1866, June 4 Daniel Sentenright (birth mother resides in Gilead Co., Mich.) Rosanna Wade Berger wife of Daniel Berger Age 24 years (raised by Seltenright since an infant - adopting her as an heir.
1874, April 27 John S. Bender Gemima Grigwer (dau of Nelson & Caroline Grigwer of VanWert, Ohio) February 28, 1857 Maggie M. Bender
1877, June 25 James Price & Mary Price Corey Clark (left by James & Anna Clark, possibly from Porter Co., Ind.) age 10 months Corey Price
1878, April 1 Henry H. Burch & Josephine Burch Alfred Eugene Walker (father, Frank Walker mother, Henrietta Burch) age 16 months Alfred Eugene Burch
1879, January 24 George F. Snell Mary E. Jackson (mother living but no legitimate father) age 5 years  
1879, March 13 Morris Agler Maud Pearl Sigler (mother, Alice Sigler of Marshall Co. father dec'd) September 24, 1876 Maud Pearl Agler
1879, May 31 Michael & Johanna Whittey of Marshall Co., Ind. Charles J. Powers (abandoned to care of Sisters at St. Michael's Church, son of John Powers & unknown mother) 5 weeks old Charles Whittey
1880, April 7 Dr. T. Artemas Borton & Jennie E. Borton of Plymouth, Ind. Lewis Ganse (son of John Lewis Ganse & Mary S. Ganse, dec'd; father lived in Plymouth) February 17, 1878 Lewis Ganse Borton
1880, October 26 James E. Houghton & R. S. Houghton Angie Kate Hobler (mother, Frances A. Hobler May 14, 1879 (no name change listed)
1881, June 7 Alexander Young & Lucelia E. Young of Plymouth, Ind. Minnie V. Long (parents both deceased) February 14, 1879 Minnie V. Young
1881, October 4 Joseph & Malissa Redman of Green Twp. Iden Woods (son of Melvina Woods & unknown father) age 4 yrs. 26 days (not stated)
1882, October 5 Amos P. Harsh & Julia T. Harsh of Plymouth, Ind. Evaline Everett (dau. of Charles Everett & Carrie Olleman Everett) October 9, 1880 Evelyn Kate Harsh
1886, October 20 Wellington B. Harris (grandfather) Minnie Ellen Harris (dau. of Mary Harris) (father, William E. Styles living in Neb.) November 15, 1883  
1888, March 1 Jacob Wade of Plymouth, Ind. Mary Victoria Ball of Plymouth, Ind. (Mother d. in 1881; Father Wendle Ball) July 17, 1880 Mary Victoria Wade
1889, March 25 Aaron Hey & Louisa Hey of Plymouth, Ind. Thomas B. Carter of Plymouth, Ind. (mother, Louisa Carter, father, unknown) March 21, 1888 Thomas B. Hey
1890, April 9 Joseph A. & Julia A Yockey Minnie E. (surname and & residence of parents unknown - from Orphan's Home in Chicago, Illinois) October 5, 1869 (not stated)
1890, December 24 Martin & Emma Shafer Sarah Luella Moore (parents both living in Marshall Co., Ind.) March 3, 1889 Sarah Luella Shafer
1890, September 11 Christian Purzner & Matilda Purzner Amelia O. Icker (father, John Icker of Bremen, Ind.; mother died 3 April 1890) April 28, 1883 Amelia O. Purzner
1890, September 25 Ben H. & Elsie Wilkins of Rushville, Indiana Stella Stone (abandoned -living at Brightside, Plymouth) August 28, 1899 at Valparaiso (not stated)
1891, February 9 Henry Freese & Ida Freese Ellsworth Harker (son of Jane Harker of Plymouth, father unknown) January 24, 1891 Ellsworth Freese
1891, January 19 James F. & Lizzie Milner of Plymouth, Ind. Leon Albertus Milner (born out of wedlock to Emma (Milner) Qualls of Kokomo, Ind. sister to James F. Milner) December 25, 1889  
1891, January 28 Harvey Albert Mow & Ida Mow Florence Edna Dickson (father deceased; mother, Susan M. Horner of Rutland, Ind. December 30, 1888 Susan Edna Mow
1891, October 28 George W. & Mary E. Marble Daisy Viola Thomas (mother, Nancy A. Thomas of Plymouth) February 26, 1890 Georgie L. Marble
1892, August 26 Don E. & Sarah J. Downing of Bourbon Don Leo Sutfin (mother is dec'd daughter of the Downings, Madora, father Asbury Sutfin, residence unknown) about 8 year old b. in Bartholomew Co. (none mentioned)
1892, May 30 Nancy A. Johnson Ethel Thompson mother, deceased, father, David Thompson, resides in Marshall Co. and consents) 6 years of age (not stated)
1893, April 18 David Kinch & Mary Kinch Dollie Gretchen Harker (dau. of Margaret Harker of Plymouth, father unknown) February 6, 1893 Dollie Gretchen Kinch
1893, October 21 David E. & Matilda VanVactor of Marshall Co., Ind. Venus E. Norris (father, George F. Norris, mother deceased) September 18, 1891 Venus E. VanVactor
1894, January 17 William Bristol of Inwood, Ind. (bro. of child's mother) Clara Kern (mother, dec'd.; father (b. at Bourbon, Ind.) Boone V. Kern of Bourbon) October 3, 1893 Clara Bristol
1894, November 14 Joseph E. Marshall & Tilly F. Marshall Harold J. Unger (son of Lewis Unger West Tp. & Catherine, dec'd) age 6 month & 11 days old Harold J. Marshall
1895, January 25 John W. Parks & Sallie M. Parks of Plymouth, Ind. James C. Spence (parents unknown - from New England Home for Little Wanderers, Boston, Mass.) February 28, 1880 James Orison Parks
1895, June 20 Henry Lawrence & Retta Lawrence of Center Twp. Alice May Royce (born is some New England state & parents unknown) December 23, 1885 Alice May Lawrence
1896, December 31 John W. Parks & Sallie M. Parks of Plymouth, Ind. Mary Brown (parents unknown) February14, 1892 Jennie Belle Parks
1896, February 29 Philip J. Ball of Plymouth, Ind. Leo Aloyisus Grant (son of George Grant of Plymouth, Ind.) February 1, 1896 Leo Aloyisus Ball
1896, January 23 Jennie B. Williamson of Plymouth, Ind. Georgia Ann Brown (father believed to be living in Cassopolis, Mich.) Age 10 years Georgia Ann Williamson
1896, March 9 Elias Day & Ida May Day of West Twp. Leola Sumner (parents dec'd - came (from Orphan's Home, LaPorte, Ind.) June 4, 1892 b. in Lawrence Co. Ind.) Leola Day
1897, January 18 Edson Spangle & Sarah E. Spangle Addie Rouch (dau. Charles E. & Emma Kelley Rouch) October 17, 1892 Addie Spangle (not stated in adoption papers but confirmed by 1900 census.)
