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Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939


These records have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the index. There are many names with different spellings that are obviously the same family, so be sure to check all possible spellings when searching for your lines here.

Child's name  Father's name Mother's maiden name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Yakey,Pauline John Anna Halferty F W Jan.17,1916 H-10 60
Yeager,Lura Etta Wm.E. Mary Ella Dickinson F W Sept.15,1882 H-2 13
Yeager,Pauline John Cora Newhouse F W June 2,1899 H-3 217
Yeager --- Edward -- Kate Myers M W Jan.15,1887 H-2 101
Yeager --- W.E. -- Dickenson -- M -- May 16,1887 H-2 106
Yeager --- John H. Cora Newhouse F W July 30,1895 H-3 144
Yeager --- John Cora Newhouse F W Sept.25,1902 H-5 11
Yeager --- Ezra -- Edna Zook M W Jan.15,1903 H-5 15
Yeager --- John Cora Newhouse F W June 26,1906 H-6 20
Yeager --- Ezra -- -- Zook F W Oct.17,1906 H-6 26
Yeagla --- Jake Ella Crane F -- May 17,1883 H-2 25
Yeagla --- Samuel --- --- M -- Dec.11,1883 H-2 35
Yergan --- Albert Elida Wheeler M W July 2,1894 H-3 144
Yergin --- Wm.S. Sally Keasy M -- July 8,1883 H-2 28
Yergin --- Austin Brown M -- June 14,1884 H-2 42
Yergin --- Austin --- --- F -- Jan.13,1886 H-2 76
Yergin --- Gilbert Minnis Large F -- Apr.29,1886 H-2 81
Yergin --- Albert Mary Oler F W Jan.7,1890 H-3 11
Yergin --- Alfred Susan E.-- M W Nov.--,1891 H-3 58
Yergin --- Austin Minnie Brown M W Dec.20,1891 H-3 62
Yoder,Airie Joseph V. Katie Miller F W Dec.30,1911 H-9 20
Yoder,Alpha Mas.T. Maryann Troyer F W Sept.22,1911 H-9 13
Yoder,Alpha M. Nathan Lizzie Miller F W Jan.29,1912 H-9 22
Yoder,Alvin B. Levi C. Fanny Beechey M W Mar.24,1910 H-7 66
Yoder,Alvin J. John J. Mary H. Miller M W Jan.31,1914 H-10 2
Yoder,Amanda Joseph H. Amanda Yoder F W July 14,1914 H-10 15
Yoder,Amelia Abe.A. Lydia Miller F W Feb.18,1912 H-9 24
Yoder,Amzie T. Tobias V. Mattie Yoder M W July 19,1913 H-9 68
Yoder,Andrew Manassa Mary Bontrager M W Nov.18,1912 H-9 48
Yoder,Andrew A. Amos A. Mattie Troyer M W Oct.3,1912 H-9 43
Yoder,Anna Joas Amanda Yoder F W Apr.17,1913 H-9 60
Yoder,Anna Marjory Oscer Millie Eash F W Aug.5,1916 H-10 80
Yoder,Armanda Enas Loda Robe F W May 20,1918 H-11 25
Yoder,Berdena Dan V. Fanny Yoder F W Sept.29,1918 H-11 25
Yoder,Bernice Henry Mary Wanger F W Mar.3,1912 H-9 26
Yoder,Bernice Perry Nellie Oesch F W Feb.14,1919 H-11 34
Yoder,Carrie Henry H. Mary Wenger F W Feb.26,1917 H-10 92
Yoder,Catherine Daniel K. Maud Bontrager F W Nov.21,1914 H-10 61
