Early Marshall County Divorces
1836 - 1899

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Researchers please note: This data has not been proofread. Errors could have been made on every level of input. This should be used as a secondary source only.

Source: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Published by Marshall County Genealogical Society; Editor and compiler, Judy McCollough

Do you think that divorces were unheard of during the early history of Marshall County? You might want to reconsider.....especially if you appear to have misplaced a family unit. The following information was extracted from the early Marshall County Circuit Court papers which are now in the possession of the Marshall County Historical Museum Library. A word of caution.....do not assume that all divorce cases filed ended in divorce. Most did, but some of the files hold papers from more than one suit, filed at different times by the same couple, indicating that a reconciliation had taken place at least between the two dates. (Date = month, day, year)

Note: Frequently people went out of their home county to divorce and/or remarry. You might try checking the neighboring or other counties if you have lost track of someone.

Name vs Name Date filed
Aaron, Jacob vs Ellen 1-24-1855
Aarons, El. Melinda vs Jacob 11-22-1861
Abrams, Elizabeth vs Perry L. 1-17-1884
Abrams, Fannie vs James 9-29-1891
Abrams, James vs Fanny 8-23-1884
Abrams, James vs Hettie 6-7-1882
Ackerman, Theodore vs Charlotte 7-16-1860
Ackley, Sophia vs Calvin 1-2-1861
Adams, Amanda C. vs Robert T. 3-23-1880
Adams, Eleanor vs Charles 11-28-1855
Adams, Julia vs Lemuel M. 7-2-1862
Adams, Kittie A. vs Robert M. 9-17-1878
Aker, May vs William 2-28-1881
Aker, William vs Delia 8-10-1871
Aker, William vs Mary E. 2-14-1882
Akins, Davis vs Hulda 7-18-1875
Aldrich, John w. vs Eliza A. 7-7-1865
Aldrich, Julia A. vs John 6-27-2878
Alexander, Isaac H. vs Emma J. 9-25-1894
Alleman, Emma A. vs Chas. L. 4-9-1894
Alleman, Leonard C. vs Ann E. 11-9-1874
Allen, Arrilla E. vs James 12-4-1877
Allen, Clara L. vs Norman O. 11-21-1892
Allen, Martha E. vs Jerome 2-7-1877
Alward, Benjamin vs Catharine 8-30-1870
Alward, Rosa vs Charles E. 8-11-1899
Alwood, Hannah vs Benjamin 3-10-1891
Amacher, Hannah vs Gottlieb 6-19-1878
Amick, Samuel vs Levina 12-3-1867
Amons, Julia A. vs George W. 7-19-1885
Anders, Catherine vs Edward 9-26-1893
Anderson, Albert vs Laura 8-19-1885
Anderson, Christena vs Nels F. 7-27-1885
Anderson, Nels F. vs Christena 7-24-1885
Anderson, Sary J. vs Edward E. 12-28-1887
Andrews, Lyman H. vs Charlotte M. 11-25-1869
Ankerstine, Louisa vs Chas. F. 10-16-1896
Apple, Jacob vs Nancy 8-5-1893
Apple, John vs Barbara 7-24-1860
Apple, John vs Isabella 9-7-1861
Apple, Rebecca J. vs Thomas J. 9-20-1895
Armantrout, Abbie A. vs Andrew J. 1-16-1889
Armantrout, Andrew J. vs Mary 1-15-1869
Armantrout, Barbara vs Jacob 1-2-1866
Armantrout, Elizabeth vs Jacob 1-14-1879
Armantrout, Elmer E. vs Minnie A. 4-3-1895
Armstrong, Anna vs George L. 8-6-1890
Armstrong, Mary Ann vs James 8-20-1855
Armstrong, William vs Nancy 7-30-1870
Arnold, A. Elnora vs Charles 10-1-1898
Arnold, Emma E. vs John 12-28-1892
Ault, Grace A. vs Willie A. 3-4-1895
Aumock, Joseph vs Margaret 1-23-1868
Avery, Hattie vs Lucius K. 2-21-1879
Ayers, Sallie M. vs Isaac L. 11-30-1888