1897, March 1 John S. Strauser of Marshall Co, Ind Florence May Norris (dau of William Norris of Maryland & Ellen McNeal of Michigan (unmarried) July 18, 1896 Florence May Stauser
1897, May 31 Michael Whitty & Johanna Whitty Charles J. Powers (son of John Powers & unknown mother) Age 5 Weeks Charles J. Whitty
1897, October 27 John L. Miller & Clara C. Miller of Plymouth, Ind. Mabel Fern Greek (mother Sarah L. Greek, dec'd.; father, John Wesley Greek of Ft. Wayne, Ind.) March 20, 1896 Mable Fern Greek Miller
1899, December 29 Samuel P. & Sarah Hendricks of Plymouth, Ind. Ethel Pearl Miller (parents Wm. H & Zouie Miller, mother deceased) June 2, 1893 Ethel Pearl Hendricks
1899, May 29 Charles B. Deardorff & Matilda S. Deardorff of Bourbon Olive C. Compton (dau. of Rosa C. Compton dec'd. & Oliver O. Compton of Bourbon) August 31, 1887 Olive C. Deardorff
1899, October 25 Christoph & Elise Weiss of Plymouth, Indiana Elijah Whitmer of Brightside Orphanage March 5, 1898 Wildemar Arthur Weiss
1900, May 11 Jacob Yockey of Bremen, Ind. Louisa Huff nee Snark (wife of Alfred A. Huff) August 2, 1864 Louisa Yockey Huff (to become heir of Jacob Yockey)
1900, November 16 Sarah C. Wickizer of Plymouth, Ind. Mertie Elnora Conner (dau. of Lincoln E. Conner of Danville, Illinois) July 9, 1889 Mertie Conner Wickizer
1901, December 23 William H. Snider & Dora E. Snider of Bremen, Ind Infant Male child of Alice Lidecker About 2 months old Alva Dean Snider
1901, January 14 Mitchell Lovell & Catherine Lovell of Marshall Co., Ind. Goldie Alice Knoblock (dau. of Jefferson & Jennie Knoblock, both dec'd. Father died in Oklahoma Territory March 24, 1885 Goldie Alice Lovell
1901, March 29 Benjamin Frank & Mary & Frank of Marshall Co., Ind. Urania Belle Carswell (dau. of George Carswell) age 13 months Urania Belle Frank
1902, January 16 Emanuel & Lizzie D. Freese of Marshall Co Ralph Byron Stuck. (no father, mother living in Marshall Co.) May 24, 1901 Ralph Byron Freese
1902, January 16 Emanuel Freese & Lizzie D. Freese Ralph Byron Stuck (unwed mother living in Marshall Co., Ind.) age 8 months on January 24, 1902 Ralph Byron Freese
1902, June 23 Jennie E. Weaver of near Bourbon, Ind. Jesse B. Moore (parents, Frank E. & Belle J. Moore, divorced & both remarried, child abandoned) September 16, 1881 Jesse B. Weaver
1902, June 6 James W. Bachman (grandfather) Enid Katherine Galentine (b. out of wedlock to Ellen Calloway of Plymouth) January 30, 1898 Enid Katherine Bachman
1902, May 28 William L. Foker & Mary J. Foker of Argos, Ind. Edna May Hahn (dau. of Fred C. Hahn dec.d & Ida Hahn of New Albany Indiana) May 3, 1896 (b. in Alexandria Madison, Co., Ind.) Edna May Foker
1902, November 10 John H. Webster of Plymouth, Ind. Edwin Chester Arand of Julia Work Home February 12, 1901 Chester Edwin Webster
1902, November 6 James W. Dennis, Mary M. Dennis of Johnson Co., Neb. (maternal grandparents) Ruby Barnes of Julia Work Home (father James E. Barnes of Whitley Co., Ind.) June 30, 1899 Ruby Dennis
1902, November 6 James W. Dennis, Mary M. Dennis of Johnson Co., Neb. (maternal grandparents) Malcolm Barnes of Julia Work Home (father James E. Barnes of Whitley Co., Ind.) March 5, 1901 Malcolm Dennis
1903, April 9 Daniel A. Fribley Maud E. Fribley of Bourbon, Ind Robert Neil Perkins (son of Charles Perkins & Laura Perkins Dec'd) January 10, 1903 Robert Neil Fribley
1903, August 1 Sylvester E. Rish Thurel Verner Hendricks (b out of wedlock to Clara S. Hendricks) May 24, 1903 Thurel Verner Rish
1904, March 9 Albert E. Ives & Gertrude Ives of South Bend, Ind. Roy Henning (son of Charles Henning, mother now Daisy M. H of Nappanee, Elkhart Co.) March 28, 1900 (b. at home of Hughs Absalom Keyser of German Twp.)  
