Chronology taken from the Bremen Enquirer 1958, 1 January 1959
Ed. Note: The events listed were reported in the Bremen Enquirer; they may have taken place elsewhere.
The dates given are actual dates of the event; the Bremen Enquirer is a weekly publication.
Jan. 12  Marian R. Sahlhoff and Dean L. Loucks
Feb. 3   Rosemary Depler and Donald R. Olsen
Feb. 14 Willodean Traster and George Harlan
Feb. 15 Ginette Pirot and Donn J. Rethlake
Feb. 16 Helen Regina Fehr and Harry Joe Stoller
Mar. 14 Grace Booth and Harry Craig
Mar. 28  Martha Jean Hepler and Joe E. Miller
Apr. 12  Susan Hawkins and Kenneth Scott
Apr. 19 Mary Ellen Carbiener and Bradley Carl Robinson
May 4   Linda Joyce Rowe and Charles C. Myers
May 11 Luella May Kilian and Bill D. Jensen
May 18  Shirley Mae Martin and Billy Dale Carothers
May 31 Dorothy Keininger and Jimmie Senff
June 1   Shirley Ann Matz and Roland Duane Jordan
June 1 Mary Ann Manges and Rich L. BonDurant
June 6 Joann Gragg and Merl Duane Heckaman
June 8 Loretta Fisher and Lee B. Thomas
June 8  Janice Squires and Fred Beutel
June 14   Patricia Turley and James Joseph Webster
June 20 Marsha Lee Balmer and John Schrader
June 22 Judith Ann VanSkyock and Gary R. Aquilar
June 28 Anna Diener and Arnold C. Yoder
July 5 Mary Kamp and Francis Schutz
July 5 Shirley Elaine Pittman and Herbert Haas
July 6 Jane C. Sahlhoff and Charles lW. Allen
 Aug. 3 Judith Ann Middaugh and Cotus Leroy Hutchinson
Aug. 10 Patricia Ann Hohman and Charles Larry Cramer
 Aug. 16  Erma Botset and Carl Zabel
Aug. 16 Mary Drudge and Merlin Troxel
 Aug. 30 Cecelia Ann Monhaut and William A. Dolan
Sept. 6 Martha Wilder and Dale D. Heuberger
Sept. 20 Kay Wiegand and William L. Stewart
Sept. 20 Jacqueline Eaton and Wayne Carbiener
Sept. 27 Sharon E. Whitacre and Arthur Heckaman, Jr.
Sept. 29 Virginia Farley and Jerold R. Stump
Oct. 4 Phyllis Ann Smith and Charles E. Chamberlin
Oct. 4 Janet L. Heckaman and Melvin J. Lemler
Oct. 5 Linda Lee Lunbeck and Jerry A. Musser
Oct. 11 Shirley Ann Cox and John Mart
Oct. 11  Dorothymae Rouch and Harold Groves
Nov. 6  Bonnie Lee Allen and James L. Hochstetler
Nov. 7 Eva M. Heckaman and Joseph E. Hobson
Nov. 8  Ida Marie Culp and Dick E. Weaver
Nov. 9  Loretta Pritsch and Ronald Dale Naragon
Nov. 15 Helen Slaughter and Samuel Borkholder
Nov. 16 Janet Nusbaum and James J. Pittman
Nov. 23 Sally Ann Spicher and Max McKahan
Dec. 6  Beverly Gerber and Michael Heckaman
Dec. 6 Mrs. Caroline E. Neff and Edward H. Germann
Dec. 7 Joyce Elaine Andrews and Don C. Farrer
Dec. 7 Sharon Kay Peters and James kA. Clindaniel
Dec. 30 (1957)    Hugh Frederick Thomas, 50 (age)   
June 16 Fanny E. Felten, 70
Dec. 31 (1957) Edwin Kline, 83      
June 16    Mrs. Jeanette Blouin, 81
 Dec. 31 (1957)          Sylvester A. York, 80         
June 20    Mrs. James Hershberger, 43
Jan. 3                William V. Murphy, 60      
June 20    Jay Leslie Hershberger, 3
Jan. 3              Mrs. Herman Freehauf, 68
June 20    Ervin E. Heinke, 77
 Jan. 5         Mrs. Mary Ann Thomas, 61     
June 22    Mrs. Mahlon Yoder, 58
Jan. 6                  Roscoe A. Huff, 78  
