From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 2, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
4 July 1918 SAMUELSON, A.E., father-in-law F. BENGSON died.
18 Apr 1918 SANDERS, Edgar, dau Patricia died. Lapaz item.
14 Feb 1918 SARBER, Roscoe, son died at Gary. Oak Hill cem.
26 Dec 1918 SAVAGE, Daniel, dau Rehna LOWMAN Obit. Flu.
31 Oct 1918 SCHAAL, Albert, son Lewis died in Ohio. Monterey burial.
24 Oct 1918 SCHLOSSER, Mrs. Walter K., died. Flu. Bremen cem.
7 Nov 1918 SCHMIDT, Mrs. Jacob, died at South Bend. Bremen burial.
8 Aug 1918 SCHROEDER, Milroy, child died. Fairmount cem.
3 Oct 1918 SCHROETER, Charles, son Carl died near Bourbon.
25 Apr 1918 SCHULTHEIS, Mrs. John (Dortha) died. Oak Hill cem.
17 Aug 1918 SCOTT, Mrs. Floyd W., nee Myrtle STAUFFER, obit. Flu. Tyner services.
6 June 1918 SCOTT, George, died. Sumit chapel cem.
9 May 1918 SEARS, William, died in Plymouth.
17 Oct 1918 SELDEN, Mrs. Philip, died at Bremen.
11 July 1918 SELL, Mrs. Charles, died at North Port, Wa. Obit.
17 Oct 1918 SELNER, Paul, died of flu at Camp Grant.
26 Sept 1918 SELTENRIGHT, Francis and Wm., sister Anna HAMILTON obit.
17 Oct 1918 SELTZEN, Mrs. Philip, died at Bremen. Scarlet fever.
27 June 1918 SEVERNS, Stewart, died. Bourbon item.
10 Oct 1918 SEWARD, Charles A., son Clarence flu victim in Illinois army camp.
24 Jan 1918 SEYMOUR, Ray, child died near Inwood.
26 Sept 1918 SHAFER/SHAFFER, Clarence, son of Filetus, acci. killed in Ft. Wayne. Oak Hill cemetery.
5 Dec 1918 SHAFTER, Delbert, dau Estella NEISWONGER died.
31 Oct 1918 SHAKES, Lawrence, son Melvin died at Cassopolis, Michigan.
11 July 1918 SHARP, Mrs. James, died at Tiosa.
21 Feb 1918 SHEAKS, Sanford, notice of estate settlement.
4 July 1918 SHEETS, H.P., father died in Virginia.
21 Mar 1918 SHELKA, Mrs. Augusta, died in West twp.
31 Oct 1918 SHERLAND, Mrs. Charles, died at Bremen.
24 Oct 1918 SHIVELY, Ira, son Willard died near Bourbon.
14 Nov 1918 SHIVELY, Ira, dau Ignota died. Sandridge cem.
15 Aug 1918 SHIVELY, Mrs. Katherine, buried at Rochester.
27 June 1918 SHREVE, Frank, brother Charles died in South Bend.
14 Nov 1918 SHRIDER, Mrs. Ernest, died at Ft. Wayne. Obit.
12 Dec 1918 SIMONDS, George K., died in Chicago. Oak Hill cem.
10 Jan 1918 SINGLETON, Mrs. Lafayette (Mary E.) died.
21 Feb 1918 SISK, Mrs. W.M., father Stephen BOYER South Bend funeral.
2 May 1918 SLONAKER, Dr. C.L., father Lee SLONAKER died near Leiters Ford.
19 Dec 1918 SLOUGH, Mrs. Arthur, died near Bourbon. Cancer.
19 Dec 1918 SMITH, Mrs. Clyde, sister died in Chicago.
10 Oct 1918 SMITH, Jacob, of Bremen died in Mishawaka. Flu.
23 May 1918 SMITH, William J., brother Eli T. died in Starke Co.
21 Feb 1918 SNELL, Mrs. R.B., father David T. MANOR, death of.
12 Sept 1918 SNIDER, Mrs. J.H., mother Mrs. D.L. BOYD dying at Nappanee.
24 Oct 1918 SNIDER, Jacob, son Warren died in South Carolina.
24 Oct 1918 SNIDER, Warren A., died at Camp Jackson, S.C. Flu. Obit.
28 Mar 1918 SNYDER, Adam, died in county infirmary. Born 1847.
25 Apr 1918 SOURS, Mrs. Edwin, nee Susan FRAZE. Obit.
24 Jan 1918 SOUTHWORTH, Leander, obit. Oak Hill cemetery.
5 Dec 1918 SPITLER, Mrs. Herschel, died. Nee Edna BREEDING.
21 Nov 1918 STAFFORD, William, dau Marjorie died in Michigan.
24 Oct 1918 STARR, Glen stepson John MILLER died.
15 Aug 1918 STEELE, Lafayette, Walkerton item, death.