1905, December 2 John S. Bender & Rachel H. Bender of Plymouth, Ind Elizabeth Jane Martin (dau of Joseph Martin of Soldier's Home in Lafayette & Josephine Martin whereabouts unknown) December 24, 1885 Elizabeth Dae Bender
1906, August 29 John H. Webster of Center Twp. Marshall Co., Ind. Blanch Earl of Brightside Orphanage (parents unknown) March 14, 1905 Eva Alice Webster
1906, February 15 Elias Day & Ida M. Day of near Donaldson Daisy Lucille Pressler (dau of George & Mary Burwell Pressler of Whitley Co, Ind) March 8, 1901 (at Columbia City, Ind) Daisy Day
1907, March 2 Milton C. Cook & Gertrude M. Cook Lawrence Ketner of Mexico Orphan's Homes (mother, dec'd. father unknown) October 1, 1898 Lawrence O. Cook
1907, March 4 George B. Kooser Walter Langridge son of Mrs. G.B. Kooser & Frank Langridge of Chicago) March 5, 1891 Walter Kooser
1907, September 26 Nils S. Lindquist Margaret Lindquist of Plymouth, Ind. Olive C. Burrell (mother, Olive, deceased; father John F. Burrell of Chicago, Ill.) age 17 months Olive C. Lindquist
1908, October 6 Susan Johnson of Argos, Ind. Helen Johnson (father, Charles Johnson of Chicago; mother, Agnes Johnson, location unknown) August 3, 1904 (no name change)
1908, September 21 Perry E. Young & Cora M. Young of Bremen, Ind. Faith Ferguson (parents unknown) October 11, 1896 ( Chicago, Ill.) Faith A. Young
1908, September 24 William F. & Amanda Hamlet of Marshall Co Ervin Thomas. (father, James Thomas living at Culver, mother dec'd.) January 17, 1897 Ervin Hamlet
1909, February 20 Charles C. Gerard & Pearl Gerard of Marshall Co., Ind. Howard Delaney of Decatur Co., Ind. Orphan's Home March 22, 1906 Keith Gerard
1909, March 15 John & Malinda Siple of Marshall Co. Ross Clair Stanley (father, Lucrecius G. Stanley of Argos, mother deceased) April 21, 1890 Ross C. Siple
1909, November 9 John Wesley & Sarah Elizabeth Cox Frank McCabe (parents unknown) March 24, 1889 Frank Cox
1910, December 20 Bert & Arizona Ostrum of Plymouth, Ind. Cecil Howard Sherow (father, unknown; mother Mrs. Ella Lynch of Culver, Ind.) April 7, 1907 Cecil Howard Ostrum
1910, November 15 John & Olive M. Flosenzier of Plymouth, Ind. Margaret Eleanor Sapp (parents, Joseph & Bertha L. Sapp, ) March 10, 1910 Margaret Eleanor Flosenzier
1911, December 22 George E. Seymour & Myrtle C. Seymour of Marshall Co., Ind. Olive Carpenter (of Mexico Orphan's Home Mexico, Ind.) June 23, 1911 Olive Seymour
1911, December 5 Charles S. & Mary E. Stansbury of Argos James Hudson Stansbury (mother living in Rochester) June 7, 1891 (name not changed)
1911, February 10 Charles Sanders, May Sanders of Marshall Co., Ind Valtermar G. Ballard of Marshall Co., Ind. (father Levy G. Ballard; Mother Mabel Ballard) age 4 months Luther Paul Sanders
1911, May 1 William H. Murphy & Sarah E. Murphy of Marshall Co., Ind. Ruth Carter (father, James Carter of Mishawaka; mother Ida Rush Carter, died 30 Sept. 1910.) June 19. 1910 (b. West Pullman, suburb of Chicago , Ill.) Ruth Murphy
1911, October 16 Leurtis C. Murphy Myrtle A. Murphy of Plymouth, Ind. Helen Claudia Gray (father living in Noble Co., Ind.) February 4, 1911 Helen Claudia Murphy
1912, February 23 William Reiter & Minnie Reiter of Plymouth, Ind. William Burch (deceased mother was sister of Minnie Reiter; father, Bert Burch of East Chicago, Ind.) May 25, 1909 William Burch Reiter
1912, February 3 Henry Lohr (grandfather) Violet Eva Lohr (parents Elza & Florence Lohr left the county) age 5 years (no name change)
1912, January 6 James O. Erwin & Dora L. Erwin of Inwood, Ind. Lucille Jenkins of Grant Co., Ind. (parents unknown) December 26, 1907 Lucille J. Erwini
1912, March 8 John W. Mann & Annie L. Mann of Center Twp. Marshall Co., Ind. Rulo G. Brumbaugh (father & mother both both deceased; own prop. in South Bend, Ind.) December 12, 1905 Rulo G. Mann
1912, May 23 John C. & Josephine E. Miller of German Twp. Cora A. Watson (father, George J. Watson of Marion Co., Ohio, Mother, deceased April 29, 1909 Cora A. Miller
1912, October 12 James O. Price & Carrie A. Price of Green Township Marshall Co., Ind. Mildred E. Dinsmore (mother deceased; father, Alexander Dinsmore of Union Twp.; grandchild of James Green, deceased) October 1, 1901 Mildred E. Price
