Bremen Business List
Adams, M/M Clarence 108 1/2 W. Plymouth St. Manager of the Gamble Store in Bremen
Amers, George 110 1/2 S. Center St. Civil Defense
Amsler, Frank R. R. # 3 manager of Skogmos Dept Store
Anderson, N. A. 224 N. Whitlock St. town board, Ward 2
Annia, Mrs. Foster (Inez) 215 N. Maryland St. widow of Foster Annis, former Co. Treasurer
Annis, Mrs. E. O. 310 S. Jackson St. Widow of Ernest Annis, former Co. Welfare Dept.
Arch, Charles E. 524 S. Stewart St. Associated with Arch Insurance Co. Bremen
Arch, Mrs. Dewey 117 E. Plymouth St.
Baba, C. N. 219 E. South St. Sales Mgr. Champion Home Builders
Bailey, Wilford 325 W. Grant St. operates Bailey's Body Shop, 530 E. Plymouth St.
Balsley, Dewey 117 E. South St. operates Balsley's Garage
Bemish , M/M Jerry operators of Bremen Hotel
Berg, Edward & Ruth 510 S. Center St.. operate Berg Mfg. Co.
Berg, Fred R. R. #2 Owner & Mgr. Of Berg Appliance at 211 W. Plymouth St.
Birkey, M/M G. A. 330 N. Jackson St. formerly operated chicken hatchery in Bremen, presently co-owner in Tot 'N Teen Shopping Plaza
Blue, Dr. Adrian A. 317 S. St. Joseph St. optometrist, 122 N. Center St. & former Pres of Bremen PTA
Bolt, M/M Russell owner/operators of Bolt's Electrical east of Bremen 1 mile On U.S.6
Borneman, M. Gerhardt R. R. 2 former owner of Borneman Products, U.S. 6 W. Bremen
Bowen, Dr. Otis R. 304 N. Center St. formerly Governor of In. & former administrator of Health & Services of the U. S.
Bowlby, Fred C. R. R #3 manages Bremen Monument
Bowser, Wilbur 213 N. Marshall St. owner/operator of Bowser Sand & Gravel at 524 N. St. Joseph St.Bremen
Braden, Mrs. Don L. 224 1/2 S. Center St. widow of the late Don Braden, a business man dealing in livestock of high grade & owner of a plantation in Mississippi, where pure bred horses and cattle were raised as well as having a pecan farm.
Brown, Ben owner/manager of M. Brown & Sons dealing in essential oils at 118 S. Center St. Bremen
Burket, Dr. Cecil R. M. D. 424 W. South St. Dr. in Bremen
Bussard, Charles R. R. # 1 dealer in chemicals & fertilizers
Capron, Walter 422 E. Plymouth St. owner of Capron Heat & Sheet Metal business
Carbiener, Mrs. Harmon 224 N. Center St. wife of former postmaster, Harmon Carbiener, deceased
Carothers, Delmar E. 423 S. Jackson St. Supt of Bremen Water Dept.
Carothers, LeRoy 116 E. Maple St. Kiwanis Club Officer, Sec
Carothers, Robert 134 E. Maple St. school board member, employed at Woodies Super Market, as meat cutter
Carrico, Jerry R. R. #1 owner/manager, St. Christophers Workshop located east of Bremen on U. S. 6
Cather, Allen R. 724 S. Washington St. barber at Hepler's Barber Shop
Cather, Larry 310 W. Grant St. works Bremen Telephone Co., also Jaycee Vice President
Chamberlin, Charles (Jo) 544 S. Shumaker Dr. owner of Chamberlin Jewelry
Clarke, Alexis R. 547 S. St. Joseph St. lawyer
Clauss, Philip N. 703 W. Plymouth St. one of head men at Bremen Gray Iron Foundry
Clindaniel, James R. R. # 3 Agt. At Midwestern United Life Ins
Cox, Mrs. Lewis 912 N. Center St. with Cox & Sons Plumbing & Heating, business run by sons Floyd, Richard & Harold, corner of 3rd & Beyler St.
