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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Peachie,Maxwell L. Clarence Ella Eash M W Feb.14,1918 H-11 10
Peachy,Willis E. Clarence Ella Eash M W May 4,1921 H-11 86
Peatling --- T.E. Susannah Spangler M W Jan.10,1892 H-3 63
Peck,Grace Chas. Marilda Asher F -- Nov.28,1883 H-2 34
Peck,Katherine Floyd Nettie Miller F W Jan.18,1915 H-10 32
Peck,Wilma John Christina King F W Apr.25,1889 H-2 156
Peck --- John Christiana King F W Aug.5,1882 H-2 16
Peck --- George -- Sarah Hall M W Aug.23,1882 H-2 11
Peck --- George Sarah Hall M W Sept.23,1888 H-2 141
Peck --- Geo.W. Sarah Hall F W Jan.17,1892 H-3 64
Peck --- Geo.W. Sarah Hall F W Jan.17,1892 H-3 64
Peck --- Charles Marilla Asher -- W Mar.23,1893 H-3 94
Peck --- George Sarah Hall F W Aug.28,1893 H-3 105
Peck --- Floyd Nettie Miller M W Sept.23,1904 H-5 35
Peck --- Floyd Mettie Miller M W Dec.24,1906 H-6 27
Peck --- Floyd Nellie Miller -- W Nov.27,1908 H-7 28
Peck --- Floyd Millie Robbins M W May 13,1911 H-9 2
Pegg,Mary E. Ryle W. Mary E. Byrd F W Jan.8,1917 H-10 89
Pelmean,George K. John W. Lulu Deal M W Oct.15,1913 H-9 75
Pence,Carlton F. Arthur L. Maude Kalb M W Dec.3,1920 H-11 77
Pence,Elizabeth William Eloise Leingaman F W June 29,1914 H-10 14
Pence,Fay Willie Alice Chrisman F W Sept.4,1915 H-10 51
Pence,George R. George Sarah ?each M W Oct.25,1902 H-5 12
Pence,Hueston R. Geo.R. Mary L. Boomershine M W Dec.9,1919 H-11 53
Pence,Vernon Willie Alice Klingerman M W Feb.27,1917 H-10 92
Pence--- Melvin H. Amanda Leer M W Nov.16,1891 H-3 60
Pence--- B.S. Gilbert M W July 4,1901 H-4 12
Pence--- Mel -- -- -- -- W Jan.28,1906 H-6 14
Pence--- Bert Gilbert F W July 16,1906 H-6 21
Penix,Catherine A. Guy Bertha May Anderson F W Mar.13,1917 H-10 93
Penn,Marjory H. Chas H. Bessie M. Rising F W Sept.-,1921 H-11 91
Penn,Robert S. Riley W. Ella Baker M W Aug.18,1921 H-11 89
Penrose,Ina M. Ralph -- Della Miller F W May 17,1909 H-7 42
Penrose,Mary Francis Ralph Della Milles F W July 16,1920 H-11 69
Penhose --- Jno. M. Mary E. Rowe M W Aug.20,1891 H-3 51
Penrose --- John -- Rowe F W Aug.5,1893 H-3 105
Perin,Riley Kent Charles H. Bessie M. Rising M W May 31,1920 H-11 60
Perkins,Adena Jno.G. Ella Sidel F W Jan.19,1910 H-7 62
Perkins,Catherine Roy Opal Lovett F W Feb.22,1908 H-7 5
Perkins,Donald C. Clyde Grace S. Kelley M W Nov.9,1907 H-6 38
Perkins,George Roy Opal Lovett M W Mar.20,1917 H-8 20
Perkins,George Roy Opal Lovett M W Mar.20,1917 H-10 93
Perkins,Kenneth H. Jada Matie Howard M W Nov.8,1915 H-10 55
Perkins,Margaret E. Jada Mary Hayward F W July 16,1919 H-11 44
Perkins,Mary Beth Howard Mary Dryer F W Mar.5,1909 H-7 36
Perkins,Mildred G. Clyde Grace Skelly F W Apr.9,1909 H-7 41
Perkins,Ralph W. Clyde Grace Shelly M W Oct.18,1913 H-9 75
Perkins,Virginia M. Warren W. Ruby Reinhart F W Mar.18,1913 H-9 57
Perkins --- Enoch - Rebecca Johnson F W Apr.1,1882 H-2 5
Perkins --- Frank Emma Austin F -- Feb.24,1883 H-2 22
Perkins --- Frank ------- -- F -- May 23,1885 H-2 61
Perkins --- Howard Mary Dryer F W May 30,1899 H-3 217
Perkins --- Wade -- Harding - M W May 23,1901 H-4 10
Perkins --- Howard Mary Dryer M W May 24,1902 H-5 6
Perkins --- Jada Hayward M W Dec.1,1903 H-5 26
Perkins --- Miner -- -- F W Jan.14,1905 H-6 1
Perkins --- Clyde Skelly -- F W Mar.30,1906 H-6 17
Perkins --- Roy Opal Lovett F W May 29,1906 H-6 19
Perkins --- Howard Mary Dryer M W July 28,1906 H-6 20
Perkins --- Minor Ringler M W Apr.13,1907 H-6 31
Perkins --- Jada D. Mary Hayward M W July 2,1907 H-6 34
Perrick,James Chas. Chas.Clayton Carile C. Sieger M W Sept.18,1920 H-11 91
Perry,Lester C. Spencer Clara Wonders M W July 26,1913 H-9 68
Perry --- Milo Mary Weaver M W Sept.27,1890 H-3 25
Perry --- Milo Mary S. Weaver F W Feb.17,1893 H-3 95
Perry --- Loyd Blanche Eastinan F W July 8,1894 H-3 124
Perry --- Mylo Iva M. Lupold F W Oct.3,1897 H-3 185
Perry --- Milo Iva M. Lupold M W Dec.9,1899 H-3 227
Perry --- Milo Iva M. Lupold M W Nov.6,1902 H-5 13
Perry --- Horace Mabel Houser M W May 24,1915 H-10 42

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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