1913 October 23 Herbert & Mattie K. Kehler of Marshall Co. Dorthy Katherine Wilson . (residence of both father & mother unknown) March 3, 1907 Dorthy Katherine Kehler
1913, October 9 Lawrence P. & Dorothy L. Inches of Bourbon, Ind. Alfred C. Richman d. (father unknown, mother Frances Richman of Bourbon) July 5, 1913 John Alfred Inches
1914, October 20 Welcome J. Miller & Clara M. Miller of Plymouth, Ind. Bertha Gray (father J. W. Gray of Ft. Wayne, Ind.) October 2, 1909 Virginia Bertha Miller
1914, October 26 Thomas & Annie M. Mosslander Flossie Marie Wively (father, John Wively, where-abouts unknown; mother, May Wively of Plymouth gives consent April 5, 1912 Flossie Marie Mosslander
1914, September 12 Charles Stuart Kehler & Rose Gilbert Kehler of Bourbon, Ind. Pauline Humes (parents, John D. & Olive E. Falby; adopted 1907 in Delaware Co. by James & Olive Humes) November 26, 1905 (b. near Muncie, Ind.) Pauline Knight Kehler
1914, September 30 Silver C. Sweet & Myrtle I. Sweet of Hibbard, Ind. Anna Katherine Kuhnert (mother, Anna Kuhnert (b. George; father unknown) November 8, 1913 at Orphan's Home in Lafayette, Ind.) Anna Katherine Sweet
1915, August 6 Arthur Long & Daisy Long of Marshall Co., Ind. Wilma Lucille Freed (mother, deceased; (father John Freed of Teegarden, Ind.) October 30, 1914 Wilma Lucille Long
1915, May 31 Rachel E. Cullen of Plymouth, Ind. Leo Lancey (mother lived in Maine 23 yrs. ago - last contact) age 26 years last Oct. Leo Lancey Cullen
1915, October 19 Charles F. & Dessie R. Turner, of Plymouth, ind. Bertah Pauline Ritchey (parents Clyde & Emma Ritchey of Mishawaka, both deceased) December 15, 1910 Pauline Ritchey Turner
1916, December 18 Joseph & May (Sanders) Ballan of Plymouth, Ind. Luther Paul Sanders (adopted son of Charles May Sanders, divorced) October 18, 1910 Luther Paul Ballan
1916, June 26 Chancey E. Markley & Della May Markley Mary Norene Denman of Mexico Orphanage (parents living but residence unknown) May 2, 1912 Mary Norene Markley
1916, September 18 George A. and Eva E. Kizer of Center Twp. Bernice Sherow (parents, George & Grace Sherow, non residents) 3 years old Bernice Kizer
1917, January 29 Floyd Platz & Lizzie Platz of Bremen, Ind. Emma Margaretha Feitz (father Gottlieb Feitz of Bremen; mother died 12 April 1916) February 2, 1915 Virginia E. Margaretha Platz
1918, July 24 Charles A. Hill & Iva O. Hill of Plymouth, Ind. Michael Franklin of Mishawaka Orphan's Home October 24, 1914 Phillip Arden Hill
1918, September 16 Orval M. & Edna P. Leslie of Plymouth, Ind. Nelson Pike (from Board of Children's Guardians, Fayette Co., Ind.) May 17, 1914 William Merle Leslie
1919, April 10 James W. & Elsie V. Schultheis of Plymouth Dortha Marie Wilcox (parents Arthur C. & Alma M. Wilcox of Marshall Co. give consent) less than 1 year old Margaret Eileen Schultheis
1919, August 29 Jesse R. & Ruth Evans of Marshall Co. Ind. John Louis Vegh-Osze (parents deceased, first adopted in St. Joseph Co. by Louis & Teresa Osze) November 13, 1913  
1919, March 6 Charles C. Boblett Nelle B. Boblett of Union Twp. Marshall Co., Ind. Margaret M. Boblett (dau. of Jasper M. & Maggie Bobblett of Cinn., Ohio, bro. of Charles C.) age5 years (no name change)
1919, March 6 Ernest Wilkinson & Emma Wilkinson of Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gail Virginia Haag (dau. of Perry Haag of Polk Twp.; mother died 14 Feb. 1919) May 21, 1916 Gail Virginia Wilkinson
1919, May 12 Oral Crabb & Ida M. Crabb of Plymouth, Ind. Junia Marie Beckah Haines (parents, S. A. & Rosa J. Haines of So. Bend, Ind.) June 1, 1918 Marie Crabb
1919, November 16 Paul R. & Sybil B. Charn of Plymouth, Indiana Marvin Eugene Walsh (mother, Catherine J. Walsh of Walkerton, Indiana) August 20, 1916 Marvin Eugene Charn
1919, September 17 Jesse & Isabella R. Margaret Edith Rennie Margaret Dickson of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada) August 15, 1914 Margaret Edith Murgatroyd Murgatroyd of Plymouth, (father unknown, mother
1920, April 23 Arthur J. Campbell of Marshall Co., Ind Virgil Russell Lewis (both parent deceased) age 17 years Russell Lewis Campbell
1920, April 24 Joshua J. & Rosa M. VanGilder of Plymouth, Ind. Rosella M. Roderick, (mother, Edna M. Roderick of St. Joseph Co., Ind. January 11, 1920 Mable Genavie VanGilder
