From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 3, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
13 Mar 1919 AGLER, Mrs. Mary, nee Mary SNYDER, obit
9 Jan 1919 ALBERT, Mrs. Elmer, died near Lapaz.
20 Feb 1919 ALBERT, Elmer, infant son died. Bremen burial.
2 Jan 1919 ALBERT, Otto, dau Jean died at South Bend home.
13 Nov 1919 ALEXANDER, Wm. Riley, died in Fulton county.
15 May 1919 ALLEN, Wm. Henry, obit.
27 Mar 1919 ANDERSON, Catherine, died. Maple Grove cem.
30 Jan 1919 ANDERSON, Mrs. Charles O., nee L. SEIDERS, obit.
2 Oct 1919 ANDERSON, Mrs. John, nee Catherine BAKER, mother of A. SWANSON, died in Michigan.
14 Aug 1919 ANDERSON, Nels, died near Rutland. Poplar Grove cem.
25 Dec 1919 ANGLIN, Ray F., died near Warsaw.
27 Feb 1919 APPLE, Mrs. Ala, sister Alma TROTSMAN died.
30 Oct 1919 ARMSTEAD, Brooks, will probated.
11 Sept 1919 ARMSTEAD, R.B., of Culver & Missouri, died at South Bend.
25 Sept 1919 ARNOLD, Dr. Charles C., died at Howard, Kansas. Obit.
22 May 1919 ASTLEY, Claude and son George, died at South Bend.
30 Jan 1919 AUDLEMAN, Mrs. Anna, died at Lafayette.
31 July 1919 AUSTIN, G.H., son of Harvey Austin, murdered in Colorado.
6 Feb 1919 BAILEY, Mrs. Ida, died in Chicago. Local burial.
4 Dec 1919 BAILEY, Wm. E., dau Rosamond died. Walnut cem.
19 July 1919 BALDWIN, dorie, suicides. Rochester funeral.
4 Dec 1919 BALL, Mrs. Jerome, aunt Mrs. J. O'BRIEN died.
6 Nov 1919 BALSLEY, Mrs. John, died. Bremen cem.
17 July 1919 BARBER, Mrs. Daniel, nee Mary MARTIN, obit.
27 Feb 1919 BARBER, Edwin S., former Bourbon Twp. resident, died at Logansport. Obit.
31 July 1919 BARDSLEY, James, died at Maxinkuckee cottage. Akron, Ohio burial.
5 June 1919 BARKLEY, Mrs. Gertrude, nee WILCOXEN, died at South Bend.
5 June 1919 BARNES, Mrs. A.E., did near Culver. Warsaw burial.
3 Apr 1919 BARNHERT, Mrs. Robert H., buried at Stony Point. (Kosc. Co.)
18 Sept 1919 BARNHART, Simon, died.
23 Jan 1919 BARTHOL, Charles died at Denver, Colorado. Laporte burial.
10 Apr 1919 BAUGHER, Mrs. John H., died at Plymouth.
19 June 1919 BAUGHER, John H., died at South Bend. Oak Hill cem.
29 May 1919 BAUGHER, John W., suicide at Plymouth.
4 Dec 1919 BECKNER, Mrs. Edwinna, died. Walnut cem.
29 May 1919 BECKNER, Levi, died near Argos. Milford burial.
30 Jan 1919 BECHTEL, Mrs. Emma SWITZER, died at South Bend. Local burial. Obit.
27 Mar 1919 BELL, Charles, grandson Albert ODELL died. Obit.
24 July 1919 BELLMAN, Mrs. Wolf, died at Bremen.
30 Jan 1919 BERBERICK, Mrs. Loren, died at Mishawaka.
6 Feb 1919 BERG, Alfred, son John died at New Castle.
23 Oct 1919 BEST, Mrs. W.J., sister died at Alliance, Ohio. Tippecanoe item.
