Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church
Marshall County, Indiana

This a list of the people pictured in the Grace United Brethren Directory.
The directory is in the History files in a folder marked Religion-Bremen

Balsley, Lucille
Blum, William and Charlotte
Bowser, Flora
Bowser, Wilbur and Flora
Brinkhoff, Billie Jo
Bunge, Don and Janeice
Byrer, Don and Frances
Charles, Rex,Kathy, Christie and Auston
Dangler, Jonas and Lillian
Eckert, Caryl and Anita
Ehret, Rosemary
Ervin, Anthony and Mary Lou
Ervin, Jeff, Darlene, Holli and Corey
Ervin, Steve, Becky and Ryan
Fennell, Rick, Marcee, Sarah, Stephanie, Shane and Britnei
Flora, Thelma and Louis
Gouvan, Myra
Gurtner, Pauline
Hahn, Nelson and Mandy
Hess, Virgil and Rose
Huff, Bob, Reg, Todd, Chad and Troy
Huff, Evan and Lucille
Huff, Lou and Irene
Huppert, Mike, Beth and Mitchell
Hurley, Isabell
Keck, Louis and Ruth
Keyser, Louise
Kipfer, Carol
Kipfer, Robert and Carol
Koontz, Juanita
Krieger, Mark and Jennifer
Kuntz, Helen
Leeper, Richard and Virginia
Manuwal, Marian
Maretto, Jim and Marg
Martin, Lowell, Dee, Rich, Sharon, Nancy, Judy and Jim
Maxwell, Margaret
McKain, Rev. A. R.
McPherron, Chris, Donda, Nathan and Ashley
Mikel, Marion and Helen
Misner, Marjorie, Terry and George
Mullen, Donald and Barbara
Mullen, Joseph, Lisa and Dillion
Napier, Darrel, Stephanie and Britnei
Neidigh, Robert and Verna
Nelson, Karen
Nettrouer, Chad and Kristi Schrader
Nietz, Ted and Zella
Nine, Ted, Jennifer and Jason
Phillips, Deanna
Platz, Virgina
Reidenbach, Phil and Glennis
Reidenbach, Steve, Mary, Erica and Kelly
Richardson, Jim, Terri, Abi and Joie
Ringle, Daniel and Eliza
Rovenstine, Gene and Doris
Sheley, Melvere and Carolyn
Shields, Helen
Shively, Edith
Snyder, Lee and Phyllis
Stuckey, Diane
Stuckey, Roy
Swank, Roland and Billie
Walker, Elwood and Viola
Wallace, Merle and Alice
Wemette, Rose M.
Wise, Bernita
Yeagley, Don and Evelyn
Yockey, Irene

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