From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 2, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
16 May 1918 ABAIR, Peter - child died. Poplar Grove burial.
20 June 1918 ADAMS, Henry, died. Bruce Lake burial. Civil War vet.
18 July 1918 ADAMS, Mrs. Wm. J., died at Rochester, N.Y., Obit
31 Jan 1918 AIRGOOD, Mrs. Mary, died at Culver. South Bend burial
24 Oct 1918 ALBERTSON, Charles - brother died. Zion item.
25 July 1918 ALBRIGHT, Aaron - dau, Mary A., died near Argos.
17 Oct 1918 ALDRICH, Charles, died at Teegarden. Center Cem.
10 Oct 1918 ALEXANDER, Mrs. Charles, died at Bourbon.
14 Feb 1918 ALLEN, Henry B., funeral and obit.
27 June 1918 AMES, David/Davis, died. Obit.
28 Nov 1918 AMONES, Mrs. George - son, Jesse Lee, killed in France. Father was William Lee.
11 July 1918 ANDERS, George W. - dau, Mrs. Charles Sells, died at North Port, WA. Obit.
14 Nov 1918 ANDERSON, Mrs. Alvira Herman, died in Starke Co.
5 Dec 1918 ANDERSON, Charles, died in Chicago. son of Sven.
19 Dec 1918 ANDERSON, Ernest Arthur, death of reported from France.
10 Oct 1918 ANDERSON, Mrs. N.F., died near Donaldson
5 Dec 1918 ANDERSON, Sven - son, Charles, died in Chicago.
17 Jan 1918 ANDREWS, George - infant dau died at Maxinkuckee.
10 Oct 1918 ANNIS, Mrs. Glen, died at Indiana Harbor. Lapaz burial.
26 Dec 1918 ANNIS, Ralph W., died at South Bend.
24 Jan 1918 ANNIS, Mrs. William (Harriet) died near Lakeville
14 Nov 1918 ARMANTROUT, Mrs. Elmer (Salome) died near Bourbon
26 Sept 1918 ARMANTROUT, Lawrence, accidently killed in Missouri.
8 Aug 1918 ARNOLD, Miss Mary, died. Monroe, Michigan burial.
2 May 1918 AULT, David, died in South Bend. Obit. Local burial.
8 Aug 1918 BAKER, Mrs. David, nee Sallie Dickson, obit. Poplar Grove cemetery.
10 Oct 1918 BAKER, Mary S., died north of Etna Green.
31 Jan 1918 BAKER, Mrs. Tom, died in South Bend. North Twp. item.
3 Jan 1918 BAKER, Zachariah, died of blood poisoning. Mt. Pleasant cemetery.
11 July 1918 BALL, Prosper - son, Robert P., died. St. Michael Cem.
5 & 12
Dec 1918
BALSLEY, Mrs. Jacob, died at Bremen. Obit.
