From the Veteran's Affairs office in Plymouth

Lists of names of Korean Veterans of Marshall County who served in a branch of the armed forces during the period of June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953.

Honor List of Dead and Missing and Returning Veterans Separated Under Honorable Conditions as of August 1, 1956

Key To Branch Of Service

A – United States Army
N – United States Navy
AF – United States Air Force
MC – United States Marine Corps
CG – United States Coast Guard
PHS – United States Public Health Service

Honor List of Dead and Missing

Ayers, Harmon   A
Bruno, Robert P   A
Butler, Eldon D   A
Carter, Dean Fletcher   N
Hardy, Louis Henry   AF
Hickman, Robert R   A
Krull, Robert Walter   A
Kuhn, Raymond Junior   A
Madden, Robert Dewey   A
Miller, Edison Wayne   A
Miller, John Junior   A
Powell, Waldo Anderson   A
Singrey, Carl Richard   AF
Smith, David Junior   MC
Stull, Richard Dean   A
Troxel, LaMar   A
Williams, Darwin McGee   A

Returning Veterans Separated Under Honorable Conditions

Adkins, Bryant Ralph   AF
Aker, Donald Eugene   MC
Alberts Jr., Carl A   N
Alderfer, Rollo Willard   A
Alderfer, William Jacob    A
Allen, Rex Clyde   N
Altheide, Henry Edward   MC
Aman, John Edward   N
Ambler, Leo Eldon   A
Ames, Don Stanford   MC
Anders, Dean Leroy   AF
Anders, Robert Dean   N
Anderson, Jimmie Leroy   MC
Anderson, Lloyd Edwin   AF
Anderson, Robert Eugene   A
Anderson, William F   AF
Anderson Jr., Samuel   N
Andress, Rodney Beryl   AF
Andrews, Jack William   A
Andrews, Thomas Leroy   A
Anthony, Robert Michael   A
Augustine, Robert Elvin   AF
Austin (aka Raker), Robert Eugene   A
Averill, Richard Chas.   AF
Ayers, Arthur Dean    AF
Bagley, Michael Joseph   A
Baker, Denzil Dean    A
Baker, James Palmer   N
Baker, John William   AF
Baker, Kenneth Earl   AF
Ball, Edward Vincent   A
Ballinger, Dennie E.   N
Balsley, Cecil Wilford   A
Balsley, Howard Eldon   A
Banta, George Henry   A
Barnidge, Charles R   A
Barrett Jr., Donald L   A
Barrett, John Stanley   A
Bates, Jay Franklin   A
Baughman, Billy Junior   N
Beam, Maurice Franklin   N
Beatty, Cleon Ray   AF
Becknell, Joseph L   N
Becknell, William J   MC
Behmer, Larry Don   N
Behmer, Richard Kenneth   A
Bell, John D   N
Bellman, Carl Everett   A
Bender, Glen D   N
Bender, Ralph Edward   N
Bender, Robert William   N
Bennett, Everett Allen   N
Bennett, Harold Otis   N
Berg, Samuel Oliver   AF
Bergstedt, Carl Erick   N
Berger, Robert Lee    A
Bessinger, Wayne Kelsey   A
Beyler, Donald Allen   N
Beyler, Ray Louis   AF
Bickel, Warren Eldon   A
Bidwell, Thomas James   N
Biers, Orval LeRoy    MC
Bigley, John Bryce    A
Billett, Leonard M    AF
Birk, Ralph Eugene    A
Bixel, Guy Raymond    N
Blossey, Allen Donald   N
Blue, Charles James   N
Bohannon, Arthur Bryan   N
Bolin, Charles Franklin   AF
Bollenbagher, Lester E   N
Booker, Herman Ray   A
George Arthur   A
Bornes Jr, Carl Stanley   MC
Botset, Alvin Roger   A
Bower, Roger Leroy    N
Bowman, Charles Delbert   A
Bowser, Billy George   A
Bowser, David Kent    A
Bowser, Kenneth Richard   A
Boyer, Everett Ray    A
Boyer, Thomas Emery   A
Bradfield, Norman Gale   AF
Bradley, LaVerren Dale   A
Brewer, Ronald Dean   A
Bright, Chancy R   A
Bright, Ray Amzel   A
Brizzolera, Dominic F   A
Brock, Argil Lloyd   A
Brock, Carl F   A
Brock, Wilfred Arthur   A
Brockey, Lloyd Devon   AF
Brooke, James Lauer   N
Brown, George Robert   N
Brown, Gerld Lavere   N
Brown, Irwin H   A
Brown, Russell Lee    A
Bunch, Cleatur Wafer   AF
Bunn, Leslie Alden    A
Burch, Norman Lawrence   AF
Burch, Roy LaMarr    MC
Bucket, Cecil Ray    N
Burkholder, Ray    A
Burrow, Robert Frank   MC
Burt, Carl Samuel   N
Bush, Kenneth Forrest   N
Bush, Richard Paul   MC
Buswell, John Allen   N
Butler, Wayne D   A
Byers, Charles Dwight   AF
Byrer, Jack Eldon    N

