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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Lobsegir,Herman C. Dan'l Anna M. Burge M W July 19,1915 H-10 47
Lobsiger,Loren Daniel Anna M. Burge M W Nov.17,1912 H-9 48
Lockard --- Dan J. M.H. F W Jan..23,1895 H-3 134
Loetz,William William Lena Berns M W July 31,1909 H-7 48
Lofstedt --- Carl Mildred Irving F W Dec.27,1919 H-11 54
Logrey --- Geo. Olive Williams F W Nov.20,1901 H-4 17
Logrey --- George Olive Williams F W Sept.15,1904 H-5 35
Lombard --- E.P. Kemp M W Feb.5,1906 H-6 16
Londick,John L. Louis Mildred Grubb M W Feb.5,1920 H-11 57
Long --- Wm.H. Lulu B. Feller F W Jan.21,1901 H-4 7
Long,Clarence A. Pias Io Bernice Adams  M W Dec.--,1916 H-10 87
Long,Dorothy D. Troy Leah E. Norris F W June 16,1918 H-11 18
Long,Elizabeth A. William Blanch Aldrich F W June 10,1920 H-11 67
Long,Eloise Ruth Myron G. Mabel L. Horner F W Feb.8,1919 H-11 34
Long,George A.A. Estella Salmon M W Nov.20,1890 H-1 13
Long,George A.A. Estella Salmon M W Nov.20,1890 H-3 29
Long,Goral A. Pins A. S.Adams M W Apr.26,1914 H-10 10
Long,Giles D. Pius S. I.B. Adams M W Dec.30,1912 H-9 51
Long,Kenneth Charles Clara Whitens M W Dec.17,1915 H-10 57
Long,Madola M. Pias Io Bernice Adams F W Jan.9,1911 H-9 91A
Long,Mae Eleene Troy Leah E. Norris F W Feb.21,1920 H-11 58
Long,Marjori Pius Io Adams F W Apr.1,1918 H-11 13
Long,Margaret J. Morton Wm. Kathryn L.Gutelins F W Feb.17,1921 H-11 81
Long,Mary I. Daniel G. Alda Price F W May 2,1908 H-7 12
Long,Mildred O. Pius I. Burnice Adams F W Aug.4,1915 H-10 49
Long,Morse M. Mahlon D. Ruth Fern Myers M W Nov.29,1919 H-11 52
Long,Therman O. Troy Leah Norris M W Apr.13,1921 H-11 83
Long,Wilma Wm. Lulu Feller F W May 7,1907 H-6 32
Long --- Dayton Sabra Stacy M -- Jan.18,1883 H-1 3
Long --- Dayton Sabra Stacy F -- Aug.22,1886 H-2 89
Long --- Dayton H. Sabra S. Stacy M W Feb.6,1858 H-2 124
Long --- Samuel E. Josephine Sleomson F W Sept.8,1890 H-3 26
Long --- Samuel E. Josephine Stevenson F W Sept.9,1890 H-1 12
Long --- Dayton Cabrie Stacy M W May 2,1891 H-3 46
Long --- Sam'l --Johnson M W Nov.--,1892 H-3 86
Long --- Amos Seachrist M W June 5,1895 H-3 141
Long --- Peter Sarah A. Neff F W Dec.15,1896 H-3 172
Long --- John Randel F W May 10,1900 H-3 235
Long --- James A. Hannah Jenkins F W June 7,1901 H-4 10
Long --- Amos Seclirst M W June 24,1901 H-4 19
Long --- Wm.H. Lulu B. Feller F W May 1,1905 H-6 6
Longaker ----- Amos Teal F W Feb.23,1894 H-3 116
Longanecker,Charlie E. Arthur B. May Schell M W Oct.17,1914 H-10 23
Longanecker --- Amos Peal M W Dec.19,1897 H-3 187
Longcor,Lewis E. Eugene Merull Locknder M W Mar.8,1915 H-10 36