Yoder,Catherine I. Simon P. Lizzie Kauffman F W Jan.31,1916 H-10 61
Yoder,Cecil H. Freeman Florence Nelson M W May 3,1909 H-7 42
Yoder,Charles F. Charles Fred  Bertha V. Nelson M W July 22,1917 H-10 102
Yoder,Charlotte Simon P. Lizzie Kauffman F W June 14,1917 H-10 99
Yoder,Chas. F. James Ella Large M W Jan.26,1893 H-3 95
Yoder,Claire I. Ira M. Ethel Martin M W Nov.10,1911 H-9 17
Yoder,Clamen S. Samuel J. Maryann Yoder M W Jan.3,1908 H-7 ?1
Yoder,Clarence A. Andrew S. Abbie A. Troyer M W June 4,1912 H-9 34
Yoder,Clyde James Lee Lizzie Schrock M W Jan.20,1917 H-10 90
Yoder,Clyde Andrew Laura Kauffman M W July 31,1915 H-10 48
Yoder,Daniel L. Menne Sumer Susanna Plank M W Jan.17,1888 H-2 123
Yoder,David A. Andrew S. Abbie Troyer M W Aug.19,1914 H-10 17
Yoder,Dorothy C. Oscar O. Millie Eash F W May 9,1913 H-9 62
Yoder,Edith Eli Emma Plank F W Apr.29,1911 H-9 100A
Yoder,Edna Menno J. Emmand Christner F W Aug.6,1914 H-10 17
Yoder,Edna Monroe Emma Schlabagh F W Oct.19,1919 H-11 50
Yoder,Edna J. Joas H. Amanda Wengard F W Sept.30,1915 H-10 52
Yoder,Elizabeth Enos Emma Haler F W May 10,1915 H-10 41
Yoder,Ella Elnore Andy Martha Miller F W Aug.17,1916 H-10 78
Yoder,Erom L. Charles Millie Moore M W Oct.5,1915 H-10 53
Yoder,Ethel M. Ora E. Orpha Reed F W Oct.6,1917 H-11 1
Yoder,Eeline Clarence Viola Clingerman F W June 30,1913 H-9 35
Yoder,Fanny Enas Lydia Raber F W Dec.28,1916 H-10 88
Yoder,Felix F. Rolland Lillian A. Emerick M W May 13,1913 H-10 63
Yoder,Flora Moses D. Barbara Miller M W Oct.25,1918 H-11 27
Yoder,Florence L. Menno Suns Susanna Plank F W May 19,1892 H-3 75
Yoder,Florence T. Ora E. Orpha Reed F W Dec.17,1913 H-9 80
Yoder,Floyd Levi L. Elizabeth Shrot M W Jan.2,1912 H-9 21
Yoder,Francis I. Edwin Mollie Stutsfus -- -- Jan.7,1914 H-10 1
Yoder,Fred L. Nathaniel Elizabeth Miller M W Mar.31,1908 H-7 8
Yoder,Fred Joseph H. Amanda Sunthimer M W Oct.13,1918 H-11 26
Yoder,Gala H. El D. Sarah Hooley F W Nov.19,1900 H-4 6
Yoder,Garald J. Edwin Mollie Stoltzfus M W Dec.6,1915 H-10 56
Yoder,Gladys M. Oscar Nellie Eash F W Aug.23,1919 H-11 46
Yoder,Glen Meno Carrie Hostetler M W Dec.10,1908 H-7 29
Yoder,Grace Henry H. Mary Iveringard F W Dec.27,1918 H-11 31
Yoder,Harly D. Daniel V. Fanny Yoder M W Nov.14,1907 H-6 38
Yoder,Harley Mahlon Samuel P. Hostetler M W Apr.10,1917 H-10 95
Yoder,Helen A. Mell Lillie Hostetler F W Aug.4,1908 H-7 20
Yoder,Henry Jos.E. Katie Miller M W Jan.4,1919 H-11 32
Yoder,Herman Dale Clarence Grace Herrington M W June 21,1907 H-6 33
Yoder,Hobart E. Freeman Florence Nelson M W Sept.21,1914 H-10 21
Yoder,Ida Amos A. Mattie Troyer F W Nov.25,1914 H-10 27
