From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 2, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
17 Oct 1918 JEFFIRS, Mrs. Peter, nephew Dr. C.E. VARIER died.
23 May 1918 JILSON, Mrs. Fannie, funeral.
17 Oct 1918 JOHNSON, Charles, died at Donaldson.
17 Oct 1918 JOHNSON, Charles, mother died at Donaldson.
31 Oct 1918 JOHNSON, Edward, died near Donaldson. Flu.
24 Oct 1918 JOHNSON, Mrs. Sophia, died at Donaldson.
26 Sept 1918 JOHNSONBAUGH, N.O., son Glen died near Argos.
31 Oct 1918 JONES, Lester, son Endicott died near Blissville.
17 Oct 1918 JONES, Lester, dau Ruby died near Donaldson.
7 Nov 1918 JONES, Lester, son Otho E. obit.
26 Sept 1918 JONES, Martha Beckner, died at Rochester. Walnut cem.
10 Jan 1918 JONES, Perry Oliver (Oliver Perry), obit. Former Plymouth mayor.
10 Oct 1918 JONES, T.L., dau Ruby died near Blissville.
12 Dec 1918 JONES, William, died at Laporte. Teegarden burial.
18 July 1918 JORDAN, Godfrey, died at culver. South Bend burial.
31 Jan 1918 JORDAN, Wylie, died in South Bend. Son of Benoni.
24 Oct 1918 JOYCE, Mrs. Chauncey (Norma) died at Bourbon. Jacoby cem.
17 Oct 1918 KAISER, Albert, son Clem died near
10 Oct 1918 KARN, Albert, died. Flu. Culver burial.
20 June 1918 KAUFMAN, Charles C., step-brother George W., died at Mishawaka.
11 Apr 1918 KEITZMAN, Mrs. J., sister-in-law Mrs. August ABRAHAM died. Wanatah funeral.
19 Dec 1918 KELLER, Peter, brother Martin died at Monterey.
11 July 1918 KELLEY, Haley, died in Plymouth.
1 Aug 1918 KELSEY, Robert, died near Argos.
25 July 1918 KELTZ, Mrs. Andrew, nee Elzina PRICE, died near Tyner.
21 Mar 1918 KERST, Mrs. C.W., died near Burr Oak.
13 June 1918 KINCH, Harold, died at Salt Lake City, Utah. Oak Hill cem.
11 Apr 1918 KINZIE, Mrs. Joel (Sarah) died. Burr Oak cem.
3 Jan 1918 KIPFER, Mrs. Frederick, nee Sophia BOYER. Obit.
17 Oct 1918 KIRKPATRICK, Harry, died in South Bend. Bremen cem.
3 Jan 1918 KIZER, David, died. Oak Hill cem.
31 Oct 1918 KLECKNER, Mrs. John, died in Plymouth.
10 Jan 1918 KLINE, Mrs. Albert, died at Bremen.
8 Aug 1918 KLINE, Mrs. Debolt, died near Argos. Richland Center funeral.
7 Mar 1918 KLINE, John Henry, died at Logansport. Hindle cem.
24 Oct 1918 KLINGERMAN, Mrs. Jacob, nee Edna BEAGLES, and son Donald died of flu.
11 July 1918 KNEPP, Mrs. Wesley, suicides near Bourbon. Lapaz funeral.
7 Feb 1918 KOLLARS, William, of Lakeville, accidently killed.
9 May 1918 KREIDER, Mrs. John, died. Bremen cem.
24 Oct 1918 KROU, Levi, brother Jacob died at Lakeville.
11 July 1918 KUHN, Fred H., died. Plymouth fire chief for 34 yrs.
22 Aug 1918 KUHN, Gustave, son of Fred H., died. Obit.
24 Aug 1918 LACHER, John, died in Plymouth. Obit.
9 May 1918 LAIRD, Mrs. Herbert, died. Bourbon cem.
16 May 1918 LANE, Mrs. Mart, died. Argos burial.
16 May 1918 LAUER, Mrs. L.M., mother Mary CHASE died.
17 Oct 1918 LAWRENCE, Mrs. James, died at Culver. Plymouth burial.
21 Nov 1918 LEAVENS, Charles, died at Decatur. South Bend funeral.
11 Apr 1918 LEE, Mrs. Clarence, nee BEAGLES, died. Obit.