Calhoun, Johnny Cecil   A
Carithers, Albert E   A
Carlberg, Frank   MC
Carpenter, Jack Lewis   AF
Carter, Donald Lee    AF
Carter, Jack William   N
Casbon, James Carroll   N
Cashen, James Alexander   MC
Castleman, Rexford Paul   A
Chandler, Glen Eldon   N
Chandler, Ralph Wallace   N
Childers, Nanalee Young   AF
Clauss, Glenn Edward   A
Clemens, Samuel James  N
Cochran, Robert Manuel   A
Cole, Raymond Charles   N
Condon, Ralph Junior  A
Cook, Charles F   N
Coonfare, Clifford Ray   A
Cooper, Carol Stanley   AF
Coplen, Delois Ronald   N
Copen, James Samuel   A
Corle, Rodger Loyal   A
Cornelius, Homer Willis   N
Cox, Jerry Frank   A
Cox, Olen Earl   A
Craft, Donald E   A
Craft, Harold W   A
Cramer, Francis Marion   N
Creighbaum, Charles E   N
Cretcher, Norman Lee   AF
Cripe, Ray Neil   A
Croy, Robert Michael   MC
Crum, Eugene Robert   AF
Crum, Paul Reuben   AF
Cudney, Carl Cecil   A
Cudney, Robert Samuel   A
Cultice, Robert Lee   A
Cummins, Kerry Milton   N

Dague, Robert William   AF
Danner, Donald George   N
Daugherty, James Wm.   AF
Davidson, Don Eugene   A
Davis, Donald Gene   N
Davis, Edward   N
Davis, Norman Lindbergh   A
Davis, Richard Craswell   A
Day, Donald Lloyd   A
DeAngelis, Xavier A   AF
Deavel, Phil Russell   A
Deavel, Richard Gary   A
Dexter, Galeman Junior   MC
Dickson, William Henry   A
Dille, William Charles   A
Dills, Teddy Eugene   MC
Dipert, Robert Gene   A
Disher, Jack Eldon    A
Dodson, Walter Alvin   N
Dolph, John Alfred   A
Dominski, Francis John   A
Drake, Charles Benjamin   MC
Duff, James Henry   AF
Dunlap, Charles F   AF
Dunlap Jr., Homer Boyd   A
Duram Jr., Ralph   N
Dutoi, Donald Leon   A
Dutoi, Eugene Leroy   A