22 Aug 1918 STEIN, Mrs. Joseph, nee Mayme CRAWFORD, died in California.
12 Dec 1918 STEIN, Russell, son Jesse died at Bourbon.
7 Nov 1918 STEINER, Harold, son Lowell died.
10 Jan 1918 STEINMAN, Mrs. George, mother Mrs. H. MILLER died.
10 Oct 1918 STEPHENSON, William of Tyner, died at Muncie.
21 Feb. 1918 STEVENS, Mrs. Ray (Delia) died in Illinois. Poplar Grove burial.
24 Oct 1918 STILLSON, James, father-in-law John SEIDLER died at Chicago.
23 May 1918 STINEMAN, Philip, buried at Sandridge cem.
17 Jan 1918 STONEBURNER, Merle, infant son died north of Donaldson.
7 Nov 1918 STONEHILL, Marquis/Marcus, obit. Maple Grove cem.
16 May 1918 STOOPS, Samuel, pioneer, died at Wabash.
30 May 1918 STOUT, Perry, son Samuel G. died at St. Louis, Mo.
19 Dec 1918 STUNTZ, Mrs. Charles, nee GOLMAN, died. Flu. Bremen cem.
26 Dec 1918 STUNTZ, George, dau-in-law Mrs. Sharon STUNTZ, buried.
26 Dec 1918 STURGEON, Arthur, two daughters, Grace & Nina, died at Logansport. Culver cem.
21 Nov 1918 STYLES, Myrle, died in West Virginia. South Bend burial.
17 Oct 1918 SULT, W.F., son Loren/Lauren died in Maryland. Obit.
21 Mar 1918 SWAIN, Cyrus, died at Indianapolis. Obit.
3 Oct 1918 SWEENEY, Mrs. John, died at Lakeville.
22 Aug 1918 SWEENEY, John W., died at Lakeville.
10 Oct 1918 SWOVERLAND, Mrs. Leah, died.
27 June 1918 SYKES, Mrs. Hibbard (Sarah A.) died. Fairmount cem.
25 July 1918 TAYLOR, Mrs. H.M. father died in Ohio.
24 Jan 1918 TEA, Mrs. Frank, died near Summit Chapel.
25 Apr 1918 TENNENBAUM, Barney, dau Freda died in South Bend.
31 Oct 1918 THOMAS, Clyde, son Vernon obit. Flu.
28 Nov 1918 THOMPSON, Fayette, three daughters died of flu.
31 Oct 1918 THOMPSON, Mrs. John L., obit. Jordan cem. Flu.
31 Jan 1918 THOMPSON, Lemuel, died in Illinois. Born in Bourbon.
24 Ict 1918 THORNBURG, Vernon, son Allen died in South Bend.
28 Feb 1918 TIBBETTS, Mrs. Abner, obit and family history. Mother of charles.
14 Feb 1918 TIBBETTS, Mrs. Miles H., died in St. Joseph Co. Obit.
28 Nov 1918 TINKEY, Mrs. Fred (Nancy J.) died. Bourbon cem.
26 Sept 1918 TONG, Ernest, funeral.
3 Oct 1918 TONG, John son Ernest died in army camp. Flu. Obit.
31 Jan 1918 TOWNS, william, dau Mrs. Frank TEA death of.
7 Feb 1918 TRIPLET, Alton, son died at Hibbard. McElrath cem.
14 Nov 1918 TRIPP, Joseph, suicides. 7 children orphaned.
17 Oct 1918 TRIP, Mrs. Joseph, died near Bremen. Flu.
3 Oct 1918 TROWBRIDGE, Mrs. Jacob, died in South Bend. Oak Hill cem.
28 Mar 1918 TROWBRIDGE, Leo, son Leo died at Monterey.
14 Nov 1918 ULRICH, Peter, dau Mrs. SHRIDER died. Obit.
24 Oct 1918 UNCAPHER, Mrs. Ed, nee Grace YERRICK, died. Walkerton burial.
31 Oct 1918 VANCE, Harley, son of Elias, died at Argos. Flu.
23 May 1918 VANGILDER, Ira, father A.H. buried at Etna Green.
16 May 1918 VANGILDER, J.V., brother A.L. died.
24 Oct 1918 VANLUE, David, died. Walnut church burial.
21 Feb 1918 VANLUE, Freedus, infant son died.
17 Oct 1918 VANPHERSON, William, son Byron died at Camp Custer, Michigan. Flu.
9 May 1918 VANSCHOIACK, William J. Estate settlement notice.
10 Jan 1918 VEST/CREST, Mrs. Cora, obit. Poplar Grove cem.
25 July 1918 VINK, Charles C., obit. Bourbon cem.
19 Sept 1918 VINNEDGE, Mrs. Thomas, Lapaz, buried at Fairmount cem.
14 Nov 1918 VINSON, Mrs. Earl, nee Elsie WELBORN, obit.
7 Mar 1918 VOGEL, Mrs. John, died in Illinois.
