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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Sink,Beulah B. Elgie Della Holsinger F W Mar.13,1911 H-9 96A
Sink,Paul R. Elgie Della Holsinger M W Oct.19,1917 H-11 1
Sink --- Frank K. Davis M W Oct.12,1899 H-3 225
Sirley,Ralph A. Elmer Shirley Zena Garlets M W Aug.10,1917 H-10 103
Sisson,Duane M. William R. Wave Maxson M W Oct.4,1916 H-10 83
Sisson,Eva R. Wm. Wave Maxin F W Jan.19,1910 H-7 62
Sisson,Gerald E. Will Wava Maxin M W May 3,1911 H-9 1
Sisson,Leo Max William Waiva Maxsen M W Mar.28,1914 H-10 7
Sisson,Wm. John Martha Rose M -- June 25,1886 H-2 87
Sisson --- John H. Martha Rose M W Apr.6,1890 H-3 17
Sisson --- John --- F W Jan.24,1898 H-3 190
Sisson --- John Rose -- F W Oct.13,1901 H-4 15
Sitter --- Frank M. Eva Devlin F W Mar.3,1894 H-1 25
Sitter --- Frank M. Eva Devlin F W Mar.3,1894 H-3 115
Sixby --- Charles Emma --- M W Feb.25,1884 H-2 38
Sixby --- Charles Mary Cally M -- Apr.15,1887 H-2 106
Sixby --- Chas Mary Donnell M W June --,1891 H-3 48
Sixby --- Fred Calloway -- F W July 27,1900 H-4 2
Sixty --- Charles Mary Cobert F W Feb.26,1889 H-2 151
Skinner ---- John Mable Wnizey F W Oct.21,1892 H-3 84
Skinner ---- Orley Carrie Davis F W Dec.25,1896 H-3 172
Skinner ---- John A. Flora M. Miller M W Sept.7,1897 H-3 184
Skinner ---- Orla Carrie Davis F W Sept.22,1898 H-3 202
Slabach,Opal Daniel Katie Yoder F W Jan.20,1908 H-7 2
Slabach --- Jacob --- --- F W May 4,1901 H-4 10
Slabach --- Joseph J. Fannie Miller M W May 26,1904 H-5 31
Slabach --- Jacob J. --- Miller F W Sept.9,1905 H-6 10
Slabach --- Joseph J. Fanny Miller M W July 30,1906 H-6 --
Slabach --- Alener Slabach Miller Bontrager M W Aug.17,1908 H-7 20
Slabach --- James --- Miller F W Oct.27,1904 H-5 36
Slabach --- Dan'l J. ---Yoder M W May 30,1905 H-6 6
Slaback,Menno A. Andrew J. Barbara Miller M W Nov.6,1913 H-9 77
Slabaugh --- Andrew Miller F W Mar.30,1901 H-4 1
Slack,Thelma I. Harley Ernest Mabel Gottschalk F W Apr.9,1920 H-11 62
Slack,Vivian M. Charles Mary Smith F W Oct.23,1909 H-7 55
Slack --- John S. Lelia Farmer M W July 29,1882 H-2 10
Slack --- Jonas Ella Bowen F -- Apr.25,1885 H-2 59
Slack --- Chas.W. Mary Smith M W Feb.18,1892 H-3 67
Slack --- Charles W. Mary Smith M W Sept.16,1893 H-3 106
Slack --- William Mary Welch F W Mar.17,1896 H-3 156
Slagle,Charlotte M. Hubles Franklin Wilma P. Keck F W Aug.18,1916 H-10 79
Slagle,Dorothy I. Guy W. -- Cora B. Holley F W May 14,1911 H-9 100A
Slagle,Marebel T. Jacob Frd'k Josephine M. Taylor F W May 7,1909 H-7 42
Slagle,Maribel T. Jacob Fred'k Josephine M. Taylor F W May 7,1909 H-8 3
Slater,Albert T. Raymond H. Minnie Goodman M W Feb.26,1920 H-11 59
Slater,Martaa Edna Nilson Vern Louise E. Olmstead F W Sept.28,1914 H-10 22
Slater,Mary Ruth Nelson V. Leesa Amstead F W Sept.6,1917 H-10 105
Slater --- Rudolf Sarah Puttney M W Dec.13,1889 H-3 9
Slegle --- Henry ---Smith F W July 31,1882 H-2 10
Sleighbaugh,Mattie Abner Mattie Bontrager F W Aug.8,1914 H-10 17
Slewart --- Charles Bessie Kisler F W July 12,1916 H-8 18
Slick --- Daniel Rosa Hochstetler M W Apr.21,1889 H-2 156
Slippe --- David W. Shipe -- F W June 2,1899 H-3 217
Sloan,Kenneth C. Oscar Hilda Kinnison M W May 15,1915 H-10 42
Smeck --- Frank Zindona Parks F -- June 17,1887 H-2 106
Smeltzey --- Fred G. Susan L. Keim F W Jan.12,1901 H-4 8
Smeltzly --- Fred Susan Keim M W Sept.21,1904 H-5 35
Smith,Agnes Thomas Ada Baker F W Apr.23,1913 H-9 60
Smith,Albert D. William Elizabeth Gardner M W Aug.25,1898 H-3 200
Smith,Albert D. Drusus May Johnson M W June 4,1918 H-11 17
Smith,Albert S. Ralph Reda Bowman M W Aug.9,1914 H-10 19
Smith,Alta I. John Andrew Lillie Murphy F W July 21,1920 H-11 69
Smith,Alton F. Thomas Ida Baker M W Apr.10,1909 H-7 41
