The Plymouth Republican, Thursday, July 31, 1884.


The voters of Marshall county, Indiana, without regard to past political preferences or previous party affiliations, and who are opposed to the present management of the affairs of said county, and willing to co-operate in the election of a People's Ticket, are requested to meet in mass convention, at Plymouth, Indiana, Saturday, August 23, 1884, at 1:30 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of nominating a full county ticket, to be voted for at the ensuing November election.

Each township will be entitled to one vote in said convention for every fifty votes or fraction over twenty-five thereof cast at the October election, 1880, as follows:

Union township 6 German tp. 12

Center " 21 North " 8

Inwood Precinct 4 Polk " 9

Green township 6 West " 9

Tippecanoe " 7 Walnut " 10

Bourbon " 16

Total number of votes, 108.

The above call, signed July 31, 1884, by the following named voters and many others:

H. W. Hostetter Emo Keshleger
T. J. Payne Noah Wiltfong
S. D. Parks J. N. McNeil
W. M. Kendall David Cummins
Eli Parker J. W. Thomas
J. H. Matchett Sam Thomas
D. T. Wilkins E. W. White
L. Tanner Albert Bohmer
Loren Shedd George Kimble
Wm. Bristol H. J. Ringle
Thos. K. Houghton A. Shafer
J. L. Mosher J. H. Gregg
C. R. Leonard Jacob W. Cross
John A. McFarlin J. B. Grover
C.C. Buck Alfred Kirkley
Upton Stansbury Robert McChesney
B. F. Rosenbury Marshall Kirkley
C. W. Shakes C. W. Ramsay
J. E. Houghton Stephen Coleman
C. E. Toan W.W. Warnes
C. W. Parkhurst O. A. Russell
H. B. Whitlock David Walter
D. J. Thompson R. P. Hallyday
Aaron Martin G. W. Garwood
Frank J. Caul John Divine
Samuel W. Miller W. Williams
A. C. Matchette B. F. Williams
O. F. Ketcham James J. Reed
J. W. Wiltfong John F. Strang
David Walmer Daniel Rickel
People's Mass Convention, cont.
J. E. Firestone Sil F. Martin
J. F. Langanbaugh F. L. Johnson
J. W. Roberts James W. Cook
O. S. Linn George Spade
Leroy DeMoss William C. Brown
C. T. Mattingly David Tingley
Joel H. Parks Simeon D. Tingley
E. C. Hinds J. H. Tlingley
T. T. Linn W. R. Roderick
J. L. Shodinge Myron Young
H. T. Bowman J. T. Speatly
D. Bowman R. S. Allen
John A. Ritchey George Burton
P. E. Bristol Anthony Strang
D. Walmer Sr. P. F. Letherman
C. P. Lynch D. P. Lehman
M. S. Johnson S. P. Strang
W. H. Sutch Joseph S. Davis
I. M. Mattingly Levi Winner
Peter Kizer John H. Barber
Daniel G. Denman George Easterday
Benj. J. Cramer Erastus Brown
N. E. Alldaffer George Snyder
Fred Zimmerman Henry Skinner
W. R. Harris Robert J. Evans
Adam Barggrof Edwin Dwinnell
Gotlieb Grimm James M. Hudson
C. Manuwal G. W. Knoblock
Joseph Barts Michael Ryan
T. M. Anders William Powell
John Hughes J. P. Knoblock
S. A. Anders S. H. Joseph
Joe Hophine Alfred Snyder
John Lowry P. E. Ditto
John Bunnell Thomas Jarman
M. A. McElrath D. C. Knott

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