4 Dec 1919 BILLINGS, Harry, accidentally killed. Laporte funeral.
23 Jan 1919 BISSELL, Mrs. E.S., death and funeral.
19 June 1919 BISSELL, Elijah, died in Ohio. Oak Hill cem.
8 May 1919 BIXLER, Harvey Allen, died in South Bend. Born in Bremen.
4 Dec 1919 BLUEBAUGH, Mrs. George, nee Catherine SNYDER, obit.
1 May 1919 BOCK, Mrs. William, died at Mishawaka.
30 Jan 1919 BOHMER, Albert, dau Annie died at Ft. Wayne.
23 Jan 1919 BOLEN, Russell, dau Leta died at Knox.
17 July 1919 BOLLINGER, Daniel, fiance H. NETTLEMAN drowned.
16 Jan 1919 BOOTH, Eldred, dau fatally burned near Bremen.
5 June 1919 BOTTORFF, Mrs. Jesse, mother Mrs. A.E. BARNES died.
2 Oct 1919 BOWMAN, Mrs. Charles, died in Etna Green.
13 Mar 1919 BOYCE, David, died in Walnut twp.
20 Mar 1919 BOYER, Mrs. Malinda KRING, died at South Bend.
30 Oct 1919 BRAGINTON, Caroline, will probated.
27 Feb 1919 BRINDLEY, Milton H., died at Etna Green.
17 July 1919 BRYAN, Mrs. Arthur, mother Caroline KLICHLER, died.
3 Apr 1919 BULES, Lewis, dau Margaret died near Bourbon. Etna Green cem.
5 June 1919 BUNNELL, Mrs. John C., sister Mrs. Elmer DUNHAM, died in Chicago. Plymouth funeral.
29 May 1919 BURDEN, Elias, obit.
18 Sept 1919 BURKETT, Mrs. Allen, nee Mary LONG SHEARER, died at Mishawaka.
2 Oct 1919 BYRD, Alfred, died at Culver.
10 Apr 1919 CAMPBELL, Emerson, dau Beatrice obit.
11 Dec 1919 CANNAN, Frank, dau Maude died. Oak Hill cem.
6 Mar 1919 CAPRON, Mrs. Lucy, died at Denver, Colorado. Fairmount cem.
3 Apr 1919 CARL, Ora, estate settled. Heirs named.
10 July 1919 CARR, Mrs. Daniel, nee Mary JOHNSON, obit. Buried in South Bend.
3 Apr 1919 CASPER, Mrs. Wm., died at Mishawaka. Fairview cem.
6 Mar 1919 CAVENDAR, Solomon, dau Esther died. Flu.
6 Feb 1919 CHAPMAN, Albert, died at Argos.
13 Feb 1919 CHAPMAN, Henry, Argos funeral.
10 July 1919 CHAPMAN, Mrs. James, nee Mary M. DUDDLESON, died at Culver.
23 Oct 1919 CHASE, Mrs. Myron, mother Mrs. M. HARRIS died in South Dakota.
10 Apr 1919 CHRISMAN, Mrs. Sarah J., died in Chicago.
9 Oct 1919 CHURCH, Howard, son died. Bremen cem.
9 Oct 1919 CLARK, Steve, of Rochester, Minn., a newsboy, accidentally killed at Plymouth.
19 June 1919 CLAYBAUGH, Frank, son Chester accidentally killed. Summit Chapel burial.
18 Sept 1919 CLEVENGER, Lawrence, died in Canada. Tippecanoe item.
25 Sept 1919 CLEVENGER, Nelson, son Lawrence, death of.
9 Jan 1919 COCHERN, Charles, died near Lakeville. Bourbon twp. burial.
13 Feb 1919 COE, A. Benson, died at Plymouth.
6 Feb 1919 COLLEY, Alvin, dau Elsie died at Rockford. Culver burial.
27 Feb 1919 COMPTON, John and Joseph, mother Mary GRAY died.
7 Aug 1919 COOPER, Mrs. C.R., nee Phebe BLAIN, obit.