24 Oct 1918 VOREIS, Ed., dau Mrs. R. HOFFMAN died. Flu.
5 Sept 1918 VOREIS, William, dau Estella died at Logansport.
18 Apr 1918 VOREIS, James L., died at Logansport. Poplar Grove cem.
27 June 1918 WACHTER, Fred, died at Ft. Wayne. Bourbon burial.
21 Feb 1918 WAGONER, Mrs. Jack, Leiter's Ford funeral.
18 July 1918 WALKER, Mrs. Elliott, widow of, obit.
28 Mar 1918 WALLACE, Mrs. William, died at Mishawaka
24 Jan 1918 WANER, Mrs. Frank (Elizabeth) died in South Bend.
10 Oct 1918 WARNACUTT, Mrs. Emmet (Gertrude) obit.
4 July 1918 WARNER, Charles, died at Argos. Maple Grove cemetery.
28 Mar 1918 WARRREN, Mrs. A.M., nee Jeanette SHAKES, Otib.
12 Dec 1918 WEAVER, Mrs. William, buried. Dau of Geo. STUNTZ.
23 may 1918 WEBSTER, Thomas Jefferson, obit. Oak Hill cem.
12 Dec 1918 WEIDMAN, Mrs. Joseph, died in Penna. Local burial.
5 Sept 1918 WEIGER, Robert H., a child, died at Culver.
7 Feb 1918 WEIGLEY, David, died at county infirmary.
26 Sept 1918 WEISSERT, Mrs. John, son Lawrence ARMANTROUT kill.
17 Oct 1918 WELBORN, Bernard, obit. Union cem., West twp.
18 Apr 1918 WELBORN, Mrs. O.M., sister Mrs. Frances SEIDERS died in Kansas City, Missouri. burial at Okmulgee, Oklahoma
10 Oct 1918 WELBORN, Ora B., died. Flu. Union cem.
7 Nov 1918 WELBORN, William H., dau Mrs. Earl VINSON died.
8 Aug 1918 WELCH, George, son Charles M. died in Chicago. Plymouth burial.
4 Apr 1918 WERNTZ, Mrs. Schuyler, died in Mishawaka.
27 June 1918 WETMORE, Mrs. A.G., brother-in-law R.M. FOX died.
12 Sept 1918 WEYRICK, Benjamin, obit.
21 Mar 1918 WHALEY, Allen, died at Walnut. Oak Hill cem.
24 Jan 1918 WHITTAKER, Rev. Thomas, obit. Poplar Grove cem.
14 Mar 1918 WICKEY, Jerome, died at South Bend.
31 Jan 1918 WICKIZER, Jacob, died at Argos.
7 Nov 1918 WILCOX, Jacob, son Harvey died in South Bend. Burr Oak cem.
31 Oct 1918 WILFERT, W., dau Ruth died near Culver.
7 Mar 1918 WILHELM, John, Sr., died at Bremen.
31 Jan 1918 WILKINSON, Ora Henry, died in Plymouth.
19 Sept 1918 WILKENSON, Wm. H., son of O.H., obit.
7 Feb 1918 WILLEY, J.H., brother Charles W. died at Columbus, Kansas.
11 July 1918 WILLIAMS, Miss Minnie, died. Walkerton burial.
20 June 1918 WILLS, Eli, died at Culver. Civil War vet. Leiters Ford burial.
12 Sept 1918 WILSON, Frank, died at Towner, N.D., son of George WILSON. Typhoid. Obit.
17 Jan 1918 WILSON, James, died at Knox. Formerly of Union twp.
4 Apr 1918 WILSON, Mrs. John, nee Florence DAVIS WERNTZ, died.
11 Apr 1918 WINENGER, Mrs. Henry (Rebecca) obit. Died at Plymouth.
21 Nov 1918 WRIGHT, Charles E., son Glenn died in England. Flu.
2 May 1918 WRIGHT, Mrs. Edward, died. Fair cem. Lapaz item.
28 Nov 1918 WRIGHT, Glen, died in England.
3 Jan 1918 WYRAUCH, Mrs. Frank, died at Bremen.
14 Feb 1918 WYRAUGH, Peter, died at Bremen.
10 Oct 1918 YAZEL, Sam, daughter Mildred died near Plymouth.
18 Apr 1918 YEARICK, Mrs. Ray, father died in South Bend. (ROONEY)
31 Jan 1918 YOCUM, J. Frank, died in South Bend. From Lapaz.
19 Dec 1918 YORK, John F., dau Eva died. Tuberculosis.
17 Oct 1918 YORK, John F., dau Erma died. Flu.
23 May 1918 ZECHIEL, Raymond died. Zion funeral.
17 Oct 1918 ZIMMER, Mary Spohn, died at Bremen. Mother of George.
4 Apr 1918 ZOOK, D.C., of Ft. Wayne, died at Indianapolis.
7 Mar 1918 ZUMBAUGH, Henry, obit.
10 Oct 1918 ZUMBAUGH, Ray, son Robert died. Argos cem.

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