From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 3, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
29 May 1919 JACOBY, Joseph, son John W. died. Thomas item.
10 Apr 1919 JARRELL, Mrs. Margerett (Etta) died. Tyner cem.
22 May 1919 JENNINGS, william, died. Stony Point cem. Kosc. co.
8 May 1919 JOHNSON, Andrew C., died at Bremen.
27 Mar 1919 JOHNSON, Mrs. Arthur, nee Leona LOGAN, died at South Bend.
16 Jan 1919 JOHNSON, Gern, father George W. died in Michigan.
8 May 1919 JOHNSON, William J., father Andrew C. died.
29 May 1919 JONES, Mrs. Ira (Ella) died at south Bend. Millersburg burial.
23 Oct 1919 JONES, R.T., son died. Green twp. item. Richland Center cem.
12 June 1919 JORDAN, Benoni, dau Mrs. Jane MUM died in Ohio.
13 Feb 1919 JORDAN, Mrs. Ellen, died at Etna Green. summit Chapel cem.
26 June 1919 JOSLIN, Joseph J., died. Bremen cem. Obit.
12 June 1919 JOYCE, Mrs. Joyce, died. Jacoby cem.
19 June 1919 KAMP, Mrs. Emmanuel, nee Caroline LOLMAUGH, obit.
30 Jan 1919 KAMTZ, Mrs. John, died of burns. Elkhart burial.
1 May 1919 KAUFFMAN, Charles, sister Mrs. Wm. BOCK died.
6 Nov 1919 KAUFFMAN, Mrs. Chas., sister Mrs. Mary SUTER died.
29 May 1919 KECK, Andrew, died at South Bend. Walkerton burial.
20 Feb 1919 KEISER, Freeman, died at Plymouth.
22 May 1919 KELSEY, Mrs. Alvin, mother died at Mexico, Ind.
27 Mar 1919 KESLER, Mrs. Mary, sister Molly RUSH died at Laketon.
17 July 1919 KIICHNER, Mrs. Caroline, died.
3 July 1919 KING, James Washington, obit. Jacoby funeral.
26 June 1919 KING, Mrs. Minnie, mother Mrs. G. ROCKWELL died.
25 Dec 1919 KINNEY, P.D., neice Florence LEONARD died.
24 July 1919 KINSEY, Leonard, son of Samuel. Obit.
6 Mar 1919 KIRKDORFER, Lloyd, died at Bremen. Flu.
7 Aug 1919 KIZER, Mrs. J.E., died at Culver. Peru burial.
5 June 1919 KLAPP, William, died at Hibbard. Burr Oak burial.
23 Jan 1919 KLEBER, Mrs. Frank, grandmother S. WALLACE died.
7 Aug 1919 KLEIN, Mrs. Jacob A., died near Mishawaka.
1 May 1919 KLINGEL, Mrs. Jacob, nee Eliz. MILLER, died at South Bend.
24 July 1919 KREIDER, John H., died at Bremen.
2 Jan 1919 KROUSE, Mrs. John, died at Lafayette. Argos burial.
24 Apr 1919 KRUYER, George, dau Alma died in South Bend.
11 Dec 1919 KRUYER, Peter, J., Jr., died in South Bend.
18 Sept 1919 KUBLEY, J. Jacob, cremated.
11 Sept 1919 KUBLEY, J.J., dau Mrs. J.D. BRIGHT, died.
13 Mar 1919 KUHN, Mr. and Mrs. Ed, double funeral at Bourbon.
9 Jan 1919 KUNKEL, Mrs. H.F., mother E. HENDRICKSON died.
21 Aug 1919 LACKEY, Harry, mother Caroline FELLOWS died.
13 Feb 1919 LANGFELDT, John, sister Amanda died.
27 Nov 1919 LATHAM, Mrs. Marie L., died at South Bend. Oak Hill cem.
16 Jan 1919 LAUDEMAN, Mrs. Samuel (Sarah) died near Bremen.
6 Mar 1919 LEEDY, Mrs. Elizabeth, died. Richland Center cem.