5 Dec 1918 BALSLEY, Mrs. Joseph, died at Bremen.
12 Dec 1918 BANKS, Owen - son, Harold, died near Culver.
30 May 1918 BARNES, Mrs. Louisa, died in Plymouth
14 Nov 1918 BARNHILL, Robert, died in Plymouth
10 Oct 1918 BARTS, John - son, Myron, died. Ewald cemetery
31 Oct 1918 BASKE, Mrs. G.E., uncle died at Kewanna.
24 Oct 1918 BATES, Mrs. Frank, nee May Hatfield, died near Bourbon
4 July 1918 BAUM, Mrs. Albert, nee Jessie Moore, died at Logansport. Donaldson funeral. Obit 11 July.
2 May 1918 BAUM, Charles, obit. Donaldson funeral.
14 Feb 1918 BAXTER, James, died in Ohio. tippecanoe item.
11 Apr 1918 BEAGLES, Anderson, dau Mrs. C. Lee, died
21 Mar 1918 BEAGLES, Mrs. Robert, died at Tyner.
7 Mar 1918 BEEBER, James M., Civil War vet, died at Lafayette. Argos item.
18 July 1918 BEEHLER, Mrs. Charles, obit. Tippecanoe cemetery.
31 Jan 1918 BEHM, Charles, died at Marion. Argos burial.
3 Jan 1918 BEHRENS, Mrs. John, father Chas. Wrightsman, died at Piqua, Ohio.
7 Feb 1918 BEHRENS, Mrs. John F., died in Illinois. Local burial.
21 Feb 1918 BENGSON, Frank, died. Donaldson funeral.
27 June 1918 BENNETT, Herbert, child buried at Mentone.
26 Dec 1918 BERGMAN, Mrs. Conrad, nee Anna Stegman, died at Peru
17 Jan 1918 BEYLER, Philip, died in South Bend. Born in Bremen.
14 Mar 1918 BINKLEY, Mrs. Henry, died near Bourbon. Buried at Stony Point Cem., Kosc Co.
2 May 1918 BINKLEY, Howard, son Wayne died. Mt. Pleasant cem.
4 July 1918 BLAD, Oscar, dau Thelma died at Grovertown. Donaldson funeral
15 Aug 1918 BLAND, John, death of.
17 Jan 1918 BOLINGER, Miss Mary J., death of.
31 Jan 1918 BORDER, Mrs. Samuel, died near Bourbon. Parks cem.
21 Feb 1918 BOYER, Stephen, funeral at South Bend.
20 June 1918 BRADLEY, Bert, son Dale obit.
29 Aug 1918 BRADLEY, Hiram, son John died at Walkerton.
10 Oct 1918 BROOKE, Ed S., son Walter drowned in Utah
11 Apr 1918 BROOKE, Howard M., obit. Died at Casey, Illinois.
26 Sept 1918 BROOKE, Mrs. I.C., nee Rebecca Clifton, obit.
12 Sept 1918 BROOKE, Mrs. Iden C., died near Tyner
24 Oct 1918 BROOKE, Walter E., obit
31 Oct 1918 BROWN, Mrs. Charles, died in Detroit. Flu.
24 Jan 1918 BROWN, Frank, died at Co. infirmary. Polk Twp. burial.
30 ay 1918 BRUGH/BRUE, Charles W., died at South Bend. Tyner funeral.
25 Apr 1918 BRUMM, Mrs. George, died at Rochester. Indianapolis burial.
14 Nov 1918 BRYAN, Arthur C., brother Donald died in France.
23 may 1918 BUCK, Chester C., son Ira died. Canadian army.
24 Jan 1918 BUCKLER, George, uncle Samuel Buckler died.
18 Apr 1918 BULES, Jacob, child died. Etna Green burial
5 & 12
Dec 1918
BURCH, Mrs. Loyal, died. Mother of Mrs. Frank Cullison. Obit.