1920, August 16 Louis J. & Nellie G. Dunning of Plymouth, Ind. Hazel E. Romig (father, James Austin Romig mother deceased April 19, 1909 Hazel Elizabeth Dunning
1920, December 9 Harry A. & Edna B. of Green Twp. Dillon Edna P. Robinson (father, Elba T. Robinson of Green Twp., mother died in Oct. 1919) October 8, 1919 Edna P. Dillon
1920, January 5 Henry A Kosanke Mary Jeannette Kosanke of Argos, Ind. Marie (unknown) of Porter Co., Ind. (parents unknown) May 28, 1919 Betty Jane Kosanke
1920, May 20 William H. & Liza Franklin Avis Musser Seiler (parents died when 12 yr. old married Marvin Seiler, 1916) 26 year old (adopted for purposes of inheritance)
1920, October 13 Lucius & Eva E. Lockwood of Green Twp. Geneva Sharp (father, James Sharp of Logansport, mother died July 1918) December 28, 1913 Geneva Sharp Lockwood
1920, September 11 Frederick G. & Lydia Heck Chloa Louisa Swihart (mother deceased, father, Truman Ford Swihart) 11 years old Chloa Louisa Heck
1920, September 27 Elsa Jacobson of Plymouth, Ind. (widow of Swan) Ambrose Jacobson (both parents deceased) October 1, 1904 Ambrose Roy Jacobson
1920, September 28 Adelbert R. Clizbe & AthaLind L. Clizbe of Plymouth, Ind. Leonard O. Evans of the Ind. Soldiers' & Sailors Orphan's Home (parents both deceased) June 29, 1904 Leonard Adelbert Clizbe
1920, September 28 Adelbert R. Clizbe & AthaLind L. Clizbe of Plymouth, Ind. Juanita Evans of the Ind. Soldiers' & Sailors Orphan's Home (parents both deceased) February 14, 1907 Juanita AthaLind Clizbe
1921, April 11 Swan Nelson & Olive Nelson Eloise Kight of Newton Co., Ind. (parents unknown) July 1, 1910 (no name change listed)
1921, April 14 Samuel B. & Fairie E. Simons of Rural Argos Gilbert Vinard (ward of Board of Childrens Guardians of Clinton Co., Indiana January 2, 1906 Gilbert Vinard Simons
1921, February 23 Lawrence J. Dietl & Catherine M. Dietl of Marshall Co., Ind Ralph Senate Gammon of Scott Co., Ind. July 3, 1916 Senate John Dietl
1921, January 15 Norman S. Norris & Matilda Norris of Culver, Ind. Elsie A. Borkman (dau. of Albert Borkman mother deceased) May 17, 1915 Elsie A. Norris
1921, January 20 Clarence E. & Jennie M. Carl of near Bourbon Charlotte A. Tripp (parents died of influenza ca. 1919) age 10 (none stated)
1921, January 20 Clarence E. & Jennie M. Carl of near Bourbon Charles Lewis Tripp (parents died of influenza ca. 1919) age 8 (none stated)
1921, January 20 Clarence E. & Jennie M. Carl of near Bourbon Mary Jane Tripp (parents died of influenza ca. 1919) age 3 (none stated)
1921, November 28 William Seiler & Maabel R. Seiler of Marshall Co., Ind. Lucille Belldora Hostetler (mother, dec'd.; father Theodore N. Hostetler lives in Nappanee, Ind.) May 15, 1919 at (b. Nappanee, Ind.) (no name change listed)
1921, November 30 Frank H. Kelly & Nellie M. Kelly of Argos, Ind. Wilma Charlotte Helsel (father, Earl Helsel of Argos; mother, dec'd.) September 8, 1911 Wilma Charlotte Kelly
1922, February 13 William Kilian & Elnora Kilian Opal C. Kilian (mother dec'd; father, Walter Kilian, lives in Elkhart Co., Ind.) age 10 years (no name change)
1922, February 13 William Kilian & Elnora Kilian Alfred A. Kilian (mother dec'd; father, Walter Kilian, lives in Elkhart Co., Ind.) age 11 years (no name change)
1922, May 22 Franklin P. Diffendal & Fonda Hope Diffendal of Union Twp. Cecil Marie Hauser (dau. of Fonda Hope; father lives in Fulton Co.; father & mother never married.) January 24, 1921 Cecil Marie Diffendal
1922, November 17 Oliver S. Anders & Lottie V. Anders (grandparents) Orpha Henney nee Anders (father Howard Anders; mother dec'd.; adopted by Edward Henney & wife) age 12 years (Orpha Henrietta - no name change listed
1922, October 9 Frank Grunawalt Clara Grunawalt (grandparents) Margaret Helmlinger (dau. of Eva Grunawalt of Mishawaka, Ind.) May 4, 1916 ( Bremen, Ind.) (no name change listed)
1922, September 23 Rolland Guard & Myrtle Guard Janet Miona Kaminski mother Marie Vanett nee Kaminski of South Bend; father left before birth) age 6 years (no name change listed)
1923, August 3 Henry T. Long Sarah Ellen Switzer (from Mexico Home in Miami Co., Indiana) September 17, 1915 Ruth Long