24 Oct 1918 LEE, Mrs. Earl, died. Flu.
28 Nov 1918 LEE, Jesse K., killed in France.
17 Oct 1918 LEFFERT, Mathias, died near Argos. Flu.
17 Jan 1918 LEHR, Charles N., Bremen funeral.
11 July, 1918 LELAND, Mrs. Lawson (Nettie) died in Green twp.
17 Oct 1918 LEMERT, Carl, died at Teegarden. Center cem.
28 Mar 1918 LEMERT, Mrs. Jonathan (Mary Ann) died. Tyner funeral.
26 Dec 1918 LEMERT, Lewis, granddaughter Iva PETERSON obit.
10 Oct 1918 LEMERT, ? , son Carl died.
21 Mar 1918 LEMERT, Mrs. R.L., died. Tyner cem. Mother of U.S. LEMERT.
23 May 1918 LERCH, Mrs. John (Ellen L.) nee WHITE, died. Starke Co. burial.
25 July 1918 LESLIE, Albert, Argos funeral.
17 Jan 1918 LEWELLAN, Samuel, died near Bourbon. Tippecanoe burial.
7 Mar 1918 LEWIS, Mrs. Byron, died at Tiosa.
17 Oct 1918 LIDGARD, U.S., died in Montana. Plymouth burial.
14 Mar 1918 LIGGETT, James F., died in Illinois. Plymouth burial.
10 Oct 1918 LINDWALL, Mrs. Julius, died at Donaldson.
21 Nov 1918 LIVESY, Mrs. Paul, nee Grace RIDDLE, died.
21 Mar 1918 LOCKRIDGE, Mrs. J.W., nee Lydia ZUMBAUGH COPP. Obit.
3 Jan 1918 LONG, Claude, died in California.
28 Mar 1918 LOSEY, Mrs. James, died. Pennsylvania burial. Mother of John R. LOSEY.
26 Dec 1918 LOWMAN, Mrs. S.B., died. Flu. Obit.
8 Aug 1918 MAIS, Mrs. Michael, nee Mary E. COMPTON. Obit.
14 Nov 1918 MANN, Mrs. Bert, sister Mrs. Harper AMONES died.
11 July 1918 MANN, Charles, died in Plymouth. Obit.
7 Feb 1918 MARCHANT, Robert, Sr., died at South Bend.
21 Mar 1918 MARKLEY, Mrs. Milton, brother I. BASHOR murdered near Nappanee.
4 Apr 1918 MARSH, Eugene D. Obit.
26 Sept 1918 MARSHMAN, Mrs. John, grandson Russell KUHN killed overseas.
10 Oct 1918 MARTIN, Dr. J.S., grandson H. LATTA died at Annapolis.
26 Dec 1918 MARTIN, Mrs. S.F., mother Sarah JEFFERS died.
31 Oct 1918 MARTINDALE, E.C., nephew Del KESSLER died at Rochester.
17 Jan 1918 MARTINDALE, Mrs. Jesse, died near Richland Center.
7 Nov 1918 MASSENA, A.F., dau Mrs. R. NIMTZ died in Michigan.
5 Dec 1918 MATCHETTE, James, dau Anna MARVIN died in Colorado.
9 May 1918 MATTEN, John, died. Bremen cem.
17 Oct 1918 MATTERN, Mrs. John, died at Bremen.
14 Mar 1918 MAURER, Mrs. William, died near Tyner.
26 Dec 1918 MAY, Jesse, died near Lakeville. Blissville funeral.
19 Dec 1918 MEAD, Joseph H., died. Civil War vet.
26 Dec 1918 MEAD, William H., dau Florence SHETTERLY died.
28 Nov 1918 MEADE, Mrs. R.H., nee Ida EARL, died at Rutland.
24 Oct 1918 MECHLING, Al, suicided near Argos.
30 May 1918 MEDBORN, Samuel, dau Mary A. death and obit.
14 Mar 1918 MEEK, Mrs. Sarah, died in Minn. Walnut twp. burial.
30 May 1918 MENSER, Joel, bro of David, Moses & Urias, died.
29 Aug 1918 MENTEL, Mrs. Joseph, nee Anna MILTENBERGER, died.
26 Dec 1918 METZ, Mathia, died in South Bend.
19 Dec 1918 MIKESELL, Walter R., son Walter died in Culver.
16 May 1918 MILES, Mrs. Thomas, died at Bourbon.
18 Apr 1918 MILLER, Mrs. Anson, died at Bourbon.
5 Sept 1918 MILLER, Harvey, child died at Richland Center.
3 & 10
Jan 1918
MILLER, Mrs. Henry, died north of Bourbon.