Babcock, Catharine vs Thomas 5-30-1865
Babcock, Owen vs Frances 5-8-1861
Badgley, Anson vs Lucy 12-12-1882
Badgley, Mary A. vs Anson 8-2-1893
Baessler, Gottlieb vs Susannah 12-1-1856
Bagley, Gertrude vs John 2-9-1886
Bailey, David A. vs Olive H. 2-24-1841
Bailey, John S. vs Addie 10-10-=1878
Bailey, Lavina vs Jefferson 3-5-1870
Bair, Anna vs Benjamin F. 1-6-1869
Bair, Surilda vs Isaac 11-22-1884
Baird, Luther vs Melissa 5-19-1865
Baker, Alsesta vs Nathan 10-13-1892
Baker, Celina E. vs Jacob F. 5-13-1899
Baker, Isaac W. vs Elizabeth 2-13-1877
Baker, Laura E. vs Norton C. 10-9-1895
Baker, Mary A. vs. Jacob F. 12-12-1899
Ballman, Daniel vs Hetta 3-3-1890
Barden, Orsen vs Eliza 9-28-1890
Barnhart, Daniel vs Hannah 8-21-1874
Barnes, Rosa E. vs William 11-27-1889
Barron, Ellen C. vs Peter 7-2-1852
Barry, Esley vs Johnson 3-15-1880
Baugher, Alice vs John W. 12-12-1894
Baugher, George W. vs Lizzie S. 3-18-1897
Baugher, Ruey A. vs Henry 1-15-1897
Baugher, Sarah vs John w. 4-16-1888
Baum, George W. vs Mary 11-24-1858
Bauman, Caroline A. vs Joseph C. 9-25-1897
Baxter, John S. vs Mary E. 8-25-1899
Beaggles, Jennie vs James S. 1-27-1896
Beagle, Lewis vs Jane 2-2-1852
Beal, Melinda vs John 6-11-1866
Beaver, Mahala J. vs Washington I. 12-22-1898
Beaver, Luella J. vs Watson N. 7-4-1874
Beck, Rineldon vs Jennie 9-5-1889
Becker, Peter W. vs Frances H. 2-23-1865
Becknell, Henry vs Sarah 7-10-1884
Becknell, Sarah A. vs Henry 9-30-1884
Beener, Cassandra vs Augustus 12-21-1863
Beghtel, Emma A. vs Francis M. 11-9-1893
Beiler, Lana vs Henry 3-11-1875
Belangee, Ann M. vs Enoch 11-12-1856
Belden, Louisa J. vs John N. 12-27-1878
Belden, Wert A. vs Flow 10-12-1891
Bell, James A. vs Anna 2-23-1895
Bennett, Mary E. vs George N. 11-29-1875
Bentley, Estella vs Arley 1-11-1890
Bentley, Joseph E. vs Martha E. 12-4-1896
Bentley, Mary A. vs John Chas. 8-18-1891
Benton, Louisa vs J. Marshall 6-4-1875
Berger, Mary vs Jacob 12-18-1861
Berkeypile, Ada E. vs Moses 1-4-1884
Berkeypile, Jennie vs Moses 2-21-1897
Berkeypile, Moses vs Ada E. 10-13-1881
Berkeypile, Ober R. vs Alma 8-1-1898
Berlin, Julius vs Phebe 4-15-1891
Berlin, Mary vs Mathew 2-14-1866
Berlin, Porter D. vs Ada 4-16-1892
Best, Emma vs John 3-8-1897
Betzer, Annie vs Calvin 10-19-1893
Bickel, Elizabeth vs Henry J. 10-2-1888
Biddlecome, John A. vs Eliza 10-28-1874
Biggles, Lewis vs Jane 3-29-1851
Bigley, Amelia vs Edward 12-20-1860
Billings, Edwin R. vs Elizabeth C. 4-29-1858
Birch, Clara B. vs Robert 9-3-1891
Bishop, Jay P. vs Myrtle O. 3-15-1898
Bishop, Joh(?)athan vs Julia 9-6-1881
Bitner, William S. vs Louisa C. 11-3-1873
Bixel, Margaret vs John 12-8-1873
Bixler, David F. vs Sarah J. 4-5-1881
Black, Francis vs Henrietta 3-9-1883