1923, December 11 Ridley H. Draper Minnie Rose Draper of Bremen, Ind. Helena Knott (parents, William & Marietta Knott of Spencer Co., Ind.; Minnie Draper & Marietta Knott are sisters) age 21 years Helena Katherine Draper
1923, February 14 Frank & Bernice Cannan Clarence Earl Wicoff (illegitimate child of Julia F. Wicoff, Champaign Co., Illinois September 15, 1922 Ernest Eugene Cannan
1923, March 8 Isaac Barcus & Laura Barcus of Marshall Co., Ind. Charles H. Klingerman (son of Edward Klingerman; mother, deceased.) age 6 years Charles Hughes Barcus
1923, May 11 William J. Cordick, Mary J. Cordick of Plymouth, Ind. Violet Bailey of Floyd Co., Ind. July 14, 1916 Marilee Cordick
1923, May 25 George L. & Ida M. Woolley of Maxinkuckee, Ind. Louis E. Miller (parents, Amil Henry & Letha L. Miller, divorced mother deceased. Woolleys are grandparents) 8 years old Louis E. Woolley
1923, May 25 George L. & Ida M. Woolley of Maxinkuckee, Ind. Carl W. Miller (parents, Amil Henry & Letha L. Miller, divorced mother deceased. Woolleys are grandparents) 6 years old Carl W. Woolley
1923, November 27 John Franklin Ecker & Elizabeth Ecker of Bourbon, Ind. Ona Eltzroth ward of Wabash Co., Ind. July 22, 1917 Leona E. Ecker
1923, October 20 Raymond L. Lindzy of Culver, Ind. Marie Loretta Booker (daus. of Mertie May Lindzy, wife of Raymond) age 6 years Marie Loretta Lindzy
1923, October 20 Raymond L. Lindzy of Culver, Ind. Anna Mae Booker (daus. of Mertie May Lindzy, wife of Raymond) age 4 years Anna Mae Lindzy
1924, May 31 Irvin G. Fisher of Culver, Ind. Ray Goldner (mother m. Irvin G. Fisher, 29 March 1905; father, Charles Goldner, of Michigan) September 13, 1897 Ray Fisher
1924, May 31 Irvin G. Fisher of Culver, Ind. Russell V. Goldner (mother m. Irvin G. Fisher, 29 March 1905; father, Charles Goldner, of Michigan) March 14, 1895 Russell V. Fisher
1924, September 15 Rufus A. Buntin & Katharine V. Buntin of Culver, Ind. Marion Louise Edgren of Mishawaka Orphan's Home (mother, Wandah Edgren of South Bend, Ind.; father deserted family) June 6, 1922 Marion Louise Buntin
1925, March 10 James E. & Myrtle Anna Wiseley Lou Janet Wiseley (dau. of George Wiseley, Jr. brother of James E., mother died ca. 1922) December 9, 1921 (no name change)
1925, May 6 Lora O. & Fannie May Sherland of Marshall Co., Ind. Hortense Newport (parents, Argle & Ruby Newport, divorced, child placed from Marion Co., Ind.) February 22, 1921 Bonnie Marie Sherland
1927, December 31 William Jeffries & Samilda Jeffries of Argos, Ind. (grandparents) Robert Harold Jeffries (son of Louis & Lucy Jeffries) age 5 years (no name change)
1927, February 16 Andrew C. Furry, Jennie B. Furry of Plymouth, Ind. Lucy Arnold of Ripley Co., Ind. November 30, 1915 Alice Lucille Furry
1927, July 12 Earl F. Snyder & Leonora F. Snyder of Culver, Ind. Robert Nelson Hurst (parents, Ralph Hurst & wife, killed in auto accident in Feb., 1927) November 17, 1924 Robert Nelson Snyder
1927, March 2 Chester A. & Alice Coppersmith of Mishawaka, Ind. Frederick Meade (ward of Brd. of Childrens Guardians, St. Joseph Co,) January 20, 1927 Albert Francis Coppersmith
1927, March 23 Edward & Elizabeth Longaker Goldie Stickler-Ringer (wife of Alfred Ringer) (father living near Chicago) 22 years of age (name not changed)
1927, March 3 Orlo C. Himebaugh & Irene Himebaugh of Plymouth, Ind. John DeGeorge (formerly of Boone Co.) (parents unknown) June 15, 1907 John Himebaugh
1927, September 30 Isaac J. & Ida M. Knoblock (his grandparents) Richard Isaac Widmar (son of George J. & Stella E. Widmar of E. Bronson St. South Bend, Indiana) 16 years old (no change noted)
1928, April 16 James C. Crabb & Orpha T. Crabb of Culver, Ind. Carol Lee Crabb (deserted at Crabb doorstep, parents unknown December 21, 1927 Carol Lee Crabb
1928, April 26 Elza R. Hoover & Ethel E. Hoover of Plymouth, Ind. Donald L. Johnson (mother, Marie Johnson; father left before birth) November 28, 1927 Donald L. Hoover
1928, January 7 Stephen Norwakanicz & Mary Norwakanicz of German Twp. Marguerite Gelide (mother living but not named in petition) November 6, 1904 (b. in South Bend, Ind.) (no name change)
1928, July 14 Frank L. Galligan & Helen E. Galligan of Maywood, Ill. Jack Leroy Lucas (parents, Clyde & Elizabeth Lucas) May 31, 1922 Jack Leroy Galligan