9 Jan 1919 COOPER, Charles, infant child died at Bourbon.
10 Apr 1919 CORDILL, A.I., son Floyd died in California.
17 Apr 1919 CORMANY, S.T., Warsaw funeral.
25 Dec 1919 CRAIG, Frank, dau Minerva died. Stringer cem.
16 Jan 1919 CRAWFORD, Mrs. Charles, mother Mrs. Wm. TURNBULL died.
11 Sept 1919 CROTHERS, Nathan, dau Myrtle died. Oak Hill cem.
6 Mar 1919 CRUM, Mrs. John, nee cora WARNER, died near Culver.
8 May 1919 CUR(R)?AN, Boone, son Leroy died at Bourbon.
11 Dec 1919 CURTIS, Richard, dau Laverna died at Argos.
4 Sept 1919 CUSHMAN, Mrs. John C. (Ellen S.) died in Illinois.
17 Apr 1919 DALRYMPLE, William H., died in South Bend.
20 Feb 1919 DAMALSKI, Amanda, funeral.
8 May 1919 DANIELS, Mrs. M.V., mother buried in Miami Co.
24 July 1919 DAVANPORT, Frank, sister R. LACER died.
28 Aug 1919 DAWES, Frank, dau Sarah MABRY obit.
16 Jan 1919 DEACON, Harvey, died of typhoid fever near Plymouth.
3 July 1919 DEANER, Mrs. Jacob, died at Argos. Maple Grove cem.
25 Dec 1919 DECKER, Mrs. J.K. died. Winamac burial.
6 Nov 1919 DEMONT, Mrs. C., buried. Zion item.
30 Jan 1919 DEVENEY,John, foster dau Mrs. L. BERBERICK died.
13 Mar 1919 DEVOR, John, died in Wisconsin. Obit.
6 Feb 1919 DEVOR, Mrs. Elijah, died at Bourbon.
27 Feb 1919 DICKSON, Mrs. H.B., died at Indianapolis. Oak Hill cem.
17 Apr 1919 DICKSON, Mrs. Lott (Nettie), obit.
24 July 1919 Dill, Mrs. John, brother G.H. AUSTIN murdered in Canada.
13 Nov 1919 DILL, Mrs. Luther, died at Culver. Oak Hill cem.
1 May 1919 DINKLEDINE, Mrs. Peter, burned to death. Sandridge cem.
3 Apr 1919 DISHER, Mrs. Charles, died at McLean, Illinois.
10 Apr 1919 DISHER, Mrs. Minnie Snell, obit.
15 May 1919 DOMER, Mrs. J.c., father Jacob SWOVERLAN died at Foraker, Ind.
30 Jan 1919 DOWELL, Shelley, of Lakeville, died. Fair cem.
27 Nov 1919 DRIGGS, Mrs. Alice, died at Bourbon.
5 June 1919 DUNHAM, Mrs. E.H., funeral.
18 Sept 1919 EAGER, Oliver I., died at Indianapolis.
9 Jan 1919 EASTBURN, Zachariah, died at Lakeville.
13 Mar 1919 EASTERDAY, John, funeral.
23 Jan 1919 ECKER, Henry, died eight miles nw of Bourbon.
27 Feb 1919 EISENHOWER, Mrs. Ira C., mother and brother died. (ROOSE).
23 Oct 1919 ELLINGER, George, dau Clara died near Tippecanoe.
5 June 1919 ELLIS, John, died. Oak Hill cem.
27 Feb 1919 ESPICH, L.D., aunt Mrs. E. SPEICHER died.
25 Sept 1919 ETTU, Nick, Jr., died.
20 Nov 1919 FAULSTITCH, Mrs. Albert and 3 children, accidentally killed at Rochester.
28 Aug 1919 FELLOWS, Mrs. Caroline J., died at Ft. Wayne. Obit.
14 Aug 1919 FERTIG, Frank, died. Oak Hill cem.
27 Mar 1919 FINNEY, Jesse, g.dau Catherine ANDERSON died.