Cripe, Harold & Elsie 522 N. Center St. operate Plaza Pastry Shop
Cripe, Neil 219 S. Whitlock St. co-owner of Kimble Fur Shop
Crittendon, James & Jane 122 N. Maryland St. owners of Bremen Enquirer
Crittendon, Paul 420 S. Stewart St. Purchasing agent & office manager at Bremen Bearing, & Pres of Bremen Town Board
Dausman, Hurdis 820 W. Grant St owner of Dausman's appliance Shop, & pres.of Bremen Community Hosp Board
Dietrich, James 430 S. Shumaker Dr. Vice- Pres of Dietrich Co.
Dietrich, Lloyd 606 W. Plymouth with Dietrich Co.
Dietrich, Mrs. Harold 215 E. Plymouth St. widow of Harold Dietrich & co-owner of Dietrich Co. Dept Store
Dietrich, Walter 417 W. South St. with Dietrich Co.
Drudge, Lowell 204 E. Grant St rural mail carrier & VFW Post Commander
Dumph, Lorene 303 Montgomery school teacher ?
Dunkin, Mrs. Leslie 640 E. South St. School teacher in Plymouth
Ealing, Edna 415 S. ST. Joseph St Township Assessor
Ealing, Maynard 415 S. ST. Joseph St with Martin Feed Co. New Paris
Eck, Russell Mishawaka, In. Bremen Town Engineer
Edel, Mrs. Stanley 313 S. Jackson St. beautician,
Edel, Richard 116 N. East St. Accountant at U.S. Rubber in Mishawaka
Elliott, Duwaine 222 S. Whitlock St. works Pletcher Furniture, Bremen & Pres. Of Bremen Jaycees
Elliott, Laverne D. 407 E. Maple St. employed at Wheelabrator Mfg. Mishawaka, after 1st of year will be assistant at Bremen Sewage Disposal Plant
Ellis, Edna 212 N. Indiana St. former Librarian, Bremen Public Library (before new library)
Enders, Marvin 556 S. Center St. owner of Enders Garage
Ernsberger, Carl 305 S. Whitlock St. tool engineer at Bremen Bearing(now SKF)
Ernsberger, Olen 214 S. Marshall St. owner of Bremen Advertising
Espich, Leonard 413 S. Center St. Ass't asministrator, Dorsett Corp
Farrell, R. J. 224 S. Stewart St. With Bremen Bearing
Farrer, Tom, Sr. E. Maple St. Auctioneer
Felten, Arthur 223 N. East St. town employee w/Power House
Fisher, Robert 213 S. St. Joseph St. salesman for Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., South Bend
Flora, John & Thelma 211 W. Dewey St. operate bakery in Bourbon
Fowler, Robert 104 E. Grant St, mail carrier at Bremen P. O.
Fox, Harold 402 E. North St. owner of Shell Station
Fox, Mrs. Leah 403 S. Whitlock Bremen Teacher, now retired
Fults, Carl R. R. #3, Owner/operator of Plaza Laundromat, soon will operate apartments at Lake of the Woods
Furst, Dr. H. D. 303 N. Center St Dentist
Garrell. J. K. & Edna 723 S. Center St forme owners of Bremen EnQ.
Gass, Mrs. Ernest 316 E. Plymouth St teacher at Laville Schools
Gilbert, Kenneth 115 E. South St. owner Kenny's Shopping Plaza & Supermarket, member of Bremen Volunteer Fire Dept.
Gilbert, Arthur 204 N. St. Joseph St. manager, Kenny's Supermarket
Glant, Ernest 301 N. Whitlock St. owner Glant Funeral Home
Golliver, Mrs. Clara ?? receptionist, Dr. John Schreiner's
Gooch, Cecil 718 S. Washington St works at TV Time Foods
Gooding, Leonard 720 S. Center St. salesman, Colpaert Homes, S. B.