24 Oct 1918 MILLER, John, died at home of stepfather, Glenn STARR.
24 Oct 1918 MILLER, Martin, son John W. obit
9 May 1918 MILLER, Mrs. Verne, died at Weir City, Arkansas.
16 May 1918 MORELAND, David, died. Bourbon funeral.
18 July 1918 MORIARTY, Patrick, obit.
25 Apr 1918 MORRILL, William, dau Gertrude B. died in South Bend.
14 Mar 1918 MORRIS, George F., died at Teegarden.
17 Jan 1918 MOSELANDER, Joel, died at Marion Soldier's Home.
10 Jan 1918 MOSELANDER, Thomas, died. St. Michael cem.
28 Mar 1918 MOW, Mrs. Marion (Eva) died. Richland Center funeral.
26 Dec 1918 MURPHY, Mrs. William, died. Dau of Isaac ORR.
24 Jan 1918 MYERS, Elijah, died in South Bend.
12 Dec 1918 MYERS, Urias, died in Plymouth. Obit.
18 & 25
Apr 1918
McCHESNEY, Robert, died. Fairmount cem. Obit.
4 July 1918 McCOMBS, Lambert, died. South Bend burial. Obit.
11 Apr 1918 McCORMACK, William, son of Mrs. Biona BOGART, Donaldson funeral.
31 Oct 1918 McCREARY, Pulaski F., died near Tyner. Tyner cem.
10 Oct 1918 McCULLOUGH, Ben & Charles, father Benjamin died in Elkhart Co.
10 Jan 1918 McFADDEN, Hugh, father died at Kouts.
10 Jan 1918 McKESSON, Mrs. Reuben, mother Mrs. L. SINGLETON died.
10 Oct 1918 McKINNEY, George H., son George died of burns in South Bend.
28 Nov 1918 NEARPASS, George, Sr., died at Terre Haute. First editor of Culver Citizen paper.
12 Dec 1918 NEISWANDER, Mrs. Russell (Estella) died. Flu. Obit.
5 Dec 1918 NEISWONGER, Mrs. Estella died. Maple Grove cem.
9 May 1918 NEU, Mrs. Charlotte, mother of Chas. Neu, died. Bourbon
15 Aug 1918 NITCHER, Mrs. Simon, mother Mrs. D. GENSINGER obit.
20 June 1918 NOBLE, Mrs. Howard F., died at culver Military Academy.
19 Sept 1918 NYE, Annon, dau Irene died at Inwood.
7 Feb 1918 OGDEN, J.A., mother Mrs. George OGDEN died at Milford.
1 Aug 1918 OGLESBEE, Mrs. Harold, father John BILLHEIMER died. Obit.
28 Mar 1918 OLESON, Ole, died at Ft. Wayne. Donaldson funeral.
21 Mar 1918 ORMOND, William, aunt died in South Bend.
19 Sept 1918 ORR, Sherman, brother Thomas obit.
20 June 1918 OSBORN, Robert, stepmother died. Richland Center cem.
13 June 1918 OSBORN, Mrs. W.C. (Rebecca) died. Richland Center burial.
24 Apr 1918 OVERMYER, F.S., son of Franklin, died in Chicago.
4 July 1918 OVERMYER, I.R., dau Florence died in Starke Co.
20 June 1918 PALMER, Mrs. O.E., died at Nineola, Kansas.
4 July 1918 PARKER, William J., died near Lapaz. Bremen cem.
17 Oct 1918 PARSONS, Mrs. Jesse, mother Mrs. BALDING died at Marion.
24 Oct 1918 PEABODY, Roy, died at Argos. Flu.
17 Jan 1918 PEEPLES, George, died in Union twp. Washington cem.
5 Sept 1918 PETERS, Malanthon, died of cancer. Center cem.
5 Dec 1918 PETERS, Mrs. William (Della) died at Monterey. Flu.
26 Dec 1918 PETERSON, Iva M., obit.
2 May 1918 PETERSON, Mrs. W.L., nephew J. PRESCOTT died.
