From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 11, No. 1, January, 1990, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler; abstracted by Marcella Manuwal.

Only the barest facts have been abstracted for this index. Microfilms of the original newspapers are available at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

Paper Issue Date Name
26 Oct 1899 APPLE, Thomas and Mrs., murder, suicide.
31 Aug 1899 BAXTER, Robert died. Poplar Grove cem.
7 Sept 1899 BELTZ, Calvin, dau Lilly obit. Co. news.
28 Dec 1899 BERRY, Mrs. Isaac, obit. Gilead cem.
27 July 1899 BEYLER, Peter, obit.
9 Nov 1899 BROCKUS, John, child died. Maple Grove cem.
9 Nov 1899 BUTLER, Benj. die din Oregon. Green twp. item.
16 Nov 1899 CARPENTER, Mrs. Walter, nee Belle MOCK, died. Burr Oak item.
14 Dec 1899 DAVIS, Charles M., obit. Maple Grove cem.
19 Oct 1899 DEANER, Mrs. J.c., father L.S. WALKER died.
14 Dec 1899 FINK, Charles, suicide at North Liberty.
17 Aug 1899 FOREMAN, James died in West twp. Co. news.
6 July 1899 GALUSHA, Asa Elmer, obit. Maple Grove cem.
3 Aug 1899 HILDERBRAND, Joseph, obit. Co. news. North Liberty burial.
26 Aug & 2 Nov 1899 HISEY, Mrs. Mark, FINDLEY EMMONS, obit.
5 Oct 1899 HOOVER, Sherman, obit. Son of Fred.
7 Dec 1899 JONES, Joseph, brother died in Miami Co. Walnut item.
21 Sept 1899 JORDAN, Milton, dau Ruth died.
28 Sept 1899 KEMPS, Mrs. Amos, nee Eva VICORY, obit.
28 Dec 1899 LEGNER, Hugo buries baby at Bremen.
3 Aug 1899 LEHR, Samuel, obit. Co. news, died at Bremen.
7 Sept 1899 MEAD, Edw., infant son died. Poplar Grove cem.
27 July 1899 MEANS, Mrs. C.O., sister died. Shelbyville funeral. Walnut item.
23 Nov 1899 MELSER, Mrs. Ella died at Plymouth. Tippe item.
5 Oct 1899 MITCHELL, T.J., son of Perry, died. Voreis Cem.
16 Nov 1899 MOCK, Eli, dau Mrs. Belle CARPENTER died. Voreis cem. Burr Oak item.
21 Dec 1899 NICHOLS, Oscar, obit. Maple Grove cem.
24 Aug 1899 PARIS, Zimri, died in New York. Maple Grove cem.
10 Aug 1899 PATTERSON, Mrs. Lemon, nee Mary SILL, obit.
31 Aug 1899 PICKERL, Hugh, obit.
16 Nov 1899 POWERS, John G., obit.
5 Oct 1899 RAILSBACK, Mrs. S.B., brother S. HOOVER obit.
3 Aug 1899 SHAFER, Perry Willard died at Inwood, Argos funeral.
7 Dec 1899 SHAFFER, Arthur L., died. Tippe item.
27 July 1899 SHAKES, Mrs. Lawrence (Mary) obit. Co. news.
5 Oct 1899 SISK, Mrs., died 5 miles west of Burr Oak. donaldson funeral.
14 Sept 1899 STAFFORD, Harvey, obit. Maple Grove cem.
24 Aug 1899 VAN HORN, John, accidentally killed near Argos.
19 Oct 1899 VOREIS, Mrs. Bert (Lottie) died. Voreis cem. Burr Oak item.
10 Aug 1899 WEST, J.J. Infant son died. Poplar Grove cem.
19 Oct 1899 WISE, Mrs. Catherine died. Voreis cem. Burr Oak item.

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