Graverson, Theodore R. R. 1 Worshipful Master Masonic Lodge
Graverson,John 228 N. Baltimore with NIPSCO
Grebe,Arthur 421 S. Stewart St. cv owner of Mobil Service Station
Grell, Alfred R. R. 3 Bremen Post Office
Griffon, Vernon 515 S. Washington St. agent for Weatern & Southern Ins
Grossman, Mrs. Raymond 402 E. Plymouth St. beautician
Grossman, Raymond 402 E. Plymouth St. was a research engineer at Bendix
Haab, Carl, Jr. 306 S. Shumaker Dr. co-owner Wyatt Grain Elevator
Haenes, Sue Ann 122 E. Maple St. lab technician, S.B. Medical Foun.
Haenes, Willis 326 W. Grant St. mason & construction worker
Hagenau, Dale 111 W. Maple St. Bremen Policeman
Haifleck, Ivan H. 216 W. Plymouth St. chiropractor
Hand, Dale R.R.1 owner Hand's Upholstering Shop
Hand, Helene R. R. 1 kindergarten teacher
Hardin, Mrs. Robert ??? Administrator at Bremen Manor
Harrington, Howard R. R. 1 owner/manager DX Service Station
Heckaman, Loren 204 E. Plymouth St. In.Employment Security Div. S. B.
Heckaman, Russell 723 W. South St. Agt. For Standard Oil Service, on Bremen Planning Commission & Brem Vol Fire Dept
Helm;inger, Miss Frieda 213 W. North St. owner & Operator of Betty May Shoppe 103 W. Plymouth St.
Helminger, Mrs. Emma 213 W. North St. co owner Betty Mae Shoppe
Helminger, William E. 211 E. South St. All-State Insurance Agt. Office Manager for Dr. Stine & Dr. Burket. Secretary of Bremen Town Board
Helmlinger, Mary 213 W. North St. beautician, Curlette Beauty Shop
Hepler, Dallas 803 W. Mill St. owner/ operator of Hepler's Hatchery & Feed Mill
Hepler, Everett 319 N. Maryland St. barber/ Hepler's Barber Shop
Hepler, Larry 415 S. Montgomery St. TV & Rado Service Center
Hiester, Arthur 424 S. Center St. Bremen Postmaster
Hirstein, Leroy E. 207 N. Marshall St. Standard Oil Co. Employee, treas. Of Kiwanis Club
Hirstein, Thelma 207 N. Marshall St. School teacher
Hoople, Oliver 123 E. South St. owner/operator Hoople's Tavern
Hueni, Robert C. 523 W. South St. Pastor, Apostolic Church Bremen, one of the head men at Gray Iron Foundry
Huff, James R. R. 1 Huff's Hill Dairy
Huff, Otho 209 S. Center St. owner Huff's Furniture Store & Huff's Funeral Home
Huff, Virgil 220 N. Huff St. Plg. & Heating Business
Husmann, Reinert 304 W. Grant St.` Owner,Modern Cleaners & Laund.
Johnson. Glenn R. 324 N. Marshall owner/operator Brem Quality Clea.
Karwatka, Edward 223 S. Shumaker Dr. TV Time Foods Plant Supt.