13 June 1918 PICKERL, Jonathan, granddaughter Marjorie BARTLETT died at Argos.
17 Oct 1918 PIKE, Albert, died at Donaldson, Also child died. Burr Oak burials.
10 Oct 1918 PIKE, Albert, child died. Burr Oak burial.
17 Oct 1918 PITTS, William, died at Plymouth.
7 Nov 1918 POWERS, Clarence, died at Argos. Flu.
24 Oct 1918 POWERS, Ralph, died near Miles City, Montana. Argos burial.
19 Dec 1918 PRICE, Mrs. Clifton C., died in South Bend. Bremen resident. Flu.
4 Apr 1918 PRICE, Mrs. Henry, sister Mrs. Eliz. HOLLAR has Milford funeral.
1 Aug 1918 PRICE, Henry, died. Union cem. Obit.
24 Jan 1918 RADICAN, John, son James L. died in South Bend.
7 Feb 1918 RAILSBACK, Mrs. William (Melissa), obit & will.
27 June 1918 RANNELS, Daniel A., Plymouth funeral.
7 Nov 1918 REDICK, Fred and wife died at Spokane, Washington.
17 Oct 1918 REED, Mrs. Frank, died at Walkerton. Flu.
10 Oct 1918 REED, John, died at Bremen. Flu.
21 Mar 1918 REEVE, Mrs. C.A., uncle C. SWAIN obit.
30 May 1918 REEVE, Mrs. C.A., mother died in Plymouth.
7 Nov 1918 REEVE, Charles B., killed in battle in France.
19 Dec 1918 REEVE, James Selah, died. Flu.
31 Jan 1918 REEVE, Stephen, dau Laura died in Chicago. Local burial.
7 Feb 1918 REEVES, Laura C., dau of Stephen, obit.
3 Oct 1918 REINHOLT, Henry, dau Lulu died at Monterey.
17 Jan 1918 RESLER, Clayton, brother of Mary to be buried.
24 Jan 1918 RHOADS, Jacob, foster son Oeyvind SUMMERS obit.
10 Jan 1918 RHODES, William W., died at Argos. Maple Grove cem.
10 Oct 1918 RICHARDS, Moses E., died at Argos. Obit.
28 Feb 1918 RICHARDSON, John brother Charles died in Florida.
24 Oct 1918 RICHEY/RITCHEY, Lloyd, obit. Flu.
16 May 1918 RIDDLE, Raymond, child died near Tiosa.
17 Jan 1918 RILEY, John, Etna Green funeral
3 Oct 1918 RINGLE, John W., son Robert J. died.
26 Sept 1918 RINGLE, Jon, son died. Bremen burial.
5 Dec 1918 RIVAR, James, son of Peter, killed 2 Nov in war action.
21 Feb 1918 ROBERTS, Mrs. W.A., sister and brother-in-law died at Troy, Ohio.
28 Nov 1918 ROCKHILL, Ellis, dau Inez died. Bourbon cem.
7 Nov 1918 ROHRER, George, died at Argos, Cancer.
19 Dec 1918 ROMIG, Mrs. A.J. (Mildred) died. Oak Hill cemetery.
19 Dec 1918 ROMIG, Mrs. J.A., (Mildred) died. Oak Hill cemetery.
14 Mar 1918 ROSENBERGER, Mrs. William, nee Rachel MATHEWS, obit. New Paris burial.
31 Jan 1918 RUE, Mrs. Casper, nee Nellie WHITTAKER, died in South Bend.
17 Oct 1918 RUPEL, Elsie, died at Walkerton. Flu.
8 Aug 1918 RUPERT, Eli, son Raymond killed at Lakeville sandpit.
5 Dec 1918 RUSH, Charles, George & Levi brother Wm. E. died at South Bend. Culver cem.
12 Dec 1918 RUSH, Mrs. John, dau Mrs. Joseph WIEDMAN died.
23 May 1918 RYCKAERT, Peter, estate adm. appointed.

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