7 Aug 1919 LEONARD, Mrs. Ralph, nee Ethel YOCKEY, died.
7 Aug 1919 LEWIS, Edward, died at Bourbon. Parks cem.
19 June 1919 LEWIS, Mrs. James, died. Mentone burial.
6 Mar 1919 LICHTENBERGER, Peter, died at Burr Oak. Obit.
2 Oct 1919 LIDTENBERGER, William E., dau Geraldine died. Maple Grove cem, Argos.
30 Jan 1919 LIDECKER, Valentine, died. Oak Hill cem.
25 Dec 1919 LINKENHELT, Homer, died in Plymouth.
4 Dec 1919 LINN, Emanuel H., died. Jacoby cem. Obit.
1 May 1919 LINN, Sophia A., sister of Manuel and Sam, died.
18 Sept 1919 LLOYD, Mrs. Isaac, died at Hanna.
27 Mar 1919 LOGAN, Gideon, dau Mrs. Arthur JOHNSON, died.
9 Jan 1919 LOGAN, Willis, killed by train. Son of Charles and Sallie.
16 Jan 1919 LONG, Mrs. Charles, nee ZOLMAN, died at Walnut.
6 Mar 1919 LONG, George, dau Elizabeth died. Plymouth burial.
13 Mar 1919 LONG, George, dau Edith obit.
15 May 1919 LONSTROM, Rudy L., died at Culver.
12 June 1919 LOVE, Mrs. Helen, aunt Jane JORDAN MUM died.
11 Dec 1919 LOVE, Mrs. Marion, brother F. MCBROOM died.
17 July 1919 LOWENSTINE, Mrs. M., niece F. LESSER slain.
17 July 1919 LOWRY, Clifford, baby died at Hobart.
6 Nov 1919 LUTY, Arthur, son Robert L. died. Bethel funeral.
28 Aug 1919 MABRY, Mrs. Albert, nee Sarah DAWES SANDS, obit.
2 Oct 1919 MACHEL, Mrs. Daniel, nee Nancy DICKSON, died. Obit.
17 Apr 1919 MACHLAN, Elmer, died in Tippecanoe twp.
17 July 1919 MANN, Mrs. Julia, died. Jacoby cem.
29 May 1919 MANN, Mrs. Lawrence, nee Dora HENNEY, obit.
27 Feb 1919 MARKLEY, Mrs. Daniel, died. Walnut church funeral.
1 May 1919 MARSH, Alvin, uncle Louden MARSH died.
11 Dec 1919 MARSHMAN, Mrs. Rebecca, died. Green twp. item.
5 June 1919 MARTIN, Mrs. J.S., died. Plymouth funeral.
30 Jan 1919 MARVIN, Harry, son James died in Oregon.
28 Aug 1919 MAST, Fred, brother-in-law Mr. MORLOCK died.
30 Jan 1919 MATTINGLY, Charles T., son of Ignatius, died in Tennessee. Plymouth burial.
25 Dec 1919 MATZ, William, mother Mary Ann died in South Bend.
27 Mar 1919 MAURER, Monroe, dau Mrs. R.C. SKINNER obit.
18 Dec 1919 MAXSON, Oren, sister Sarah KANOUS died in Michigan.
24 Apr 1919 MECHLING, Elmer E., obit.
17 Apr 1919 MEDBOURN, Mrs. Samuel (Clara) died at Culver.
10 July 1919 MEDBOURNE, Edward, died at county infirmary. Culver funeral.
6 Feb 1919 METSKER, Mrs. Clay W., died at Plymouth.
26 June 1919 MILBERN, Vern, dau Louise died. Bourbon cem.
20 Feb 1919 MILLER, Alva, father George W. buried at Richland Center.
3 Apr 1919 MILLER, Mrs. Roy, body found in Yellow River.
2 Jan 1919 MILLS, H.C., died at Huntington.
2 Jan 1919 MILLS, Mrs. S.J., grandchild died at Walkerton.
24 Apr 1919 MINARD, Obadiah, died. Bourbon funeral.
23 Oct 1919 MOLTER, Anthony, died at Ft. Wayne. Plymouth funeral.
11 Dec 1919 MOLTER, Mrs. Anthony, died.
24 July 1919 MONTAGUE, Marvin, son Wayne died near Bourbon.
