From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 10, No. 3, April, 1989, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

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Paper Issue Date Name
4 Dec 1919 SAMPSON, Robert, estate settlement.
26 June 1919 SAMUELSON, Mrs. Gustavus, died near Donaldson.
20 Feb 1919 SAMUELSON, Mrs. Henry, died near Donaldson.
28 Aug 1919 SANDS, Mrs. Ira P., nee Sarah DAWES MABRY, obit.
27 Feb 1919 SAPP, Ben, Warsaw funeral.
27 Mar 1919 SAYLES, William B., died at Hot Springs, North Dakota. Plymouth burial. Obit.
11 Sept 1919 SCHROEDER, Edward, died in North twp. Obit.
12 June 1919 SCHROM, Nelson, died near Culver. Bourbon burial.
11 Dec 1919 SCOTT, Mrs. L.B. (Mrs. John Reed) obit.
30 Jan 1919 SEIDER, Mrs. Adam, nee Mamie FAIR, died in California. Oak Hill Cem. Obit.
6 Nov 1919 SEIDNER, Mrs. Amanda, died. Bourbon burial.
4 Dec 1919 SELTENRIGHT, Elmer, son of John, died in South Bend.
18 Sept 1818 SEVERNS, Mrs. James, son L. CLEVENGER died in Canada.
9 Oct 1919 SEWARD, Clarene, memorial poem by Mrs. S.E. Boys.
30 Jan 1919 SHAFFER/SHAFER, Abram, died in Lapaz. Obit. Civil War veteran.
29 May 1919 SHAFER/SHAFFER, Willis, son of Simon, died in South Bend.
4 Sept 1919 SHANKS, Roy, sister Pearl CARR died at Rochester.
18 Sept 1919 SHEARER, David, widow Mary BURKETT died.
20 Nov 1919 SHEARER, John, died at Plymouth. Nappanee burial.
6 Nov 1919 SHEETS, Joseph, died. Brightside pupil.
25 Sept 1919 SHEROW, Ephriam, funeral.
11 Sept 1919 SHILLING, Mrs. Schuyler C., nee Amanda COLLIER, obit.
30 Jan 1919 SHINABARGER, Mrs. Lane, died at Valparaiso.
29 May 1919 SHIPLEY, Mrs. George W. (Laura) died at Argos. Claypool burial.
2 Jan 1919 SHIRK, Henry Y., obit. Civil War vet.
6 Mar 1919 SHIRK, John, child died. Bremen funeral.
13 Feb 1919 SHORT, W.C., brother-in-law of Mrs. CHRIST, died at Mooresville.
16 Jan 1919 SILVIUS, Jacob, obit. Civil War vet. Died in Wisconsin.
23 Jan 1919 SINGLER, Mrs. John M., died in South Bend.
5 June 1919 SINGLETON, Mrs. Henry, brother John ELLIS died.
6 Mar 1919 SISSEL, Mrs. John, died at Argos.
27 Mar 1919 SKINNER, Mrs. Richard C., nee Lydia MAURER, suicided at Walkerton. Obit.
27 Nov 1919 SLAGG/FLAGG, Mrs. Jerome, died at Argos.
11 Dec 1919 SLAYTER, Alonzo T., father of Games, obit.
27 Mar 1919 SMITH, David, dau Florence burial at Poplar Grove.
13 Feb 1919 SMITH, Jemima, died 28 Jan. Laporte memorial.
27 Feb 1919 SMITH, Mrs. John, mother Mrs. GEIK, died in South Bend.
31 July 1919 SNIFF (?), Thomas W., died at Huntington, buried at Poplar Grove cem.
23 Jan 1919 SNEIDER (SNYDER, SNIDER, SCHNEIDER?), John, died near Bremen.
17 Apr 1919 SNYDER, Mrs. C.A., died in Chicago.
1 May 1919 SNYDER, Mrs. Daniel, died at Bremen.
18 Dec 1919 SNYDER, Mrs. Elizabeth C., died. Poplar Grove cem.
4 Dec 1919 SNYDER, John, dau Catherina BLUEBAUGH obit.