31 Oct 1918 BURDEN, Amos, dau Lora died in Ohio. Flu. Army nurse. Argos burial.
26 Dec 1918 BURGER, Jacob, father Christ died at Bremen.
3 Jan 1918 BURGER, Mrs. Melvin, died at south Bend.
31 Oct 1918 BURKETT, Charles L., died in Plymouth. Obit.
4 July 1918 BURKETT, F.M., sister Margaret died. Warsaw funeral.
24 Oct 1918 BURKHOLDER, Vern, died near Lapaz. Flu.
30 May 1918 BURROUGHS, Ellen C., died in Plymouth.
12 Dec 1918 BUSHMAN, Bert, died at Laporte. flu.
7 Mar 1918 BUTCHER, Edward, died. Oak Hill cem.
7 Mar 1918 CAMERER, Mrs. Alfred (Almira) died. Oak Hill cem.
5 Dec 1918 CAMERON, Emery, died near Inwood
14 Feb 1918 CANAAN, Frank, son Ernest died. Walkerton burial.
28 Mar 1918 CANNAN, Mrs. Jesse, mother Mrs. Wm. Wallace died.
7 Nov 1918 CANNAN, Mrs. Mary, brother G. McDonald died at Walkerton.
10 Jan 1918 CARABIN, J.J., acci. killed at Santa Monica, Cal.
28 Feb 1918 CARL, Mrs. David, died. Bethel cem.
4 Apr 1918 CAROTHERS, Gilmore, died. Obit. Fairmount cem.
14 Feb 1918 CARPENTER, Mrs. Charles, father Otto Vogely (Vogeli) suicides.
21 Feb 1918 CARTER, Charles F., notice of estate admin.
23 May 1918 CHASE, Mrs. John H., nee Mary J. Conger, obit.
22 Aug 1918 CHRISMAN, Mrs. A.J. (Hester) died at South Bend. Obit.
31 Jan 1918 CLAXTON, Miss Alice, died at Bremen.
20 June 1918 COCHRAN, Will, brother John died in North Dakota. Elkhart Co. burial.
19 Dec 1918 COFFY, Delbert, dau Susie died at Oklahoma City.
18 July 1918 COLE, Danial S., obit. Civil War vet.
5 Dec 1918 CONFER, James M., died in Chicago. Flu.
3 Jan 1918 CONRAD, Jacob, died. Of Wyatt.
31 Jan 1918 COOK, Bert, died at Bourbon.
10 Jan 1918 COOK, John, died in West twp.
25 Apr 1918 COOK, Minor, died. Fulton Co. burial.
17 Jan 1918 COPELAND, Mrs. Clifton (Stella) died in South Bend.
28 Mar 1918 COPLEN, Harvey, dauger Viviam died. Maple Grove cem.
14 Mar 1918 COPP, Charles C., mother Lydia Lockridge died.
8 Aug 1918 COREY, Lowell, killed in French action. Son of M.L. First Marshall Co. overseas casualty.
14 Nov 1918 COREY, Melvin Lake, died at Argos. Obit.
21 Mar 1918 CORMANY, Mrs. Sarah, died at Warsaw. Argos burial.
28 Feb 1918 CORMICAN, Mrs. A.M. (Samantha) died in South Bend. Obit.
3 Jan 1918 CORNELL, Mrs. C.V., died. Buried at Cicero, Illinois.
30 May 1918 CORSE, James A., dau Louisa Barnes died.
17 Oct 1918 COSGROVE, Frank A., buried at Hammond.
3 Jan 1918 COULTER, Mrs. John (Luella) died in West Twp.
24 & 31
Oct 1918
COUTS, Daniel, died west of Plymouth. Obit.
5 Dec 1918 COX, Mrs. Frank, funeral. Fairmount cem.
10 Oct 1918 COX, George, Jr., died. son of Ben. Flu.
20 June 1918 COX, Noah, sister in law Mrs. Wm. Cox died. Hanna funeral.
24 Oct 1918 CRAIG, Henry, died at Ft. Wayne. Bourbon funeral. Stony Point (Kosc. Co.) cem.
19 Sept 1918 CRAMER, David J., Union church funeral, West twp.
19 Dec 1918 CRAMER, Rudolph, child died.
10 Jan 1918 CREST/VEST, Mrs. Cora, died. Poplar Grove cem. Obit.
3 Jan 1918 CREWES, Mrs. M., sister Mrs. C.V. Cornell died.
2 May 1918 CREWS, Rev. M., died in Plymouth. Illinois burial.
16 May 1918 CREWS, Malancthon, obit. Illinois. burial
10 Oct 1918 CREIGHBAUM, Will, dau Anna M. died.
21 Feb 1918 CURRAN/CURENT, Lemuel, died at Culver. Poplar Grove cem.
5 Dec 1918 CURTIS, Mrs. Jane, died at Argos.
10 Oct 1918 DALY, Mrs. Bridget, funeral.
5 Sept 1918 DANIELS, Ebert, dau Blanch died. Galveston burial.
3 Oct 1918 DAVIS, Joseph W., grandson Joseph Kraft died at Bourbon.
4 July 1918 DAVIS, Thomas, died at Logansport. Zion cem.
12 Dec 1918 DEAGLE, Mrs. Elizabeth, died. Tyner cem.
19 Dec 1918 DEAGLE, Mrs. John, nee E. Cochran, obit
10 Oct 1918 DECKER, John W., died at Bourbon.
6? June 1918 DELP, Mrs. Herbert, nee Ruth Vernette, died.