27 Feb 1919 MOORE, Mrs. D.E., died at Pierceton.
18 Sept 1919 MOORE, Ira, grandson Forest RIZER died in Ohio.
2 Oct 1919 MORRICAL, Frank, died at Tippecanoe.
13 Feb 1919 MORRIS, Mrs. Courtland L., nee Mary NICKERSON, died.
6 Feb 1919 MULLETT, Joe, dau Beulah died. Barber item.
30 Jan 1919 MUMMEY, William, dau Goldie NICHOLAS died at South Bend.
2 Jan 1919 MURPHY, Charles O., son George W. died. Oak Hill cem.
6 Mar 1919 MURPHY, James, dau Lizzie died. Catholic cem.
9 Jan 1919 MURPHY, Mrs. William, nee Alice ORR, obit.
23 Jan 1919 MYERS, Fred, son F. Thompson, died in Michigan.
30 Jan 1919 MYERS, Thompson, funeral.
11 Dec 1919 McBROOM, Frank, died at Toledo, Ohio. Oak Hill cem.
2 Jan 1919 McCLOUGHAN, Mrs. Benjamin E., died. Summit Chapel funeral.
19 June 1919 McCLURE, William, died in Chicago. Oak Hill cem.
5 June 1919 McCOY, Jack, nephew H.M. READER died at Lima Ohio.
25 Dec 1919 McELRATH, Byron, died at South Bend.
13 Mar 1919 McGRIFF/GRIFFITH, Sam, died near Bourbon.
13 Nov 1919 McKESSON, Andrew, James, Reuben, etc., sister Louise SNYDER died. Walkerton cem.
27 Feb 1919 McKESSON, D.L., mother Mrs. Wm. McKESSON died. Tyner burial.
27 Feb 1919 McKESSON, Mrs. William, died at North Liberty.
23 Oct 1919 McLANE, Frank G., died at Culver.
3 Apr 1919 McNAMARA, Matthew, death and funeral.
29 May 1919 McNICKOL/McNICOL, Andrew, died at Bremen.
27 Mar 1919 McWHORTER, Mrs. Harry, died at Warsaw. Bethel cem.
9 Jan 1919 NEISDER, Mrs. Emil, died. Flu. Milford funeral.
14 Aug 1919 NESS, Mrs. Jacob, funeral, obit.
17 July 1919 NETTLEMAN, Louis, dau Helen drowns. Chicago burial.
18 Dec 1919 NEWMAN, Gale S., died near Culver.
30 Jan 1919 NICHOLAS, Mrs. Charles A., died. South Bend burial.
13 Feb 1919 NICOLES, Mrs. S.J., died. Walkerton burial.
12 June 1919 NUNER, John F., died at south Bend. Obit.
24 Apr 1919 NUSBAUM, Dr. Charles, died. Bremen funeral.
23 Jan 1919 OVERMYER, Ed, dau Ruby died at Argos.
11 Dec 1919 OVERSTREET, S.P., funeral. Tippecanoe item.
13 Feb 1919 PARKS, B.W., son Howard died at Bourbon.
4 Dec 1919 PARKS, Mrs. Sinclair (Ada), obit and will.
30 Oct 1919 PARSONS, Charles, died at Bourbon.
11 Sept 1919 PATTERSON, Frank, died at Bourbon.
5 June 1919 PAXSON, Michael, died at Argos. Maple Grove cem.
27 Feb 1919 PEACOCK, Henry, aunt Mrs. Sam ELLSWORTH died.
27 Feb 1919 PELZER, Mrs. Fred, father Charles RHODE died.
3 July 1919 PENNINGTON, Virgil, son Paul acci. killed. Tyner.
4 Dec 1919 PERRY, Melvin, mother funeral at Huntington.
22 May 1919 PERRY, Oliver, died. Bremen cem.
9 Jan 1919 PERSONETT, L.D., family of nephew Chauncey COOK, hit by fire. Wife and child die.
6 Feb 1919 PETRO, James, widow Sarah Jane obit.
27 Mar 1919 PHILIPS, Ed, sister Mrs. Harry McWHORTER died.
30 Jan 1919 PHILLIPS, Mrs. Charles, nee Allie GOODLE, obit.
