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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Plank,Alden J. Jop. Lizzie Yoder M W Apr.10,1914 H-10 9
Plank,Dyanthe U. Frank Myrtle Alma Harr F W Oct.2,1907 H-6 37
Plank,Evelyn V. Delphes Odella E. Hart F W Mar.9,1915 H-10 36
Plank,Fannie Harvey C. Clara Hogmire F W May 23,1898 H-3 196
Plank,Kenneth L. Orson V. Alice Beck M W Oct.11,1918 H-11 26
Plank,Opal E. Elmer -- Amanda Kropf F W Feb.6,1906 H-6 16
Plank --- Jacob Susan Plank M -- June 4,1883 H-2 26
Plank --- Jno.E. Delila M -- Feb.19,1884 H-2 38
Plank --- Christine Mary M -- Mar.15,1884 H-2 39
Plank --- --- --- M -- Dec.21,1884 H-2 53
Plank --- Mordecai Mary Eash M W Jan.20,1892 H-3 63
Plank --- Chris C. Mary Snellenberger F W Oct.5,1893 H-3 107
Plank --- Dan Mary E. Stinagle F W Dec.5,1893 H-3 111
Plank --- Mort Mary Eash F W Feb.22,1894 H-3 114
---- ----- Eva Plank F W Oct.19,1895 H-3 150
Plank --- M.H. Laura Frazier M W July 25,1898 H-3 199
Plank --- Dell Hart M W Nov.10,1898 H-3 207
Plank --- Chris Snellenberger F W Aug.16,1900 H-4 3
Plank --- Mort Eash M W Oct.21,1900 H-4 6
Plank --- Mort Mary Eash M W May 30,1904 H-5 31
Plank --- Christ Snellenberger F W July 5,1904 H-5 33
Plank --- Elmer -- Krupp F W Dec.7,1904 H-5 38
Plank --- Mort Mary Eash M W Dec.9,1905 H-6 13
Plank --- Mort Mary Eash F W Sept.29,1907 H-6 36
Platt,Leydea E. Henry Phoeba Hays F W Jan.31,1890 H-3 12
Platt,Leydia E. Henry Phoeba Hays F W Jan.31,1890 H-1 10
Platt --- Henry Phoeba Hays F W Nov.14,1883 H-2 33
Platt --- Henry S. Phoeba Hays F W Nov.7,1886 H-2 95
Platts --- John W. Anna Seester F W Jan.5,1890 H-3 10
Platz,Theron David Butts M -- Mar.27,1885 H-2 57
Platz --- David Hattie Butts M W May 9,1890 H-3 16
Platz --- Israel Margaret J. Musser F W Aug.19,1891 H-3 51
Platz --- John Anna Aeister M W Dec.3,1892 H-3 89
Platz --- Niles Letta White F W Oct.8,1897 H-3 188
Plonk,Kenneth H. Delphas Dellretta M. Hart M W Aug.3,1910 H-7 77
Plots,Maybell Jno. Anna Leister F -- Feb.27,1885 H-2 55
Plotts --- John Anne Leister F W Apr.17,1887 H-2 104
Plunk --- Eli Ellen Snow Land F -- Mar.2,1883 H-2 21
Plutz --- Israel ---- ---- F -- Sept.8,1886 H-2 92
Poeoch,Prorb George A. Mary A. Lewis F W Apr.11,1889 H-2 15
Pointer,Carl R.-- Rowan M W Sept.22,1891 H-3 54
Pointer --- William J. Amelia Plank F W Feb.18,1895 H-3 135
Pollock,B.B. Wm. -- -- F -- Dec.5,1885 H-2 73
Pollock,Russel Otis Sarah Bullard M W Sept.4,1901 H-4 14
Pollock --- Otis Sarah Bullard M W Aug.29,1903 H-5 22
Pontius,Floyd A. Ledger Clara E. Cripe M W May 16,1912 H-9 31
Pontius,Mary E. Ledger Day Clara E. Cripe F W Aug.4,1919 H-11 45
Pontius --- Jacob Ellen Cushwa F W Feb.29,1892 H-3 67
Pontius --- Jacob Charlotta M. Cushwa M W Mar.12,1898 H-3 193
Pontius --- Chas. Ella Stiffuer M W Nov.15,1902 H-5 13
Pontius --- Arthur J. Matilda C. Smith M W Mar.19,1911 H-9 96A
Pontius --- Ledger Clara E. Cripe F W Sept.13,1913 H-9 72
Pontues,Jessie I. Ledger Clara E. Cripe F W June 10,1917 H-10 99