23 Oct 1919 FIRESTONE, Cephas, brother George died.
18 Dec 1919 FISHER, Christian, funeral.
25 Dec 1919 FISHER, Mrs. Elizabeth, mother of Erwin, died at Bremen.
27 Nov 1919 FLAGG/SLAGG, Mrs. Jerome, died at Argos.
30 Oct 1919 FLORA, Eugene, dau Ruth A. died. Bourbon funeral.
13 Feb 1919 FLORIAN, Joseph, died at South Bend.
30 Jan 1919 FORD, Mrs. Allen, funeral. Tippecanoe item.
20 Feb 1919 FRANK, Mrs. Charles, sister Mrs. J. SCHMIDT, died.
12 June 1919 FRIBLEY, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at bourbon.
3 July 1919 GALLAGHER, Mrs. John C., brother-in-law A.D. McCORMICK died in Michigan
10 Apr 1919 GANGLOFF, Edward, sister Eliz. HARKER died.
11 Dec 1919 GANGLOFF, Harry, son of Edward, died.
30 Oct 1919 GANTZ, Mrs. John, Sr., died in South Bend. Argos cem.
2 Oct 1919 GARL, Levi, estate settlement. Heirs named.
6 Nov 1919 GARN, Frank, dau Mrs. R. TAGGERT died.
24 July 1919 GARN, Mrs. J.F., father George SWINHART died at Lake, Ohio.
20 Feb 1919 GARVER, Thomas J., died in Union twp.
20 Feb 1919 GEIK, Mrs. Lincoln (Rosa) died in Suth Bend. oak Hill cem.
13 Mar 1919 GEPHART, A.J., widow Mrs. Thomas WARNER obit.
25 Sept 1919 GERMAN, Nick, grandson Nick ETTU died. donaldson item on funeral.
15 May 1919 GIEB, Mrs. John, nee Emma KUNTZ, died. Parks cem.
16 Jan 1919 GILMORE, Mrs. Jesse, daughter-in-law of James, died.
20 Mar 1919 GOCHENOUR, William, died. Sandridge cem.
13 Nov 1919 GODDARD, Charles, son Fred died in South Bend.
10 Apr 1919 GOODMAN, Mrs. John, father Ira WERTENBERGER died.
3 July 1919 GOODRICH, Daniel, son of Alfred, died at Rochester.
15 May 1919 GOODYEAR, Joseph, child died at Argos. Burr Oak funeral.
23 Jan 1919 GOULD, Dr. S.W., died at Argos. Obit.
8 May 1919 GRAVERSON, John, son J.L. died at Sheridan, Wyoming.
23 Jan 1919 GRAVES, Mrs. J. Dentler (Mary) buried at Keokuk, Iowa.
27 Feb 1919 GRAY, Mrs. Mary Compton, died at Logansport.
6 Feb 1919 GRAY, Mrs. Wm. M., nee Sarah ADAIR PETRO, obit.
23 Jan 1919 GREEN, Edward, of Lake of the Woods died.
13 Mar 1919 GREER, James M., Sr., died. Obit.
24 Apr 1919 GRELLE, Mrs. Forest, died at Logansport.
13 Mar 1919 GRIFFITH/McGRIFF, Sam, death and funeral.
20 Nov 1919 GRUBER, Frederick, died near Lapaz. Bremen cem.
14 Aug 1919 GUISE, Paul, accidentally killed. Fulton Co. burial.
30 Oct 1919 GUY, Clifford and James, mother Esther died. Etna Green burial.
11 Dec 1919 HAAG, P.J., died. Local burial.
20 Feb 1919 HAAG, Mrs. Perry, of Tyner, died. Ft. Wayne burial.
6 Mar 1919 HALT, George, suicides at Lapaz. Obit.
15 May 1919 HAND, Daniel, died north of Etna Green.
13 Mar 1919 HAND, Laura L., will probated.
31 July 1919 HANES, Arthur, child died. Sandridge cem.