Smith,Anna Frank E. Ada U. Henderson F W Apr.26,1888 H-2 132
Smith,Arthur M. Ora H. Genevieve Muniford M W Sept.19,1903 H-5 23
Smith,Beitice M. Thomas Ada Baker F W June 10,1901 H-4 10
Smith,Bessie Rand Doris Fair F W Apr.27,1907 H-6 31
Smith,Birdena A. Wm. Libbie Gardner F W Sept.6,1904 H-5 35
Smith,Carl F. Arthur Cora M. Preston M W Aug.23,1907 H-6 35
Smith,Charles Scott Delle Yoder M W July 30,1911 H-9 7
Smith,Charles A. Scott Della Yoder M W May 18,1916 H-10 70
Smith,Chester R. Drusus A. Sadie M. Johnson M W June 23,1915 H-10 45
Smith,Clarice C. Clyde Edna Edith Cole M W Jan.18,1916 H-10 60
Smith,Claude Ralph Reda Bowman M W Sept.20,1917 H-10 106
Smith,Clifford R. Ralph Reda Bowman M W June 6,1916 H-10 72
Smith,Dale C. John A. Lillie Murphy M W June -,1917 H-10 100
Smith,Donald R. Ernest E. Florence M. Rinehart M W May 18,1917 H-10 97
Smith,Dorthy P. William T. Elizabeth Gordeen F W July 9,1902 H-5 9
Smith,Edith Thos. Eva Vance F W Feb.5,1918 H-11 9
Smith,Edith V. Vern R. Norma B. Imes F W Dec.28,1914 H-10 30
Smith,Elmer E. Courtney Grace Nichols M W Aug.25,1916 H-10 80
Smith,Elsworth Baley Edne Gene M W Apr.2,1920 H-11 84
Smith,Forest L. Elmer Irva Eddy M W Sept.15,1916 H-10 87
Smith,Fred R. Herbert Lillian Fodrea- M W Dec.9,1917 H-11 5
Smith,George H. Vern Norman Eiman M W Oct.3,1913 H-9 75
Smith,Gertrude Jun Gertrude Lung F W Dec.1,1916 H-10 87
Smith,Glenn E. Arthur G. Cora M. Preston M W Oct.7,1911 H-9 14
Smith,Henry Scott Mary Yoder M W June 20,1914 H-10 14
Smith,Herman H. George P. Mary McKibben M W May 21,1903 H-5 19
Smith,Hilda R. Anson Alvena Bowman F W Oct.6,1914 H-10 23
Smith,Howard W. Lawrence Maggie Meroney M W Oct.22,1916 H-10 84
Smith,Hubert H. Hubert H. Verne E. Parrish M W May1,1919 H-11 40
Smith,John Henry James Lulu Strectch M W Oct.2,1916 H-10 83
Smith,Josephine Anson Alvina Bowman F W Nov.8,1912 H-9 47
Smith,Katherine (t) Chas.C. Annie R. White F W Apr.27,1892 H-3 72
Smith,Margaret (t) Chas.C. Annie R. White F W Apr.27,1892 H-3 72
Smith,Kathryn S. Frank J. E.B. Dickerson F W Nov.15,1894 H-3 130
Smith,Katie Jno. Lee -- F W Mar.5,1885 H-2 58
Smith,Keith L. Elmer Irva Eddy M W May 28,1915 H-10 43
Smith,Kenneth C. Clyde Edna E. Cole -- -- Feb.11,1914 H-10 3
Smith,Lenore Chas.H. Margie Selby F W Jan.21,1891 H-3 36
Smith,Leona E. Eugene Mabel Hall F W Aug.21,1904 H-5 34
Smith,Lloyd C. Lawrence M. Maggie M. Meromy M W Mar.6,1915 H-10 36
Smith,Lois Sidney Charlotte Fuller F W July 28,1885 H-2 65
Smith,Lucile Magaret James E. Gretchen I. Lung F W Mar.6,1914 H-10 5
Smith,Mabel L. Lawrence Maggie Meroney F W Apr.8,1918 H-11 15
Smith,Marcus Casius Bessie Cole M W Oct.6,1888 H-2 145
Smith,Margaret V. Clyde Edna E. Cole F W Jan.28,1912 H-9 22
Smith,Margnerite E. Clyde Mary C.Damer F W May 18,1901 H-4 10
Smith,Martha E. Thos.E. Sara Z. Bodle F W Mar.27,1883 H-2 20
Smith,Mary James Gre-- Lung F W Sept.9,1915 H-10 51
Smith,Maud B. J.W. Enna Thompson F W Dec.19,1894 H-3 132
Smith,Norman R. Vern Norma Eiman M W Oct.2,1913 H-9 75
Smith,Paul Fletcher Bertha Keckler M W Sept.13,1908 H-7 23
Smith,Ralph L. Paul Hazel I. Reed M W Jan.26,1920 H-11 56
Smith,Robert P. Gerald Mary H. Misner M W Feb.5,1920 H-11 80
Smith,Roland Ralph Ruby Bowman M W Sept.1,1909 H-7 51
Smith,Stewart O.L. Geneviere Mumford M W May 9,1908 H-7 12
Smith,Virginia A. Hubert Verna E. Parrish F W May 8,1920 H-11 65
Smith,Wayne Elmer Irva Eddy M W Feb.28,1918 H-11 11
Smith,Wilford M. Paul Hazel I. Reed M W Apr.26,1918 H-11 14
Smith,Williama Elmer Ollie Margundrum F W Apr.21,1914 H-10 9
Smith,William Earl William Gardner -- -- Jan.25,1900 H-3 229

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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