31 July 1919 PICKERL, Jonathan, Civil War vet., obit.
16 Jan 1919 PITTMAN, Elias, died SE of Bourbon. South Union burial.
16 Jan 1919 PLACE, Otho, killed in France. son of B.D. PLACE of Bremen.
30 Oct 1919 POGUE, Mrs. Mary, brother Rev. H.E. McCLURE died in Georgia.
27 Mar 1919 PONTIUS, Mrs. Charles, funeral at Rochester.
13 Nov 1919 PRATT/TRATT, Mrs. Caroline, died. Francisville funeral.
18 Dec 1919 PRESLEY, Samuel, death and burial.
2 Oct 1919 PUTNAM, Claude, son of David, acci. killed at Fulton.
9 Jan 1919 RABER, Mrs. Earl, nee Ruth EASH, died at Logansport.
11 Dec 1919 RAFFERTY, George, mother E. RAFFERTY died at South Bend.
8 May 1919 RAILSBACK, Nathan, son of caleb, died at Argos.
23 Jan 1919 RALSTON, Mrs. Laura, mother Mrs. Noah HEETER died.
8 May 1919 RAVER, Dora, son James H. died at Lapaz.
4 Dec 1919 REED, Charles, died near Bourbon. Bethel cem.
10 July 1919 REED, Mrs. Charles (Mary) died near Bourbon.
11 Dec 1919 REED, Mrs. John, nee Eliza PARKER SCOTT, obit.
18 Dec 1919 REEDER, Mrs. Perry, sister Laura REEDER died in Ohio.
20 Nov 1919 RENAS, Fred, son Howard died near Plymouth.
1 May 1919 RENAS, John, suicides at Bremen.
22 May 1919 RESLAR, Mrs. Mitchell, died at Humansville, MO. Obit.
27 Feb 1919 RETTINGER, John, estate tax.
9 Jan 1919 REYNOLDS, Henry, obit. Civil War vet.
13 Nov 1919 RICHARD, George, died. Fairmount cem.
27 Feb 1919 RICHTER, Isaac, died at South Bend home.
1 May 1919 RICHTER, Samuel A., died in South Bend.
13 Mar 1919 RICKTER, Mrs. Charles, died near Lakeville.
2 Jan 1919 RINGLE, Carl, son Wayne E. died near Winona.
20 Nov 1919 RITCHEY, Lee S., grandson Floyd died in Texas.
4 Dec 1919 RITTER, Daniel W., obit.
21 Aug 1919 RITTER, Frank, son Floyd died in South Bend.
14 Aug 1919 RITTER, John, died. Stringer cem.
20 Feb 1919 ROBBINS, Rufus, died in South Bend. Formerly of Culver.
16 Oct 1919 ROBERTS, Mrs. ____, funeral. Maxinkuckee item.
3 April 1919 ROBERTS, Mrs. Edgar, sister Ms. Thomas SILERS died at Peru.
5 June 1919 ROBERTS, Mrs. W.A., nee Martha BURROWS, died. Funeral at Walkerton. Obit.
16 Oct 1919 ROBINSON, Mrs. E.T., died in Green twp.
28 Aug 1919 ROLFE, Mrs. John (Margaret) died in Sosuth Bend. Burial at Argos.
22 May 1919 ROMIG, Mrs. Elizabeth, did. Buried at Richland Center.
1 May 1919 ROOSE, Asa, died at Rochester.
6 Nov 1919 ROOSE, Robert, mother Amanda SEIDNER died at Richmond.
26 June 1919 ROTTMILLER, Fred, died at Bremen.
25 Dec 1919 ROW, Adam, died near Lapaz. Fair cem., St. Joe Co.
4 Sept 1919 RUDOWSKY, Mrs. Margaret, died in Chicago. Oak Hill cem.
1 May 1919 RUFF, David, died near Lakeville. Brother of John.
27 Mar 1919 RUSH, Mrs. Martha, died at Lakeville.
10 Apr 1919 RYAN, Michael, nephew Charles ZIMMERMAN died.

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