24 Oct 1918 DENNIE, A.J., son Hollie R. died near Argos.
16 May 1918 DIETL, Mrs. _____, sister Margaret Beutter obit.
14 Nov 1918 DIETL, Mrs. Nicholas, died. St. Michael's cem.
15 Aug 1918 BIETRICH, Dr. William, died in Michigan. Bremen burial.
19 Sept 1918 DILL/DILLS, Albert, son Arthur died at Logansport.
28 Nov 1918 DILLEY, Mrs. Caroline, dau-in-law Mrs. R. Ehreneman died. Teegarden item.
10 Oct 1918 DINKLEDINE, George, son Herbert died near Bourbon.
14 Feb 1918 DITMIRE, John, died in Fulton County. Buried in Zion cem.
14 Nov 1918 DOLPH, Morgan, dau Helen died.
3 Jan 1918 DOWELL, David, dau Mrs. M. Burger died.
10 Jan 1918 DREESE, Edward, died in Green twp. Burr Oak burial.
14 Nov 1918 DUCKETT, Truman, died in Polk twp. Tyner cem.
14 Nov 1918 DUDDLESON, Albert, died at Argos.
21 Mar 1918 DUNLAP, Mrs. Josie, died at Culver.
31 oct 1918 DUNN, Mrs. Claude, nee Edith Kline, died at South Bend.
24 Jan 1918 DWIGGENS, Robert S. sister Lydia died.
17 Oct 1918 EASTWOOD, Harry, death of.
18 Apr 1918 EBY, Mrs. John, mother Mrs. Anson Miller died at Bourbon
18 July 1918 ECKERT, Adam, widow Mrs. Anna Beehler obit.
11 Apr 1918 EICH, Mrs. Ferd, sister-in-law Mrs. Fred Walters died in Washington. Chicago funeral.
11 July 1918 EIDSON, Dr. J.W., sister Mrs. Wm. Packer died.
24 Oct 1918 EISENMENGER, Frank, died near Teegarden. Typhoid.
28 Feb 1918 EISENOUER, Mrs. Benj. F., die din Illinois. Fairmount cem.
17 Oct 1918 ELKINS, Mrs. Charles, died at Bourbon.
9 May 1918 ELLIOT, A.C., died at St. Paul, Minn. Obit.
21 Mar 1918 ELLIS, Mrs. Sherman, mother Sarah Cormany died.
16 May 1918 EMENAKER, George, brother Peter obit.
14 Nov 1918 EMERSON, Elijah, died. Oak Hill cem.
21 & 28
Mar 1918
ENGLISH, James Albert, died. Veteran. Obit.
