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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
L------ --- Frank A. Lizzie Matts M W Aug.6,1898 H-3 200
L------ --- Franklin A. Lizzie Matts M W Aug.6,1898 H-1 34
Labere --- Leu Sarah J. M W Dec.1?,???1 H-3 62
Lacey,Mary Maud L. Vincent C. Winifred M.F. Cole  F W May 24,19?? H-9 64
Lafe --- Frank Christina Yoder M W Aug.27,1901 H-4 13
Laferty --- Perry Jessie N. Skinner M W Oct.15,1891 H-3 57
Laisure,Charles Arle Daisy Runyon M W June 16,1911 H-9 4
Lambert,Doris L. Melvin Henrietta C. Jones F W July 19,1914 H-10 15
Lambert,Gabriel Hugh Leona Keckler M W Feb.9,1918 H-11 10
Lambert,Goldie M. Hugh Leola Keckler F W Dec.28,1912 H-9 51
Lambert,Thomas Hugh Leoera Keckler M W May 9,1920 H-11 65
Lambert,Willard L. Hugh Lesta Keckler M W June 30,1915 H-10 45
Lambert --- Ed ------- F W June 12,1906 H-6 20
Lambrigh,Harold R. Adolph E. Emma Shuman  M W Jan.29,1899 H-3 209
Lambright,Alvin Valentine Sydian Miller M W May 10,1913 H-9 62
Lambright,Alvin L. Fred M. Mabel E. Miller M W Aug.6,1919 H-11 46
Lambright,Amos J. Jacob V. Lizzie I. Miller M W Jan.13,1915 H-10 32
Lambright,Augusta M. William Hambright Emma Grant F W Dec.25,1907 H-6 40
Lambright,Clarence Mike Susana Yoder M W June 14,1913 H-9 65
Lambright,Clemice J. Jacob V. Lizzie Miller M W Oct.2,1912 H-9 43
Lambright,Dorothy P. Alvin Martha Moore F W Mar.2,1908 H-7 6
Lambright,Elizabeth Valentine V. Mary E. Yoder F W Aug.26,1920 H-11 71
Lambright,Elsie Jacob J. Fanny Yoder F W Nov.18,1915 H-10 56
Lambright,Emma Jacob V. Lizzie Miller F W Jan.3,1917 H-10 91
Lambright,Ernest Joe Barbara Hostetler M W July 10,1919 H-11 43
Lambright,Freeman Jacob J. Fanny Yoder M W Mar.21,1919 H-11 37
Lambright,Gean Michael Susan Yoder F W June 28,1911 H-9 4
Lambright,Harvey J. John Ada Lelhman M W May 20,1921 H-11 87
Lambright,Harvey V. Valentine V. Lydia Miller M W Sept.17,1914 H-10 21
Lambright,Herald Mike Susan Yoder M W May 3,1916 H-10 70
Lambright,Irvin John Ada May Lehman M W Feb.21,1919 H-11 35
Lambright,James Alvin E. Martha Ann Moore M W June 13,1916 H-10 72
Lambright,Joni V. V.V. Lydian Miller M W Apr.16,1917 H-10 95
Lambright,Leon Adolph E. Emma Sherman M W Apr.12,1903 H-5 18
Lambright,Leis Adolph E. Emma Sherman F W Apr.12,1903 H-5 18
Lambright,Lester Joe Barbara Hostetler M W June 15,1918 H-11 18
Lambright,Lucile Valentine Lydia Miller F W Mar.6,1912 H-9 26
Lambright,Milton J. Jacob Fanny Yoder M W Jan.9,1909 H-7 32
Lambright,Orley H. Harvey V. Lucy Beachy M W Oct.24,1912 H-9 46
Lambright,Orpha Jacob Lizzie Miller F W Aug.12,1916 H-10 78
Lambright,Ruth J. Alvin Martha Moore F W May 22,1914 H-10 11
