Marshall County, Indiana Lookups


Listed here are some, but certainly not all, of the resources for Marshall County, Indiana. These volunteers have agreed to do a limited amount of research. My thanks to everyone who is helping!

Following these guidelines will make life a little easier for everyone:
We can always use more volunteers. If you own, or have access to, any Marshall County related information, whether listed or not, and will do some research, please contact me.

For More Information Send an eMail to Karin Rettinger or to the Marshall County Historical Society who is willing to do census lookups for 1840-1930.

NOTE: All of my other current volunteers live in Marshall County, Indiana and have access to the genealogy library at the Museum. You will be wasting everyone's time if you contact all of them to look up the same thing.
Current Volunteers: Marilyn Gochenour AND Jerry Eby
They are not available every day so be patient.

Some of the Sources availabe at the Museum are:

Marshall County Histories, Atlases, etc

McDonald's 1880 History of Marshall County, Indiana, 1836 to 1880

Marshall County Newspapers  Argos newspapers - Sept. 1881 to Dec.1982 (No longer being printed)
 Bourbon newspapers - Dec. 1871 to Dec. 1999
 Bremen newspapers - Apr. 1884 to Dec. 1999
 Culver newspapers - May 1896 to Dec. 1999
 Plymouth newspapers - Nov 1844 to Dec. 1999

Marshall County Cemetery Records
  Bourbon Township Cemeteries
 Center Township Cemeteries
 German Township Cemeteries
 Green Township Cemeteries
 North Township Cemeteries
 Polk Township Cemeteries
 Tippecanoe Township Cemeteries
 Union Township Cemeteries
 Walnut Township Cemeteries
 West Township Cemeteries

Marshall County Vital Statistics
 Index to Birth Records
 Indexes to Marriage Records, Marshall County, 1836 to 1888, Slevin; Marshall County, 1889 to 1904, Thompson;WPA Marriage Transcripts, 1882 to 1913
 Indexes to Death Records, 1882 to 1998 (Incomplete between 1960 and 1984)
 Index of Mortality Schedules, 1850 and 1860
 Naturalization Books (on microfilm), 1854 to 1929
 Naturalization Records from other than Naturalization Books, to 1907
 Swamp Land Record Index, 1835 to 1860
 Deed Record Index, 1836 to 1845
 Tax Duplicates - 1843
 Record of Indentures, 1853 to 1903
 Asylum Register (County Home), 1868 to 1963
 Record of Insane, 1852 to 1901
 Original Court Papers (Early)from Marshall County Circuit Court Indexed by Divorces, Estates, Guardianships,Civil Suits, and Document Files

Marshall County War Records
 Revolutionary Pensions of 1818
 W. H. H. Terrell Reports - 8 vols. (Civil War)
 The Great Rebellion by Headley - 2 vols.
 Indiana Roll of Honor, Vol. 1
 Dr. W. H. Love Pension Book - 2 vols.
 G. A. R. Record, Argos - 1888 to 1894
 G. A. R. Record, Bourbon Outpost of Kosciusko G. A. R. - 1910 to 1931
 History of the Seventy-Fourth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry
 Index to Ninth Regiment Indiana Veterans Voluntary Infantry
 Association Reunions (Civil War) - 1884 to 1908
 Record of Indiana Volunteers - Spanish American War, 1898 to 1899 (Marshall Co. indexed)
 Indiana World War Records - Gold Star Honor Roll, 1914 to 1918
 Overmyer Scrapbook, Marshall Co. Men & Women in World War II

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