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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Tracey,Earl R. Oliver Vival Randol M W Mar.19,1914 H-10 6
Trarnip --- Fred -- -- M -- Nov.19,1883 H-2 35
Traster,Charles H. H.B. Margaret Gump M W Feb.24,1916 H-10 64
Traugh --- Bitler Hannah Wiler M W Mar.16,1889 H-2 154
Traxler --- Thos. Springer M -- Aug.5,1884 H-2 45
Traxler --- Edward Kimelson F W Mar.21,1892 H-3 68
Traxler --- Edward Kinnison F W Mar.21,1892 H-1 18
Traxler --- Edward Etta L. Kennison M W Feb.1,1896 H-3 154
Traxler --- Edward Etta L. Kennison M W Feb.7,1896 H-1 29
Treat --- Dennis C. -- -- July 22,1886 H-2 87
Treece,Paul William E. Elizabeth H. Vangolder M W Oct.7,1912 H-9 44
Treese --- Henry -- -- M W Oct.24,1895 H-3 151
Treese --- Henry Clark M W Feb.2,1898 H-3 193
Treese --- Henry D. Sadie Clark F W Feb.19,1900 H-3 230
Treese --- Henry Sarah Allman F W June 12,1902 H-5 7
Treltipes --- -- -- Catherine Kunse M W Sept.25,1889 H-3 6
Treusdell --- Melroy Sarah Fisher F W June 24,1893 H-3 99
Trexler,Dan M. George Myrth M. Malone M W Aug.2,1901 H-4 13
Trexler,Madge L. Reuben Rne Huse F W Apr.5,1911 H-9 98A
Trexler,Thyra Reuben Rose Huss F W Oct.19,1908 H-7 25
Trexler --- Ruben Caroline Medscar M -- Nov.13,1883 H-2 34
Trexler --- Reuben Caroline Metzger F W Apr.28,1886 H-2 87
Trexler --- Reuben Caroline Metzker F W Oct.8,1888 H-2 145
Trexler --- Reuben Caroline Metzker F W May 22,1892 H-3 74
Trexler --- Philip Cheler Martha ?. Trexler M W Mar.16,1893 H-3 94
Trexler --- George Myrthe Malone M W Dec.13,1902 H-5 14
Trexler --- Reuben Russ M W Apr.7,1904 H-5 30
Trexler --- Reuben Russ M W Aug.7,1906 H-6 23
Trexler --- Harry Wetzel F W Sept.4,1906 H-6 24
Trexler --- Harry Alta O. Wetzel F W Sept.18,1908 H-7 24
Trexler --- Rheuben Phen Huss F W May 5,1921 H-11 85
Trich --- John Dora Wright M -- Aug.28,1883 H-2 29
Triplett,Zena Robert C. Blanch Cornwall F W Apr.23,1887 H-2 105
Tritch,Thelma E. Elmer Ruth Weaver F W Sept.24,1913 H-9 73
Trittapoo --- Wm. Trump F W Jan.1,1895 H-3 142
Trittapoo --- Amos Katie Swank F W Nov.17,1900 H-4 6
Trittipe,Haskell V. Amos D. Mary C. Swank M W Sept.11,1892 H-3 83
Trittipe,Paul A. Bert Nellie Ramsby M W Oct.27,1914 H-10 24
Trittipe --- Thomas Catherine Kime M W Sept.25,1889 H-1 9
Treetes --- -- -- Greenwalt F W Sept.7,1903 H-5 23
Troup,George Melvin Hannah Strump M W Mar.30,1909 H-7 38
Trowel,Ruth D.W. May Marne F W Apr.29,1903 H-5 30
Trowl --- Deacon Mann M W Apr.18,1900 H-3 234
Trexel,Mary J. Charles Blanch Brush F W Apr.4,1912 H-9 28
Trexel,Mildred B. Charles BlancheBrush F W Feb.25,1909 H-7 35
Trexel,Robert R. Clarence E. Bertha Long M W Oct.2,1905 H-6 11