24 Oct 1918 ERWIN, William, Jr. died. Newlywed. Flu.
10 Oct 1918 ESKRIDGE, James M., died. Walkerton burial.
24 Oct 1918 EVERLY, Jacob, son Verne died near Linkville. Flu. Walkerton burial.
21 Nov 1918 FALCONBURY, James, son Forest killed in France.
21 Mar 1918 FANNING, Mrs. S.B., aunt Mrs. D. Felter? died.
18 Apr 1918 FAULSTITCH, Mrs. Charles, died. Monterey burial.
19 Dec 1918 FELLER, Mrs. Urias (Anna) died. Union cem. Obit.
12 Sept 1918 FELTON, Mrs. Louise, Bremen funeral.
11 Apr 1918 FERTIG, Frank, sister died in South Bend.
27 June 1918 FETCHNER/FECHNER, Leo died. Plymouth funeral. Obit.
7 Nov 1918 FETTERS, Benjamin, son Carl died in South Bend.
10 Jan 1918 FETTERS, Chauncy, died at county infirmary. Fairmount cem.
31 Oct 1918 FINK, Mrs. A.E., nephew died.
10 Jan 1918 FINK, Mrs. Morgan (Nancy) died at Argos.
11 July 1918 FINNEY, Lloyd D., obit. Argos funeral.
31 Oct 1918 FISHER, Mrs. Jess, died at Lakeville.
2 May 1918 FLAGG, Albert A., died at Argos.
24 Oct 1918 FLETCHER, A.N., died.
28 Feb 1918 FLOWERS, Mrs. Andrew, nee Lucy Bowman, died.
14 Feb 1918 FOUST, Henry E., son Robert died near Argos.
5 Sept 1918 FOX, Mrs. John (Magdalene) died near Bremen.
5 Sept. 1918 FARVER, Glen, son Robert died at Lapaz.
17 Jan 1918 FREEMAN, Lafayette and son Fred, buried at Jonesboro. Obits
31 Oct 1918 FRICK, Raymond O., died in South Bend.
2 May 1918 FRICK, Samuel, died. Buried in South Bend.
12 Dec 1918 GALBRAITH, Jacob, brother died.
25 Apr 1918 GALENTINE, M.M., Goshen burial.
2 May 1918 GANDY, Allen, son Edwin died. Burr Oak cem.
4 Apr 1918 GANSHORN, Mrs. Anna, died at Etna Green. Stony Point (Kosc. Co.) cem.
28 Nov 1918 GARD, Mrs. Andrew, died in Mishawaka.
18 July 1918 GARNER, Harley, grandfather John Prill died in Fulton Co.
17 Oct 1918 GARRISON, Dale, uncle Earl Leavell died.
21 Nov 1918 GARRISON, Eula, brother E. Leavell died.
7 Nov 1918 GASE, Mrs. Charles, nee Edith Wcheibelhut, died at Mishawaka.
9 May 1918 GEARHART, Orville, infant son Ralph died.
15 Aug 1918 GENSINGER, Mrs. Daniel, nee Mary Rothenberger, obit.
16 May 1918 GERRARD, Mrs. John, uncle Eli Smith died in Starke Co.
30 May 1918 GERRARD, Mrs. Shad, died of burns. Hindle cem.
28 Nov 1918 GILSON, Mrs. James, died in Montana. Fairmount cem.
31 Jan 1918 GIRTEN, Charles, died. Millersburg funeral.
9 May 1918 GLASS, John T., infant son died.
5 Dec 1918 GOLLNER, David, died near Bremen. Bremen cem.
7 Nov 1918 GOTTSCHALK, Mrs. Jacob, Bourbon funeral.
3 Oct 1918 GRACE, Jacob, died in Tippecanoe. Mentone cem.
7 Nov 1918 GROSS, Franklin, dau Pearl died.
6 June 1918 GROSSMAN, Oliver O., died suddenly. Oak Hill cem.
4 Apr 1918 GROSVENOR, Mrs. Isaac (Cornela). Sandridge cem.
14 Feb 1918 GROVER, Charles E., died in New York. Son of Charles A.
19 Dec 1918 GROVER, Mrs. William, sister Mrs. Charles Myers died at Niles, Michigan.
12 Sept 1918 GURTHET, Mrs. George, died. Oak Hill cem.
7 Feb 1918 HAAG, Joseph, dau Bertha Hubbard died.
17 Oct 1918 HALL, Eli, died. Summit Chapel cem.
24 Oct 1918 HAM, Mrs. Albert, died at Logansport.
26 Sept 1918 HAMILTON, Mrs. J.J., nee Anna Seltenright, died in Iowa. Obit.
18 Apr 1918 HAMLIN, Thomas, dau Mary E. died at Etna Green.
21 Nov 1918 HAND, Mrs. Henry, nee Laura Slater, obit. Argos cem.
24 Jan 1918 HANNA, H.V., son John V. died near Culver.
6 June 1918 HANNA, H.V., son died at Zion, Ind.
20 June 1918 HANSON, Victor, of Culver. First county soldier to die in France. (?) see Corey.