June 23 Mandy J. Berg, Infant
Jan. 6           Bert L. Tyson, 62          
June 25    Miss Bertha Breunlin, 76
Jan. 19                Mrs. Rebecca Fee, 92     
July 11         Robert O. Stoller, 69
 Jan. 25       Mrs. Oliver O. Hoople, 69         
July 12         Henry S. Lowenstine, 64
 Feb. 7         Mary Elizabeth Macy, 44      
July 12       John Bell, 70
 Feb. 14        Jesse M. Parker, 78          
July 12         William E. Wagner, 74
 Feb. 17              Mrs. Willard Reed, 50      
July 14         David Furst (no age given)
 Feb. 20       John Wass, 88                
July 26        Fahys  C. Yockey, 70
 Feb. 21       Mrs. Irena M. Enders, 81     
July 28       Mrs. Daniel Yoder, 85
 Feb. 22          Mrs. Bertha A. Felden, 81     
July 31       John J. Chambers, 75
 Feb. 22       Mrs. C. D. Carbiener, 76     
July 31        Mrs. Walter  Balsley, 75
 Feb. 28        Loyal Kline, 67                   
Aug. 2        Mrs. Marion  E. Jasperson, 38
Mar. 2         Mrs. Beryl Moore (no age given)   
Aug. 6          Lee Hochstetler, 62
Mar. 3         Charles Eshelman, 57              
Aug. 6          Eli E. Miller, 66
Mar. 8                  Frank G. Buckner, 65     
Aug. 6          Mrs. Eli Lingofelter, 60
Mar. 10   Mrs. Laura Weiss Land, 71         
Aug. 14   Oliver T. Goss, 86
Mar. 12   Clinton S. Leeper, 80             
Aug. 17    Mrs. Edwin Kirkdorffer, 89
Mar. 18   Mrs. Chris Mast, 72          
Aug. 19    Harland Walter, 62
Mar. 20       Walter L. Sherry, 58          
Aug. 22    Frank O. Kelley, 88
Mar. 22    Milton P. Kern, 67          
Aug. 25    Mrs. Emory Leiter, 52
Apr. 8         George W. Kinzie (no age given)   
Aug. 27    Oliver Pittman, 84
Apr. 9        Mrs. Paul Kobold, 67              
Sept. 2        Oscar Keyser, 79
Apr. 10   Ivo F. Mitchel, 74           
Sept. 7         John Michael, 89
Apr. 12   John H. Kipfer, 74           
Sept. 9        Mrs. John Michael  (no age)
Apr. 15     Ollie E. Fries, 72         
Sept. 16   Ernest F. Gass, 71
Apr. 18          Homer Lehman, 68      
Sept. 18   George H. Cannon, 66
May 1               Jay J. Bunge, 63        
Sept. 19   Walter E. Kollar, 47
May 2          Mrs. Betsy Sheetz, 80            
Sept. 27   Mrs. Emory Powers, 61
May 4          Thomas D. Stillson, 57            
Oct. 4          Mrs. Chester Foeckler, 63
May 15    Arthur A. Shepler, 63             
Oct. 6          Rev. Elmer Smith, 66
May 17   William Bevan, 90            
Oct. 7          Mrs. Jacob Yockey, 75
May 19    Mrs. Jerome Whitmer, 87      
Oct. 14         Alfred A. Brrechtel, 75
May 19    John A. Miller, 66           
Oct. 18         Mrs. Chris. Berger, 85
May 21    Mrs. William Lowther, 84     
Oct. 18         Jacob Clauss, 89
May 21    Watson M. Koontz, 64              
Oct. 20         Miss Mary M.  Buckley, 75
May 25   Mrs. James A. Steele, 79     
Oct. 21         Mrs. Elias Ewald, 95
May 28   John Huff (no age given)     
Oct. 23         Amos Loucks 62
June 13   Jeffrey Dean Feitz, Infant        
Oct. 31         Clem Sausman, 69
June 14   James H. Parker, 64          
Nov. 3          Mrs. Lincoln Ranstead, 91
