Culver Catholic Marriages

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ASPER, Arthur Lem Culver, IN
SESTER, Genevieve L. Culver, IN
Sester, John Sester, Elizabeth
BLOHM, George C. Culver, IN
SLATTERY, Ramona Belle Culver, IN
--- ---
BOHM, Rludy Culver, IN yes LECHULD, Hattie Culver, IN yes McColla, J. D. McColla, Mrs. J. D.
BUSART, Bernard Culver, IN yes HENDERSON, Sue Ann Culver, IN
T___, Irene Gusella, George
BYRD, George A. Culver, IN yes TASCH, Lorraine A. Culver, IN yes Drnek, John J., Jr. Tasch, Irene
CAMPBELL, Charles Otis Logansport, IN
HAWK, Ruth Regina Culver, IN
Tussing, Robert Busart, Hilda
DONNELLY, Alfred John Culver, IN yes THORNBURG, Mary Barbara Culver, IN yes Donnelly, George E. Mars, Phyllis
FELKE, Joseph A. Plymouth, IN
EMIGH, Katharyn Burr Oak, IN
Blue, Thornton Emigh, Arviss
GLASSLEY, Richard C. Cleveland, OH
HEWES, Helen Agnes Culver, IN
Smith, Joseph B. Hewes, Frances
GRETTER, Urban A. Plymouth, IN
HOGE, Rita Culver, IN
Gretter, Paul Brugh, Neta Fern
GUISE, Milo P. Culver, IN yes DECKER, Ruth E. Culver, IN yes Decker, Richard Cultice, Lenora
HERRMANN, William Leigh Culver, IN yes MEDBOURN, Marilyn M. Culver, IN yes Shaw, David McLane, Marjorie
JONAS, Robert W. U.S. Marines yes McCARTHY, Delia Ann Culver, IN yes McCarthy, Patrick Parshir, Eleanor
KENNEDY, Walter C. Logansport, IN
McLANE, Helen F. Culver, IN
Pettis, Jess Pettis, Mrs. Jess
KNOUFF, Bernard Rensselaer, IN yes KUHN, Frances Culver, IN yes Kuhn, Theresa Knouff, Wayne
KRING, Edmond Christopher No. Liberty, IN
MESCH, Frances Xavilra Culver, IN
Mesch, Arnold Schwarz, Catherine
LESCH, James Plymouth, IN yes MUDAY, Dorothy Culver, IN yes Muday, Ruday Smolenski, Mary
LOLEMAUGH, Christopher Culver, IN
KERSHNER, Mary Monterey, IN
Lolemaugh, Virgil Rusehaw, Mary
LOLMAUGH, Leo Christopher Mishawaka, IN yes SNYDER, Phyllis Bremen, IN yes Lolmaugh, Donald Lolmaugh, Francis James
MAXEY, Howard Louis Burr Oak, IN
KEHR, Anna Laura Oklahoma City, OH
Hartman, James Allen, Amillia
McCULLOUGH, John Patrick Chicago, IL yes SHANKS, Mary Elizabeth Culver, IN yes Toomey, Charles W. Shanks, Barbara Ann
MONEHEN, James Robert Plymouth, IN yes SOUTH, Patricia Argos, IN yes Bernero, Louis McCarthy, Delia Ann
NEWBERG, Gunnard O. Donaldson, IN
QUINN, Helene Culver, IN
Amand, Frank Amand, Eme
PORCHER, Clarence K. Culver, IN; Tuscon, AZ
DRNEK, Rita Culver, IN; Tuscon, AZ yes Connolly, John J. Mulready, Ruth A.
RAGSDALE, Roy C. Culver, IN
GRACE, Faye Mary Culver, IN
Fox, James A. Felke, Lucile
RICCIARDI, Charles Culver, IN yes WERNER, Mary Culver, IN yes DeAngelis, Louis DeAngelis, Rose
ROBERTS, Richard Culver, IN
DONAHUE, Stella Lillian (widow) Lafayette, IN
Keller, Charles Keller, Margaret
RUHNOW, Emil, Jr. Culver, In yes BUSART, Mary Ann Culver, IN yes Busart, Bernard Busart, Delores
SHAW, Earl G. Culver, IN
KELLER, Clara Elizabeth Plymouth, IN
Asper, Arthur L. Sester, Genevieve L.
SMITH, Leroy Culver, IN
LOLMAUGH, Clara I. Culver, IN yes Cavender, Howard Cavender, Gertrude
SMITH, Roger Peoria, IL yes NEWCOMB, Marsha Rochester, IN yes Smith, Michael Jackmintz, Esther
STRUNK, William P. Culver, IN yes JACKMAN, Marianna Culver, IN yes Strunk, Peter Strunk, Paula
WARE, John Chicago, IL yes KAMINSKI, Evelyn Chicago, IL yes Kaminski, John Brezik, Lillian
WILFRED, Wilma Plymouth, IN yes GANSHORN, Emma Jean Plymouth, IN
Wilma, Marilyn Wilma, Robert
WILSON, Francis W. Plymouth, IN
JENNINGS, Anna E. (widow) Culver, IN
Fox, Albert Fox, Mary
WILSON, Richard Hall Joseph Culver, IN yes SHAW, Marietta Lee Culver, IN yes Herman, William Hewes, Frances

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