Eash, Maurice James   A
Eckert, Caryl David   A
Eckert, Gene   A
Eckman, Ramon Charles   N
Edwards, Cecil C   MC
Eich, Leo Bernard   A
Eiler, Earl Willis   A
Eiler, Glen Austin   A
Eley Jr., Thomas Conroy   A
Ellinger, Bill   AF
Ellinger, Robert George   A
Elliott, Duwaine Junior   N
Ellis, Wayne Eugene   AF
Emmons, Ward Lamar   A
Enders, Orville Edward   AF
Ernsberger, Carl Richard   A
Erven, Robert Junior   A
Eskridge, Jerry William   AF
Eyrich, Dale Frederick   A

Faulkner, Donald Eugene   MC
Faulkner, Fred Carlisle   A
Faulkner, Paul Eugene   A
Faulkner, Thomas Robert   A
Faulkner, Walter Lee   AF
Feldman, Don L   A
Feltz, Richard W   A
Ferdina, Ronald N   N
Ferguson, Donald Eugene   A
Ferguson, Lloyd Omer   N
Filson, Banks Dwight   AF
Fischer, John Paul   AF
Fishburn, Francis F   A
Fishburn, Morris Ray   A
Fisher, Gale Deane   AF
Fisher, Norman Lee   A
Flaugher, Robert Emery   N
Flora, Russell Glenn   N
Forbes, James Henry   N
Fore, Eldon Frederick   A
Forsythe, Arthur   A
Fox, Carl William   A
Fox, Dean Conroy   A
French, Eloise June   A
Frenger, William Max   A
Fritz, Donald Stewart   A
Frushour, Wayne M   AF
Funk, James Harvey   A

Gaba, Donald Frank   MC
Gaines, Herbert Jr.   A
Gall, Jacob   N
Ganshorn, Harry Elson   A
Garbison, Charles Edward   N
Gardner, Kenneth Lamar   A
Gettinger, Daniel N   A
Gilbert, Donald Eugene   A
Class, Bob    A
Graham, Robert Bruce   A
Graham, William John   A
Graverson, Thomas G   N
Graves Jr., Howard K   A
Gray, Donald Alfred   A
Gray, William Harvey   A
Green, Robert J   MC
Greenlee, Jack Baird   A
Greenlee, Jerry D   A
Greenlee, Roger Lee   AF
Greiner, Edwin Carlo   A
Grossman, George Charles   A
Grove, James Leon   AF
Grove, Kenneth Earl   A
Guenther, Charles C   A
Gurthet, Roger Ansen   N

Haag, Max Edwin   N
Haag, Paul Keith   A
Haas, Theodore Lewis   A
Hahn, Donald Ray   N
Hahn, George Edward   A
Hajicek, Herbert   A
Hall, Richard Lowell   A
Hamnel, George Monroe   A
Hammes, George Francis   A
Hampton, Richard Dale   N
Hanes, Donovan Lynn   MC
Haney Jr., Carl Louis   N
Hannabch, John   N
Hans, James Oliver   AF
Harder, Donald Max   A
Harder, James Francis   AF
Hardy, Melvin Leroy   MC
Haring, Carl   A
Harmon, John Henry   N
Harmon, Max Hillis   N
Harmon, Richard Don   N
Harner, John Melvin   A
Harner, William Harry   A
Harper, Bernard Patrick   A
Harper, James Thomas   A
Harris, Phillip Richard   AF
Harris, Robert Eugene   MC
Hartman, Edmond Norbert   A
Hartmann, Frank   A
Hassenplug, William H   N
Hatfield Jimmie J   N
Hawkins, Harry Thorwald   A
Hawn, George William   N
Hay, George Albion   AF
Haynes, Kenneth Alvin   A
Hayward, Richard Alvin   A
Heckaman, Lloyd George   AF
Heckaman, Norman Carl   A
Heffernan, James Earl   A
Hesiler, Dwight Eugene   A
Heisler, Franklin W   A
Heltzel, William Donald   A
Henderson, Howard Earl   A
Henne, Robert Lee   A
Helpler, Everett Wayne   A
Hepler, John Nathan   MC
Hepler, Robert Warren   A
Hershberger, Mack Eugene   A
Hesch, Robert Eugene   N
Heuberger, Dale DeWayne   N
Hyde, Louis Ray   N
Hickman, Clyde Jr.   A
Hill, Carl Wesley   A
Hill, Floyd Athy   AF
Hite, Dale Lee   AF
Hiss, Richard Charles   AF
Hochstetler, Dale LeRoy   A
Hochstetler, Harold L   N
Hochstetler, John   A
Hochstetler, Lester  A
Hochstetler, Richard D   AF
Hoffer, Thomas William   A
Holdeman, Donald Devon   MC
Holderread, Walter D   A
Holl, Charles Frank   A
Holland, Floyd E   A
Holmes, Oiver Wendell   AF
Hooker, Jerry Lee   N
Hooker, Richard Gene   A
Horn, Kenneth Charles   A
Hott, Emerson David   N
Houghton, Richard S   N
Howard, John James   A
Howard Jr., Kern   A
Hubbard Jr., William H   A
Hudgins, James Richard   N
Hudkins, Sherman Felix   A
Huff, DeVoe N   A
Huff, Eldon Eugene   A
Huff, Lloyd Dale   A
Hughes, Anna Jean   MC
Hunt, Kenneth David   A
Hurford, Lowell Ernest   A
Hutchings, Robert   N
Hygema, Ervin Junior   A