1928, July 14 Frank L. Galligan & Helen E. Galligan of Maywood, Ill. Robert Arthur Lucas (parents, Clyde & Elizabeth Lucas) November 29, 1924 Robert Arthur Galligan
1928, March 3 Blithe J. & Anna C. Vanlue Treva Ilene Vanlue (sister to Margaret, above mother's name is Vena Vanlue May 6, 1925 (no change)
1928, March 7 Walter C. & Selma E Eden of LaGrange Park, Illinois Margaret Ethel Vanlue, (father, Freadus D. Vanlue. of Argos, working in Mich., mother insane in hospital at Logansport) July 15, 1923 Margaret Ethel Eden
1929, April 2 William M. Motz & Chestina Motz of German Twp. Marshall Co., Ind. Bernice Bellman wife of Charles Bellman of German Twp. (mother deceased; father Omar Martin of Sioux City, Iowa) age 29 years (no name change)
1929, December 12 Charles D. & Esther V. Williams of Argos, Ind. Mary Joan Smith (mother, Dean E. Smith Argos; father, William Jones) November 29, 1929 Alma Marie Williams
1929, July 3 George F. Wiseley of Walnut Twp. Lou Janet Wiseley (re-adopted by her father who is remarried    
1929, June 22 Granville & Mary G. Workman of Marshall Co. Granville Ervin Workman (parents, Oscar D. & Maude E. Workman of Marshall Co.) November 9, 1929 (no name change)
1929, March 30 Clyde L. & Mary E. Thomas of Marshall Co., Ind. Walter Roy Rothermel (parents, Erwin & Edna L. Rothermel, father accidently killed in Logansport, July 1927) January 23, 1927 Walter Roy Thomas (not stated in adoption papers but confirmed by 1930 census)
1929, March 9 Chester L. & Velma Wright of Marshall Co., Ind. Joseph Eugene Sharkey (parents, L. W. & Thelma I. Sharkey of Marshall Co. consent to adoption.) March 2, 1929 (not stated in papers)
1930, April 1 Fred W. Rosentreter Tillie J. Rosentreter of Argos, Ind. Susan A. Brown (dau. of Lewis H. Brown of Argos & Nellie Brown) January 9, 1925 Rosanna Jane Rosentreter
1930, December 24 Frank D. & Frances E. Marsh of South Bend, Ind. Thomas Pollitt (from Board of Children's Guardians, St. Joseph Co., Ind.) July 31, 1930 Thomas David Marsh
1930, February 20 Harold J. & Loretta M. Marshall of Plymouth Elsie Mae Stroup (father, Omer R. Stroup non-resident of Indiana-has grandparents in Michigan) October 16, 1924 Margaret Frances Marshall
1930, July 23 Louis W. Ray & Irene Ray of Rt. 6, Plymouth, Rex Cunningham of Brethren Orphanage, Ind. Mexico, Miami Co., Ind. (father, Herbert Cunningham, at Longcliff; mother, Mary Magdalene Carter, of LaPorte) age about 8 years Rex Ray
1930, May 20 F. Raymond & Marguerite Wight of So. Bend, In Nadine Schmidt (from Board of Children'sGardians, St. Joseph Co., Ind. March 15/16, 1930 Elizabeth Claire Wight
1930, November 3 Henry Jacobs Herbert Wayne Butcher (parents both deceased) age 34 years Herbert Wayne Jacobs
1931, April 9 Arthur Feller, Edith Feller of South Bend, Ind. John Barbee of St. Joseph Co., Ind. November 2, 1930 David Lee Feller
1931, March 14 James E. & Myrtle A. Wiseley of Walnut Twp Lillian Pickett. (from Board of Children's Guardians, Hendricks Co., Ind.) May 19, 1928 Wilma Eileen Wiseley
1931, March 4 Roy E. & Oka A. Hughes of Culver, Ind. Martha M. Palmer (parents, Charles & Stella Palmer whereabouts unknown, child from Brightside Orphanage) February 12, 1927 Martha M. Hughes
1931, May 25 Cecil R. Smith & Lola B. Smith of Culver, Ind. Elizabeth Rue Conner (dau. of Alice L. Conner, unmarried, father's name, Rollin Whiting) February 18, 1931 Elizabeth Rue Smith
1931, May 5 Al W. Johannes & wife (Janet E. Johannes) Mary Ann Winters (ward fo St. Joseph Co. Juvenile Court, mother, Mary Winters consents April 6, 1931 (not stated)
1933, August 18 Otis Milton & Ethel Nellans of Green Twp. Paul Lee Sutton (ward of Board of Childrens Guardians of Marshall Co.) December 31, 1923 Paul Lee Nellans
1933, February 28 Harry L. Paul & Louise H. Paul of Marshall Co., Ind. Charles William Harbert of Cass Co., Ind. November 27, 1922 William Harry Paul
1934, September 25 Alvin F. & Nona L. of Plymouth, Ind. Marsh Esther Lois Nichols (parents deceased, estate in Danville, Ind. of father, James W. Nichols) February 9, 1925 Esther Lois Marsh
1934, September 25 Alvin F. & Nona L. of Plymouth, Ind. Mary Louise Nichols (parents deceased, estate in Danville, Ind. of father, James W. Nichols) May 25, 1927 Mary Louise Marsh