Porte,John W. Robert Fower Aelen G. Guthrie M W Apr.16,1915 H-10 39
Porter,Omar G. Floyd Gord Rose M. Wimple M W Oct.25,1916 H-10 84
Porterfield --- R.L. Louise D. Cook F W Apr.7,1900 H-4 2
Portner --- Henry -- Almina Snider F -- Aug.25,1886 H-2 89
Poulsen --- Alfred E. Sarah Gallagher M W June 22,1896 H-3 163
Poulsen --- Alfred E. Sarah G.Allagher M W June 22,1896 H-1 30
Pountious --- Allen Nancy Sisln M W Nov.12,1888 H-2 146
Powell,Albert J. James Sadie Sprener M W July 23,1915 H-10 47
Powell,Elizabeth M. James Sadie Spreuer F W Feb.8,1919 H-11 34
Powell,Helen L. James Sadie Spencer F W Jan.3,1914 H-10 1
Powell,Mare O. James Sadie Powell F W Jan.6,1917 H-10 89
Powell --- Albert Mary -- M W Feb.7,1884 H-2 38
Powell --- Eddie ------- F W Mar.7,1892 H-3 68
Powell --- J.E. Celia O'Dell M W July 13,1893 H-3 106
Powell --- John E. Celia O'Dell M W Jan.18,1900 H-3 230
Powell --- John Etta Reed F W May 8,1900 H-3 236
Powell --- James Sadie Spreuer F W Nov.13,1905 H-6 12
Powell --- James Sadie Spruer F W Dec.30,1910 H-7 89
Power --- Andrew -------- F -- Jan.16,1883 H-2 22
Powers,Angea L. Stewart Livini Diamond F W Apr.24,1919 H-11 39
Powers,Angia L. Stewart Livini Diamond F W Apr.24,1919 H-8 25
Powers,Margereate A.D. Stewart Lanie Deamon F W Aug.17,1920 H-8 28
Powers,Margereate A. Stewart Lanie Dimon F W Aug.17,1920 H-11 71
Powers,Nora M. Kellie Rosie Bryand F W June 18,1913 H-9 66
Powers,Owen Henry Kelly Rosie Bryant M W Feb.15,1915 H-10 34
Powers,Thelma B. Kelly Rosie Bryant F W June 28,1922 H-11 105
Powers --- Otto Frances Hoff M W Sept.29,1894 H-3 128
Poyer --- Homer Rosa Kime M W Jan.15,1888 H-2 144
Poynter,Beulah M. Earl Franklin Mary C. Guin F W Jan.11,1920 H-11 78
Poynter,Charles Walter Benj.Franklin Bertha A. Rush M W Apr.18,1920 H-11 63
Poynter,Florence L. Benjamin F. Bertha A. Rush F W Nov.11,1920 H-11 94
Poynter,Harold E. E. Frank Mary C. Grim M W Sept.11,1914 H-10 20
Poynter,Lloyd E. Clarence Alma O. Bowman M W Feb.14,1910 H-7 61
Poynter,Ruby I. Earl Franklin Mary Catharine Grim F W Aug.11,1917 H-10 103
Poynter,Waneta Lucile Clarence Bert Alma O. Bowman F W Aug.1,1913 H-9 69
Poynter --- Kirby Alice Rowen M W Aug.5,1888 H-2 138
Poynter --- Kirby S. Alice R.Rowan -- W Apr.29,1899 H-3 214
Poynter --- William Millie Plants M W Dec.30,1900 H-4 7
Poynter --- Clarence Bert Almatena Bowman M W Oct.21,1913 H-9 75
Poyser,Frances Charles F. Anna Murray F W Apr.18,1914 H-10 9
Poyser,Murray Chas. Thompson Anna E. Murray M W Oct.31,1910 H-7 84
Poyser --- -------- Anna Kime M W Mar.8,1890 H-3 15
Poyser --- William H. Keim M W Sept.7,1896 H-3 166
Poyser --- Clyde Slaybaugh M W Jan.13,1898 H-3 191
Poyser --- Homer Keim F W Aug.12,1901 H-4 13
Poyser --- Homer Keim F W Jan.11,1903 H-5 15
Poyser --- Chas. Anna Murray M W Sept.4,1903 H-5 23
Poyser --- Homer -------- F W May 15,1907 H-6 32

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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