Trexel,Tom B. Charles Blanch Brush M W Mar.17,1914 H-10 6
Trexel --- Charles Brush F W Aug.31,1899 H-3 221
Trexel --- Charles BlancheBnich F W Oct.6,1906 H-6 25
Trexler,Catherine Clarence E. Bertha Long F W Apr.3,1908 H-7 9
Troyer,Alvin Manasses Elizabeth Hostetler M W Sept.21,1913 H-9 73
Troyer,Anna Mae Noah A. Susan Miller F W Aug.9,1914 H-10 17
Troyer,Anna Adam Fannie Nelson F W Nov.18,1908 H-7 28
Troyer,Annon L. Joas Katie Miller M W Mar.13,1919 H-11 37
Troyer,Doroth Jerry P. Elizabeth Michler F W Mar.28,1912 H-9 27
Troyer,Dorothy M. James M. Ella Miller F W Oct.12,1912 H-9 44
Troyer,Edna Noah A. Susan Miller F W July 1,1910 H-7 75
Troyer,Elnora N. Noah A. Susan Miller F W May 16,1912 H-9 31
Troyer,Emma E. Almon Hostetler Ida Troyer F W July 31,1909 H-7 48
Troyer,Erma Jeptha Oda Troyer F W June 18,1917 H-10 100
Troyer,Esther M. Jerry C. Lizzie Mishler F W Dec.1,1917 H-11 5
Troyer,Eva E. Abram Annie Nelson F W Nov.15,1910 H-7 85
Troyer,Fannie B. Irwin J. Addie M. Miller F W June 3,1910 H-7 72
Troyer,Fanny David E. Katie Yoder F W Sept.3,1909 H-7 51
Troyer,Francis J. Jerry C. Elizabeth Mishler M W Sept.25,1915 H-10 52
Troyer,Francis Noah J. Mary Baer M W Jan.28,1911 H-9 92A
Troyer,Geneveva E. James J. Irva B. Keagy F W Sept.19,1916 H-10 82
Troyer,Inez I. Jerry C. Lizzie Mishler F W July 19,1908 H-7 18
Troyer,James C. Jerry LizzieMishler F W Feb.23,1910 H-7 64
Troyer,Jay S. Calvin W. Matilda Lambright F W Apr.27,1917 H-10 96
Troyer,Joseph E. Adam Fanny B. Nelson M W Apr.20,1918 H-11 14
Troyer,Lena Calvin W. Matilda Lambright F W May 14,1911 H-9 2
Troyer,Lorene D. Amandas J. Janny Schlabach F W Oct.18,1909 H-7 55
Troyer,Mark J. Joseph Bernice Keagy M W Apr.24,1920 H-11 63
Troyer,Marlo C. Cornelius Emma Fawn M W Nov.9,1902 H-5 13
Troyer,Raymond Calvin J. Matilda Lambright M W July 19,1915 H-10 46
Troyer,Ruth Calvin J. Tillie Lambright F W Mar.19,1909 H-7 37
Troyer,Samuel G. Urvin Addie Miller M W July 28,1914 H-10 16
Troyer,Samuel J. James M. Nora Yoder M W Nov.14,1917 H-11 3
Troyer,Sarah Levi S. Savilla Miller F W Oct.12,1902 H-5 12
Troyer,Verne Noah Mary Bare -- W May 3,1919 H-11 40
Troyer --- Corlelius Emma Farver F W Apr.22,1882 H-2 7
Troyer --- A.A. -- -- F W Nov.26,1884 H-2 51
Troyer --- Samuel Fanny -- F W Apr.5,1885 H-2 60
Troyer --- Jerry -- -- M -- Mar.7,1886 H-2 81
Troyer --- John J. Plank M W Dec.16,1886 H-2 97
Troyer --- Albert Sarah East M W Nov.15,1887 H-2 101
Troyer --- Cornelius Emma -- F W Dec.18,1887 H-2 101
Troyer --- Cornelius Emma Farver F W May 2,1889 H-2 158
Troyer --- Jerry Forny Most M W Sept.15,1889 H-3 2
Troyer --- Sam Fanny Eash F W Mar.19,1890 H-3 16
Troyer --- Cornalius Emma Farver F W Dec.3,1891 H-3 62