Irwin, Francis Eugene   A

Jacobs, John William   A
Jacobson, Howard William   A
Jefferies, Harold Gene   MC
Jensen, Robert Martin   N
Johnson, Charles D   A
Johnson, George Eugene   MC
Johnson, Russell William   AF
Johnston, James Elbridge    AF
Jolley, Marion Clem   A
Jones, Charles Edwin   N
Jones, Franklin De   A
Jones, Orville White   MC
Jones, Ralph Orville   A
Jones, Robert Dale   A
Jones, William Henry   AF

Kaneko, Harry Takashi   AF
Kaser Ross Logan   N
Kaufman, Lowell J   N
Keene, Harold John   A
Kehoe, Max Fredrick   A
Keith, James Ennis   AF
Kellar, John Earl   A
Keller, Charles F   N
Keller, Howard Lee   MC
Kelsey, Robert Jay   N
Kersey, William Richard   A
Keyser, George Vernon   A
Keyser, Robert E   A
Keyser, Wayne Richard   A
Kiefer, Delmar Eugene   A
Kiefer, Gerald Monroe   A
Keifer, Henry W   A
King, Charles Willard   A
Kinney, Freddy Perry   A
Kinney, Jerry Lee   A
Kitch, Robert Jordan   N
Kling, Sidney   A
Kling, Wendell Junior   A
Klingerman, Jack Duane   N
Klingerman, Ralph   N
Knepper, Vern LaVar   A
Kolar, Richard Andrew   A
Koontz, Gary Douglas   AF
Kreig, Henry Boyd   AF
Kring, Charles Albert   A
Krohn, Dale Junior   MC
Krohn, William Joseph   A
Kubley, Jon Frederick   N
Kuhn, Gerald Darwin   A
Kuskye, Elson James   A

Lacher, Robert Eugene   A
Lacher, William Laverne   A
Larkin, Robert Edward   A
Lasocha, Eugene   A
Layman, Jack Eugene   A
Leeper, Merle Duane   A
Leeper, Willard Dean   N
Lehman, Francis Gene   N
Leman, Daniel Lee   A
Lemler, Kenneth Merle   AF
Lemler, Oscar Devon   A
Lemler, Wilbur DeWayne   A
Lewis, Chester Lee   A
Lewis Jr., John   A
Lewis, Richard Eugene   A
Lichtenbarger, Leo Dale   A
Linderman, Orville Leroy   A
Livinghouse, Dale F   A
Livinghouse, Daniel J   AF
Lolmaugh, Donald Richard   A
Lolmaugh, Francis James   A
Long, Nelson Robert   AF
Long, Robert Eugene   A
Longbrake, Douglas Lehr   AF
Loose, William Clyde   A
Lower, James Humphrey   A
Lowry, Don   A
Lowry, Robert Russell   MC
Ludwig, Paul Richard   A
Ludwig, Walter Duane   AF