Longcor,Mary E. Harley D. Iona Bailey F W Jan.10,1917 H-10 89
Longcor,Ruth Harley Ona Bailey F W Sept.18,1909 H-7 52
Longchor --- Harley Ona Bailey M W May 29,1901 H-4 10
Longenecker,Charles Ed'd Amy Schell M W Oct.12,1914 H-8 14
Longhed --- Wm. Nancy Fulton M W June 12,1892 H-1 18
Longnecker,Tom G. Jacob A. Grossie Newman M W Jan.18,1921 H-11 78
Lony --- Benj. Abuld Hubford M -- May 18,1883 H-2 24
Loomis --- Marion Nellie White M W Sept.10,1890 H-3 26
Loomis --- Marion Nellie Wight M W Sept.12,1895 H-3 146
Loomis --- Marion Nellie Wright M W Sept.16,1900 H-4 4
Lord,Alice Mae Charles L. Sadie E. Richard  F W Dec.1,1914 H-10 28
Lord,Howard W. John Carrie Saunter M W Apr.22,1902 H-5 5
Lotz --- William Lena Burns F W July 2,1904 H-5 33
Lou --- Thos. Theresa Shoemaker F W Feb.16,1888 H-2 129
Louce --- Philip Barbara Schrock F W Sept.8,1902 H-5 11
Lounsbury,Harry Harry D. Nevacla R. Randall M W May 25,1921 H-11 86
Lounsbury --- Marion ------- M W July 30,1895 H-1 28
Lounsbury --- Marion Lounsbury M W July 30,1895 H-3 147
Lounsbury --- F.W. Lilly Nornrich F W Feb.4,1897 H-1 31
Lounsbury --- F.M. Lilly Nimrich F W Feb.4,1897 H-3 174
Lounsbury --- Marion ------- M W Aug.27,1898 H-1 34
Lounsbury --- Marion ------- M W Aug.27,1898 H-3 200
Lounsbury --- Marion ------- F W Jan.23,1900 H-3 233
Lounsbury --- Manor ------- F -- Sept.8,1884 H-2 48
Level,Claudine E. Claude M. Edna M. Carbaugh F W Dec.28,1918 H-11 31
Level,Margaret H. Jay L. Helen E. Ashley F W Oct.8,1915 H-10 53
Levell,Alvin A. Claude M. Edna M. Carbaugh M W Oct.11,1914 H-10 23
Levell,Anna Marie Jay L. Helen Ashley F W Aug.25,1919 H-11 46
Levell,Esther M. Claude M. Edna M. Casbaugh  F W Sept.3,1916 H-10 81
Levell,Grover M. Alvin Emma Fredrick M W Oct.17,1886 H-2 94
Levell,Jay S. A.M. Emma D. Fidrick M W Mar.1,1893 H-3 93
Levell,Kathryn R. Jay L. Helen E. Ashley F W July 3,1918 H-11 19
Levell,Mildred L. Claude M. Edna M. Carbaugh  F W Dec.7,1920 H-11 77
Levell,Ora M. Charlie Mabel Rlingaman M W Jan.25,1917 H-10 90
Levell --- Alvin --------- F -- Sept.12,1885 H-2 66
Levell --- Alvin Emma Lidrick F W June 17,1888 H-2 135
Levell --- Alvin M. Emma D. Fidrick M W Dec.6,1890 H-3 31
Levet --- G.R. Hutchens F -- Nov.29,1883 H-2 34
Levett,Fred R. Samuel B. Hattie Shultz M W FEb.25,1906 H-6 15
Levett --- William H. Clara Bedwell M W Dec.25,1888 H-2 148
Levett --- Samuel ------- M W June 12,1902 H-5 7
Low --- Thos. -------- M -- Nov.17,1885 H-2 72
Lower,David A. Harry Ruth Peck M W Oct.1,1919 H-11 49
Lower,Donald H. Fred H. Leona Alice Hall M W Oct.18,1912 H-9 45
Lower,Enirna E. Stphen Matie Zonker F W Sept.29,1918 H-11 25
Lower,Forest E. Harley Blanche Tritapoo M W Dec.14,1907 H-6 40