5 Sept 1918 HARDY, Esley, died at Bremen.
24 Oct 1918 HARKINS/HAWKINS, George B., died at Lapaz.
18 Apr 1918 HARMON, Amon, died near Argos.
12 Dec 1918 HARMON, Mrs. Amos (Mary) died. Flu. Green Twp.
12 Dec 1918 HARNESS, Homer, died at Laporte. Hamlet burial.
19 Dec 1918 HARPER, Mrs. Blanche, son E.A. Anderson died.
2 May 1918 HARRINGTON, David, funeral, obit and will.
18 Apr 1918 HARRIS, L.E., son Victor died at Bend, Oregon.
26 Dec 1918 HARRIS, Welcome, dau Florence died at Gary.
13 June 1918 HARSH, Mrs. Edward, nee Mary Staley, obit.
17 Oct 1918 HARSHBERGER, Mrs. John, died in Plymouth
24 Oct 1918 HARTMAN, Mrs. Jess, died. Sumit Chapel burial.
12 Sept 1918 HASLANGER, Mrs. Catherine, died at South Bend.
26 Dec 1918 HELLER, Mrs. John, nee Nina Sturgeon, died at Logansport. culver cem.
31 Oct 1918 HEMINGER, Mrs. Ed, died near Bremen.
6 June 1918 HENDERSON, L.M., son Byron died at Walkerton.
25 Apr 1918 HEPLER, Mrs. John, died. Salem cem.
14 Mar 1918 HERSHBERGER, Oliver Harry, died near Bremen.
7 Feb 1918 HERZOG, Mary A., died. Bremen funeral.
21 Feb 1918 HESS, Jasper, dau LuEmma died at Dayton, Ohio.
19 Sept 1918 HESS, Mrs. Jasper, died at Chicago.
28 Feb 1918 HESS, Roscoe, see Obit - Mrs. Abner Tibbetts.
14 Nov 1918 HIBBS, John W., obit.
10 Oct 1918 HILDEBRAND, Mrs. Daniel, North Liberty funeral.
23 May 1918 HILEMAN, W.A., father John VanGilder died at Van Wert, Ohio.
7 Nov 1918 HILL, John, dau Ellen died. Flu.
5 Sept 1918 HILLSMAN, William, son Emmanuel died in Plymouth.
10 Oct 1918 HINDEL, Charles A., son James H. died.
19 Sept 1918 HITCHCOCK, Mrs. Herbert B., nee Mary Patterson, died at Baltimore, Maryland.
3 Jan 1918 HITE, Albert, died at Argos.
31 Oct 1918 HITTLE, Calvin, grandson Lester Smith died in South Bend.
24 & 31
Oct 1918
HITTLE, William, son Henry J. died near Argos.
17 Jan 1918 HOAGLAND, Spencer, died at county infirmary.
6 June 1918 HOCKER, Mrs. _____, buried at Morris cem.
24 Oct 1918 HOFFMAN, Mrs. Roscoe, died at Indianapolis. Flu. Oak Hill cem.
6 June 1918 HOF(F)MAN, Earl, son James A. died at Ft. Wayne.
25 July 1918 HOGE(N)SHIMER, Mrs. John, (Mariah), died at Culver. Union cem., West Twp.
14 Feb 1918 HOLDEMAN, C.E., died in Starke Co. Obit. (Christ.)
24 Oct 1918 HOLDEREAD, Mrs. Allie, died at Bremen. Morris cem.
5 Dec 1918 HOLLETT, Mrs. Mary C., died. Buried at Three Oaks, Mich.
5 Dec 1918 HOLLINGSHEAD, Mrs. E., father Gustave Krienke died in St. Joseph Co.
21 Feb 1918 HOLM, Mrs. Caroline, died in West Twp.
18 Apr 1918 HOLT, A.B., mother Ellen died. Kankakee, Ill. burial.
11 Apr 1918 HOLYCROSS, Mrs. Maude, dau Mrs. Emma Shattuck died.
24 Oct 1918 HODD, Mrs. Maud, son Ralph Powers died in Montana.
10 Oct 1918 HOOPENGARTNER, Marion, died. Flu.
17 Oct 1918 HOSTETTER, Mrs. Frank, died at Walkerton. Flu.
6 June 1918 HOUGHTON, Thomas, obit. Burr Oak cem.
7 Feb 1918 HUBBARD, Bertha Haag, died in Alabama. (Mrs. Harley)
19 Sept 1918 HUFFER, Oscar, son Opal killed accidentally.
13 June 1918 HUFFMAN, Earl J., died at Ft. Wayne. Son of James.
10 Jan 1918 HULTZ, F.H., dau Cora Crest died.
26 Sept 1918 HUMRICHOUSER, Frank, died in Kansas. Obit 3 Oct.
21 Feb 1918 IDEN, Samuel, died at Bourbon. Etna Green burial.
12 Sept 1918 INBODY, Ed, Eugene, Frank, Wm., sister Mrs. Levi Nusbaum died.
24 Oct 1918 IRWIN, Riley, dau Clara R. died near Lapaz.

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