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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Strickland,Leon K. Sterling J. Carrie Gordon M W Dec.23,1907 H-6 40
Strickland --- James J. Matilda Retter M W Oct.20,1882 H-2 15
Strickland --- Stirling Carrie Gordon M W Sept.22,1902 H-5 11
Strickland --- Sterling Carrie Gordon M W Apr.16,1905 H-6 5
Stroh,William Emil --------- M W May 15,1902 H-5 6
Stroham,Albert H. Dale Velma Hostetler M W Dec.2,1913 H-9 79
Strohman --- Fred C. Clara D. Thovopon M W May 19,1889 H-1 7
Strohman --- Albert Phorebr Davis F W Feb.21,1890 H-3 10
Strohman --- Fred Clara Thompson F W Sept.29,1890 H-1 12
Strohman --- Fred Clara Thompson F W Sept.29,1890 H-3 26
Strohman --- ----- Adams M W Mar.12,1895 H-3 137
Strohman --- ----- Adams F W Mar.12,1895 H-3 137
Strohman --- Worthy Emerick M W Apr.7,1907 H-6 30
Stroman,Dale V. Albert Phoebe A. David F -- Sept.3,1886 H-2 91
Stroman,Earl C. --- Lena Marie Stroman M W Dec.21,1910 H-8 6
Stroman,Earl C. --- Lena Marie Stroman M W Dec.21,1910 H-7 88
Stroman,Leon V. Dale V. Belinda B. Hostetler M W Nov.11,1908 H-7 27
Stroman,Maxine O. Wothie Celina E. F W Jan.11,1910 H-7 61
Stroman,Maxine O. Wothie Celina Emerick F W Jan.11,1910 H-7 61
Stroman --- Franklin Ida Brown M W May 30,1882 H-2 7
Stroman --- Fred C. Clara D. Thompson M W May 19,1889 H-2 157
Stroup,Floyd R. Owen Leroy Francis L. Klapp M W May 11,1920 H-11 85
Stroup,Frank H. Norman Harvy Nellie Blanchard M W Oct.22,1919 H-11 50
Stroup,Thomas A. M.O. Louisa Crowl M W Aug.12,1890 H-1 12
Stroup --- Delbert Ella Peen M -- Apr.22,1886 H-2 87
Stroup --- M.O. Louise Crowl M W Aug.12,1890 H-3 25
Stroup --- Carmi S. Lida Balyeat F W Mar.22,1900 H-3 233
Strouse --- Wesley Bell F W July 10,1898 H-3 198
Strout,Byron Delbert Ella M -- Feb.13,1884 H-2 38
Strwoman,Dalve V. Albert Phoebe A. Davis F W Sept.3,1886 H-2 91
Stuard,C.R. Jno. --------- M -- Jan.19,1886 H-2 75
Stuart,Gladys L. Ernest Ada Knlm F W Apr.3,1915 H-10 38
Stuart --- Ernest Ada Kuhus M W May 6,1911 H-9 1
Studeman --- Fred Mary Switzer F W Sept.27,1890 H-3 28
Stukey --- Channcy Stuckey Mary Lehmer M W Apr.30,1895 H-3 139
Stukey --- Chanucey D.Stuckey Mary Lehman M W May 19,1898 H-3 196
Stukey --- Chanucey Mary Lehmer M W Sept.5,1903 H-5 23
Stumpg,Glenna M. Ira Pearl M. Bearl M. F W Sept.14,1911 H-9 12
Sturges --- Adrian Carrie Myers M W Mar.20,1904 H-5 29
Sturgis,Charles Frank Rilda Myers M W Jan.11,1909 H-7 32
Sturgis,George Adrian Carrie Myers M W May 23,1910 H-7 70
Sturgis,Harold Frank Rilda Myers M W Aug.4,1911 H-9 8
Sturgis,Ira J. Frank M. Rilda Myers M W June 24,1912 H-9 35
Sturgis --- Jno.A. Lettia Slaskey M -- Nov.18,1882 H-2 18
Sturgis --- J.A. Starkey M -- Aug.30,1886 H-2 91
Sturgis --- Mark Eshelman M W Jan.3,1888 H-2 133
Sturgis --- Frank Mary Bush M W Jan.11,1891 H-3 35
Sturgis --- Cyrus Eshelman F W Apr.4,1892 H-3 72
Sturgis --- Frank Mary Reed F W Apr.12,1892 H-3 72
Sturgis --- Charles Griffen M W Apr.2,1896 H-3 159
Sturgis --- Frank Myers M W Jan.1,1899 H-3 208
Sturgis --- John Oliver M W June 12,1902 H-5 7
Sturgis --- Frank Myers M W Sept.26,1904 H-5 35
Stutesman --- David Sarah Clougston M W Jan.10,1890 H-3 11
Stutsman --- Abraham ------ M -- Aug.14,1885 H-2 67
Stutzman,Ethro W. Solomon Myrtle J. Dea M W Nov.8,1907 H-6 38
Stutzman,Henry H. Harry Sadie Hostetler M W Jan.26,1920 H-11 97
Stutzman,Johnny Omer H. Millie Nisley M W Aug.24,1919 H-11 46
Stutzman,Sarah Joseph Mary Miller F W Apr.22,1917 H-10 96
Stutzman --- Uriah Lavina Miller F W Jan.27,1888 H-2 125