McCan, Roger Dwight   A
McCarty, Harold Lloyd   A
McCarty, Kenneth Daniel   MC
McChesney, Emerson Moyer   A
McClain, James Howard   AF
McCoige, George Leroy   AF
McCollough, Dale Leon   A
McDonel Jr., Thomas E   A
McFeely, Herman Gale   MC
McGregor, Jackie Gerald   AF
McIntyre, Gerald Devaun   AF
McIntyre, Warren Dale   A
McKee, John Jr.   A
McKee, Ronald Avon    A
McKee, Vern B   N
McKee, Wayne Roger   A
McKesson, Ira Devon   A
McKinney Jr., Charles F   MC
McLane, Erwin Lee   A
McLaughlin, Leroy   A
McLaughlin, Louis P   A
McLochlin, Richard J   A
McMillen, Loren John   A
McNeely, Clarence   A
Maddalena, Caraine V   AF
Magnuson, Ivan Leroy   N
Magnuson, John Darrell   AF
Manges, Burton Lester   A
Manning, Irvin Cryilus   A
Marburger, George Ludwig   N
Marks, Nelson Ellsworth   AF
Marshall, James Edward   A
Martin, Cecil Dean   N
Martin, Dale Nelson   N
Martin, Ernest Edison   A
Martin, Hubert Lincoln   A
Martin, Ivar Lee   N
Martin, Ralph Kenneth   A
Martinez, Roberto   A
Masterson, William E   A
Mattern, Richard   A
Matz, Henry Dale   A
Matz, James Leroy   N
Maxson, Deanne Russel   N
Maxson, Virgil Robert   A
Meissner, John Edward   AF
Melangton, John C   A
Menser, Howard Keith   A
Meredith, Gordon Verle   AF
Metzger, Donald Gene   A
Metzger, Jack Richard   A
Michalski, Robert V   N
Mikalas, George Michael   AF
Mikalas, James E   A
Mikesell Jr., William   N
Miller, Dale Julius   A
Miller, Donald Francis   A
Miller, Jack Devon   A
Miller, Jack Oliver   N
Miller, James DeVoe   A
Miller, Leon Aldon    N
Miller, Lloyd Don   MC
Miller, Theodore Robert   A
Miller, Ray Wesley   A
Milliser, Dean Earl   A
Milliser, Harold Junior   A
Mitchell, Harmon Arthur   MC
Mitchell, Clarence H   A
Mitchell, Robert E    AF
Mitchell, Stanley   A
Mlnarik Jr., George W   N
Mohr, Norris Joseph   A
Mohr, Robert Francis   A
Monesmith, Carl Edwin   A
Montgomery, Paul   A
Moriarty, Russell Lee   AF
Morrill, Carl Elonard   A
Morris, Allen Ray   A
Morris, Dale Albert   N
Morris, Leroy Merville   A
Morris, Lyman Eugene   AF
Morris, Phillip Wayne   AF
Morris, Preston Eugene   AF
Morrison, Harold Arthur   MC
Moss, Clarence Harland   A
Moss, Richard Worrell   AF
Muday, Rudolph John   A
Mueller, Robert L   MC
Muffley, Billy Dean   N
Muffley, Devere Wilbur   A
Muffley, Frederick D   A
Muffley, Richard Frank   A
Mummey, William Frank   N
Munn, Harold Zane   A
Munn, Stephen Wayne   A
Murphy, Bennie Leigh   A
Murphy, Leo William   A
Murphy, Robert Dean   AF
Murrin, James Eugene   N
Myers, John Edward   A
Myers, William Clarence   A

