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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Rheam --- David M. Ranie Carnahan M W Dec.2,1895 H-3 152
Rheinhart --- Augustus Ackerman M W May 14,1901 H-4 10
Rheinhart --- Augustus Ackerman M W Sept.29,1903 H-5 23
Rheinheimer,Samuel Christian Nettie Miller M W Aug.9,1912 H-9 39
Rheinheimer --- Jacob Rachel Sunthenier M W Aug.20,1891 H-3 51
Rheinheimer --- Jacob Rachel Sunthenier M W Dec.14,1892 H-3 89
Rheinheimer --- Christian Nettie C.Miller F W Apr.19,1911 H-9 99A
Rheinheisner,Rachel E. Edward Rheinheineer Rheinhart F W Mar.1,1920 H-11 61
Rheinsmith,Joseph Roy Homer Lola F. Jackson M W Dec.20,1911 H-9 20
Rheinsmith,Olen J. Homer Lola F. Jackson M W June 16,1908 H-7 15
Rheinhart --- Nicholas Ackerman M W Sept.7,1905 H-6 10
Rheinhart,Albert Augustus Minnie Ackerman M W Sept.25,1909 H-7 52
Rhinesmith,Anna Eltas Julia Leishman F W May 9,1894 H-3 120
Rhinesmith,Dortha Charles Bessie Likes F W Oct.14,1915 H-10 53
Rhinesmith --- John K. Martha Hart M W Nov.27,1889 H-2 96
Rhinesmith --- Eli Nancy Sumar M W Nov.22,1894 H-3 130
Rhinesmith --- Eli Sarah Tamon M W June 17,1892 H-3 77
Rhinesmith --- John K. Annie Hart M W June 30,1897 H-3 180
Rhinesmith --- Edward Lavina Rink M W Oct.-,1905 H-6 11
Rhinesmith --- Jno. ------ M -- Aug.15,1885 H-2 67
Rhinismith,Lenvaw M. Homer Ferne Jackson F W Dec.15,1909 H-7 59
Rhedehemel,Robert L. C.F. Bernice Bixler M W June 10,1922 H-11 104
Rhoderick --- Charles Minnie Lantz F W June 21,1894 H-3 122
Rhoderick --- C. Minnie Lantz M W May 12,1896 H-3 161
Rhoderick --- T. Wert M W Aug.10,1897 H-3 183
Rhodes,Margaret M. Lnoy Frances A. Ross F W Feb.17,1914 H-10 4
Rhodes --- Willson S. Urilla Glesaner M -- May 16,1887 H-2 109
Rhodes --- Wilson Orilla Glessinger M -- Mar.14,1889 H-2 154
Rhodes --- Wilson Rilla Glessinger M W Apr.16,1891 H-3 42
Rhodes --- Wilson Rilla Glessuer F W Sept.23,1904 H-5 35
Rhubottom --- Willard D. Mattie Gallop F W Oct.21,1890 H-3 33
Rhule --- Benj. ------ M -- Jan.19,1886 H-2 75
Rhule --- Benjamin Irene Hilbert M W Mar.29,1894 H-3 117
Rhule --- Levi Loloa Nichols F W Mar.4,1895 H-3 136
Rhule --- Levi ------ F W July 17,1897 H-3 182
Rhule --- Ben ------ F W July 18,1899 H-3 222
Rhule --- Levi Veda Nichols F W Aug.1,1899 H-3 224
Rhule --- Levi Veda Nichols F W Aug.7,1899 H-3 224
Rice,Enid R. Gerald Bryon Ruth Pearl Randall F W May 3,1921 H-11 85
Rice,Kathryn E. Charles Verena Keating F W June 29,1922 H-11 105
Rice,Lee Charles Archie L. Lena Shrok M W Sept.26,1919 H-11 48
Rice,Margaret Jane Clarence Edith McDaniel F W Apr.14,1921 H-11 84
Rice,William K. Frank Henry Anna Augusta M W Mar.17,1909 H-7 37
Rice --- Daniel ------- F -- Oct.23,1883 H-2 35
Rice --- Wm. Issabell M -- Feb.6,1884 H-2 38
Rice --- Douglas Catherine Knox F W Feb.18,1887 H-2 99
Rice --- D.D. Etta Drownd F W Feb.22,1889 H-2 153
Rice --- H.A. Jennie Merritt F W Aug.24,1890 H-3 25
Rice --- H.A. Jennie Merritt F W Aug.24,1890 H-1 12
Richan --- Irvine Augusta Richan F W Mar.28,1888 H-2 126
Richan --- Irvine Augusta Vermla F W Mar.28,1888 H-1 4
Richard --- Albert Hessinger M W Aug.4,1899 H-3 224
Richards,Allen D. Frank A. Eleisn Rhenbottm M W Feb.25,1913 H-8 11
Richards,Allen D. Frank A. Elsisen Rhenbottm M W Feb.25,1913 H-9 55