Lambright,Ruth L. Alvin Martha Moore F W May 22,1914 H-10 11
Lambright,Ruth W. Jacob Fannie Yoder F W Aug.24,1912 H-9 40
Lambright --- Jacob Cynthia Gushwa F W May 4,1882 H-2 6
Lambright --- Valentine Elizabeth Miller M W Mar.2,1891 H-3 39
Lambright --- A. Christren F W May 31,1891 H-3 46
Lambright --- Adolph Emma Shuman F W July 6,1892 H-3 78
Lambright --- Valentine ---Millir F W Feb.7,1893 H-3 93
Lambright --- Adolph Emma E. Shuman F W May 2,1894 H-3 120
Lambright --- Michael Susan Yoder -- W Nov.5,1898 H-3 207
Lambright --- Valentine J. Elizabeth Miller M W Dec.23,1899 H-3 227
Lambright --- Michael --- Yoder M W July 1,1900 H-4 2
Lambright --- Adolph Emma Sherman M W Jan.24,1901 H-4 4
Lambright --- Jacob Fannie Yoder M W Dec.21,1901 H-4 18
Lambright --- Michael Susan Yoder F W May 20,1902 H-5 6
Lambright --- Jacob --- Yoder F W Feb.18,1904 H-5 28
Lambright --- Michael --- Yoder F W Oct.31,1904 H-5 36
Lambright --- Jacob Fanny Yoder M W Nov.4,1905 H-6 12
Lambright --- Michael Susan Yoder M W June 3,1906 H-6 20
Lambright --- Glen ---Moore M W Dec.24,1906 H-6 27
Lambright --- Amos J. Susan Miller F W May 5,1907 H-6 33
Lambright --- Jacob Fanny Yoder F W June 17,1907 H-6 33
Lambright --- Jacob Susan Yoder F W Apr.30,1911 H-9 100A
Laming,Gerald K. John Lydia Grundrum M W Oct.4,1915 H-10 52
Laming,James L. Chester L. Emma Proctor M W Aug.31,1908 H-7 21
Laming,Wm.T. John H. Lydia Belle Gunbeam M W Mar.6,1914 H-10 5
Laming --- C.Roy Emma Procton F W Jan.14,1907 H-6 28
Lamphon --- Geo. ------- F -- Feb.15,1885 H-2 55
Lamphire,Charlie B. ------ Bernice Lamphire M W Dec.13,1905 H-6 13
Lamphire --- Geo. McLain M W Apr.17,1887 H-2 104
Lamphire --- Geo.W. Mercy McLain M W July 31,1890 H-3 22
Lampman,C.C. Festus D. Mary E. Hubbard  F W Dec.18,1889 H-3 10
Lampman,Earl Herman W. ------- M W Nov.16,1908 H-7 28
Lampman,Earl Herman W. --Bingham  M W Nov.16,1908 H-8 2
Lampman,Elmira Herman Lulu May Bingham  F W July 29,1912 H-9 38
Lampman,Elmira Herman Lulu May Bingham  F W July 29,1912 H-8 10
Lampman,F.A. Lestus Mary Huffard -- -- Aug.1,1886 H-2 89
Lampman --- Orpheus E. Mary E. Woodworth M W Feb.23,1889 H-2 153
Lampman --- Orphens A. Mary E. Woodworth M W Feb.23,1889 H-1 6
Lampman --- Byran A. Mary S. Storegh F W July 5,1889 H-3 5
Lampman --- Byron A. Mary S. Storegh F W Dec.13,1890 H-3 32
Lampman --- Oat Mary E. ?oodworth F W Oct.30,1893 H-3 110
Lampman --- O.A. Mary E. ?oodworth F W Oct.30,1893 H-1 24
Lampman --- Orphens A. Mary E. Woodworth F W Feb.22,1899 H-1 35
Lamson --- E.F. Amanda Hall F W Feb.27,1888 H-2 128
Lamson,John W. Eugene ???ie Anderson  M W Oct.15,1885 H-2 69
Lamson ??????? ??????? Nellie Anderson M W Mar.24,1907 H-6 30