Kauffman, Don R. R. #3, owner, Kauffman's Insulation & Roofing Service
Kauffman, Roy R. R. #3, former German Twp. Trustee
Keck, Edgar 915 N. Center St. Bremen Power plant Attendant
Keller, Arthur R. R. #3, State Fire Marshall,former Marshall Co. Sheriff & also State Police
Kelley, Ivan 850 W. Grant St. owner, Buick Sales & Service
Keyser, Arthur 223 N. Baltimore St. Engineer for town of Bremen
Keyser, Dudley 506 W. Grant St. Electrician for town of Bremen
Kiefer, Henry W. 330 N. Indiana St. Manager of Spring Brook Dairy
Kimble, C. Dean 801 W. South St. co-owner Kimble's Fur Shop
Kimble, Walter E. 418 W. North St. Kimble's Fur Shop
King, Wilfred & Edith 309 E. Plymouth St. owner King Painting & Decorating
Kipfer, Welcome 106 W. Plymouth St. owner Kipfer News Agency
Kline, Rev Jack 412 S. Whitlock St. Pastor, Church of the Brethren
Kline, Walter 416 N. Indiana St. school patrolman & former Bremen policeman
Klinedinst, Glenn A. 315 N. Montgomery St. Bremen School Teacher
Klinedinst, Mrs. Glenn A. 315 N. Montgomery St. former Bremen School teacher
Kling, Charles W. 217 S. Shumaker Dr. owner, Bremen Gray Iron Foundry
Koontz, Mrs. George 217 N. Indiana St. owner, Koontz Floral Shop
Koontz, Rolland 317 N. Baltimore St. owner Koontz Hardware & Gifts
Koontz, Ruth 323 E. Plymouth St. owner, Koontz Rexall Store
Kuntz, Elmer E. 415 N. Maryland St. owner, Kuntz Auto Service & Mechanic
LaBrash, James C. 226 E. Lincoln St. Bremen State Bank
LaFree, Charles 222 S. Shumaker Dr. owner, LaFree General Construct.
Landis, Chester 227 E. Raymond St. Accountant in South Bend
Laudeman, Ernest 303 E. Plymouth St. German Twp. Advisory Board
Leeper, Richard 223 W. Sherman St. Employee Bremen Post Office
Leerkamp, Donna (Mrs. Herbert ???? operator Donna's Beauty Shop
Legner, Dudley 324 E. North St. Town electrician & Capt. -Bremen Volunteer Fire Dept
Leman, John G. 309 W. South St. purchasing agent for Leman's Inc
Leman, Nelson J. 214 E. Plymouth St. banker, St. Josephs Bank & Trust Co. South Bend
Leman, Samuel E. 621 W. Plymouth St. chemist at Leman, Inc, member Bremen School Board, past commander VFW Post 8972, past state commander
Leman, William, Sr 806 W. Plymouth St. President of Leman, Inc
Levy Michael H. 223 N. Center St. with Wyatt Grain Co,
Levy, Walter 504 1/2 W. Plymouth St. with Wyatt Grain Co,
Long, Robert E. 415 E. North St. manager Long's Elevator
Loucks, Otis 309 N. Montgomery St. insurance agent
Margurger, Homer 127 E. Grant St. Bremen Bldg. Commissioner
Martin, Raymond 232 E. South St. Martin Equipment Co. & Assistant chief, Bremen Vol Fire Dept
Mast, Rev. P. L. 122 S. Whitlock St. retired Minister
Mast, Wilbur 202 E. South St. on Board of Directors at Bremen State Bank
May, Chester 122 S. Marshall St owner of May's Machine Shop & Plumbing Service
McGowen, Norman 133 E. Grant St. mail carrier,Sec.of Bremen Vol. Fire Dept., S.S.Supt. Of First Baptist Church
McGowen, Vernus R. R. 3 owner/operator Sprig o'Mint Golf
Miller, Daniel 404 E. South St. partnership with father in Richard Miller Insurance
Miller, Douglas W. 223 S. Center St. partnership with father in Richard Miller Insurance, also real estate broker, and chairman W.E Walter Memorial Library Board
Miller, Marvin 603 W. Plymouth St. owner, Marv's Snack Bar & Restaurant, member Bremen Police Dept
Miller, Richard 224 1/2 N. Jackson St. insurance business
Missman, Everett E. ???? Pres. Of Bremen Community Hospital Board
Modisett, L. K. 516 S. Stewart St. popcorn broker, treas.Bremen School Board
Molebash, Geneva 517 S. St. Joseph St. Bremen school teacher
Molebash, Roy C. 209 E. Plymouth St. Justice of the Peace
Molebash, Ward C. 517 S. St. Joseph St. school bus driver & supt. Of maint.
