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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Page,Bernice Samuel Lettie Fisher F W Jan.27,1894 H-3 113
Page --- George Amy Sherwood F -- June 12,1887 H-2 106
Paight,John Fred Ella Miller M W Sept.2,1907 H-6 36
Palmer,Emerson E. Lester Sallie Hine- M W Apr.12,1909 H-7 40
Palmer,Henry H. Louis Susan Hershbey M W Apr.18,1889 H-2 155
Palmer--- Louis Susan Hershberger F W Mar.30,1888 H-2 129
Palmer--- John May Gardner M W Sept.30,1889 H-3 2
Palmer--- Aaron Ellen Hand M W Feb.19,1892 H-3 66
Pancake --- Vern Arndt M W July 21,1898 H-3 198
Pancratz --- Edward Florence Shissler M W July 22,1906 H-6 20
Pankratz,Claude Edward Clara Shisler M W Apr.21,1908 H-7 10
Panpinre --- Wm. --------- F W Dec.23,1902 H-5 14
Pant,Albert- Henry Mary Goffney M W Aug.8,1909 H-7 50
Pant,Blanche L. Mark Inza Notestine M W Feb.14,1921 H-11 79
Pant,Frances Susan Henry Mary Goffrey F W May 12,1913 H-9 63
Pant,Freeman Henry S. Mary Kunler M W June 15,1891 H-3 48
Pant,Lettie May Harry Mary Goffrey F W Mar.5,1912 H-9 26
Pant,Margarite Henry S. Mary Gafney F W Aug.13,1917 H-10 104
Pant,Margarite Henry S. Mary Gafner F W Oct.13,1917 H-11 1
Pant,Mary E. Henry Mary Gaffney F W Apr.7,1916 H-10 68
Pant,Mary Maxine Hary S. Mary E.Gaffney F W Apr.5,1919 H-11 38
Pant,Mollie Harry Matie DeBore F W Dec.8,1907 H-6 40
Pant --- Henry Gaffney M W July 31,1899 H-3 220
Pant --- Henry -- ---- F W Sept.15,1901 H-4 14
Pant --- Harry Mary Gaffuey M W Sept.29,1903 H-5 23
Pant --- Harry Gaffney M W Jan.15,1906 H-6 15
Pant --- Henry Mary Gaffney M W Nov.26,1910 H-7 86
Pantis,Ruth Ada Roy Ada McKenzie F W Apr.15,1920 H-11 53
----,----- George E. Mary Pardee --- M W Apr.7,1895 H-3 138
Parham,Marion E. Lyle Howard Nora E. Brown M W Jan.13,1911 H-9 92A
Parham,Rosamond E. Lyle Howard Nora E.Brown F W May 21,1912 H-9 32
Parham --- Chas. -------- M -- Mar.3,1886 H-2 83
Parham --- Charles A. Parham Parker M W Feb.22,1888 H-2 130
Parham --- Chas.A. Rose Parker F W Mar.10,1890 H-3 14
Parham --- Del Rose Parker F W June 14,1892 H-3 77
Parham --- Del Rose Parker F W Dec.31,1894 H-3 131
Parham --- Del Rose Parker M W Feb.16,1898 H-3 192
Parham --- Allen E. Florena A.Troyer M W ---,-,1899 H-3 209
Parham --- Allen Florence Troyer F W July 4,1904 H-5 33
Parham ---(t) Charles A. Rosamond Parker F W May 16,1903 H-5 19
Parham ---(t) Allen Rosamond Parker F W May 16,1903 H-5 19
Parish,Chester A. Cyril A. Ethel L. Oliver M W Sept.2,1915 H-10 51
Parish,Evelyn G. Fred Ormedo Anna May Boyd F W Apr.30,1919 H-11 40
Parish,George Rose E.M. Jennie Mann M -- Jan.14,1885 H-2 54
Parish,Louise M. Cyril A. Ethel L. Oliver F W Feb.26,1914 H-10 4
Parish,Vernal O. Fred Ormedo Anna M. Boyd M W Aug.31,1915 H-10 50
Parish,Vivian M. Fred O. Anna M. Boyd F W May 23,1920 H-11 66
Parish --- E.M. Jennie Mann F -- July 22,1886 H-2 86
Parish --- William Eliza Bair M W Jan.23,1891 H-3 35
Parish --- Frank Gertie Hoagland F W Jan.29,1901 H-4 1
Parker,Agnes Mary Thos.C. Mannine Horning F W Apr.5,1912 H-9 29
Parker,Fred Scott Rena Stellinger M -- June 2,1887 H-2 110
Parker,Helen L. Howard Helen Wooster F W Feb.26,1919 H-11 36
Parker,Paul H. Samuel J. Elnora Young M W Aug.20,1917 H-10 104
Parker --- Chas. Mata Billings M W Feb.1,1883 H-1 3
Parker --- Scott ---- ----- M -- Sept.7,1883 H-2 30