Nagy, Stephen J   A
Napier, Edgar Allen Poe   A
Neher, Donald Lewis   MC
Newman, Herbert Russell   A
Nickel, William Gibson   AF
Nickerson, Orville C   N

Oberleas, Chester E   A
Oberly, William LaMar   N
Ogle, Arnold LaVerne   A
O’Hara, Eugene Lester   MC
O’Keefe, Alves Donald   A
O’Keffe, Arthur Clizbe   MC
Olesko, Victor Charles   A
Orr, John Merrill   A
Orr, William Harold   AF
Oscarson, Roy Oscar   A
Ott, Jack M   A
Ousnamer, Buddy Wayne  A

Packard, Edward Eugene   N
Page, Robert Oscar    N
Palmer, Robert John   A
Parker, James Lewis   A
Parker, Ruth Marguerite   A
Paswater, Raymond Earl   A
Pearson, Roger Allen   A
Peltz, Richard Albert   N
Pentelow, Richard E   AF
Perdue, Jackie Dean   N
Peters, Harold Edgar   MC
Peterson, Duane Victor   N
Pfefferle Jr., Albert D   MC
Pfefferle, John H   AF
Pierce, Edmund L   A
Pike, Forrest Dale   A
Pike, Lloyd Elwood   N
Pomeroy, James David   N
Pontius, Donald Earl   A
Poor, Russell Arthur   N
Porcher, Charles Lynn   A
Porman, Renvue Allen   A
Powell, Roscoe Snowden   A
Pratt, Wilford Paul   N
Price, Douglas Nelson   A
Price, Paul Lewis   A
Pritsch, James Dale   N

Quimby, Merlin Zenus   AF

Rank, Charles Edward   N
Redman, Phil Eldon   N
Reed, Alan Keith   N
Reed, Dick Eugene   A
Reed, Donald Waite   N
Reed, Edgar Arthur    AF
Reese, Kent Eugene    A
Rentschler, Fred Lewis   N
Rettinger, Max Alvin   A
Rhoades, Robert Earl   A
Rhoades, Walter Ellis   A
Richard, David Lawrence   A
Richard, Raymond Michael   A
Richardson, Harold Hugh   A
Richardson, Walter H   AF
Riddle, Robert C   A
Ridenour, Frederick L   
A Ringer, Rollo Glenn   A
Rittenhouse, William JF   AF
Rivar, Edwin Leroy    AF
Roahrig, Morris Lee   A
Roberts, Frank Sinclair   A
Robertson, James S   N
Rodgers, Bernard Gilbert   A
Rodgers, Glenn Allen   A
Rogan, Patrick Allen   MC
Rodgers, Clarence Eugene   A
Rogers, Lowell Wayne   A
Ronk, Ernest Lee   A
Rose, James Howard   AF
Rottmiller, Donald Lee   A
Rowe, Gene Lamar   MC
Rowe, Owen Edward   N
Ruefenact, Alvin Keith   A
Ruff, Elson Lavern   AF
Runyan, Jack Lee   A
Rupert, James Holland   MC
Ryggs, Lynn Alfred   N