La??? ????? ??????? Amanda E.Hall F W Feb.27,1888 H-2 138
Lamson ---- ?.?. Amanda F.Hall F W Feb.27,1888 H-1 4
LaMuniou --- Cornelius Dorcas Hoover  M W Mar.5,1882 H-2 2
Lamunyon --- Cornelius Dorcas F. Hoover  M W Feb.10,1891 H-3 38
LaMunyon --- Sherman D. Tirzah A. Stetler F W Sept.3,1900 H-4 4
Lance,Edith William Sarah Troyer F W Mar.5,1916 H-10 65
Lance,Leon E. Russell W. Ada Alice Hoyt  M W Mar.25,1920 H-11 60
Landes --- Benj. Ella Frost M -- July 1,1886 H-2 87
Landes --- Ben F. Ella Nelson M W Oct.13,1890 H-3 30
Landes --- Ben Ella Eash M W June 30,1892 H-3 76
Landis --- H. Ella Yoder M W June 28,1900 H-4 1
Lane,Loraine D.* Hiram F. Manda M. Dunkle F W Apr.21,1917 H-10 96
Lane,Mary Ellen Hiram F. Mandy M. Dunkle F W Jan.9,1915 H-10 31
Lane,Theo F. Martin V.B. Rosa Woodard F W Mar.30,1905 H-6 6
Laned,Edra L. Scott H. Laner Mary Marshall F W Jan.22,1914 H-10 2
Langhlin,Leonard Chas. Nellie Rossman M W July 31,1907 H-6 34
Lanker,Gordon R. Rolla B. Florence E. Smith  M W Apr.25,1915 H-10 40
Lanning,Donald V. Delbert E. Olive Frock M W Mar.9,1914 H-10 5-
Lantz,Catherine E. Ephraine Lizzie Kruss F W June 1,1908 H-7 15
Lantz,Frances L. Joseph F. Ethel G. Pontins-  F W Mar.30,1911 H-9 97A
Lantz,Glydas E. Jas. F. E. Grace Pontins  F W Aug.10,1909 H-7 49
Lantz,Ira L. Enos Clara Yoder M W Sept.22,1921 H-11 93
Lantz,Irene Aaron Clara Miller F W Oct.2,1909 H-7 56
Lantz,Katy May Aaron Minnie E. Menewark F W Apr.19,1914 H-10 9
Lantz,Robert C. Aaron Minnie E. Maneweck M W Feb.13,1912 H-9 24
Lantz,Truman L. Ezra Iva Troyer M W Jan.11,1921 H-11 79
Lantz --- Philip Schrock M W Mar.27,1891 H-3 40
Lantz --- Philip Barbara Schrock M W June 30,1893 H-3 99
Lantz --- Samuel Anna Yoder F W Dec.19,1895 H-3 150
Lantz --- Philip Barbara Schrock M W Dec.27,1895 H-3 149
Lantz --- Samuel Anna Yoder M W July 24,1899 H-3 219
Lantz --- David Ann Zook F W July 20,1903 H-5 21
Lantz --- Jesse Hattie Stroman M W Jan.28,1907 H-6 28
Lantz --- David Ann Zook F W Aug.14,1907 H-6 35
Lantz --- Enos Clara Yoder M W Sept.22,1921 H-11 91
Lapham --- Fred -------- F W Mar.2,1892 H-3 68
Laramer,Janis R. Ray Helen Shank F W Oct.31,1919 H-11 50
Large,Byron Geo. N.K. Mattie E. Hart M W Mar.10,1906 H-6 17
Large,Charles F. Henry C. Mabel I. Laughlin M W Oct.2,1912 H-9 43
Large,Ella Calvin --------- F -- Jan.5,1886 H-2 74
Large,Joseph Joseph Katherine Hast M W May 31,1890 H-3 18
Large,Margariete Henry C. Mabel G. Laughlin F W Mar.25,1908 H-7 7
Large,Paul E. Henry C. Mabel I. Laughlin M W July 17,1910 H-7 76
Large,Robert L. Henry C. Mabel I. Laughlin M W Mar.14,1917 H-10 93
Large --- Samuel Martha -- F -- Apr.18,1885 H-2 59