Troyer --- Jone Ave Harshbarger F W May 27,1892 H-3 74
Troyer --- Peter S. Barbara Troyer M W Aug.19,1893 H-3 105
Troyer --- John4 Sophia Hostettler F W Aug.20,1893 H-3 112
Troyer --- John J. Sophia Hostettler F W May 15,1895 H-3 140
Troyer --- Sam'l E. Fanny Eash -- W Aug.3,1895 H-3 148
Troyer --- C.J. Tillie Lambright M W Oct.11,1895 H-3 149
Troyer --- Cornelius Emma Farver M W Mar.13,1896 H-3 157
Troyer --- Isaac Deal F W Mar.29,1896 H-3 156
Troyer --- John J. Polly Hostetler F W June 29,1897 H-3 180
Troyer --- Cal E. Lambright M W Oct.29,1897 H-3 188
Troyer --- Calvin Matilda Lambright M W Dec.26,1898 H-3 207
Troyer --- John J. Sophia Hostetler F W July 3,1899 H-3 222
Troyer --- Calvin Tillie Lambright M W Mar.17,1900 H-3 234
Troyer --- John Mary A. Troyer F W Apr.13,1900 H-3 235
Troyer --- Jeptha Ada M. Yoder M W July 23,1900 H-4 2
Troyer --- Noah Miller M W Oct.8,1900 H-4 5
Troyer --- Jacob J. Troyer M W Oct.10,1900 H-4 5
Troyer --- Moses J. Fanny Yoder M W Apr.28,1901 H-4 9
Troyer --- Jno J.  Sophia Hostetler M W Sept.4,1901 H-4 14
Troyer --- David E. Katie Yoder M W Sept.16,1901 H-4 14
Troyer --- Jeptha S. Ada M. Yoder M W Dec.17,1901 H-4 18
Troyer --- Noah A. Fannie Hershberger F W Dec.16,1901 H-4 18
Troyer --- Calvin Lambright F W July 12,1902 H-5 9
Troyer --- Jerry M. Eva Mast M W Dec.31,1902 H-5 14
Troyer --- Jacob D. Lizzie - M W Jan.28,1903 H-5 15
Troyer --- Noah A. Miller F W July 13,1903 H-5 21
Troyer --- Noah Hershberger M W Nov.6,1903 H-5 25
Troyer --- John J. Sophie Hostetler M W May 25,1904 H-5 31
Troyer --- Jacob M. Elizabeth Miller F W July 17,1904 H-5 33
Troyer --- Noah Susan Miller F W Apr.30,1905 H-6 5
Troyer --- Allen Ida Levinehart F W Dec.7,1905 H-6 13
Troyer --- Jacob M. Lizzie M.Miller F W Jan.18,1906 H-6 15
Troyer --- John J. Sophie Hostetler F W Mar.3,1906 H-6 17
Troyer --- Isaac Jennie Deal M W Mar.22,1906 H-6 17
Troyer --- Urvan Addie Miller F W May 19,1906 H-6 19
Troyer --- Calvin J. Tillie Lambright M W Feb.5,1907 H-6 29
Troyer --- Noah A. Susan Miller M W Mar.7,1907 H-6 30
Troyer --- Cornelius Emma Furney F W July 30,1907 H-6 34
Troyer --- Adam Fannie Nelson M W Aug.-,1907 H-6 35
Troyer --- Urvan J. Addie Miller F W July 6,1908 H-7 17
Troyer --- David Katie Yoder F W July 24,1908 H-7 18
Troyer --- Noah A. Mary Baer F W Feb.26,1909 H-7 35
Troyer --- Calvin J. Matilda Lambright M W Apr.29,1913 H-9 61
Troyer --- Jeptha F. Eda M. Yoder F W Oct.24,1919 H-24 50
Troyer --- Adam Fannie Nelson F W Apr.19,1920 H-11 64
Troysler --- Charles Granden M W Mar.26,1896 H-3 158

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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