maude Zeibe M W Feb.15,1919 H-11 35
Kendel,Lanrel R. Riley Maud Zerbe M W July 2,1913 H-9 67
Kendell,Eldon L. Riley Maud B. Zeeb M W Oct.17,1921 H-11 100
Kenedy,Thos. Thos. Nora Friend M -- Feb.20,1885 H-2 56
Kenedy --- Thomas Manora Friend F W Nov.9,1882 H-2 16
Kenedy --- James Quen Bitcher M -- Nov.14,1884 H-2 51
Kenedy --- William ------- M -- Sept.29,1885 H-2 66
Kenedy --- Henry W. Kennedy Jessie Goldie F W Nov.11,1895 H-3 151
Kenel,Larry Joseph Sarah Ann Milber F -- May 13,1883 H-2 24
Kennady --- W.M. Hattie Lovel F -- June 22,1883 H-1 3
Kennedy --- Jas. M. Mary Bitcher F W Oct.20,1886 H-2 94
Kennedy --- James M. Mary V. Bitcher F W Nov.27,1888 H-2 148
Kennedy --- James M. Mary S. Bitcher F W Nov.27,1888 H-1 6
Kennedy --- James M. Mary B. Bitcher F W Dec.3,1890 H-3 33
Kennedy --- James W. Mary V. Beecher F W Dec.7,1893 H-1 24
Kennedy --- James M. Mary V. Beecher F W Dec.7,1893 H-3 111
Kennedy --- Henry Kennedy F W Feb.14,1894 H-3 115
Kennedy --- James H. Mary Beecher M W June 15,1896 H-1 30
Kennedy --- James M. Mary Beecher M W June 15,1896 H-3 163
Kennedy --- Jas. M. Mary Beecher M W Feb.18,1898 H-1 33
Kennedy --- James M. Mary V. Beecher M W Feb.18,1898 H-3 192
Kennedy --- John E. Acelia W. Miller F W Aug.21,1905 H-6 9
Kennedy --- John E. Acelia M. Miller M W Mar.26,1907 H-6 30
Kennison ---- Colfan -- Streeter M W July 8,1896 H-3 164
Kent,Kelsey H. Rollin Hazel Decker M W Apr.4,1912 H-9 28
Kent,Sidney R. Bernis Rose Waskey M W Dec.17,1911 H-9 19
Kent,Stanley R. Rollin Hazel A.Decker M W Oct.5,1913 H-9 75
Kent --- Chas. -- Heidel M W July 2,1907 H-6 34
Kenyon,Jean M. Kenneth Edith Baumbauer F W May 16,1920 H-11 65
Kepler,Verncorrl Ferman Minnie Maybee F W Dec.11,1909 H-7 59
Kepler --- Sal ---Parish M W Mar.11,1888 H-2 130
Kepler --- John Nora ---- F W Oct.22,1902 H-5 12
Kepler --- Ferm Minnie P. Maybie F W Feb.28,1907 H-6 29
Keplinger,Carl D. Raymond Anna Brown M W Feb.26,1920 H-8 27
Keplinger,Carl D. Raymond Anna Brown M W Feb.26,1920 H-11 59
Keplinger,Fred J. Raymond C. Anna M.Brown F W June 28,1918 H-11 19
Keplinger,Freda J. Raymond C.  Anna M.Brown F W June 28,1918 H-8 23
Keplinger --- Chas. Clara Swihart M W June 13,1897 H-3 180
Kern,Celela Ruth Sherm Grace Peck F W Apr.11,1915 H-10 39
Kern,Darwin William S. Grace Peck M W Feb.20,1919 H-11 35
Kern,Helen A. Sherman Grace Peck F W Oct.25,1911 H-9 15
Kern,Inoa Peck Wm. Sherman Grace Peck F W Sept.2,1909 H-7 51
Kern,Milbert Wm. Sherman Grace Peck -- W Feb.19,1921 H-11 80
Kern,Therman W. Sherman Grace Edith Peck M W Mar.25,1917 H-10 94
Kern --- George Mary S. Lamson F -- Apr.11,1887 H-2 102
Kern --- Geo. Mary S. Lamson F W June 7,1888 H-2 135
Kern --- Geo. Mary S. Lamson F W June 7,1888 H-1 5
Kern --- George Mate Lamson F W May 9,1890 H-1 11
Kern --- Geo. Mattie Lamson F W May 9,1890 H-3 19
Kern --- W. Sherman Grace Peck F W Feb.2,1902 H-5 3
Kern --- William Grace Peck F W Aug.19,1905 H-6 9
Kern --- Wm. Sherman Grace Peck F W Aug.29,1913 H-9 71
Kerns,Wm. Elmer Wm. Sherman Grace Peck M W Nov.18,1900 H-4 6
Kerns --- Sherman Grace Peck M W July 7,1903 H-5 21
Kerns --- William Grace Peck F W Sept.19,1907 H-6 36
Kerr --- David S. Clara Schoonover F W Apr.23,1887 H-2 104
Kerr --- Harry Ella Kromer M W Dec.9,1893 H-3 110
Kerr --- H.A. -------- M W July 8,1897 H-3 181
Kerr --- H.A. Cromer M W July 8,1897 H-1 32
Kesey --- Ezra ----- F -- Apr.7,1883 H-2 23
Kesler --- Geo. Kessler Elia Brown M W May 16,1905 H-6 6
Keyes,Dale W. Harvey Myrtle Whitmore M W May 26,1921 H-11 85
Keyes,Lawrence Newton Libbie DeHaven M W Dec.2,1908 H-7 30
Keyes,Max H. Harvey Myrtle Whitmore M W Apr.14,1912 H-9 29
Keyes,Maxine Harvey Myrtle Whitmore F W July 26,1913 H-9 68
Keyes,Oscar Hiram Mary Newton M -- Feb.14,1883 H-2 20
Keyes --- Newton F. Sarah E. DeHrevin M W Apr.19,1892 H-3 72
Keyes --- Newton DeHaven F W June 23,1894 H-3 120
Keyes --- Newton Sarah Keyes F W Feb.17,1899 H-3 210
Keyes --- N. DeHaven F W June --,1904 H-5 32
Keyser,Bessie R. Oscar Mellie Killian F W Jan.14,1912 H-9 21
Keyser,Leo G. Jesse Ethel Finegan M W Mar.5,1912 H-9 28
Keyser,Leroy W. Oscar Mellie Killian M W Dec.10,1913 H-9 79

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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