Richards --- Albert Charlotte Fair F W Apr.16,1895 H-3 138
Richardson,Adrian Floyd Henry Zelle Schoonover M W Feb.15,1918 H-11 10
Ridat --- John Augusta M W Nov.7,1896 H-1 30
Ridenbaugh,Margurite P. Chas. Minnie Ramsby F W Nov.13,1913 H-9 77
Rider,Hazel M. Ed. Maud Hole F W July 1,1911 H-9 5
Rider --- Ed. Maud Wygant F W Jan.19,1895 H-3 142
Rider --- Edward Maud Noel M W June 14,1897 H-3 161
Rider --- Edward Maud Wygant F W Jan.2,1899 H-3 208
Rider --- Tod Maud Wygant M W Mar.11,1907 H-6 30
Ridey --- Theo Maud Wygant F W Aug.5,1905 H-6 9
Ridley,Silas F. Hiram Bertha J. Crandall M W Aug.1,1913 H-9 69
Ridley,Wanda V. Walter Addison Lulu M. Harris F W Jan.4,1921 H-11 97
Rife,Harley Jay Franklin Mary Ann Hogmire M -- Mar.11,1883 H-2 21
Rife --- Harley Ida Tillotson F W Feb.8,1901 H-4 7
Riggs,John Peter John P. Edith M. Richard M W Mar.31,1915 H-10 37
Rigsley --- Wm. Laura Jackson M -- June 9,1884 H-2 43
Riley,Harold Otis Otis Lula May Mosire M W Sept.19,1916 H-10 82
Ring --- Frank ------- F W Aug.24,1896 H-3 167
Ringler,Bertha Geo. Bessie Mabel Miller F W Feb.28,1911 H-9 95A
Ringler,Bessie Vivlet Francis Warren Laura H. Sailor F W Apr.26,`9`4 H-10 10
Ringler,Channcey M. Francis M. Laura Sailors M W Jan.22,1916 H-10 80
Ringler,Elna R. Francis Laura Sailor F W Dec.2,1919 H-11 53
Ringler,Eula May George H. Francis Essie Miller F W Feb.19,1919 H-8 25
Ringler,Eula M. George H. Francis Essie Miller F W Feb.19,1919 H-11 36
Ringler,Florence O. John Wesley Ida L. Bristol F W Sept.26,1913 H-9 73
Ringler,Harold W. Francis Laura Sailor M W Feb.19,1911 H-9 95A
Ringler,Melvin C. Francis W. Laura H.Sailors M W May 27,1921 H-11 25
Ringler,Melvin C. Francis W. Laura H.Sailors M W May 27,1921 H-11 25
Ringler,Nela I. Francis W. Laura Sailass F W Nov.15,1917 H-11 3
Ringler,Ralph R. George Bessie Miller M W May 12,1903 H-5 19
Ringler,Ralph R. George Bessie Miller M W May 12,1903 H-5 19
Ringler,Retta Pauline Geo. Essie Miller F W Dec.27,1916 H-10 88
Ringler --- Frank Rachel McClish M W Oct.4,1891 H-3 56
Ringler --- Israel Fannie Miller M W Sept.11,1908 H-7 22
Ringler --- Israel Fannie Miller M W Sept.11,1908 H-7 22
Ringler --- Francis Laura Sailor M W Mar.10,1913 H-9 56
Ringlos,Warren Alexander Troyer M -- Mar 27,1885 H-2 57
Ringley,George N. Lester Ina Jane Kriss -- -- Apr.1,1909 H-7 40
Rink,Charles H. Ray O. Ethel O. Chrisman M W June 30,1918 H-11 19
Rink,Ellen Jacob O. Mamie Rheinsmith F W Apr.9,1910 H-7 67
Rink,Iva Elizabeth David Edna Hite F W July 25,1906 H-7 18
Rink --- David M. Edna Hite M W Mar.27,1906 H-6 17
Rippey,Paul E. Robert O. Mary Wertinger M W Nov.24,1908 H-7 28
Ritter,Icie Ashley Nora Robbins F W Sept.2,1908 H-7 23
Ritter --- Adrian Emma Yoder F W Mar.15,1892 H-3 69
Ritter --- Ashley Rittz Nora Robbins F W Feeb.7,1900 H-3 230
Ritter --- Winfield Kirk M W May 11,1901 H-4 10
Ritter --- Ashley Robbins F W July 10,1903 H-5 21
Ritter --- A.M. Emma Yoder F W Feb.3,1905 H-6 2
Ritz --- Nicholas Christina F -- Apr.20,1885 H-2 60
Ritz --- Nicholas Josephine Troyer F W Sept.22,1888 H-2 147
Ritz --- Nicholas Christina Troyer F W Nov.19,1891 H-3 59
Ritz --- Nicholas Christina Troyer F W Nov.19,1891 H-3 59
Ritz --- Nicholas Christina Troyer F W Aug.27,1898 H-3 199

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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