June 15  Mrs. Timothy O'Connor, 58         
Nov. 9          James W. Fisher, 31
June 16     Charles E. Green, 89            
Nov. 11    Ida Mae Helmlinger, 93
Nov. 11      Nancy Ann LaVine, Infant  
Dec. 8          Oliver E. Beyler, 75
Nov. 11  Mrs. Carrie Kleinhenz, 79         
Dec. 9  Mrs. Oba Aukerman, 80
Nov. 15   Charles R. Guard, 68              
Dec. 10    Mrs. William A. Zeiger, 84
Nov. 17   Charles M. Redman, 75             
Dec. 15    Ferdinand W.  Westphal, 81
Nov. 19   Mrs. H. E. Knoblock, 63      
Dec. 19    Neal Arthur Glass, Jr., 6
Nov. 21   Mrs. C. B. Kennedy (no age given) 
Dec. 22    Forrest Ranstead, 61
Nov. 27  Elbert C. Easterday, 67           
Dec. 22    Eli J. Miller, 38
Nov. 28   Hilbert C. Weiss 64
 Births: (8 Jan. 1959 issue)
 Dec. 30 (1957)      to M&M David Johnson of Elkhart       dau., Jill Ellen
 Dec. 30 (1957)      to M&M Oscar Vandermark of Marion      dau., Diana Lee
 Dec. 31 (1957)      to M&M Thomas Hayes of R.R. 1, Bourbon  son, James. Lee
 Dec. 31 (1957)     to M&M Dennis Baker of Bremen     dau., Tami Kay
 Jan. 4         to M&M Ezra Meister of Crystal City, TX dau., Elaine Annettte
 Jan. 5         to M&M William Hood of Nappanee         son, Philip Glenn
 Jan. 5        to M&M James Moriarty of R.R. 1, Bourbon     dau., Sonia Jo
 Jan. 5         to M&M Henry Harper of R.R. 3, Bremen   son, Steven Alan
 Jan. 7         to M&M Edward Hochstetler, R.R. 2 Nappanee   dau., Linda Mae
 Jan. 7       to M&M Daniel Heman of Muncie     dau., Julie Rene
 Jan. 8       to M&M Richard LaVine              dau. Donna Sue (dead at birth)
 Jan. 10       to M&M Carl Klotz of Etna Green         son, Brian Carl
 Jan. 11        to M&M Leroy Hochstetler, R.R. 3, Nappanee   son (no name given)
 Jan. 13        to M&M Charles L. Carr of Monroe        dau., Diana Marie
 Jan. 13        to M&M Edwin W. Vernon of Bremen        son (no name given)
 Jan. 15        to M&M Arvin Weldy of Bremen       dau. (no name given)
 Jan. 16        to M&M Billie Grimm of R.R. 2, Nappanee dau., Tanya Lodell
 Jan. 19        to M&M James Marshall of R.R. 3, Bremen son, Lynn Jeames
 Jan. 20        to M&M Joseph Heflin of Bremen          dau., Marcia Elaine
 Jan. 22        to M&M Owen Yoder of Nappanee      son (no name given)
 Jan. 24        to M&M Eldon Fredericks of Aberdeen, MD dau., Susan Kay
 Jan. 29        to M&M Carl Emmons of R.R. 1, Plymouth  son, Richard Alan
 Jan. 29        to M&M Willie Solomon of Bremen         dau., Ella Diana
 Jan. 30        to M&M Robert Hepler of Nappanee        dau., Patricia Ann
 Jan. 31        to M&M Robert Miller of Bremen          son, Steave
 Feb. 1         to M&M Robert L. Bottorff of Bremen          son, Mark Robert
 Feb. 2         to M&M Dennis Wiegand of R.R. 2, Bremen son, Dennis Frederick
 Feb. 3         to M&M Lamar Metzler of Nappanee        dau., Teresa Kay
 Feb. 5         to M&M Jack Hood of Nappanee       dau., Rebecca Sue
 Feb. 5         to M&M Edward Nick of Bremen       son, Keith Alan
 Feb. 8         to M&M Elmer Byler of R.R. 2, Nappanee  dau., Ruth Ann
 Feb. 8         to M&M Merl Chupp of Wakarusa      son, Lyndel Ray