Bland, John vs Matilda 12-1-1884
Blodget, Sarah L. vs John H. 8-25-1897
Blue, Abraham S. vs Mary E. 7-28-1884
Boatman, Lillie R. vs Daniel H. 2-13-1894
Boliner, Polly vs Andrew 5-11-1885
Bolinger, Andrew vs Adaline 5-20-1865
Bollman, Levi vs Hettie 3-7-1887
Bonham, Hiram vs Annie 7-1-1868
Boone, Charles W. vs Sarah R. 10-9-1894
Boots, Ada M. vs Preston 12-21-1878
Bortz, Hannah M. vs William 2-15-1883
Bosworth, Parmenas vs Arvilla 5-1-1886
Boughart, Anthony vs Catharine 5-2-1850
Boulton, Emma A. R. vs Zebedee D. 5-15-1890
Bourn, Traugott vs Regina 1-5-1876
Bowles, Francis A. vs Lewis M. 3-18-1868
Bowles, Lewis M. vs Elizabeth C. 1-26-1878
Bowles, Mary A. vs John G. 7-20-1888
Boyce, Mary A. vs George W. 3-19-1879
Boyd, Mary vs Matthew 8-11-1874
Boyer, John vs Elizabeth 12-23-1869
Boyer, Lizzie vs Joseph 6-10-1887
Boyer, Mary A. vs John 9-24-1887
Bozarth, Sarah R. vs William 10-29-1853
Bracht, Joel vs Sophia 8-9-1858
Bradlee, Calvin vs Ella 12-12-1889
Bradley, Wesley vs Catharine 2-22-1899
Brannom, Elizabeth C. vs Elijah L. 10-25-1894
Brelsford, Samuel vs Mary J. 12-9-1885
Brewer, Elizabeth A. vs John 4-30-1868
Brewer, Orillie vs John 1-17-1882
Breysacher, Caroline vs Lewis 7-29-1868
Breysacher, Tina vs William 1-10-1885
Bright, Mary vs Richard 10-23-1889
Bright, Richard vs Mary 10-5-1889
Brillhart, Lizzie vs Jerry 8-22-1896
Britz, George vs Martha 12-27-1898
Brooke, Josephine vs Chester V. 3-19-1889
Brower, Lanora vs Sylvester 2-5-1870
Brown, Alice J. vs William L. 10-12-1875
Brown, Cynthia vs William L. 11-11-1884
Brown, Daniel vs Orpha T. 1-21-1856
Brown, Isaac vs Alice 4-22-1880
Brown, Isaac vs Lucinda A. 4-13-1892
Brown, James M. vs Susannah 1-28-1858
Brown, Louisa R. vs Asa 5-20-1899
Brown, Lucinda A. vs Isaac 4-22-1880
Brown, Mary E. vs William 10-11-1858
Brown, Nancy A. vs Thomas B. 9-27-1884
Brown, Susan vs James 2-3-1857
Brownell, Mary vs Russell 11-28-1846
Brugh, Sadie E. vs Alfred 6-24-1886
Brumbaugh, Florence E. vs Ora 2-11-1895
Bryan, Charley A. vs Martha 4-10-1899
Bucher, Alfred vs Fannie 10-12-1878
Buffam, Mary vs James 12-1-1856
Bugbee, Mary vs Erwin 3-2-1896
Burch, Halbert C. vs Catharine 12-11-1858
Burch, Nancy vs Russell 1-28-1859
Burger, Edward vs Martha A. 4-9-1884
Burket, Jesse vs Sophronia 5-13-1892
Burkett, Caroline vs Willis L. 6-6-1899
Burkett, Jemima E. vs William W. 7-9-1883
Burkett, Ulysses vs Retta 8-29-1892
Burnes, Aaron vs Nancy J. 6-14-1880
Burnett, George W. vs R. Malinda 12-21-1874
Burns, Sarah vs David 8-12-1878
Bushman, Charles M. vs Agnes E. 12-27-1894
Butcher, Elizabeth vs Alfred 5-19-1871
Butler, Benjamin vs Florence 10-19-1882
Butts, Lucy O. vs William M. 10-16-1895

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