Moore, Carl E. 411 S. St. Joseph St. Contractor, Muncie Paving in Muncie , In.
Moretto, James R. R. ! owner, Moretto Ford Motor Sales
Mougin, J. F. 221 W. Bike St. Pres. Bremen State Bank and Pres. Bremen Chamber of Commerce
Mougin, John 514 Poplar Drive Bremen State Bank & member of Chamber of Commerce
Mrs. Herman J. Hueni 512 W. Plymouth St. husband was co-owner Bremen Gray Iron Foundry
Muffley, Roy 123 N. Maryland St. former German Twp. Trustee, owner of Muffley's Mobil Service & Marshall Co. Teasurer
Musser, Paul 312 W.Plymouth St. owner, Paul's Shoe Store and Repair Service
Mutti, Mrs. Oscar 716 W. Plymouth St. late husband Oscar was an oil jobber for Socony Vacuum Oil Co.
Myers, Charles R. R. 1 works at Myers Standard Service Station
Myhre, Mrs. Oscar 213 N. Baltimore St. Osceola, In. school teacher
Neher, Charles 124 W. Grant St. carpenter, owner Neher's Carpentry
Newgent, Harold H. 129 W. Grant St. retired school teacher
Oberly, Ray V. R. R. 1 owner Bremen Lumber & Coal Co.
Oberly, Mrs. Mrs. Oberly active in Eastern Star and Brethren Church
Odiorne, Gene 403 W. Plymouth St. owner, Odiorne's Paint & Wallpaper Store
Peckinpaugh, Mrs. H. K. R. R. 3 operator Kopper Kettle Restaurant
Perrot, Fred R. R. 3 member Bremen Planning Commission
Pfeiffer, I. Oliver 206 W. Mill St. Contractor
Pflaumer, Jerry R. R # 3, Nappanee mgr. Danner's 5, 10 to $1.00 store in Bremen
Pittman, Forrest D. 329 N. Marshall St. former assistant mgr. At Bremen Lumber & Coal Co.
Redding, Miriam 115 N. Huff St. former Bremen Librarian
Reidel, Herbert W. U. S. 6 West owner/operator Bremen Radio Clinic & TV Service
Reidenbach, Mrs. Phillip R. R. #1 co-owner of Tot 'Nteen Togs Shop
Rettig, Rev, Marwood E. 315 S. Center St. pastor, First United Church of Christ
Ringle, Robert 836 W. Grant St. owner/operator Ringle's Marathon Service Station
Rishel, Ross R. R. 2 owner/manage Corner Restaurant
Ritter, Fred 403 Montgomery St. Flour business
Roeder, Glenn 204 N. Baltimore St. owner/manager Roeder Chevalet Sales &Service. Also in the business of dealing in horses, etc
Roederer, Rev. I. G. 210 W. South St. retired pastorof Salem Evangelical United Brethern Church
Rowe, Beuford R. R. 1 has served on various boards
Schlemmer, Fred 307 E. South St. lightning rod business
Schneider, Don E. Maple St. operates Don's Barber Shop
Schneider, Paul 310 E. South St. Owner, Paul's Floral Shop
Schramm, W. W. R. R. 1 owner/manager Woodies Supermarket here & in Warsaw
Schreiner, Dr. John E. R. R 1 medical doctor
Schultz, Gordon R. R 1 owner/operator SchultzNursery & with County Weights & Measures
Schumaker, E. W. 603 W. South St. Bremen Chemical Co.