 Feb. 10        to M&M Donald Sand of R.R. 3, Nappanee  dau, Connie Jo
 Feb. 11        to M&M Wilfred Cline of R.R. 3, Bremen  dau. (no name given)
 Feb. 14        to M&M Laverne Becker of LaPaz          dau., Sharon Rose
 Feb. 15        to M&M Mahlon Hartigan of R.R. 3, Bremen     dau., Donna Jayne
 Feb. 16        to M&M Wayne R. Bollinger of R.R. 1 Bremen   dau., Sheri Lynn
 Feb. 16        to M&M John Patrick of Enid, OK         dau., Mary Terese
 Feb. 16        to M&M Thomas Kane of Nappanee          son, Gary Mikel
 Feb. 17        to M&M Philip Huff of Nappanee          son, Brett Michael
 Feb. 17        to M&M Duane Conrad of New Paris        dau., Gayle Diane
 Feb. 17        to M&M Garnett Wakeland of Bourbon      son, David Allen
 Feb. 18        to M&M Donald E. Byrer of Bremen        son (no name given)
 Feb. 19        to M&M Clayton Tyson of South Bend      son (no name given)
 Feb. 19        to M&M Jacob J. Hostetler of R.R. 2, Nappanee  dau., Kathy Darlene
 Feb. 21        to M&M Walter D. Pickavet of Walkerton  son, Walter Camiel
 Feb. 22        to M&M James Checco of Minneapolis MN   dau., Stephanie Lee
 Feb. 25        to M&M Jack Overmyer of R.R. 1, Bourbon son, David Brian
 Feb. 26        to M&M Robert Breit of Mishawaka        dau., Keri Lynn
 Feb. 27        to M&M Tony Hight of Etna Green         son, Thomas Jay
 Feb. 28        to M&M Elson Weaver of R.R. 2, Plymouth son, Donald Arthur
 Mar. 3         to M&M John H.N. Miller of R.R. 2, Nappanee  son, Roger Alan
 Mar. 3         to M&M Eli J. Miller of R.R. 2, Nappanee     son, Elvin Ed.
 Mar. 5         to M&M Duewaine Miller of R.R. 3, Elkhart    son, Durwin Dean
 Mar. 6         to M&m Donald Shirley of R.R. 1, Lakeville   twin daus., Lee Ann & Lou Ann
 Mar. 6         to M&M Lee C. Lakins of R.R. 3, Bremen  son, Michael Wayne
 Mar. 13   to M&M William Wilson of Plymouth       dau., Tamela Jean
 Mar. 14   to M&M Glenn Graber of R.R.1, Bremen   dau., Colleen Faye
 Mar. 14   to M&M Nicholas Yeager of R.R. 1, Bremen     son, James
 Mar. 15   to M&M John L. Hummel of R.R. 2, Bremen dau. (no name given)
 Mar. 15   to M&M Solomon Hochstetler of Nappanee  son, Robert Lee
 Mar. 16   to M&M Russell Hartsough of Walkerton   son, John Michael
 Mar. 17   to M&M Sidney Bishop of R.R. 3, Bremen  dau., Marie Yvonne
 Mar. 17   to M&M Harvey Schmucker of R.R.3, Nappanee dau., Bertha H.
 Mar. 20   to M&M Charles Heckaman of Bremen       dau., Kathryn Anne
 Mar. 20   to M&M Joseph Monhaut of R.R.2, Bremen  dau. Loretta Ann
 Mar. 20   to Sgt.&M George L.T. Stewart of Santa Ana,CA, son, Anthony Gene
 Mar. 21       to M&M Lee Joslin of Hudson Lake        dau., Jan Marie     
 Mar. 21   to M&M Herman Rettinger of R.R. 1, Bourbon   son, Roger Ka
 Mar. 24   to M&M Jack Julian of R.R. 1, Bremen         son, Mark Eugene
 Mar. 25   to M&M Harold Shively of R.R. 5, Plymouth    dau., Peggy Ann
 Mar. 27   to M&M Orvis Sullivan of R.R. 3, Bremen dau., Rita Mae
 Mar. 29   to M&M Carl Haab, Jr. of Bremen         dau., Kristina Sue
 Mar. 29   to M&M Willis D. Hochstetler of R.R.3 Napp.  Son, Marvin W.
