This letter written by my grandfather Wesley John Albert in 1927 was quite a lesson in the history of life at that time.

(As he wrote it, spelling etc are his)

"Bremen Ind
Jan 25, 1927

This is part of history of my life. i was borne in the year 1860 sept Third six miles East of mischawaka 3 miles west of Granger in a house 10x20 log. My father John Albert son of Nic Albert and my mother Hariat Albert Daughter of Daniel Hemminger. My father was called to the late Rebelion in year 1861. i was one year old was home in 61 or 62 gone Back Died in Hospital with Home sickness short time after mother came to one mile north of Bremen to her Father Daniel Hemminger lived one or to years on the place where Vick Rader now lives. Then took to the thick woods 4 2 miles north East of Bremen called No eleven. At the age 5 years old. Raised in Log House about 16 by 18 clappoard Roof. Logs to hold Boards on. At that time there was more marsh and swamps than Dry land. Talk about Hard times i sure saw what it is. My uncle John W. Hemminger carried me across foot logs to get to the House. All the cleared land there was, was a spot large enough so the large trees could not fall on the house. That was builded. For 10 years i cant figure our How we lived i can remember the good Buck wheat cakes, and wheat for coffee Had to by that. i think the most of our living for 5 years was wild game, such as Gray and Black squirrels Ducks Geese wild turkeys one Deer, rabits wild pigons, from the time i was 10 years old all the money i got was from the wild Game i caught, such as coon mink muskgrats skunks and sold at prices like this coon 25 to 50 cts mink 25 to $1.00 rats from 5 to 15cts, skunks 25 to 75cts to day there is not one to a hundred at that time, except for 2 or three years the time of that fire in 71 which was the worst calamity this country ever saw out side of the civil war, the young people of to day cant believe what this country was 60 years ago. But believe me i have not rote one word that is not true but as times went by more people Got closer. Country was cleared more the roads at time was just where you wanted to make them, By and By people got some fields fenced with rail that was all that was fences. Cattle and hogs went where they pleased i saw hoggs that was so fat could hardly get up never saw ear of corn. The first 10 years i was in that woods there was thousands of bushels of Walnuts hickery nuts hazel nuts Beach nuts acorns. Butter nuts went to waste. There was no end to Quail and pheasants. i cant tell all i saw and went through it would make a mighty big book, this is only a taste of what i saw. Lots of things i wish i never Had seen but I lived through it and ame here to tell of it. But very few that went through with me are living to day. There was 11 in the family, only 3 half sisters and myself living today and one step brother.

In 1880 i started out to fight the Battle of life, with my good mothers prayers and the advise to save my nickles and Dolars would take care of themselves.

i have never forgot, and i know that got has answered her prayers in a good many ways. In November 12, 1889 i was maried to Susanna Viola Senff. lived one or 2 years on schlosser place then went to old farm 4 miles south of Bremen. Started in there all most like first time, all woods no fence no road no nothing, worked day and night. With all of my sickness in the home. Panick and Hard ships which i though i never could stand. But By the Help of the Good Lord and my Determanation to win is what Has made me what i am. God will allways Help those that will live a honest life and try to Help himself.

i have raised a Family of 8 children out of 10. johny and Charlie Died when small. Now they are all gone for themselves Except Ivo (note from Nancy, Ivo had CP) which no does or can know what Burden he is to my life. And no one knows what it means to raise a Family if he or she never raised a family, not the family never knows the trouble and worry they cause their parrents to Have. They will listen to all except the parrents. Bound to have their way or run. Then when all else fails then dad come and help me I am in trouble. Please come i thought you was mean all the time now i begin to see. They Never do see till it is to late. Then they begin to weep Bitter tears for what they have dun. And step rite in their parrents shoes and wory some more.

W. J. Albert
Bremen Ind Bo 156"

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