Samuels, Jerald James   N
Sarber Jr., Cyril E.   A
Sarber, Dean E   A
Sarber, Martin Dale   N
Sauer, Eldon Dean   A
Savick, Daniel George   N
Schiprlock, Charles D   AF
Schlemmer, John Hobart   A
Schlemmer, Wayne Lowell   A
Schlosser, George H   A
Scnneider, Louis F   A
Schrimsher, Glen Edward   N
Schroeder, Don William   N
Schroeder, Gene Howard   N
Schutz, Francis Louis   A
Schutz, Lawrence Eugene   A
Schweidler, Robert Paul   N
Schweisberger, Eldon   A
Scott Jr., Edward Dale   A
Scott, Glen Ross   AF
Scott, Harold Paul   N
Scott, Kenneth Leon   A
Scott, Louis Edward   A
Scott, Muriel Donald   A
Scott, Wade Delos   AF
Scott, Wallace Robert   A
Sears, Frederick R   A
Sechrist, Lyle Dewitt   MC
Seitz, Noble LaMar   A
Senff, Eldon DeVere   N
Senff, Jimmie DeWayne   AF
Servis, David Larry   MC
Seymour, Lowell George   A
Shafer, Clarence Louis   N
Shafer, John William   MC
Shafer, Paul R   A
Shafer, Vernon Keith   N
Shaffer, Dee Ward   MC
Shearer, Douglas Penrod   A
Shearer, Malcolm B   AF
Shearer, Ralph Wilbur   A
Shelton, John LaVerne   A
Shepard, Clarence Reed   A
Sherland, Fletcher   A
Sherman, Robert Ernest   N
Sherwood, Byron E   N
Sherwood, Leonard D   A
Shidler, Robert Lee   A
Shirar, Donald Junior   MC
Shively, Jack Jay   A
Shock, Cecil Dale   A
Shock, Elvin Carl   N
Shorter, Luois Dick   A
Shortz, Neal Alan   A
Shortz, Willard Allen   A
Siddall, Jack LeRoy   AF
Siddall, Paul Richard   N
Sikora, Stanley Matthew   A
Sisk, David Wayne   N
Sisk, Raymond Lewis   N
Skinner, Joseph Norly   N
Slabaugh, John Delbert   A
Slaven, Joseph Edward   A
Sliter, Oran Lee   A
Sloan, Charles Freeman   A
Slough, James Lawrence   N
Slough, Robert William   A
Slusser, Robert William   A
Slusser, Dallas Warren   A
Smiley, Paul E   A
Smith, Billy J   A
Smith, Cecil Willis   A
Smith, Don Ritchey   AF
Smith, Herman Henry   AF
Smith, paul Allen   A
Smith, Raymond Robert   N
Smith, Richard Everett   N
Smith, Ruth Arleen   N
Snider, Vernon L   N
Snoke Jr., Ross Vernon   A
Snyder, Forrest Eugene   AF
Snyder, Frederick William   N
Snyder, Guilford Wayne   A
Sobinski, John Daniel   A
Soice, Robert John   MC
Spaid, Earl Delbert   A
Spencer, Samuel Irwin  MC
Spencer, Virginia Ruth   MC
Spliz, Stanton Charles   AF
Spoor, Ronald N   MC
Sporner, Carl Dean   N
Stapan, George   N
Stayton, Russell Dean   A
Steinke, Martin Carl   AF
Stiles, Charles Howard   AF
Stiles, Ernest Wayne   N
Stiles, Paul Glen   AF
Stiles, Tom   A
Stiles, Vernon Lamar   N
Stine, Chan Berger   N
Stine, Lowell Lee   A
Stockberger, Lowell L   AF
Stockman, Dale Leon   N
Stoneburner, Edwin Earl   AF
Stoneburner Jr., Henry   A
Storm, Richard Wayne   A
Stoughton, Lee Harry   A
Strang, Earl Raymond   A
Strong, William Clinton   A
Stroup, Nathaniel W   AF
Strycker, James Lee   A
Stubbs, Joseph Eugene   N
Stubbs, William Leslie   A
Stull, Galen Rupel   A
Stump, Alton Harley   A
Stump, Donald Eugene   A
Stump, Floyd Allen   A
Sullivan, Cecil Dale   MC
Sullivan, Verle Dean   AF
Sumpter, Jack Frederick   N
Supplee, William Frazer   A
Swanson, Paul Raymond   A
Suearer, Lowell Charles   A
Swihart, Clifford   A
Swihart, Merl Dean   MC
Swihart Jr., Paul   A
Swoverland, Thomas P   A
Syler, Tom Ross   AF
Sytsma, Albert Junior   A