1934, September 4 Ralph Miller & Dorothy Miller of Plymouth, Ind. Ray Wesley Burch (son of Dorothy Miller; father, Virgil Burch of Culver, Ind.) August 6, 1928 Ray Wesley Miller
1935, April 9 Max Fechner & Agnes Fechner Mona Pearl Shriver (of Culver, Ind.mother died at her birth father, Leonard Shriver) February 9, 1931 Mona Pearl Shriver-Fechner
1935, June 20 Cyrus L. Henkes of Plymouth, Ind. Betty Loose (dau of Clifford Loose mother deceased) October 6, 1932 Betty Henkes
1935, June 26 Joseph Harold Kiracofe & Grace Mae Kiracofe of Osceola, Ind. Eva Jeanette Sumpter (mother died at birth of Eva Father, Lee Merl Sumpter) June 8, 1935 Bremen, Ind. (twins) Eva Jeanette Kiracofe
1935, June 26 Joseph Harold Kiracofe & Grace Mae Kiracofe of Osceola, Ind. Neva Annette Sumpter (mother died at birth of Eva Father, Lee Merl Sumpter) June 8, 1935 Bremen, Ind. (twins) Neva Annette Kiracofe
1935, September 11 Herbert C. Overmann & Alice C. Overmann of South Bend, Ind. Nancy Storm (ward of St. Joseph Co.) February 10, 1935 (b. in St. Joseph Co.) Jane Alice Overmann
1935, September 14 Curtis M Brown & Catherine B. Brown of Tucumseh, Michigan Celia Cappaus (father George E. Cappaus) January 17, 1933 Sally Ann Brown
1936, December 12 Hershal Hunter & Helen Hunter of Sidney, Ind. Emmajean Sumpter (mother deceased, father, Merle Lee Sumpter) age 8 years Emmajean Hunter
1936, July 30 Francis W. Slabaugh & Alma A. Slabaugh of Bremen, Ind. Delbert Glen Loose (son of Clifford E. Loose & Helen Railing Loose) September 25, 1930 John Delbert Slabaugh
1936, June 22 Herman A. Simpson & Ruth Simpson of Hammond, Ind. Pearl M. Haines (of Julia E. Work Training School) age 4 yrs. 9 mos. Betty Jane Simpson
1936, May 25 Glen W. Rogers & Ruby E. Rogers of Bourbon Twp. Austin Edgar Sumpter (mother deceased, wards of Marshall Co.)   Austin Edgar Rogers
1936, May 25 Glen W. Rogers & Ruby E. Rogers of Bourbon Twp. Arthur Edward Sumpter (mother deceased, wards of Marshall Co.) 2 years old on September 30 1935 (twins) Arthur Eugene Rogers
1936, September 20 Roscoe U. Nichols John Vernon Snook (mother Leota Snook Nichols) age 21 on September 11, 1935 John Vernon Nichols
1937, April 27 Otis Milton Nellans & Ethel Nellans of Green Twp. Margaret Cora Sutton (father Herbert Sutton mother, deceased) February 21, 1921 Margaret Cora Nellans
1937, July 28 Oliver O. Mikesell Minnie Bernice Mikesell of Marshall Co., Ind. James Gleason Sanders (son of Harry Logan Sanders -deserted mother, Eleanor May Sanders) April 9, 1937 James Gleason Mikesell
1937, June 29 Rudolph N. Keller of Plymouth, Ind. Howard Lee Sumpter age (father, Merle Sumpter mother Capitola A. Keller Deceased) 6 years on June 1, 1937 Howard Lee Keller
1937, May 22 Raymond W. Harvey & Pauline Harvey of Porter Co., Ind. Bobby Allen Luse (b. in Marshall Co. parents unknown) January 24, 1937 Robert Lee Harvey
1937, November 20 George Brown & Anice Irene Brown of Plymouth, Ind. Michael Jerome Brown son of Pearl Warner & unknown father September 19, 1937 Michael Jerome Brown
1938 , November 12 Dally Hunter, Opal Hunter of Walton, Ind. Peggy Ann Alderfer dau. of Ruth Rebecca Alderfer May 28, 1938 Peggy Ann Hunter
1938, August 6 John F. Cunningham & Esther Marie Cunningham of South Bend, Ind. Sarah Ann Fenstermaker dau. of Daisy Fenstermaker July 7, 1937 Sarah Ann Cunningham
1938, July 30 Harry F. Baker & Bertha A. Baker of Marshall Co. Harry E. Vonn Wilson, son of Marguerite Wilson of Indianapolis & Charles Elkins non-resident of the state May 5, 1938 Harry E. Vonn Baker
1938, November 12 Ara K. Smith, Martha Zimmerman Smith of Knightstown, Ind. Harold Lewis Tener (son of Ralph Tener and Velma Balsley of Marshall Co. December 4, 1937 Harold Lewis Smith
1938, September 13 Richie Harman & Nellie Harman of Bourbon Wilma Russell (ward of Marion Co. Ind.) April 5, 1905 Wilma Harman
1938, September 14 Earl Dear of Argos, Ind. Simon Haines (wards of Marshall Co. Board of Public Welfare) 16 June 1927 Simon Dear
1938, September 14 Earl Dear of Argos, Ind. Thomas Haines (wards of Marshall Co. Board of Public Welfare) 28 Aug. 1929 Thomas Dear
1938, September 21 Howard C. Jorden Lucille Jorden of Plymouth, Ind. Joseph Heldt Kluck (son of Dorothy Kluck of Indianapolis, Ind. Father unknown) May 13, 1936 Joseph Paul Jorden

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