Lower,James Harry Ruth Peck M W Oct.23,1920 H-11 76
Lower,Luther R. Forest Alta Prough M W Mar.26,1917 H-10 94
Lower,Norma Vergina Fredrick Leora Charity Hall F W May 30,1916 H-10 71
Lower,Vivian V. Wm.J. Vesta Kimmell F W Dec.23,1910 H-7 88
Lower --- David ----Pfringhst M W Apr.24,1889 H-2 155
Lower --- Alton Clara Routsong M W Feb.3,1891 H-3 38
Lower --- Al. --Routsong F W Oct.12,1892 H-3 85
Lower --- J.David -------- M W Nov.24,1894 H-3 132
Lower --- William --Kimmel F W Sept.15,1901 H-4 14
Luckey --- Jas. ------- F -- Jan.19,1886 H-2 76
Luckey --- Bert --Smith F W Dec.15,1906 H-5 27
Ludwick,Florence Henry Ada Whitmore F W Dec.19,1912 H-9 50
Ludwig --- ------ Carr F W Sept.29,1894 H-3 127
Luin,Emery L. Arthur B. Gladys M. Brochaway  M W Feb.22,1918 H-11 11
Lung,Herold M. Merril Esther Roy M W June 25,1917 H-10 100
Lung,Valna Adell Merritt Esther Roy F W July 23,1915 H-10 47
Lunger --- Hugh -------- M -- Aug.30,1885 H-2 67
Lupold,Leonard L. Cloid Della Weireck M W May 17,1914 H-10 1
Lupold,Leonard L. Clord Della Weireck M W May 17,1914 H-8 13
Lupold --- F. Lizzie Prough M -- Aug.22,1884 H-2 46
Lupold --- Frank Libbie Prough M -- Aug.27,1886 H-2 90
Lutman --- Morton --Shanower M W June 17,1907 H-6 33
Lutz --- Edward Mertie Theell M -- Dec.15,1887 H-2 123
Lutz --- Orville Veasey M W Mar.27,1896 H-3 157
Luxon,Marjorie E. Reno Flossie N. Hoverstock  F W July 15,1913 H-9 68
Lynch,Marion E. Raymond V. Nina C. Evans F W June 1,1911 H-9 3
Lynch,Marion E. Raymond V. Nina C. Evans F W June 1,1911 H-8 7
Lynn,Lloyd Arthur B. Gladys M. Brochaway  M W May 8,1919 H-11 40
Lyons ---- Richard Mabel Neihardt M W Feb.8,1891 H-3 37
Lysher --- Henry ------ M W Aug.3,1898 H-3 200
Lytle,Beatrice C. Frank Lylle Addie Canfield F W Mar.7,1915 H-8 15
Lytle,Beatrice C. Frank C. Addie Canfield F W Mar.7,1915 H-10 36
Lytle,Ennice Ann Albert Sarah H.Antonides F W Feb.6,1915 H-10 34
Lytle,Ira Alvin Frank Addie May Canfield M W Mar.22,1908 H-8 2
Lytle,Ira Alvin Frank Addie May Canfield M W Mar.22,1908 H-7 7
Lytle,James V. Ervin Anna Belle Henson M W May 14,1915 H-10 42
Lytle,Vada M. Albert Hattie Antonides F W July 31,1913 H-9 69
Lytle,Wava Marie Albert Sarah Antonides F W Feb.2,1919 H-11 34
Lytle ---(t) Lexis ------- F -- Jan.31,1886 H-2 75
Lytle ---(t) Lexis ------- F -- Jan.31,1886 H-2 75
Lytle --- John Fisher F -- June 8,1886 H-2 84
Lytle --- John Amanda Fisher M W Nov.23,1898 H-2 147
Lytle --- Frank --- Canfield F W Mar.29,1898 H-2 194
Lytle --- Frank Anna May ---- M W Apr.9,1910 H-7 67
Lytle --- Frank Anna May M W Apr.9,1910 H-8 5

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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