Scott, Faye 608 S. East St. physical ed teacher
Shidaker, Harry 623 W. South St. clerk treasurer in Bremen
Shoup. Mrs. Harry 326 N. Baltimore St. co-owner of Tot 'Nteen Togs Shop
Shultz, Mrs. Glenn A. 208 S. Shumaker Dr. manager of Culligan Soft Water
Shumaker, Victor 908 W. North St. general contractor & house mover
Sienicki, Edward 217 S. Whitlock Jeweler & Watchmaker
Sime, John R.R 3 State Policeman
Smith, Don E. 233 E. Maple St. former real estate agent
Smith,. Kermit 418 N. Center St. Bremen policeman
Snider, Rev Theodore W. ?????? pastor Salem Evangelical United
Snyder, Henry R. R. 1 owner/operator Pla-Mor Miniature Golf Course, also in the heating & Plb. Business, Snyder Sheet Metal
Stanifer, Jack 521 S. Washington St. Stanifer's Tackle Shop
Starr, Ernest R. 401 E. South St. accountant
Stayton, John 630 S. Washington St. Bremen Policeman
Stewart, Charles 303 S. St. Joseph St. formerly operated Stewart's Bakery in Bremen
Stewart, Leah 303 S. St. Joseph St. Health Supervisor, Marshall Co. Schools
Stine, Dr. Marshall E. 420 S. Schumaker Dr. medical doctor
Stine, Mrs. Jerry L. 218 W. Dewey St. beautician at Swank's Hair Fash.
Stretch, Clare H.` 615 S. East St. cashier, Bremen State Bank
Stump, Ernest 428 E. Maple St. building contractor
Summy, Russell D. 511 S. St. Joseph St. owner, Summy's Pharmacy & Summy's Suburban Store
Sumpter, Mrs. Marvin F. 629 S. Washington St. owner/operator, Nellie's Beauty Shop
Swank, Mrs. Larry A. 204 N. East St. owner/ operator Swank's Hair Fashions
Tabor, Malcolm R. R. #3, owner/operatorLake Shore Groceryat Lake of the Woods
Teghtmeyer, Lauren 117 E. Plymouth St. inspector for town of Bremen in the installation of Sewage Disposal and filtration plant
Teghtmeyer, Lauren 117 1/2 E. Plymouth St. Engineer for town of Bremen
Teghtmeyer, Mrs. Lauren 117 E. Plymouth St. with Arch Ins Co.
Teghtmeyer, Mrs. Lauren 117 1/2 E. Plymouth St. With Arch's Insurance Agency
Troche, Mrs. Alfonso R. R. # 1 R. N. , Bremen Community Hospital
Tucker, Kenneth 213 W. Plymouth St. barber
Tyson, Melvin 600 N. Center St. operates Tyson Grocery
Tyson, Richard 412 N. Center St, Bremen Police Chief
Unrue, Dale 408 S. Stewart St. owner/operator Unrue Welding Service
VanSkyock, Mrs. James 210 S. Stewart St. owner Milady Berauty Shop
Wagley, Mrs. Russell R. R. #1 former teacher, Br. High School
Walker, Arthur 516 S. Shumaker Dr. owner/operator Mishawaka Counter Top & Cabinet Co.
Walker, Rev. Raleigh C. 525 S. Shumaker Dr. pastor, Riverside & Madison Evangelical United Brethren Churches
Waltz, Loren 203 N. Baltimore St. owner/operator Bremen Theater & Tri-Way Drive In Theater, Plymouth
Weaver, Eldon 318 N. Marshall St. owner/operator Weaver's Radiator Repair Shop
Weaver, Wilbur R. R. 1 owner/operator Wilbur's Hatchery
Whitlock, George 301 N. Indiana St. owner/operator Whitlock's Variety Store
Widmar, Robert D. 321 N. Jackson St. owner, Lime City Trucking Co. & on Parkview Hospital Board
Wilson, James U. S. 6 West owner/operator Knotty Pine Motel
Wilson, Robert R. R. 3, Lake of the Woods State Policeman
Yeager, Nicholas R. R. 1 works Wm. Leman, Inc. & former teacher Bremen Schools
Zentz John R. 321 W. Plymouth St. owner, Zentz's Barber Shop
Zentz, Harvey 228 E. Sherman St. former owner Wee Mum Gardens
Zimmer, Robert 117 N. St. Joseph St. television service

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