 Mar. 31   to M&M Roger Rouch of Bremen       dau., Kathy Diane
 Mar. 31   to M&M Vernon Schmucker of R.R. 1, Bremen    son, Paul Duane
 Mar. 31   to M&M Harold Hochstetler of R.R. 1, Bremen  son (no name given)
 Apr. 1         to M&M Lowell Heckaman of South Bend    son (no name given)
 Apr. 1         to M&M Eldon Roeder of R.R.1, Bremen    dau. (no name given)
 Apr. 1         to M&M Delbert Slabough of R.R. 1, Bourbon   dau. (no name given)
 Apr. 2         to M&M Floyd Nifong of R.R. 5, Plymouth son, Mark Allen
 Apr. 7         to M&M Dale Watkins of Bourbon          son, Gregory Blake
 Apr. 7         to M&M Thomas Johnson of Bremen         son, Thomas Herbert
 Apr. 8         to M&M James S. Gall of R.R. 1, Etna Green   dau., Colleen Jo
 Apr. 9         to M&M David Harris of Lake of the Woods     son (no name given)
 Apr. 9         to M&M Alan Huff of R.R. 3, Bremen      dau., Sandra Adele
 Apr. 9         to M&M Howard Jones of R.R. 3, Bremen  dau., Rebecca Lynn
 Apr. 11   to Rev.&M Bill G. Grove at Little Rock, AR   son, Paul Alan
 Apr. 13   to M&M Carson Kitts of R.R. 1, Bremen   son, Micahel Duane
 Apr. 14   to M&M Ernest J. Miller of R.R. 1, Nappanee  dau., Teresea Dawn
 Apr. 15   to M&M James Blount of LaPaz       son, Robert Dee
 Apr. 17   to M&M David Miller of R.R.2, Plymouth  dau., Carolyn Gail
 Apr. 17   to M&M Roy Kaufman of R.R. 4, Warsaw    dau., Julie Mae
 Apr. 19   to M&M John W. Knoblock of Rockville, MD     son, John William, Jr.
 Apr. 19   to M&M Henry Minix of R.R. 3, Bremen    dau., Sandra Jo
 Apr. 21   to M&M Ernest Bowling of Bremen         son, Anthony Ray
 Apr. 21   to M&M Gene L. Manges of R.R.2, Bremen  dau. Kathy Jo
 Apr. 22   to M&M Lavon Heckaman of Milford       son Robert Eugene
 Apr. 25   to M&M John Miller of Wakarusa          son, Ken Lavon
 Apr. 26   to M&M Edward Hochsttler of R.R., Nappanee   son, Kenneth Lamar
 Apr. 27   to M&M Carl Magnuson of R.R. 2, Plymouth     dau., Peggy Sue
 May 2          to M&M Clyde Damewood of R.R. 2, Bremen son, Randall Matthew
 May 3          to M&M Donald Cline of Mishawaka        son, Dean Allen
 May 5          to M&M Carl E. Beuel of R.R.3, Bremen   dau., Kathy Sue
 May 11    to M&M Dale Swoverland of R.R. 1, Tippecanoe  son, Raymond Dale
 May 11    to M&M Edward Hale of R.R. 1, Bremen    dau., Sarah Ann
 May 11    to M&M LaMar Hershberger of R.R. 1, Bremen   son, Keith LaMar
 May 12    to M&M Noble Heyde of R.R. 3, Bremen    son (no name given)
 May 14    to M&M Bill Zillmer of R.R. 1, Mishawaka     son (no name given)
 May 14    to M&M Lowell Vining of R.R. 1, Etna Green   dau., Jean Ann
 May 16    to M&M Ammon Hochstetler of R.Nappanee  son Eugene A.
 May 18    to M&M Joseph J. Yoder of R.R. 2 Nappanee    dau. Rose Marie
 May 19    to M&M Willard N. Miller of R.2, Nappanee    dau., Pauline Ellen
 May 19    to M&M James R. Allen of R.R. 3, Bremen son, Stephen James
 May 22    to M&M Kenneth Cramer of R.R. 1, Plymouth    son, Randall Lee
 May 22    to M&M Jack Tobias of Nappanee          dau., Audrey Faye
 May 22    to M&M Mahlon E. Schmucker of R.1, Napp dau., Rose Marie
 May 25    to M&M Daniel Miller of Bremen          son, Alan Jay
 May 27    to M&M Charles Hale of R.R. 3, Bremen   son, Mark Steven
 May 27    to M&M Cecil Balsley of R.R. 1, Bremen  dau., Peggy Ruth
 May 27    to M&M Samuel Anderson of R.R. 1, Bremen     dau. (no name given)
 May 27    to M&M Raymond Teitsch of South Bend    dau., Elaine Marie
 May 28    to M&M Thomas Auer of South Bend        son, Jerry Dean
 May 30    to M&M James H. Neu of Plymouth         dau., Mary Elizabeth
 May 30    to M&M Donald Soales of R.R. 1, Bremen  dau., Lee Ann

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