Bourbon Light Infantry

The following is the organization rules for an early volunteer militia for Bourbon. All spellings and punctuation have been left uncorrected. From the Marshall County Museum.

May 13th 1854

Know all men by these Presents that we the undersigned Citizens of Marshall County and State of Indiana do hereby associate ourselves to geather into a volunteer Company or Military association to be known by the name of the Bourbon Light infantry company and to continue therein for the term of six years from this date unless sooner discharged by law and we do ordain and establish the following constitution and by laws by which we are to be governed

Article first
each member shall be uniformed as follows towit with fine Boots with red top pants white drilling pant aloons red sash at least six feet in length black or deep blue frock coat black Stock black glased cap and plait and ploom.

Article 2d
the said company shall meet at Bourbon for company drill of each year successive towit on the last Saturday of April May June August and September on the fourth day of July of every year and train according to the dissiplin of the United States.

Article 3rd
the fines for none attendance of members shall be as follows to wit pr day for each commisioned officer not to exceed two dollars pr day for each none commisioned officer or private not to exceed one dollar pr day. Article 3rd (should be 4th) each commisioned officer who shall behave in an unofficer like manner while on paraid shall be fined one dollar and each non commisioned officer or private who shall behave in an unsoldierly like manner while on duty shall be fined fifty cts for each and every said affense.

Article 5th
any Member who shall get drunk While on duty if a commisioned officer shall be fined five dollars or if an uncommisioned officer or private two dollars and be liable to be discharged by the captain.

Artical Sixth
the fines and forfeiturs assessed of the company for delinquences shall be applied to the procureing of Music and camp equipage to pay the regular Musitions and to defray the other nessecary expenses of the said company.

Article Seventh
there shal be a treasurer Elected who shall hold his office one year Who shall have power to collect all fines and forfeiture of members by action of Law or other-wise before any justice in the Township Where the delinquent may reside without regard to any releaf valueation Appraisment or exemption Lands what ever and shall be alowed twenty five pertcention on all money he may be compelled to collect.

Article 8th
there shall be no member taken in only by a vote of a magority of the Company and no member shall bee discharged on less by a vote of two thirds of the members.

Article 9th
a magority of two thirds of all the members may amend this constitution at any time no amendment shall ever be made to admit any person to become a member who is in the habit of getting drunk.

Article 10th
We authorise our names to be hereto annexed and Consider ourselves to be fully organised as agreed upon and have elected our officers as follows to wit this 27th day of May 1854 our hands the day and year above written as follows to wit

John L. Hedrick, Captain John Barnett
John E. Mooney, first Leut Schuyler Miner
William Bennett, 2 Leut Henry Houghman
William M C Whorter, S William Johnston
Ralph Curry 2nd Sargent Jesse Nidig
William Brouder, 3d Edward Thompson
E. G. Melser 4th Onis Ennis
Oliver Morris, Treasurer Abreham Nidig
John MC Whorter, Drummer J W Plummer
John Sharley Robert Piper
John Nidig Stephen Sharp
Joe Nail, first corprol Ally C Boylor
Bengamin Johnston 2d John Hall
Zachariah Senour 3d T Lynn
William Gillospie 4th J Lynn
Edward Osborn Joseph Staley
Jacob Barkey S. Miner
James E. Plummer David Bonemger
James E. Perry James Proffit
Peter Disher Joseph Nidig
William Bowin John G Bales
Jacob Henry Arthur Lawrance
James Johnston Loid Williams
William Sullavin Sidney Hatfield
Ephram Cooper Elisha Plummer
William A Apple William T Plummer
Jonnathan D. Sanner David Nidig
Orange (George?) E. Ecclestaffer Jerremiah Herner
John Baxter John Sullovin
John Phillops Patterick Kincade
Loranso France James Lynch
Joseph Thornburg John Davis
Harmon Baylor Jackson Bale
George Allen Irey Linch
James Jinkens Jesse Burkett
Samuel Mooney William Parker
Abreham A. Nidig John Seinour
  B. F. Bemmett

(Additional names added) September 16, 1854

Manleus Joiner Jeptha Disher
William Johnston Solatheil Lightner
William B. Coldwel                   Thomas M Curren
William Carter Jonas C. Mooney
Charles Deviney John Richmond
Jacob Shafer Simon Lefferts

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