Parker --- Chas.W. Maretta Billings M -- May 28,1886 H-2 88
Parker --- Charle Matie Billings M -- Sept.26,1887 H-2 114
Parker --- Theodore Mary Horning F W Apr.5,1895 H-3 139
Parker --- Theodore Nannie H. F W Apr.17,1899 H-3 214
Parker --- Thomas --- Rice M W July 10,1900 H-4 2
Parker --- Thomas --- Rice M W June 16,1900 H-3 237
Parker --- Logan Cinnie Tritch F W Sept.27,1916 H-10 83
Parkes --- George Celia Newman F W Nov.5,1893 H-3 109
Parkman,Nora D. Ivan Katherine Gurland F W Mar.22,1918 H-11 12
Parks,Cecil A. Robert Minnie Fites M W Sept.17,1911 H-9 12
Parks,Delta W. J. Edwards Leura Greenwalt F W May 31,1886 H-2 87
Parks,Gerald H. Howard Arline Wooster M W Mar.11,1917 H-10 93
Parks --- Eli Clarence Greenwalt F -- Mar.23,1886 H-2 79
Parks --- Elva -- Newhouse M -- Aug.8,1887 H-2 111
Parks --- Elva Newhouse F W Dec.-,1895 H-3 150
Parks --- John Reta Long F W May 23,1905 H-6 6
Parr,Dortha A. Shirley Sylvia Canon F W Feb.14,1912 H-9 24
Parr,John E. Sherly Inez Canon M W June 23,1915 H-10 45
Parr --- Shirley Sylvia Canon M W June 26,1913 H-9 66
Parrish,Evans J. Fred Arneldo Anna May Boyd M W Feb.24,1917 H-10 92
Parrish,Jeane Fred Ormedo Anna May Doyd F W Apr.1,1918 H-11 13
Parrish --- A. -- -- Mann M -- Nov.7,1887 H-2 119
Parrish --- Frank D. Gertrude Houghtand M W July 22,1890 H-3 22
Parrish --- Frank Gertrude Hoagland M W Mar.18,1894 H-3 115
Parrish --- Frank Gertrude Hoagland M W June 21,1895 H-3 141
Parsons --- Jno.Henry Charlotte Butler F W Feb.23,1903 H-5 16
Patent --- Wm.H. Annie Moore M -- Oct.23,1887 H-2 118
Patent --- Wm.H. Sarah A. Moore F W Sept.30,1890 H-3 54
Patten,John A. Alva M. Anna Stiver s -- May 1,1900 H-3 235
Patten,John A. Alva M. Anna Stivers M W May 7,1900 H-3 235
Patten,Mildred I. Archie Nell D. Gaye F W Mar.26,1918 H-11 12
Patten,William Bernard Archie Daisy Gaye M W Nov.24,1911 H-9 17
Patten --- Wm. Anna Moore F W Jan.29,1889 H-2 154
Patten --- William Sarah A. Moore F W Mar.12,1893 H-3 94
Patten --- Alva M. Anna M.Stivers F W June 3,1896 H-3 162
Pattent --- Alva M.Patent Ama B.Stivers F -- Oct.16,1887 H-2 118
Patterson,Frances L. Augus Thomas Cora A.Crawford  F W Dec.10,1912 H-9 49
Patterson,Mildred Jacob Gertie Bowman F W Apr.3,1910 H-7 67
Patterson --- John C.Hupp M W Apr.20,1898 H-3 195
Patterson --- John ----- F W Apr.20,1898 H-3 195
Patterson ---(t) John G. Mary P. Youngs M W June 9,1901 H-4 11
Patterson ---(t) John G. Mary P. Youngs M W June 9,1901 H-4 11
Patton --- Miles Susan Snyder M W Apr.20,1887 H-2 105
Paul,Charles Ferdmand (t) Charles Sylvia Grubb M W July 18,1916 H-10 76
Paul,Robert Henry (t) Charles Sylvia Grubb M W July 18,1916 H-10 76
Paul,Sylvia E. Charles Sylvia N.Grubb F W June 26,1912 H-9 35
Paulus,Maxine Roy Ida McKenzie F W May 24,1918 H-11 16
Paulus,Minnie Roy Mary Cook F W Feb.7,1892 H-3 68
Paulus,Thelma Jane Ray Ida McKenzie F W July 27,1912 H-9 37
Paulus,Wava M. Roy Ida McKenzie F W Sept.16,1909 H-7 53
Paulus --- Harvey ------------- F -- Feb.27,1886 H-2 77
Paulus --- Harry Mary Deil M W Dec.31,1894 H-3 148
Paulus --- Ray D. Ada McKenzie M W Apr.13,1903 H-5 18
Paulus --- Roy Ada McKenzie F W Nov.10,1905 H-6 12
Paxson --- Charles Adura Stultz F W Mar.--,1882 H-1 1

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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