13 Nov 1919 SNYDER, Mrs. John, nee Louise McKESSON, died in South Bend.
15 May 1919 SNYDER, Louis J., died in South Bend.
27 Feb 1919 SPEICHER, Mrs. Emily, died at Milford. Formerly of Linkville.
10 Apr 1919 STACK, Thomas, dau Gertrude died.
19 June 1919 STAYTON, Mrs. John, died in Green twp. Buried at Athens, Indiana.
20 Mar 1919 STEELE, Mrs. J.M., father W.B. SAYLES died.
10 Apr 1919 STEGMAN, Peter, grandson Charles ZIMMERMAN died.
9 Jan 1919 STEVENSON, William, son Frank died near Lapaz.
16 Jan 1919 STEVENSON, Albert, son of William, obit.
18 Sept 1919 STOVER, C.E., son died.
22 May 1919 SUMMERFIELD, Mrs. Eve, nee SLOUGH, died in Chicago.
6 Nov 1919 SUTER, Mrs. Mary, died in South Bend. Bremen funeral.
28 Aug 1919 SUTHERLIN, Ray, son Charles died at Laporte. Donaldson funeral.
2 Oct 1919 SWANSON, Mrs. Anna, died at donaldson.
9 Jan 1919 SWANSON, Mrs. Frank O. (Lovina) died near Tyner. Obit.
21 Aug 1919 SWEARINGEN, James, funeral. Civil War vet.
15 May 1919 SWEET, Mrs. Sarah, died at Logansport. Etna Green funeral.
9 Jan 1919 SWIHART, Daniel, Nerr, Uriah, sister Malinda died near Argos.
13 Mar 1919 SWITZER, Ben, dau Helen obit.
23 Jan 1919 SWITZER, Ben, dau Emma BECHTEL died.
27 Nov 1919 SWITZER, Ben, died at Plymouth.
6 Nov 1919 SWITZER, Fred, died at Inwood. Will & estate 18 Dec.
4 Dec 1919 SWOVERLAND, Mrs. I.E., mother E.BECKNER died.
6 Nov 1919 TAGGART, Mrs. Russell, nee Grace CRUM, died in Ohio. Culver funeral.
13 Feb 1919 TANK, Mrs. W.A., mother Mrs. S.J. NICOLES died.
25 Dec 1919 TAYLOR, Mrs. George, mother S. SHIDELAR DECKER died.
19 June 1919 TAYLOR, Oscar, dau Ruth died in Fulton Co. Obit.
12 June 1919 TEAL, Mrs. Ida, mother Mrs. Emily FRICK died at Wawaka, Indiana.
27 Mar 1919 THOMAS, Charles, dau Ruth died. Sandridge funeral.
24 July 1919 THOMAS, George, dau Maudie died.
16 Oct 1919 THOMAS, Henry died. Poplar Grove funeral.
30 Oct 1919 THOMPSON, Ezra Perry, died in Nebraska. Son of Edw.
8 May 1919 TITUS, Mrs. Clarence Claude, died at Teegarden. Gas City burial. Obit.
13 Nov 1919 TOMLINSON, Mrs. Jesse, mother C. TRATT/PRATT died.
4 Dec 1919 TOMLINSON, Samuel, mother Lydia died in Ohio.
21 Aug 1919 TOWN, Mrs. Cyrus D., died. Richland cem., Fulton Co.
27 Mar 1919 TOWNS, Ira, died near Rutland. Maple Grove cem.
1 May 1919 TRIBBEY, Thomas, died at county farm. Obit.
1 May 1919 TROYER, Percy J., accidentally killed. Obit.
23 Oct 1919 TUCKER, Levi, died at the county home.
23 Jan 1919 TURNBULL, Mrs. Hiram, obit.
16 Jan 1919 TURNBULL, Mrs. William, died at Elkhart. Burr Oak cem.
13 Mar 1919 TYLER, William, died at Bourbon.
25 Dec 1919 TYRELL, Herbert, died at Bourbon.
29 May 1919 TYSON, Mrs. Lawson (Tina) died at South Bend. Bremen burial.
15 May 1919 UMBAUGH/AUMBAUGH, Henry, estate settled.
24 July 1919 UNDERWOOD, Arthur R., obit, funeral. Oak Hill cem.
16 oct 1919 URBANS/UBRAHNS/URBAHAUS, Mrs. Henry, died. South Bend burial.