Stutzman --- Uriah Louisa Miller F W Aug.1,1890 H-3 27
Stutzman --- J.J. Lydia Miller F W Aug.17,1893 H-3 102
Stutzman --- Levi J. Lizzie Schrock M W Nov.6,1893 H-3 111
Stutzman --- James Millie Miller F W Aug.1,1907 H-6 35
Stutzman --- Joe Mary Mell F W Nov.26,1918 H-11 29
Sualey --- Joseph Stella Mizner F -- Dec.29,1884 H-2 53
Sullevan,Dorothy M. Wm.H. Dora E. Edwards F W May 6,1918 H-11 15
Sullivan,Arther John T. Eva Wight M W Aug.5,1890 H-3 25
Sullivan,Arther John T. Eva Wight M W Aug.5,1890 H-1 12
Summer --- James Tessie May Acker M W Nov.6,1914 H-10 26
Summers,Don Franklin Frank Earl Susan May Rutam M W Oct.3,1916 H-10 83
Summers,James Roy James E. Tessie May Acker M W Mar.7,1912 H-9 26
Summers,John G. James E. Tessie May Acker M W Aug.22,1913 H-9 71
Summers,Mildred Evelyn Frank Earl Susan M. Butan - - Jan.14,1915 H-10 32
Summey,Clara Jacob Amanda Yoder F Y Sept.24,1914 H-10 21
Summey,Helen Eugene Cora Lantensehblager F W July 25,1913 H-9 66
Summey --- Abram F. Hannah J. Arnodl M W Mar.13,1903 H-5 17
Summey --- Harry A. Laura Kepler F W Oct.27,1906 H-6 25
Summery --- Eugene E. Coral Lentenstager F W Apr.12,1907 H-6 31
Summy,Dorothy E. Eugene E. Cora E. Lauerishlager  F W Nov.24,1919 H-11 51
Sumners,Vere I. James E. Jessie May Acker F W July 12,1909 H-7 47
Sumney --- Abrahane F. Mary Arnold F W Aug.4,1890 H-3 27
Sunny --- A.F. ------- M W Aug.6,1882 H-2 17
Sunteimer --- Joseph E. Ida Stutzman M W Mar.11,1908 H-7 6
Suntheimer,Pauline V. Edward J. Pearl A. Yoder F W Aug.5,1908 H-7 20
Suntheimer,Ruby R. William Laura Ringler F W Nov.20,1907 H-6 39
Suntheimer --- (t) J.E. Ida Stulzman F -- Dec.4,1903 H-5 26
Suntheimer --- (t) J.E. Ida Stulzman F -- Dec.4,1903 H-5 26
Suntheimer --- Wm. Laura Ringler M W Aug.25,1905 H-6 9
Sunthimer,Barbara J. Ira Mabel Fredrick F W Jan.14,1918 H-11 7
Sunthimer --- Joseph Ida Stutzman F W Feb.1,1892 H-3 67
Sunthimer --- J.E. Ida Stutzman F W Feb.6,1894 H-3 115
Sunthimer--- J.E. Ida Stutzman F W Oct.16,1897 H-3 188
Sunthimer --- J.E. Ida Stulzman F W Mar.1,1900 H-3 232
Suntimer --- J.O. Mande Stutzman M W Feb.12,1888 H-2 124
Suntimers --- Joseph -------- F -- Feb. -,1885 H-2 56
Sutherland,Ruth John Emma Johnston F W May 15,1915 H-8 15
Sutherland,Ruth John Emma Johnston F W May 15,1915 H-10 42
Sutton,Bernard H. Charles Bertha Kramer M W Apr.21,1914 H-10 9
Sutton,Bertha Guy -- Beula Barnes F W Sept.13,1910 H-7 80
Sutton,Chas.B. Charles Elsie Briton M W Sept.30,1911 H-9 13
Sutton,Elinor Raymond Bula Bowman F W June 22,1912 H-9 35
Sutton,Ellome Chas. Maud H. Hooper F W Aug.14,1902 H-5 10
Sutton,Eva Bell Guy -- Beulah F W May 6,1914 H-10 11
Sutton,Evylin Raymond L.-- Bula Bowman F W Nov.3,1907 H-6 38
Sutton,Isaac L. Guy -- Beulah Barnes M W Sept.17,1907 H-6 36
Sutton,Jean M. Charles A. Bertha E. Craner F W July 20,1918 H-11 20
Sutton,Kathleen Ray L. Eulah Bowman F W Mar.4,1914 H-10 5
Sutton,Louise M. Guy Beulah Barnes F W Feb.12,1909 H-7 34
Sutton,Paul ----- Bulah Barnes M W Jan.31,1920 H-11 79
Sutton,Robet Wayne Raymond Bula Bowman M W Oct.3,1920 H-11 93
Sutton,Roswell Orville -- Dora Bloom M W Jan.14,1914 H-10 1
Sutton,Wanetta Raymond Bulah Barnes F W May 28,1910 H-7 70
Sutton --- David Anna Ditman F W Oct.28,1882 H-2 16
Sutton C---- Charles Maud Hooper F W Aug.26,1906 H-6 22
Sutton --- Guy Sutton Bulah Barnes M W Feb.3,1916 H-10 62
Sutton --- Guy Beula Barner F W Sept.28,1918 H-11 25

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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