Yoder,Ida Daniel E. Magdaline Bontrager F W Feb.8,1918 H-11 9
Yoder,J. John J. Mary A. Miller M W Sept.20,1915 H-10 52
Yoder,J. Frank H. Eli W. Etta L. Plank M W Oct.4,1916 H-10 83
Yoder,Jeanette Charles Fred Bertha W. Nelson F W Sept.8,1918 H-11 24
Yoder,John Lee Ernest Edith Lantz M W May 18,1908 H-7 13
Yoder,John M. Menno J. Emma D. Christner M W June 21,1917 H-10 100
Yoder,Joseph J. Joseph H. Amanda Suntheimer F W Mar.4,1913 H-9 56
Yoder,Kathrun P. Ira G. Ola Mishler F W Dec.12,1917 H-9 56
Yoder,Kathryn R. Irman Gladys Philips F W Nov.8,1918 H-11 28
Yoder,Katie Ann Andrew Mattie Miller F W Oct.26,1918 H-11 27
Yoder,Katie Levi Fannie Bitche F W Nov.2,1917 H-11 3
Yoder,Katie T. Tobias A. Sarah J. Yoder F W July 9,1908 H-7 17
Yoder,Kay Marcellus Leo M. Edna M. Halz M W May 27,1920 H-11 66
Yoder,Keith Clarence - Viola Klingaman M W Jan.11,1914 H-10 32
Yoder,Kenneth D. Charles Ella Moore M W Nov.10,1909 H-7 57
Yoder,Kenneth H. Freeman Florence Nelson M W Mar.12,1910 H-7 85
Yoder,Laura Rawlin Laura Emery F W July 13,1911 H-9 6
Yoder,Leo. Jonathan Anna Miller M W Oct.19,1912 H-9 45
Yoder,LeRoy D. David A. Lydia Stutzman M W Nov.22,1917 H-11 3
Yoder,LeRoy F. Henry H. Mary Wanger M W May 17,1909 H-7 43
Yoder,Levi M. Menno Emma D. Christner M W Apr.6,1920 H-11 62
Yoder,Levi Levi -- ------ F -- July 6,1887 H-2 115
Yoder,Loretta Frank D. Cora Miller F W Oct.2,1915 H-10 53
Yoder,Lydia Abraham A. Lydia Miller F W Sept.7,1913 H-9 72
Yoder,Manon H. R.Otis Erda Hetzler -- M W Feb.10,1912 H-9 24
Yoder,Marion J. --- Susana Plank M W Mar.31,1890 H-3 16
Yoder,Mark Elroy Morris Zora Coldren M W Feb.22,1916 H-10 64
Yoder,Mary Manasses Polly Bontrager F W Oct.28,1908 H-7 26
Yoder,Mary Jonathan S. Fanny Miller F W Sept.26,1914 H-10 22
Yoder,Mary Daniele Maud Bontrager F W Aug.29,1919 H-11 46
Yoder,Mary Enas Lyda Raber F W Mar.13,1920 H-11 60
Yoder,Mattie Moses D. Barbara Miller F W Mar.2,1915 H-10 36
Yoder,Maynard F. Freeman Florence Nelson M W Feb.19,1917 H-10 91
Yoder,Melvin J.B. -- Barbara -- M W Jan.27,1891 H-3 36
Yoder,Melvin Levi Emma Yoder M W Oct.18,1914 H-10 24
Yoder,Milo C. Nathan Ada Mishler M W Mar.26,1908 H-7 7
Yoder,Milo F. Tobias Mattie Yoser M W July 20,1911 H-9 7
Yoder,Milo - Jonas S. Daily Burkholder F W Jan.7,1918 H-11 7
Yoder,Monroe Manasses Armilla Bontrager M W Dec.14,1914 H-10 29
Yoder,Monroe J. Joas.H. Amanda Wengard M W July 19,1918 H-11 21
Yoder,Nina Isabelle Charles Millie Moon F W Apr.5,1908 H-7 9
Yoder,Noah J. Abe J. Anna J. Harshberger M W July 25,1914 H-10 16
Yoder,Ora M. Moses D. Barbara Miller M W Sept.21,1916 H-10 82
Yoder,Ora M. Moses V. Mary Yoder M W Nov.23,1917 H-11 4