Large --- Jas. H. Avilla Todd M -- May 11,1886 H-2 88
Large --- Joseph Hart M W June 25,1888 H-2 135
Large --- Samuel Grace Davis M W Dec.14,1889 H-1 9
Large --- Ben F. Alice Main M W Sept.11,1890 H-3 24
Large --- Ben F. Alice Main M W Sept.11,1890 H-3 24
Large --- Cal. Mary Hall M W July 26,1891 H-3 50
Large --- Samie Grace Davis F W Jan.19,1892 H-1 17
Large --- Sam'l Grace Davis F W Jan.19,1892 H-3 64
Large --- Joseph Catherine Hart F W Sept.9,1893 H-3 104
Large --- Samuel --- Johnson M W Aug.7,1894 H-1 26
Large --- Samuel Grace Johnson M W Aug.7,1894 H-3 126
Large --- Cal. Mabel Laughlin M W May 26,1898 H-3 196
Large --- Calvin Mabel Howard F W Mar.1,1903 H-5 17
Large --- Calvin Mabel Howard M W Mar.24,1905 H-6 3
Large --- Benj. May --- M W Aug.6,1907 H-6 35
Larimer,Anna L. Weldon Marie Hachett F W Dec.22,1919 H-11 54
Larimer,Millicint M. Cyril Edna Sayles F W July 21,1918 H-11 21
Larimer,Weldin Jas.G. Anna Fennel M W Nov.25,1891 H-3 59
Larimer --- James Annie Fennell F W June 4,1888 H-2 137
Larimer --- James Anna Fennel M W Jan.3,1895 H-3 133
Larimer --- James ------- M W Jan.31,1906 H-6 15
Larimer --- John Mary Helme? F W Feb.19,1888 H-2 129
Larsen,Charles Arle Daisy Runyon M W June 16,1911 H-9 4
Larue,Warren D. James C. Augie Davidson M W May 17,1908 H-7 14
Larue --- James -- Davidson M W Mar.28,1894 H-3 117
Larue --- James Angie Davidson M W Nov.7,1898 H-3 204
Latson,Wilma G. James R. Maud B.S. Graham  F W Oct.27,1907 H-6 37
Latta,Bruce Allen Geo.Augustus Laura Belle Allen M W July 10,1918 H-8 23
Latta,Bruce Allen Geo.Augustus Laura Belle Allen M W July 10,1918 H-11 19
Latta,Kathryn E. Silas H. Verna Mae Snyder F W Oct.25,1914 H-10 24
Latta,Merna R. Silas H. Verna Mae Snyder F W Apr.18,1919 H-11 39
Latta --- Wm. Laura H. Huffman M * Mar.2,1883 H-2 22
Latta --- Jno. -------- F -- Mar.29,1886 H-2 78
Latta --- David M. Kittie A. Kuntz M W Oct.4,1890 H-3 33
Latta --- Jas. Frank Lucy J. Maslet F W Apr.22,1900 H-3 234
Latta --- George A. Laura B. Allen F W Aug.20,1903 H-5 22
Lauce --- Philip Barbara Schrock F W Sept.8,1902 H-5 11
Laughed --- Wm. Mary Fulton M W June 12,1892 H-3 76
Laughlin,Chas. R. Charles Nellie Rossman M W June 8,1914 H-10 13
Laughlin,Ethel Charles Nellie Rossman F W Mar.5,1913 H-9 56
Laughlin,Marie P. Chas Nellie Rossman F W Oct.27,1908 H-7 26
Laughson,Almon Joseph Mary Jane Tulison M W Aug.6,1889 H-3 2
Law,Mabel Edgar Alien Dunathan M W July 7,1901 H-4 13
Law,Wilma May Lewis L. Florence M. Thomas F W Jan.9,1910 H-7 61
Law,Wm. Oscar Mary Williams M -- Feb.18,1883 H-2 21

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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