20 Nov 1919 URSHEL, Daniel, died at Tippecanoe. North Manchester burial.
25 Dec 1919 VANCUREN, Earl, mother Elsie died at Butler, Ind.
12 June 1919 VANGILDER, Mrs. James, nee Rebecca SWISHER, obit.
30 Jan 1919 VANNORSTRAND, D.M., mother died in Michigan.
23 Oct 1919 VANSKYHAWK, Isaac, died at Bremen. Bremen cem.
7 Aug 1919 VINNEDGE, Mrs. William F. (Elizabeth) obit. South Bend burial.
22 May 1919 VONBERGER, John, father Frederick died.
17 July 1919 VONEHR, Bell, died. Salem item.
20 Nov 1919 VOORHEES, Mrs. C.F., nee HOLLOWAY, obit.
9 Oct 1919 VOREIS, Nancy Jane, dau of David, died. Obit.
8 May 1919 VOREIS, Mrs. William, died at Rochester. Argos burial.
27 Mar 1919 WADE, James ., obit. Oak Hill cem.
13 Nov 1919 WAGGONER, James, sister Mrs. Catherine FRAIN died at Winamac.
11 Dec 1919 WAHL, Mrs. Ella, died at Bremen.
3 Apr 1919 WAHL, Michael, died at Bremen. Bremen cem.
2 Oct 1919 WALSH, Mrs. Lydie, died at Grovertown. Plymouth burial.
18 Dec 1919 WALTERHOUSE, Norman, son of Leroy, died.
25 Dec 1919 WALTERS, Mrs. F.W., died at Goshen.
25 Dec 1919 WALZ, Mrs. Christian, died in South Bend. Bowman cem.
7 Aug 1919 WARNACUT, Mrs. Ed, father Edw. LEWIS died.
16 Jan 1919 WARNER/WARNES, Mrs. A.L., died in Culver.
16 Jan 1919 WARNER, Cyrus, died. McElrath cem.
14 Aug 1919 WARNER, Mrs. Nellie, died of burns. Fairmount cem.
13 Mar 1919 WARNER, Mrs. Thomas GEPHART, died in Bremen.
16 Jan 1919 WARNES/WARNER, Mrs. A.L., died at Culver.
18 Dec 1919 WASHBURN, John and George, sister Mrs. J.C.STOUT, died.
8 May 1919 WATKINS, Mrs. David (Mary) died at Ft. Wayne. Oak Hill cem.
12 June 1919 WEATHERHOLT, Peter, died at the county infirmary. Mt. Pleasant funeral.
1 May 1919 WEAVER, Peter, died at Bremen. Obit.
13 Mar 1919 WEBB, Clem, son Robert died. Tyner services.
13 Mar 1919 WEBB, Glenn, son Robert obit and funeral.
13 Mar 1919 WEIDEMEN, Charles, Sr., died near Bourbon.
10 July 1919 WEISSERT, Mrs. John, nee Mary PECHER ARMANTROUT, obit.
10 Apr 1919 WERTENBERGER, Ira, died near Mentone.
25 Dec 1010 WEYANT, Mrs. Adeline, died near Argos. Maple Grove cem.
9 Jan 1919 WHITE, Mrs. Amanda, funeral.
25 Sept 1919 WHITE, Phineas A., died in Montana. Obit.
2 Jan 1919 WHITE, Mrs. Stephen, nee Amanda CORDNER, died. Obit.
30 Jan 1919 WHITMAR, David, died. North Liberty burial.
8 May 1919 WHITTENBERGER, Daniel, died at Rochester.
15 May 1919 WICKEY, E.J., dau Marian WRIGHT died in South Bend.
8 May 1919 WICKIZER, John M., mother Mrs. Wm. VOREIS died.
25 Sept 1919 WIEDERMAN, Edward, acci. killed near Lakeville.
6 Feb 1919 WILCH, Mrs. Edward, nee Olive LOGAN, died at Logansport. Of Bremen.
16 Jan 1919 WILCOX, Mrs. Edward B. (Anna) died near Tyner.
9 Oct 1919 WILSON, James A., died west of Culver. Winamac burial.
10 Apr 1919 WILSON, Leonard, died at culver. Civil War vet.
17 Apr 1919 WILSON, William, son of S. WILSON, died.
30 Jan 1919 WITHAL, Mrs. Harry, (Lelah) died. Stony Point cem. Kosc. co.
30 Jan 1919 WITTMACK, Louis, sister Emma SHINABARGER died.
16 Oct 1919 WOLFARTH, William, child of Wm. H., died.
5 June 1919 WOLFENSPARGER, Martha BURROWS (ROBERTS), obit.
31 July 1919 WORK, Julia E., son Frank E. died in Oklahoma.
4 Dec 1919 WORTHINGTON, Arthur, died at Akron, Ohio. Oak Hill cem.
4 Dec 1919 WORTHINGTON, Artice, son of Thomas J., obit.
21 Aug 1919 WRIGHT, Mrs. Nora, dau Crystal died at Rochester.
3 July 1919 WYNN, Milo, died near Tiosa. Richland Center burial.
16 Jan 1919 YAZEL, Mrs. Grover, died at Elkhart. Oak Hill cem.
20 Feb 1919 YAZEL, Orval, dau Sarah died. Mt. Pleasant cem.
4 Sept 1919 YAZEL, Mrs. William, half sister E. TAYLOR died.
24 July 1919 YOAST, Mrs. Anderson, died. Maple Grove cem.
2 Oct 1919 YOCUM, Mrs. Jacob, nee Llora JONES, obit. Morris cem.
6 Mar 1919 ZECHIEL, Mrs. A., funeral.
10 Apr 1919 ZIMMERMAN, Charles, died aboard ship.
20 Mar 1919 ZINK, Mrs. Frank, died at Richland Center.
11 Sept 1919 ZUMBAUGH, Charles, died in South Bend. Obit.
15 May 1919 ZUMBAUGH, Henry, estate settled. Heirs listed.
3 April 1919 ZUMBAUGH, Hiram, died at Chicago. Local funeral.

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