Yoder,Orpha Joe E. Katie Miller M W May 27,1916 H-10 71
Yoder,Oscar Sam D. Nancy Wirich M W Jan.8,1918 H-11 7
Yoder,Oscar J. Joseph E. Katie Miller M W Mar.12,1909 H-7 37
Yoder,Perry C. Levi C. Fannie Beechey M W June 16,1911 H-9 3
Yoder,Perry M. David Millie Lambright M W Feb.18,1908 H-7 5
Yoder,Phyllis E. Maurice Zora Coldren F W Feb.27,1913 H-9 55
Yoder,Polly Abraham Lydia Miller F W Feb.16,1908 H-7 4
Yoder,Rachel Joseph H. Amanda Sunthimer F W Mar.5,1917 H-10 94
Yoder,Rachel J. Gabriel Orpha Cripe F W Apr.2,1913 H-9 59
Yoder,Ralph (t) Charles O. Millie Moore M W July 19,1912 H-9 37
Yoder,Robert (t) Charles O. Millie Moore M W July 19,1912 H-9 37
Yoder,Ramah Arline Meno Martha E.Smith F W Jan.10,1917 H-10 89
Yoder,Ramah Juanita Oscar O. Millie Eash F W June 28,1914 H-10 14
Yoder,Ray (t) Samuel Emma Anpald M W June 6,1886 H-2 84
Yoder,Roy (t) Samuel Emma Anpald M W June 6,1886 H-2 84
Yoder,Ray D. Ray Beulah Evans M W Apr.16,1911 H-9 99A
Yoder,Raymond S. Menno Susanna Plank M W Dec.4,1893 H-3 117
Yoder,Reatha Anna Menno J. Martha Smith F W Nov.5,1907 H-6 38
Yoder,Rena Edna Menno Martha E.Smith F W Dec.28,1919 H-11 54
Yoder,Robert Leroy Erman Gladys Philips M W Apr.19,1920 H-11 63
Yoder,Roberta I. Manrice Zora Coldren F W Sept.15,1914 H-10 20
Yoder,Rubbie Fern Menno J. Martha E. Smith F W June 16,1910 H-7 74
Yoder,Ruby Katheryn Gabel Orpha Cripe F W Mar.22,1917 H-10 93
Yoder,Ruth Marcellus D. Mary Ann Berkey F W May 28,1908 H-7 13
Yoder,Ruth Marie Gabriel Orpha Cripe F W July 26,1908 H-7 18
Yoder,S. Jacob Elizabeth Hartzler F W Aug.14,1912 H-9 39
Yoder,Samuel Abram Anna Harshbarger M W June 9,1913 H-9 65
Yoder,Sedney Danis Rolland Lillian A. emery M W Mar.18,1910 H-7 64
Yoder,Sornila Levi J. Emma L. Yoder F W Dec.23,1912 H-9 50
Yoder,Susanna M. Menno J. Emma D. Christner F W Feb.18,1913 H-9 54
Yoder,Susie E. Enos Lydia Baker F W Feb.7,1914 H-10 3
Yoder,Tobias Abe Lydia Miller M W Apr.2,1910 H-7 67
Yoder,Tobias Mosis E. Mary Yoder M W Nov.6,1914 H-10 26
Yoder,Trella May Jerry C. Edith Yoder F W June 25,1911 H-9 4
Yoder,Truman John J. Fanny Harshberger M W Apr.13,1908 H-7 9
Yoder,Vida Perry Netta Oesch F W June 21,1917 H-10 100
Yoder,William Oscar Cora Reidenbaugh M W Apr.30,1917 H-10 96
Yoder,William J. Jonathan S. Fannie R. Miller M W July --,1916 H-10 76
Yoder,Wm. Moses Mary Yoder M W Mar.25,1907 H-6 30
Yoder,Wm. Levi C. Fanny Beechy M W Oct.4,1920 H-11 75

These have all been transcribed by Pati Blowers May and the information collected by Barbara Henderson. Thanks to both for all their hard work!

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