10 July 1919 HANES, Charles, Jr., died near Argos.
15 May 1919 HANES, James E., estate settled. Heirs listed.
25 Dec 1919 HARKER, Mrs. Abe, mother Mrs. F.W. WALTERS died.
8 May 1919 HARLEY, Daniel, died at Bourbon. Mt. Pleasant cem.
25 Dec 1919 HARMON, Mrs. Susan, died. Kosc. Co. burial.
6 Feb 1919 HARRELL, Enoch C., died at Argos.
14 Aug 1919 HARRIS, Ames, dau Virginia died at Auburn.
22 May 1919 HARSHBARGER, Jennings, obit. Oak Hill cem.
15 May 1919 HARSHBARGER/HERSHBERGER, Marlin, son Jennings died.
6 Feb 1919 HARTLE, Gerald, accidentally killed at Leiter's Ford.
27 Mar 1919 HARTMAN, Jacob, son Lloyd died.
18 Sept 1919 HASLINGER, Henry M., died at south Bend.
22 May 1919 HATTEN, Mrs. Arthur, nee Elva ZECHIEL, Culver funeral.
13 Mar 1919 HATTEN, Mrs. Earl, Knox funeral. Zion item.
30 Oct 1919 HELMLINGER, Charles, dau Lelah died at Bremen.
23 Jan 1919 HELMLINGER, George, died at Bremen.
13 Nov 1919 HELMLINGER, Moses, died at Nappanee. Bremen cem.
6 Feb 1919 HENDERSON, Isaac, died at Lakeville. Obit.
9 Jan 1919 HENDRICKSON, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Rochester. Oak Hill cem.
23 Oct 1919 HENRICKS, william, dau Margaret acci. killed. Obit.
27 Mar 1919 HEPLER, Adam, died at county infirmary.
15 May 1919 HERSHBERGER/HARSHBERGER, Jennings, died.
7 Aug 1919 HESS, Mrs. Herbert, father Dr. J.A. HOUSER obit.
4 Dec 1919 HEYDE, John Conrad, died. Jacoby cem.
27 Feb 1919 HIGGINS, Mrs. Henry (Mary), Bourbon funeral.
19 June 1919 HILDEBRAND, jacob, died at North Liberty.
22 May 1919 HILL, Wesley, son Earnest died. Tetanus.
29 May 1919 HIMEBAUGH, Rev. ___, died at Bremen. Cromwell burial.
11 Sept 1919 HIMEBAUGH, Mrs. O.C., mother S. KAUFMAN died.
23 Oct 1919 HISEY, Wolford, son Glen died. Sand Hill cem.
9 Jan 1919 HOAGLAND, John S., son of John died. Flu.
16 Jan 1919 HOAGLAND, John S., son Stanley obit. Flu.
20 Mar 1919 HOCHTELL, Mrs. Paul, died. Lakeville cem.
7 Aug 1919 HODGSON, Mrs. Francis M., died at Rochester, Minn.
20 Mar 1919 HOLDERMAN, Mrs. James (Augusta) died at Warsaw.
29 May 1919 HOLLAND, William P., obit. Oak Hill cem.
20 Nov 1919 HOLLOWAY, Samuel, dau Mrs. C.F. VORHEES died at Laporte.
2 Jan 1919 HORN, Emmanuel, dau Ilo C. obit. Tippecanoe cem.
29 May 1919 HOSTETLER, Mrs. Theodore, nee Dessie LINN, obit.
8 May 1919 HOUGHTON, Knight, accidentally killed in Chicago. Plymouth burial.
18 Dec 1919 HUFF, Mrs. Ellen, died. Argos cem.
19 June 1919 HULLINGER, Leonard H., died at Logansport. Argos burial.
10 July 1919 HUMPHREYS, John M., suicides in Polk twp.
25 Sept 1919 HUPP, Mrs. G.W., nee Mary SHARLEY obit.

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