Taber, Herman Lee   A
Taylor, Russell Lewis   N
Teghtmeyer, John William   A
Tener, Lowell H   MC
Tener, Melvin Wayne   A
Tener, Richard Lavon   A
Teter, Harold Darmon   N
Thomas, Donald Orville   AF
Thomas, Harold William   A
Thomas, Melvin Eugene   MC
Thomas, Richard Basil   A
Thompson, Robert Gene   N
Thornburg, Eugene O   A
Thornton, Paul Owen   N
Town, Robert Orval    N
Town, William Gene    N
Treat, Orion Fredrick   N
Triplett, Edward Dale   A
Troup, Dexter William   AF
Troup, Vern Cyril   AF
Trowbridge, Wesley Earl   A
Troxel, Donald Wayne   AF
Troyer, Lewis Edward   A
Trump, Harold Devon   A
Tyson, Richard Eugene   MC

Uceny, John   AF
Underwood, Richard A   N

Vance, William Robert   AF
Van Der Weele, Lynn   N
Vanlue, Willie Leo   A
Vermillion, Tommy Leroy   N
Voreis, Roger Dean   MC

Wagnr, Theodore Arden   N
Walker, ivan Mosher   A
Walker, Nelson Edward   N
Walker, Richard Allen   A
Walker, William Lloyd   A
Wallace, Derl   A
Walmer, Edwin Fitch   A
Walter, Charles Donald   N
Walter, John Roger   N
Walter, Robert A   N
Walters, Dick Robert   A
Walters Jr., William J   AF
Ward, Clyde Eugene   A
Ward Jr., Thurman E   N
Warner, Jack Earl   MC
Warner, Paul Richard   A
Warner, Stanley Dean   A
Warner, Wendell Jean   A
Warren, Charles Everett   MC
Warren, John Allen   AF
Warren, William Edward   A
Watkins, Gene Russell   A
Weidner, Clifford Duane   AF
Weidner, Earl Gerald   A
Weil, Roland Eugene   AF
Weiss, Robert John   A
Weldy, Charles Joseph   A
Weldy, Norman Jay   A
Welty, Ross Julian   A
Wenino, Dwight James   A
Wenino, Louis Edward   A
Wenino, William Vernon   A
Wennerstrom, Culver L   AF
Wennerstrom, Leo Edward   AF
Whaley, Robert Gene   A
Whetstone, Cecil Ivan   N
White, Richard Thomas   N
White, Walter B   A
Whiteman, Joseph Eugene   AF
Whiteman, Robert Charles   AF
Weigand, Dennis DeVere   A
Wiggins, Floyd Edward   MC
Wiles, Earl Charles   A
Wilhelm, William LeRoy   AF
Williams, Willard Dean   A
Wilma, Raymond Frank   A
Wilson Jr., Charles Bruce   N
Winkle, George Arthur   A
Winkle, Richard Earl   A
Winslou, Oliver Andrew   AF
Wise, Walter Hewitt   N
Wisely, Bert H   A
Wojcik, Aloysius Michael   A
Wolfe Jr., Elery Ernest   AF
Wolfe, Francis Ted   MC
Wolfe, Lincoln Darl   AF
Woodward, Richard Yale   N
Wooldridge, David Paul   A
Woolley, Mark E   N
Workman, Dale Lee   A
Wynn, Cecil William   N

Yockey, Merle Loral   A
Yockey, Nelson   A
Yoder, Marvin   A
Young, Arthur Francis   N
Young, Bob Gene   MC
Young, Malcolm Eugene   A
Young, Roland Edward   MC

Zartman, Carroll Emerson   A
Zehner, Edwin Gene   A
Zehner, Kenneth Dewey   A
Zentz, Russell Duane   A
Ziegler, Robert Poston   A
Ziemendorf, Raymond C   A
Zillmer, Bill Earl   A
Zillmer, Jack Roy   A
Zillmer, Norman D   AF
Zimmerman, Carl Eugene   A
Zinn, Rex   A

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