LaPaz School
Class of 1945
Class Song

We never cared much for school or books;
We just passed around on our good looks.
The teachers all squawked and threw hard looks;
They never could see the light.

Miss Busby forbade us food in class,
Joe Tomlinson could not tame the mass,
Miss Sheldon brought in her bank at last;
They're beginning to see our light.

McConnell kept rambling through the halls,
Stopping all whistles and cat calls.
Baker tried hard to keep the laws,
While Nora Grossman yelled math through the walls.

In our office practice class it seems,
Miss Hippensteel was right "on the beam."
Mid Walters (the bride was really nice);
We're beginning to see the light.

In physics class, we had Mr. Hess;
Occasionally we'd get in a mess..
Mrs. Carothers -- she's all right--
We're beginning to see the light.

The Freshman Class wasn't very bright,
The sophmores thought that they were right.
The Junior Class thought that they were tops,
But we Seniors could make them hop!

Melangton will get some rest at last,
For she was the sponsor of our class.
How she could do it, no one knows;
But she usually saw the light.

So now as we leave our L. H. S.
We want you to give it all your best.
You should imitate us and be alive,
We're the Seniors of '45!

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